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Scientology and Ukraine: While some back Putin, Volunteer Ministers see an opportunity

 While Vladimir Putin’s aggressive war on Ukraine is resulting in more killing of civilians with Russian rockets, Scientology is in an interesting []


Spanish news website calls out Scientology volcano vultures at La Palma

 A few days ago Scientology put out its usual press releases about how it was at the scene of yet another disaster with its yellow-shirted “Volunteer Ministers,” this time on the island of La Palma in the Canaries where a volcano began erupting on September 19. []

Who knew? Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring ‘spiritual’ aid to disasters & not just PR

 For years we’ve been keeping an eye on Scientology’s attempts to take advantage of natural (and man-made) disasters as public relations opportunities with the use of their “Volunteer Minister” corps. []

Praise Xenu, it’s John Travolta and the Church of Scientology to the rescue!

 Yesterday, Jeffrey Augustine wondered why the Church of Scientology, which has mobilized its Volunteer Ministers to help out with Hurricane Dorian destruction in the Bahamas, can’t use its cruise ship the Freewinds to bring supplies to the islands rather than the single small pleasure yacht it had rented for the []

Disaster relief? Scientology’s own documents spell out the real mission of ‘Volunteer Ministers’

[Scientology celeb Kerri Kasem is on the scene]

Jeffrey Augustine reminds us what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are really all about now that they have more publicity opportunities in []