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Scientology said her father was dead. He’s alive, at its secret HQ. But can she see him?

[Bob Ferris and his daughter Liz]

[Today’s guest article is by Jeffrey Augustine and Vanessa LaRose]

In 2004, former Sea Org member and second-generation Scientologist Liz Ferris called the Golden Era Productions phone line in the Hollywood Guaranty Building. She was asking for her father, Sea Org executive Bob []


VIDEO: Finally, mathematical proof that Scientology’s body thetans can’t exist!

 We have a grab-bag of fun stuff for you this morning. First up, Jeffrey Augustine let us know that he’s adding a YouTube channel to his Scientology Money Project []

Would you purchase a Scientology E-meter from this man?

 David Miscavige wants to sell all Scientologists his official RTC-approved and CST-patented Scientology Mark Ultra VIII E-meter.

And for only []

Weeks after the protests, Scientology in LA remains boarded up and abandoned. What gives?

 One of our sources in Los Angeles told us recently that there was something odd going on with Scientology’s buildings there. Although street unrest has dissipated for weeks now, Scientology’s storefronts remain boarded up and some of them appear completely abandoned. At a time when orgs in London and Florida and Paris are boasting about []

Naturally, shady Scientology operators are drawn to the gold rush of stem cell therapy

 As Tony pointed out on Tuesday, the stem cell therapy business is having a Wild West moment, and so it’s attracting shady Scientologists who want to get in on the []

Why the IRS will likely do nothing about Mormon and Scientology illegal slush funds

 Monday night, the Washington Post uncorked a stunning investigation based on a whistleblower’s confidential report to the IRS. The report, written by a former employee of a subsidiary of the Mormon church, claimed that the church has, in violation of its tax exempt status, amassed a fortune of $100 billion. And instead of making expenditures []

Disaster relief? Scientology’s own documents spell out the real mission of ‘Volunteer Ministers’

[Scientology celeb Kerri Kasem is on the scene]

Jeffrey Augustine reminds us what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are really all about now that they have more publicity opportunities in []