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Grant Cardone selling superhuman med beds to the wealthy sounds very Scientological

 The person in the video you see below is Dana White. He’s president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a mixed martial arts organization obsessively followed by its fans, who tend to be younger men. Dana has been dealing with some controversy since he was caught on tape on New Year’s Eve slapping his wife in []


Grant Cardone at Flag: Again, Scientology turns to its professional ham hock to fill seats

 In 2019, we found out that Grant Cardone, professional ham hock, had pulled in a big crowd at Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity []

Scientology propaganda masterpiece: Grant Cardone’s COO coughs up $1.1 million

 We have some terrific researchers who send us fascinating examples of Scientology social media and propaganda. It helps us keep a close watch on how the organization is doing, and here and at Mike Rinder’s great blog we have watched a steady dwindling of the ‘coolest religion on []

If you ever wondered what Suri Cruise might be like if she had never left Scientology

 Going viral on social media is not new to Scientologist and professional ham hock Grant Cardone, who makes a living convincing rubes that he will turn them into millionaires if they sign up for all of his oversharing on various Internet []

Scientology hits on the perfect theme for its Chicago fundraising: Blues Brothers!

 Scientology is always hunting around for new themes to use in its fundraising, from Star Wars to The Last Samurai. And we didn’t think it could get more on-the-nose than Caribbean pirates and 30’s gangsters asking for your dough.

Hand over yer booty, me []

The Scientologist and the superstar hacker: A stock market fable for our times

[Sjouwerman and Mitnick]

Kevin Mitnick (b. 1963) was on the FBI’s most wanted list in 1992. As the most notorious and skilled hacker in the US, Mitnick had first crossed the line in the 1980s when he hacked into corporate networks and stole entire computer programs. Mitnick was arrested in 1988, served a year in prison, []

Expert: Scientology’s Grant Cardone ‘helping sell fake stem cell products to the public’

[Dr. Chris Centeno, Grant Cardone]

Last May, the New York Times published a lengthy story about the explosion of stem cell therapy as a business and questions about whether it actually worked as []

Professional ham hock Grant Cardone: I’m giving up the Super Bowl for Scientology

[Grant Cardone]

Some churches require that you give up pork. Others that you give up short pants.

But professional ham hock and OT Scientologist Grant Cardone has announced on a Facebook video that he’s making the ultimate sacrifice for his space-age religion: He’s not going to the Super Bowl today that is being played right in his []

Scientology finally solves its recruiting woes with professional ham hock Grant Cardone

[Cardone wows ’em at the Celebrity Centre]

Ever since we learned that Scientology leader David Miscavige had used him as an enforcer to terrorize legendary acting coach Milton Katselas in his final years, church donor and popular motivational speaker Grant Cardone has been on our radar, mostly for all the wrong []

Is there something screwy about Scientology buffoon Grant Cardone?

 Scientology’s wealthy ham hock Grant Cardone continues to intrigue us with his antics. Have you seen the []