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What the New Yorker left out of its story about Elisabeth Moss and Scientology

 It’s a simple formula. A successful Hollywood star has a new vehicle launching, and publications line up to interview them to coincide with it. []


When you’re a child in Scientology’s Sea Org, the stress is meant to overwhelm you

[Mark in Clearwater with his grandmother, who died in the Sea Org]

It was night when I landed in Florida after leaving England. I was accompanied by a female stewardess who had been charged with seeing me to a security []

Surviving Scientology’s Sea Org for children was a nightmare of parental abandonment

[The cadets at Stonelands, with Mark Stevens and Claire Headley circled.]

Another former Scientologist has reached out to us with a harrowing account of what they went through. We’ve confirmed that Mark was known to others who were in the Cadet Org at the time, and we’re honored that he’s allowed us to help him tell []

Ned McCrink, 1954-2022: The OC Ideal Org’s biggest donor sailed away from Scientology

 We were stunned and saddened to learn that Ned McCrink, formerly Orange County, California’s top Scientology donor, ended his life on Monday morning. He was []

Shekter: How Scientology intervened in an intimate affair of the heart

[Sick Kids]

January 1991, Toronto. I take a spot in one of those molded plastic orange seats tied together in a rack, that have been there forever in the cardiology waiting room at the Hospital for Sick Children – affectionately known to all as Sick Kids. []

Matt Willis pressured to divorce by Scientology? Our experts back him up.

 Matt Willis is better known in the UK, where he was part of the pop band Busted and starred in a number of reality shows, and he’s married to another reality TV figure in England, Emma Willis, but the story Matt is telling about his brief foray into Scientology has reached our shores, and it’s []

A fight against Scientology ‘disconnection’ now a remarkable illustrated book

 We first told you about Brian Sheen’s struggle to reconnect with his grown daughter Springsong in 2015. []

Izzy Chait, renowned art dealer and major Scientology figure, dead at 74

[Chait in 2011 during the LAX ambush]

Isadore M. “Izzy” Chait, the well known dealer in Asian art and Scientologist OT 8 who fiercely defended the organization, died this morning of kidney failure at a Los Angeles hospital. He was []

AUDIO: Tommy Davis, as Scientology spokesman, secretly recorded discussing ‘disconnection’

 We noticed recently that one of the most important stories we published at the Village Voice is missing a series of audio recordings that go with it. They come from a secretly-recorded tape that captures then-Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis intimidating a church member with the threat of ‘disconnection,’ Scientology’s toxic control mechanism that Davis had []

Scientology still driving away talented people and ripping apart their families

 In March Leah Remini announced that a couple that she had a family connection with were making public their departure from []