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Scientology finally solves its recruiting woes with professional ham hock Grant Cardone

[Cardone wows ’em at the Celebrity Centre]

Ever since we learned that Scientology leader David Miscavige had used him as an enforcer to terrorize legendary acting coach Milton Katselas in his final years, church donor and popular motivational speaker Grant Cardone has been on our radar, mostly for all the wrong reasons.

Mysteriously, Cardone’s hackneyed send-me-money-and-I’ll-make-you-wealthy routine has made him a rich man, in part, we think, because among that set of confidence men who prey on the gullible, Cardone was particularly skillful with social media to help convince his followers that his life is one they would want to emulate.

So he’s an oversharer to the utmost, like the time his own wife posted video of Grant showering naked with his 9-year-old daughter at a lavish island resort. Yeah, Cardone is a real prince of a man with character and integrity…



Anyway, we had noticed that as his popularity has grown, Cardone has become a little more open with his fan base that he’s a Scientologist, while on the Scientology side we’ve seen him become more visible as a major donor, worming his way into the orbit of the church’s biggest moneybags, the Duggans. For some reason, Cardone was right there hanging with both Bob and Trish as the billionaire couple split up, and since then Cardone has squired Trish, who still goes to church functions, like he was her little richie pal.

But now, we want to thank the reader who sent us pages from a small newsletter we hadn’t heard about before, “Connect,” which is put out by the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and which featured Cardone with a revolutionary idea that we’re surprised the church hadn’t thought of before: Using Scientology’s own professional ham hock to squire, openly, his make-me-rich wog followers into the church. (“Wog” is what Scientologists call non-Scientologists, a British slang term that has a racist history.)

Cardone has demonstrated that he can fill whole baseball stadiums with his devotees. Why not bring them down to Scientology facilities, which are ghost towns? Here’s what happened when they tried that out, according to the Connect newsletter…


CC Int hosted a seminar by best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, top media influencer and OT VIII, Grant Cardone.

An hour before the event began, there were already 100 new public arrived, many of them originating wanting to tour the building and find out about services.

Three new public drove 3 hours to come and see Grant’s seminar. They arrived in the morning to the org to check it out and immediately signed up for course before the seminar even began.

Grant was very open and direct in attributing his success to Scientology.

He specifically went over the book Dianetics and how the reactive mind stops you from succeeding, as well as the subject of conditions from the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics.

A large Grade Chart was brought out on to the stage to which he referred to several times as he was talking. He went over different points of ruin and directed them to testing, books and intro services.

A team of Celebrity Centre OT Committee members, FSMs and volunteers helped on the event by doing hosting, routing, testing, tours and sign ups. Some of the results were:

— Highest ever intro lecture attendance


— Highest ever public on the OCA Test line in one day

— Books sold to new public: 68

— Course Sign-Ups: 70

— First Service Starts: 39

The new public feed back was 100 percent rave — with comments like:

“Everyone is so nice here. I have never been to anyplace like this. That lady who did my evaluation was spot on. All of your people are amazing. I am starting on course right now!”

“I learned that you need to do Scientology to find yourself and not to let my past attack me in the present. This is amazing. I am buying the books Grant recommended and also signing up for Personal Efficiency.”

“When Grant talked about not allowing fear of the unknown to prevent you from moving forward that made sense. I did not realize how strongly Grant attributes his success to Scientology. I am going to take the personality test and learn more.”

“I realized that I need to learn confidence and believe in my own future. I am going to do some courses to handle my communication. I am interested in ALL courses.”

“I am going to read the books and take the courses. I want to go CLEAR!”

Some of the FSM feedback included:

— One FSM brought in a selectee that she had been trying to get on the Bridge for years and Grant’s talk totally handled him and he signed up for and started a course.

— Another FSM brought in a new public who hadn’t ever reached or considered doing anything in Scientology. The event completely handled her and she started on course.

— Another FSM brought a brand-new selectee who while listening to Grant’s talk made comments like “Wow!” “Yeah!” He was laughing and totally blown away. At one point he turned to the FSM and said, “Maybe I’m a Scientologist!” He was then routed into the org, bought the Dianetics Book and DVD and signed up for the PE and two Life Improvement Courses.


The most observable points that made this event such a success align with the purpose of the FSM program:

— New public are CURIOUS and will come in if invited!

— The speaker was completely open about Scientology, used high ARC and Tone 40 intention and used his comm lines (social media in this case) to invite people into the org.

—FSMs used their own social and business comm lines to invite people into the org.

— The speaker pushed DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH as the book to buy and read. He disseminated his own reality on what the tech did for him.

— The Personality Test (OCA) is of high interest to the public and it was used heavily. It is a very successful introductory service and shows them their strengths and weaknesses.

—The field worked enthusiastically as a close team with our org staff to channel the public interest onto the correct lines.

The public are CURIOUS! They want to know who we are and what Dianetics and Scientology are and what it can do for them. In short — you do have new news — so let others know. Channel them in to CC Int.

[“CC Int” = Celebrity Centre International; “OT VIII” = Operating Thetan Level Eight, Scientology’s highest auditing level; “public” = a Scientologist or potential Scientologist who does not work for the church; “reactive mind” = L. Ron Hubbard nonsense about how the human mind stores traumatic memories; “points of ruin” = locating vulnerabilities that lead to failure; “FSM” = field staff member, a Scientology salesperson; “OCA” = the Oxford Capacity Analysis, Scientology’s personality test that is the way most public first encounter the church.]

The language of this report is so telling. For so many years now, Scientology has received an unrelenting tsunami of miserable press, has been mocked like never before in movies and television shows, and has lost members at a prodigious rate, with new marks trickling in at a tiny rate.

Cardone’s event was the first smashing recruiting success Scientology has had in, like, forever. Some oldtimers will remember missions and orgs being packed like this with the curious back in the 1970s. So you can understand this newsletter writer’s gushing prose. Finally, Scientology is showing signs of life!

But is Grant Cardone really the answer to what ails Scientology? Can he repeat this success on a larger scale, and is that something Miscavige can convince him to do more often?

Scientology might finally have found its confidence man for the 21st century.


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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

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Posted by Tony Ortega on August 20, 2019 at 07:00

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