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Another ‘Chase Wave’ witness, and Scientology’s ‘ludicrous’ money grab!

 We have a couple of updates for you on this Monday. First, we’ve received yet another account from a source who says they witnessed the “Chase Wave” shenanigans, which overtook Scientology finances around []


Another Scientology ‘Chase Wave’ eyewitness drops by, and brings a check

 We are still hearing from Scientologists (current and former) about an effort by the church, in the years between about 2015 and 2019, to saddle members with huge debts by deceptively opening new credit card accounts for them, and from Chase Bank in []

INSIDER: How the ‘Chase Wave’ began, and how it crashed, leaving Scientology in chaos

 Our insider sent over another communication, this time to help explain the rise and fall of the “Chase Wave” racket in Scientology that we’ve been describing here thanks to a previous source who leaked us a document. In that document, Scientology registrars (“reg” or “regges” for short) were encouraged to lie to Chase Bank in []

Reactions to our insider’s claim Scientology in pandemic chaos: It rings true, experts say

 We had quite a reaction to the leak from our “Insider” yesterday, who laid out a dire situation for Scientology as the pandemic drags []

INSIDER: Scientology has been devastated by the pandemic and is coming apart at the seams

 For several days we have been communicating with a new source who claims to have devastating inside information about the current state of the Church of []

Scientology wouldn’t pull its ‘Chase Wave’ scam on military veterans, would it?

[Adam Pires, Navy Federal member and Navy veteran]

In April we told you about a recent defector from Scientology named Adam Pires who said he could corroborate our claim that SNL’s Chloe Fineman was a longtime and dedicated Scientologist: While he was in, he had done the “purif” (Scientology’s quack “Purification Rundown” involving massive intake of []

How do we know the ‘Chase Wave’ happened? ‘Aftermath’ guest Mark Fladd: ‘I was part of it’

[Mark and Stephanie Fladd on ‘Aftermath’]

On Sunday, we told you about a document that had been leaked to us: It purported to be directions for Scientology’s registrars to follow as they were pressuring members to open up multiple Chase Bank credit cards in order to saddle those members with huge debts. The process was called []

DOCUMENT LEAK: Did the ‘Chase Wave’ cause a blacklisting of Scientology?

 An “under the radar” Scientologist — someone who is considered an active member by the church, but who is actually reading “entheta” websites like this one — reached out to us with a startling []