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Feds suing ‘stem cell’ scammers for preying on the elderly. Oh, and they’re Scientologists.

[Peyroux, left, and Detelich]

In March 2020, about a week before the pandemic hit us here in the US, we wrote a story about how a Colorado physician named Chris Centeno was exposing fly-by-night operations selling bogus cures based on what sounded like legitimate, emerging medical technologies. But even if stem cells and other emerging trends []


What it’s like to discover your employer is pushing Scientology on his office

[Say “ahhh”]

We’ve been telling you for years that Scientology targets dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and other professionals with management companies that operate as front groups for the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). Every year we hear about cases where workers object to being forced into Scientology classes by the dentists or chiropractors they work for, []

Expert: Scientology’s Grant Cardone ‘helping sell fake stem cell products to the public’

[Dr. Chris Centeno, Grant Cardone]

Last May, the New York Times published a lengthy story about the explosion of stem cell therapy as a business and questions about whether it actually worked as []

How a Scientology-run business preyed on Silicon Valley icons in the name of ‘wellness’

 Today we have a remarkable account from a woman who asked not to be named. We’re also not identifying by name the business she has written about. But considering stories we’ve done recently (and some in years previously), we feel that her narrative is very timely and provides a really stunning look inside a Scientologist-run []