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Monthly Archives

Mark Bunker, now as city councilman, confronts issues with Scientology on day one

 Mark Bunker was relieved yesterday to finally get the results back on his COVID-19 test — it was negative — because he had a big day of “orientation” as a new city councilman in Clearwater, Florida. He tells that he was pretty excited to be let into his new office, and to receive a city []


Clearwater takes a stand against Scientology: MARK BUNKER WINS!

 UPDATE: With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Mark Bunker wins a city council seat in Clearwater tonight with 5988 votes, 200 more than the second-place []

Blacks not ready for the vote: L. Ron Hubbard’s damning 1960 harangue supporting apartheid

[Hubbard in South Africa, 1960]

We have a very disturbing audio recording for you today, a 1960 lecture by L. Ron Hubbard that the Church of Scientology would rather that people []

Scientologist says the church is telling Clearwater members not to vote for Mark Bunker

[Mark Bunker and Pat Harney]

One of our readers in Clearwater, Florida describes themselves as someone who recently began having doubts about the organization and for a few weeks has been looking around the Internet about Scientology, including this []

Scientologist on Clearwater downtown board does a classic ‘dead agenting’ of Mark Bunker

[Board Chairman Paris Morfopoulos]

Wednesday evening, Mark Bunker went to the Clearwater Downtown Development Board to explain something about []

CLEARWATER APOCALYPSE! No, not really. But let’s help Scientology run its new board

 Last night Tampa Bay Times stalwart Tracey McManus reported that for the first time, Scientologists had won a majority on a government body in the city of []

City councilman demonstrates why Scientology puts so much effort into its front groups

[Allen Warren, then vice mayor, recognizing Scientologists for volunteer work in Sacramento in 2015]

We had arranged to talk on Monday with Allen Warren, a Sacramento city councilman, and when he called, he let us know he was at a golf []

Scientology’s Joy Villa is such a notorious wingnut, Democrats are fundraising off of her

[Joy Villa and Steve Bannon]

Time and again, we have tried to warn people that Joy Villa’s act that has made her a spectacle in conservative politics should be seen in the context of her longer association with Scientology. She’s a climber who accidentally stumbled on celebrity by wearing a pro-Trump dress designed by a friend []

Mark ‘Wise Beard Man’ Bunker: His Scientology-protesting past and political future

 When we asked readers for their favorite moment of the third season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the overwhelming winner was Mark Bunker’s hilarious and frightening stroll to a Clearwater Park when he, Leah, and Mike Rinder were swarmed by Clearwater []

Jokes aside, has Scientology ‘Clear’ Joy Villa managed to ‘safepoint’ the White House?

 Our longtime readers know that we’ve watched for years (at least as far back as 2013) as ‘Princess Joy Villa’ went from Scientology Celebrity Centre wannabe to Make America Great Again icon, Congressional maybe-candidate, and then fell from political grace almost as quickly as she []