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Deborah Rennard fends off ugly accusations by Haleigh Breest in new affidavit

 In March we told you that Deborah Rennard not only had to guard against an unhinged Tommy Davis, who accosted her in the street during the Paul Haggis-Haleigh Breest trial, but also that Breest had made accusations that Rennard was helping her ex-husband Haggis hide []


Tommy Davis accosted her in the street. Now Deb Rennard has another fight on her hands.

[Deborah Rennard and Tommy Davis]

One of the strangest things to come out of the Paul Haggis trial in New York last year was a scene that played out the day before closing arguments took []

BIZARRE: Scientologist figure Tommy Davis accosts two Paul Haggis trial witnesses in Soho

[Deborah Rennard and Tommy Davis]

The Underground Bunker has learned that an unusual scene played out on a corner in the New York City neighborhood of Soho at about noon []

Deposition: Scientology’s targeting of Paul Haggis that isn’t speculation

[Tommy Davis and Paul Haggis]

We’ve been very busy with the Danny Masterson trial here in Los Angeles, so we’ve been unable to keep much of an eye on what’s going on back in New York, where a civil trial has been unfolding between Crash director Paul Haggis and a former publicist, Haleigh Breest, who is []

Paul Haggis opposes motion to keep Scientology out of next month’s trial

[Haggis’s attorneys plan to introduce evidence first seen in Bryan Seymour’s ‘Black Ops’ series]

Last week, we told you that Haleigh Breest, the former publicist who is suing director Paul Haggis for allegedly raping her, filed a motion asking that the court not allow Haggis to bring up Scientology in their trial, which is scheduled to []

Don’t allow Paul Haggis to mention Scientology in trial, woman suing him asks court

[Paul Haggis]

On Tuesday, Haleigh Breest, the former publicist who is suing Paul Haggis alleging that the Crash director raped her in 2013 after attending a movie premiere, filed a lengthy motion asking Judge Sabrina Kraus to limit what Haggis can bring up at their trial, which is scheduled to begin in New York on October []

Odd coincidence: For now, Paul Haggis and Danny Masterson both have trial dates of Oct 11

[Masterson and Haggis]

After a court hearing in New York yesterday, Paul Haggis finally got the trial date that both sides in his case have been requesting for more than two years. But when we heard the date, we had to do a []

Paul Haggis arrested in Italy: More proof he’s a villain, or is Scientology behind it?

 By now you’ve heard the news that Oscar-winning director and screenwriter — as well as former celebrity Scientologist — Paul Haggis, 69, was arrested yesterday in the southern Italian town of Ostuni on sexual assault []


 The Underground Bunker has learned that the initial episode of ‘Scientology Black Ops,’ a special 7NEWS Australia investigation that was cancelled by the network in July, has been leaked to the Internet.

We had time to watch the episode and prepare a transcript of it, and we’re posting the video as an embed for you to []

‘Scientology Black Ops’ series with Leah Remini & Paul Haggis spiked by Aussie network

 On July 2 Australia’s 7News network teased a 10-part series titled ‘Scientology Black Ops’ that would feature journalist Bryan Seymour. []