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Scientology ‘Sunday service’ has always been a lazy PR ploy, and now it’s on full display

 People who come out of Scientology after years or decades have a lot to tell you. About the auditing they went through, the training to be auditors, the special rundowns they might have experienced, or what it was liking working as a staff member or in the Sea Org. []


Miscavige scores: Ohio Gov. DeWine to send out thousands of Scientology pamphlets

 Our thanks to Rod Keller for spotting this one. He noticed that at a press conference last Thursday, Ohio’s popular governor Mike DeWine announced a new initiative to address Covid-19’s disproportionate effect on minority communities, and showed off a health kit that the state will be handing out which included a pamphlet with coronavirus information.

It []

Scientology’s rising new anti-vaxx star, coming to a ‘re-open’ protest near you!

[Leigh Dundas, sudden Scientology star]

Last year, the quarantining of Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds for a case of measles had reporters scrambling to find out how the organization felt about vaccinations. Was the outbreak on the ship a sign that Scientology was part of the dumb anti-vaxx hysteria becoming so depressingly epidemic in this []

A shocking glimpse inside Scientology’s floating cathedral: ‘All I hear is desperation’

[Valeska Paris and Criceida Leon]

We’re still knocked out by the amazing leaked conference call that Rod Keller brought us yesterday. Sharron Weber, commanding officer of Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds, was recorded giving marching orders to Australian “Field Staff Members,” exhorting them to sell more Scientology courses amid the obstacles of the coronavirus []

A look inside a Scientology org as it prepares to reopen for the public

 We have another dispatch from the folks at the Dublin org, who are just bursting to re-open the facility and welcome everyone []

Scientology ekes out small victories as the world goes to coronavirus hell

 Last September, we made a point about how Scientology expends enormous effort (and prodigious sums) in order to score a small press mention or to win an award you’ve never heard of. []

Scientology has thrown millions at Ireland in recent years, and here’s the amazing result

 Thanks to a tipster we have another interesting look inside Scientology’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. []

Georgia anti-psychiatry legislator goes even bigger for Scientology in the pandemic

 Remember Donzella James? We told you in January that mental health advocates were unhappy that the Georgia legislator, who made a speech at the Atlanta Scientology Ideal Org grand opening in 2016 and endorsed its quack anti-psychiatry efforts, was appointed by the state’s lieutenant governor to an important panel that is overhauling Georgia’s mental health []

Calling all patsies: Scientology tries desperately to keep its isolated members busy

 How do you keep the members of your totalitarian organization from letting stray thoughts creep in while they’re at home under lockdown? Spam them with a lot of nonsense, that’s how. []

Scientology: Earth is a prison planet and the virus just another fake threat. So study LRH!

 As the pandemic goes on and on, this bizarre video is being promoted to Scientologists that the end of the health crisis (whenever it comes) will be the start of something new and exciting. []