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INSIDER: What the pandemic and its protocols have looked like from inside Scientology

 Our new inside source has another message for us, this time going into more detail about Scientology’s response to the []


INSIDER: How the ‘Chase Wave’ began, and how it crashed, leaving Scientology in chaos

 Our insider sent over another communication, this time to help explain the rise and fall of the “Chase Wave” racket in Scientology that we’ve been describing here thanks to a previous source who leaked us a document. In that document, Scientology registrars (“reg” or “regges” for short) were encouraged to lie to Chase Bank in []

Reactions to our insider’s claim Scientology in pandemic chaos: It rings true, experts say

 We had quite a reaction to the leak from our “Insider” yesterday, who laid out a dire situation for Scientology as the pandemic drags []

INSIDER: Scientology has been devastated by the pandemic and is coming apart at the seams

 For several days we have been communicating with a new source who claims to have devastating inside information about the current state of the Church of []

The fulfilling life of a Scientologist in a chaotic world

 The second week of March in 2020, as the pandemic was hitting the US, she was aboard the Freewinds in Curaçao.

An OT Scientologist, she’s very dedicated to the church, and she posts about it fairly frequently on Facebook, giving us a look at how the last couple of years has []

Another Scientology OT dies of Covid, this time near the Florida ‘spiritual mecca’

[In January, Sergio Rojo was the happy buyer of a Mirit Castro painting.]

We’ve learned about the death of another OT Scientologist to Covid, and we found out about it from a Scientologist who had also been battling the disease, a woman named Julia in Clearwater, Florida, which is home to Scientology’s “spiritual mecca,” the Flag []

Scientology OT 8 and ‘STAND’ blogger who expressed anti-vax views dies of Covid

 Brian Duimovich was well known in the Camarillo area in Ventura County, California, where he owned a Mexican eatery a few years ago. But he lived most recently in Happy Valley, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, where he worked as a real estate agent and financial []

Scientology and anti-vaxx, a marriage made in heaven?

 A month ago my disconnected Scientology OT 3 brother went to California with his wife to attend his son’s wedding. My brother and his wife are both strongly anti-vaxx. My other brother, a non-Scientologist and a medical doctor tried to convince our anti-vaxx brother before he left to get vaccinated but he wouldn’t have it. []

Eureka! Clearwater Scientology member sells quantum protection from 5G and Covid 19

 An actual email conversation, edited lightly only for []

Why isn’t Scientology promoting the Covid-19 vaccines like it did hand-washing and masks?

 Scientology leader David Miscavige was angry. The emerging pandemic had arrived in the US in 2020 just in time to shut down one of Scientology’s holiest rituals of the year, its March 13 celebration to mark founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. []