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A fight against Scientology ‘disconnection’ now a remarkable illustrated book

 We first told you about Brian Sheen’s struggle to reconnect with his grown daughter Springsong in 2015. []


Izzy Chait, renowned art dealer and major Scientology figure, dead at 74

[Chait in 2011 during the LAX ambush]

Isadore M. “Izzy” Chait, the well known dealer in Asian art and Scientologist OT 8 who fiercely defended the organization, died this morning of kidney failure at a Los Angeles hospital. He was []

AUDIO: Tommy Davis, as Scientology spokesman, secretly recorded discussing ‘disconnection’

 We noticed recently that one of the most important stories we published at the Village Voice is missing a series of audio recordings that go with it. They come from a secretly-recorded tape that captures then-Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis intimidating a church member with the threat of ‘disconnection,’ Scientology’s toxic control mechanism that Davis had []

Scientology still driving away talented people and ripping apart their families

 In March Leah Remini announced that a couple that she had a family connection with were making public their departure from []

Derek Bloch: Why is Scientology keeping a dying mother away from her son?

[Theresa and her son Derek]

We first wrote about Derek Bloch’s story of being victimized by Scientology homophobia back in 2012. He’s continued to be a favorite of ours here in the Underground Bunker, and he’s written on Scientology’s toxic ‘disconnection’ policy for us numerous times. Recently he received some devastating news, and we asked him []

Singing for L. Ron Hubbard in the Sea Org: New videos about the Scientology experience

 “I’m eating ice cream here, and I thought of []

AUDIO: Scientology recruiter says wrecked families small price for salvaged planet

[Saint Hill calling!]

Phil Jones has waged war with Scientology since it ripped his family apart with its cruel ‘disconnection’ policy. You’ve read here about his campaign to place billboards in Los Angeles and Florida about disconnection, and about his involvement in a TV series that never aired. He’s a regular contributor here, and he and []

Scientology ekes out small victories as the world goes to coronavirus hell

 Last September, we made a point about how Scientology expends enormous effort (and prodigious sums) in order to score a small press mention or to win an award you’ve never heard of. []

On Mother’s Day, the moms who suffer and defy Scientology’s cruel ‘disconnection’ policy

 There may be no other holiday which is more anathema to Scientology than Mother’s []

My mom is the auditor in the ‘Reckless Ben’ Scientology infiltration videos

[Irmin Huber, keeping her TRs in.]

In 2017, we told you the devastating disconnection story of Clarissa Adams, a woman who had grown up in Scientology and then was cut off by both of her parents when she decided to leave the church. She hasn’t seen or spoken to her mother, Irmin Huber, since 2014, when []