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Anne Archer is still pitching her Scientology front group ‘Artists for Human Rights’

 Academy Award-nominated actress and Scientology celebrity Anne Archer is still going strong with her very own Scientology front group, Artists for Human []


We still get asked about Scientology mouthpiece Tommy Davis, so here’s your update!

 A decade after Tommy Davis lost his job as Scientology’s pugnacious spokesman, we still get asked about him. He was a fan favorite, and his run-ins with media figures were kind of legendary back when he was speaking for the church (circa 2006-2011). []

AUDIO: Tommy Davis, as Scientology spokesman, secretly recorded discussing ‘disconnection’

 We noticed recently that one of the most important stories we published at the Village Voice is missing a series of audio recordings that go with it. They come from a secretly-recorded tape that captures then-Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis intimidating a church member with the threat of ‘disconnection,’ Scientology’s toxic control mechanism that Davis had []

SCIENTOLOGY BLACK OPS: Tommy Davis threatens to sue Aussie network over axed series

[‘I’m angry. Real angry.’]

 We get some pretty interesting mail here at the Underground Bunker.

Take this week’s winner, for []

All of former Scientology mouthpiece Tommy Davis’s appearances in ‘Melania and Me’

 Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s eye-opening book about the price she paid helping out the Trump administration and her longtime friend Melania Trump, which came out on September 1, turns out to have some passages we thought would interest []

Measles-free, Scientology’s cruise ship holds its annual ‘Maiden Voyage’ celebration

 Sure, go ahead and laugh, you doubters. It’s true that in May Scientology’s cruise ship the Freewinds was a world-wide laughingstock when it was quarantined for a measles case and overnight became the symbol of our dumb era of anti-vaxx panic. And subsequently (and perhaps because of it?) the annual June “Maiden Voyage” week celebrating []

Tommy Davis is tying the knot in Morocco, and we didn’t get an invite

 We still get asked often about Scientology’s former spokesman Tommy Davis, and so we try to give an occasional update about him. This time, we have some happy news. []

When Tom Cruise go-fer and budding flak Tommy Davis was getting his Scientology hat on

 While we’re dealing with the roller coaster ride of Leah Remini’s third season, the fun things tipsters send us keep rolling []

What the Australian press can’t say about James Packer and his Scientology adventure

[Before the fall: Mariah Carey and James Packer]

You may have been seeing stories out of Australia about actor Tom Cruise and an Australian billionaire named James Packer. These stories caught us by surprise for two []

Former Scientology mouthpiece Tommy Davis has a new look and a new friend in his life

 Even seven years after Tommy Davis was bounced from his job as chief spokesman for the Church of Scientology, the public still has a huge fascination for him. We’re often asked, what’s happening with that guy? So over the last few years we’ve provided regular updates about his jobs and what he’s been up to. []