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Why isn’t Scientology promoting the Covid-19 vaccines like it did hand-washing and masks?

 Scientology leader David Miscavige was angry. The emerging pandemic had arrived in the US in 2020 just in time to shut down one of Scientology’s holiest rituals of the year, its March 13 celebration to mark founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. []


Scientology ‘Hogwarts’ in Oregon has Covid outbreak: 43 students, 8 staff

[Illustration by Observer]

The Oregon Health Authority in May reported that Delphian School in Sheridan had one of the biggest school-based Covid outbreaks in the state: 43 students and 8 staff were []

Not only did Scientology get PPP loans: Check out these Scientologists who got bailouts too!

 Last July when the Trump administration first released detailed information about which businesses had received emergency payroll (PPP) loans to businesses in response to the pandemic, we pointed out that not only had three Scientology “orgs” received such loans, but so had its drug rehab centers and some associated []

Scientology hype video celebrating its pandemic response is the bomb

 Thanks to one of our tipsters, we’re learning that all Scientologists are being asked to come down to their local orgs for an “international Scientology news update” in coming []

Scientology donor Jim Mathers has your L. Ron Hubbard mantra for sending kids back to school

 As kids begin to head back to school in various parts of the country, parents are naturally apprehensive about how their local district is going to negotiate our ongoing national health nightmare. []

Weeks after the protests, Scientology in LA remains boarded up and abandoned. What gives?

 One of our sources in Los Angeles told us recently that there was something odd going on with Scientology’s buildings there. Although street unrest has dissipated for weeks now, Scientology’s storefronts remain boarded up and some of them appear completely abandoned. At a time when orgs in London and Florida and Paris are boasting about []

Scientology’s antivaxx warrior Leigh Dundas unleashes another amazing Two Minutes Hate

 Antivaxx, anti-mask, and anti-slowtalking OT Scientologist attorney Leigh Dundas put on another amazing performance for the Orange County Board of Supervisors this week, this time agitating against the county re-approving its local health emergency in response to the coronavirus []

‘Scientology’s Hogwarts’ and other schools got PPP loans

[Delphian School in Oregon]

On Tuesday we pointed out that in the release of information from the Trump administration listing which companies received small-business bailout loans under the Paycheck Protection Program to help them get through the coronavirus crisis, there were three Scientology churches, two Narconon drug rehabs, and Scientology’s most unhinged front group, Citizens Commission []

Who knew? Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring ‘spiritual’ aid to disasters & not just PR

 For years we’ve been keeping an eye on Scientology’s attempts to take advantage of natural (and man-made) disasters as public relations opportunities with the use of their “Volunteer Minister” corps. []

Scientology’s global virus playacting was supplied by giant California slave labor plant

 For months now we’ve been getting reports from readers on several different continents that Scientologists have been out in their neighborhoods, clad in PPE and looking like government or medical officials, and are handing out booklets about the coronavirus while wearing masks and gloves and other []