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Monthly Archives

Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ policy plays out in unbelievable scenes in a Florida hospital

[Brendan Tighe, talking Scientology with Megyn Kelly]

On Thursday, Brendan Tighe posted a remarkable glimpse about the crazy situations Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ policy puts people into. Namely, that because Brendan has left Scientology and its Sea Org and he went public with his experiences on Megyn Kelly’s show, his mother, still a loyal Sea Org member, has []


Scientology destroyed her family, but this former Sea Org worker has a surprise ending

[Katrina and her mother Yelena, in the Sea Org]

Last year, we finally got to tell the heartbreaking story of Katrina Reyes. About how she had come to Florida from Siberia to join Scientology’s Sea Organization at only 11 years old. About how her mother seemed less concerned with her daughter’s well-being than about finding a []

When Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ is forever, and other developments

[Denise Byrne and Adam Holland]

We have some follow-ups to recent stories that we collected for you today. Up first, we told you on Friday about the suicide of former Sea Org member Adam Holland. After leaving Scientology, his father Paul Holland cut of all ties from him in the Scientology way, and it devastated the []

Adam Holland, Scientology whistle-blower who exposed Sea Org conditions, 1988-2019

 We heard from a family member last night that Adam Holland, a former Canadian Sea Org member who went public about the Sea Org’s degrading conditions after leaving the organization in 2009, took his own life on February 17. He was only 30 years []

Here’s an example of how Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ is designed to eat away at you

[Carol Nyburg, with the son, Jeff, who didn’t turn his back on her]

We’ve written several times about Carol Nyburg. Many ex-Scientologists remember her as the friendly accommodations registrar at the Flag Land Base — it was Carol’s job to get you placed in the right rooms when you came for an extended stay at Scientology’s []

Read the ‘disconnection letter’ from a brother telling his sis — Sylvia DeWall — so long forever

[Sylvia and Tim DeWall]

Yesterday, Sylvia DeWall made her declaration to friends and family who had turned their backs on her. Today, we’re following up with even more about her journey out of []

Scientology tried to ruin her. Now, Sylvia DeWall has a message for her former friends and family.

 Some of you will remember the blockbuster audio recording we posted in 2014 that captured the sounds of a woman, Sylvia Wagner DeWall, being kicked out of the Church of Scientology as it was []

Dave Richards, 1948-2018, ran the Founding Church of Scientology in DC

[Dave Richards and Ron Miscavige, after the Eagles Super Bowl win in February]

We were saddened to learn from Ron Miscavige and Becky Bigelow last night that Dave Richards died unexpectedly yesterday at his home in Phoenix. He was []

Scientology ‘disconnection’ and the incalculable damage it does to children

 This photo shows the day my mom disconnected from me. []

Derek Bloch reflects on what having Scientology parents can mean for kids in the church

[Derek Bloch]

 Several days ago, someone sent us some photographs from a wedding and asked us to forward them to a regular figure here at the Underground Bunker, a young man named Derek Bloch. We sent those images to Derek, and they hit him hard. We suggested that he deal with that emotion by writing something, []