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Scientology donor Jim Mathers has your L. Ron Hubbard mantra for sending kids back to school

As kids begin to head back to school in various parts of the country, parents are naturally apprehensive about how their local district is going to negotiate our ongoing national health nightmare.

After four months cooped up at home, kids are bouncing off the walls, parents are at their wits’ end, and schools are trying to come up with plans that won’t endanger teachers and staff, and won’t infect students with the coronavirus to take home to mom, dad, and grandma.

Surely, no one would blame schools for caring about everyone’s safety at a time like this, right?

Well, you might be surprised.


We heard previously from colorful Scientology million-dollar donor Jim Mathers, who said about COVID-19 that “healthy people don’t get sick” and other magical thinking.

And now, perfectly timed for those back-to-school sales, Mathers offered up portions of an L. Ron Hubbard lecture at his Facebook account that had his Scientology friends cheering. We thought you’d also like to see it…


The finest way in the world to make an accident-prone would be to talk somebody into being careful. The finest way in the world to make a bunch of complete nuts and nitwits in a society would be to teach them safety in schools. That would be a certain method of creating a psychoneurotic society — an absolutely certain method. Now, that it is being done does not make it right.

By the time you have taught a child thoroughly to be utterly and completely careful, you have made somebody who will avoid all impacts. Care of the body, care of the body, care of the body. If you can just get a child to care for his body sufficiently, it will be in good shape. Or will it be? Or will he become so frightened of impacts himself, that whenever the body itself has an impact, he will withdraw from communication with the body and so will not heal his body? The latter is the case.

If you make a child frightened of impacts and make him terribly careful, he will no longer go into communication with painful areas and so will become unable to withstand the bumps and rattles of existence and will get into a condition which is, to say the least, awfully normal.

A child could be guaranteed an utter failure of his endocrine system, if he were trained thoroughly to avoid all impacts. If he were trained thoroughly to avoid germs, to avoid illness, to avoid conditions which are described as highly detrimental to him, he will then be made to close terminals with those conditions. Why? Because he is cutting communication, cutting communication, cutting communication, cutting communication. You see that? He’s saying, ‘I mustn’t communicate with, I mustn’t communicate with,’ which is to say, ‘I have no control over, I have no control over, I have no control over.’

Now, just as soon as he learns thoroughly that he mustn’t go into contact or communication with impact, with germs, with this, with that, he just gets, as a thetan, smaller and smaller, withdraws more and more, is less and less alert, is less and less in communication with things and finally will be unable to heal any part of his body.

This would be a sure method of making the American Medical Association (a small club in Chicago) rich. It’s a small club in Chicago dedicated to no experimentation and terrific amounts of practice.

The main thing I’m trying to point up here is that a society gets headed in the direction of avoidance. It gets headed in the direction of fear and so becomes controllable. It is an overt mechanism on the part of anything or anyone seeking to control a society, to cut the communications of that society.

The way to guarantee a slave society–guarantee it–would be to teach safety across the boards. That’s just one method. But that method, all by itself, would make successive generations of children more and more difficult in their own sphere of operation. They would be afraid to go into communication with. And when you say, ‘Be careful, don’t do this, don’t do that, stop here, stop there,’ you’re saying, ‘Don’t go into communication with, don’t go into communication with, don’t go into communication with. You mustn’t communicate with.’ And this is dramatized, ‘Don’t communicate with little Johnny, he stutters and therefore, you’ll stutter. Don’t go into communication with Bobby. He’s got bacteriosis and that will be the end of you. Don’t go into communication with that nasty old man down the street who carries that dirty candy around in his pockets, because it’s dirty and this will make you very ill.’

Until it is considered to be so, it is not true that an impact is very damaging. Until it is considered to be so that an illness can take place, no illness can take place. This is the mechanism of the society. — L. Ron Hubbard, 7th ACC, Lecture 9, 28 June 1954, EXTERIORIZATION

If anyone has any clue what Hubbard is blathering on about here, please let us know.


In the meantime, keep your kids safe, and let’s get through this together.


Bonus items from our tipsters

While Scientologists like Mathers keep up the “COVID is a hoax” line, one Scientologist finally brought up a rather obvious point…


Meanwhile, in Hawaii…



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“Do you realize the value of auditing is not measurable in dollars and cents to a person who is being audited properly? It is just not measurable. A hundred thousand dollars an hour would be something he would talk about. Got the idea? He would talk about. He might not be able to pay it but he could consider it. Now, that’s quite interesting. He could consider it, without gaping and jumping out the window and so forth.” — L. Ron Hubbard, July 29, 1958


Overheard in the FreeZone

“LRH describes in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course taped lectures, that one can ‘scan’ the time track of a room or a house. LRH scanned the past track and the future track of the room he was doing the lecture at.”


Random Howdy

“I want a cheap E-meter so I can sec-check my cats and I can get to the bottom of mysteries like, why do you chew on plastic bags? Why do you eat your own hair? Why do you refuse to help me do the dishes?”


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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

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Posted by Tony Ortega on July 29, 2020 at 07:00

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