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Monthly Archives

My mom is the auditor in the ‘Reckless Ben’ Scientology infiltration videos

[Irmin Huber, keeping her TRs in.]

In 2017, we told you the devastating disconnection story of Clarissa Adams, a woman who had grown up in Scientology and then was cut off by both of her parents when she decided to leave the church. She hasn’t seen or spoken to her mother, Irmin Huber, since 2014, when []


Scientology ripped apart his family, but this former member explains why he doesn’t fight it

[Dave Stokes and his family, before disconnection]

On January 4, Skip Young wrote for us an account of his attempt to reconnect with the grown daughters who have disconnected from him after he left Scientology. Last week we published one response we received after Skip’s piece, and that was Phil Jones writing about his own attempts []

If Scientology forced your children to disconnect from you, what would you do?

[Phil Jones and his son Mike]

On Saturday, we posted Skip Young’s update about how he tried to defy Scientology disconnection by flying across the country to see his two grown daughters. It didn’t go well. We got a couple of interesting responses to that, and we wanted you to see this one today. It was []

Scientology, disconnection, and the worst Christmas ever

[Skip Young and his daughters]

One of our favorite stories of 2016 was the lengthy piece we wrote about Skip Young. At one point, he had worked as an operator for the Church of Scientology while he was a police officer, and he became a footnote in the Snow White Program of the 1970s. Years later, []

Bernie Headley, 1952-2019: A man who fought against Scientology’s ‘disconnection’

 Bernie Headley died today, aged 67. Here’s what Marc Headley posted this evening at his Facebook []

Answering Scientology’s smears with truth: Phil Jones takes a STAND

[Phil and Willie Jones with their kids Emily and Mike, pre-disconnection]

For those of us who get smeared by Scientology on a regular basis, there’s always a decision to make: Speak up about Scientology’s lies and risk bringing more attention to their scummy online attacks, or ignore them and assume that intelligent people who run into []

Scientology: So much effort and heartache, for such little effect

[Emily Jones and John Goodwin]

Does it ever strike you, the way it does us from time to time, the sheer amount of effort that Scientology puts into its various initiatives that are forever chipping away at the []

Elisabeth Moss snows another reporter about Scientology, but this one really hurts

[Elisabeth Moss gears up for a new publicity push]

It’s getting very frustrating to see otherwise competent journalists let Elisabeth Moss get away with murder in interviews. Marlow Stern at the Daily Beast is no pushover, and he at least asked Moss more than one question about her involvement in Scientology. But she gave him three []

A holiday tale for families ripped apart by Scientology’s heartless ‘disconnection’ policy

[Can someone show this photo to Samantha Sterne?]

It’s a holiday Monday here in the US, and we hope you’re having a lovely day off with friends and family. For some families with members in Scientology, days like today can be a bitter reminder of how much they’re missing because of Scientology’s cruel “disconnection” []

Even when it gets good press, Scientology reminds us that it uses slave labor

 With two new lawsuits filed and more on the way, and with ‘Aftermath’ ending in a week, we know that Scientology watchers have been focused on some big news stories with a promise of more to come. But something that we received by email this week reminded us that Scientology watching is not just about []