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Indie Scientologist running for Seattle city council on lingering anti-mask outrage

We’re always interested when Scientologists run for public office, which isn’t very often. In 2020, we wrote about a former Sea Org member running for city council in the Oregon town of McMinnville (she lost). There was a married couple who each ran for office in Nevada (one of them, Brent Jones, did serve as []


What Scientology’s happy propaganda doesn’t tell you about its Florida ‘spiritual mecca’

[The Flag Building at the Flag Land Base]

Since we posted Scientology’s own very fun photo essay about what it’s like to be a pilgrim at the Flag Land Base, Scientology’s spiritual mecca in Clearwater, Florida, we’ve heard from a couple of our sources about what things are like there, contrary to the church’s []

Clearwater deal: Scientology leader David Miscavige will finally get parcel he covets

 Last night, Tracey McManus uncorked another stunning scoop at the Tampa Bay Times: New Clearwater City Manager Jon Jennings and Scientology leader David Miscavige have come to a meeting of minds, with a deal in the works to begin to revive the city’s Scientology-soaked []

New source appears to confirm the Insider on Scientology and Sea Org vaccinations

[Scientology’s PAC base in Los Angeles]

Beginning on December 18, we revealed that we’d been talking to a new source inside the Church of Scientology. The Insider, as we dubbed the source, provided a stark description of Scientology’s current situation in a number of detailed posts. (See here, here, here, here, and []

He shilled for Scientology’s Covid ‘Stay Well’ program — and now he’s dead of the disease

 Latin American music fans were stunned to learn that Argentinian-born Diego Verdaguer, a 70-year-old Mexican national who also had Italian roots, died in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon of complications from []

INSIDER: What the pandemic and its protocols have looked like from inside Scientology

 Our new inside source has another message for us, this time going into more detail about Scientology’s response to the []

INSIDER: How the ‘Chase Wave’ began, and how it crashed, leaving Scientology in chaos

 Our insider sent over another communication, this time to help explain the rise and fall of the “Chase Wave” racket in Scientology that we’ve been describing here thanks to a previous source who leaked us a document. In that document, Scientology registrars (“reg” or “regges” for short) were encouraged to lie to Chase Bank in []

Reactions to our insider’s claim Scientology in pandemic chaos: It rings true, experts say

 We had quite a reaction to the leak from our “Insider” yesterday, who laid out a dire situation for Scientology as the pandemic drags []

INSIDER: Scientology has been devastated by the pandemic and is coming apart at the seams

 For several days we have been communicating with a new source who claims to have devastating inside information about the current state of the Church of []

The fulfilling life of a Scientologist in a chaotic world

 The second week of March in 2020, as the pandemic was hitting the US, she was aboard the Freewinds in Curaçao.

An OT Scientologist, she’s very dedicated to the church, and she posts about it fairly frequently on Facebook, giving us a look at how the last couple of years has []