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Georgia puts legislator who promotes Scientology anti-psych efforts on mental health panel

[Donzella James, in gold, with David Miscavige at the 2016 Atlanta Ideal Org grand opening]

The state of mental health is so bad in Georgia, the federal government stepped in and sued the state, resulting in a 2010 settlement that required Georgia to improve conditions in its psychiatric hospitals and find more neighborhood-level solutions to behavioral problems.

Last year, in a bid to end that federal oversight, the state legislature passed a law creating a 24-member commission to study the problem for four years and come up with real solutions, hoping to mirror the success of a previous commission that studied and reformed criminal justice in the state.

News coverage of the new panel, the Georgia Behavioral Health Reform & Innovation Commission, has tended to assume that the study will find ways to more efficiently bring professional mental health care to more people who need it.

But the appointment of one member of that committee has some mental health observers shaking their heads.

In October, State Senator Donzella James (D-Atlanta) was appointed by Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan to the commission, where she’ll be helping to direct the future of Georgia’s mental health.


We heard about the appointment this week from a national mental health advocate who is horrified.

They reminded us that James is a longtime and enthusiastic supporter of Scientology and, in particular, its anti-psychiatry front, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

CCHR is the most unhinged of Scientology’s front groups, openly advocating not for some improvements in the professional mental health field, but for its total eradication. As we told the Daily Beast recently, Scientology leader David Miscavige was seen at a Scientology event advocating for the literal detonation of psychiatry, claiming that CCHR had “booby-trapped” the profession while images of explosions were playing behind him on screen.

On April 2, 2016, when Scientology opened its new “Ideal Org” in an Atlanta suburb, James was one of four local luminaries who were on stage with Scientology leader David Miscavige to give speeches welcoming the new facility.

“It’s a mad world that we live in. But it doesn’t need more psychiatry. No, this world needs CCHR!” she said, and added that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, whom she described as “phenomenally phenomenal” had been “chosen” by God.

Here’s a video and transcript of her entire presentation that day…


Thank you very much. It is truly my honor to join you here today among so many friends. And what a first-class church you have built here.

So on behalf of the City of Atlanta and the Great State of Georgia — Welcome!

You know, I was born and raised right here in Atlanta. I love this city, I love this state. But, like the rest of America, it has deep-rooted problems — problems which I know firsthand.

You see, my stepsister was a normal, vibrant, energetic young woman. An A-plus student, valedictorian of her high school, and just full of life’s possibilities ahead.

But in her first semester of college, something happened. She started acting out. Immediately, she was swept away into a mental ward at a local hospital. We couldn’t get her out for three weeks — they said she supposedly checked herself in. But by then, after the shock treatments and the excessive medication, the girl I knew was gone.

Why are we allowing our innocent and defenseless to be drugged like zombies? Why are we drugging and overdosing the heart of our nation? Well, I believe that these are tough questions that we all have to answer.


And there is no one that I would rather stand with to face them than CCHR, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. You see, after the loss of my sister at the hands of psychiatry, I needed retribution.

Yes, she is still alive, but she’s never come back to her right mind. You see, back then we didn’t have anyone to turn to, there was nobody on our side. And when CCHR came to the halls of our state capitol with the “Psychiatry: Industry of Death” Exhibit, it captured my attention and opened my eyes real wide.

Yes, here were the people who shared my passions and hopes for change. And since that time we have partnered to bring this information, time and time again, to the leaders and legislators at the crisis points of our systems. We have introduced legislation to attack the root of the problem.

So you have my promise of never-ending support for these exhibits so we can tell everybody, “Join us and stop this madness”!

I truly believe that together we can take back our communities.

We have to work arm in arm to open people’s minds, to make their voices be heard. I have a responsibility to my family, yes, but also to generations to come. And so do you.

We all are in this together. And this amazing new Church is a place for us to reach out and keep spreading the word and going to those that need it most. It’s a mad world that we live in. But it doesn’t need more psychiatry. No, this world needs CCHR!

And to talk to the significance of this day, one must say a word on that man amongst men. That’s Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.

Now I don’t usually get excited about a single person, because I know a lot of great people. But this man is phenomenal — phenomenally phenomenal. He didn’t just come out of nowhere. I believe that God chose him — yes!

You know, some people say “Oh, you can’t be the master of everything.” But indeed, L. Ron Hubbard was.

He was truly one of a kind, exemplary in every way. And I know, because I had the opportunity to visit the L. Ron Hubbard Exhibit in Hollywood, California. And as I walked through, I thought, “He’s not gone.” He was before his time, he was during his time, and he is still most relevant at this time! Right?

And today, this is a testament to the fact that he is still with us and his teachings will live forevermore. So, in his name, and with this grand christening today, may the Great State of Georgia be even greater.

I thank you very much. Thank you for inviting me, and this is a wonderful place that I will return over and over again. Thank you.


The mental health advocate we spoke to points out that although James will be only one person on a 24-member panel, her impact may be bigger than you might expect.

“Her ability to steer the findings is limited,” they told us. “But in my experience with commissions of this sort, the recommendations are often hobbled by the need to achieve consensus. One member’s passionate opposition is often enough to keep a recommendation out of the report, in part because they don’t want the drama of someone resigning in protest. So having James on there could very possibly kill any hope of the commission making meaningful recommendations to expand access to psychiatric care. That would be tragic.”

We sent a message to Sen. James’s legislative assistant asking for a statement from the senator. Given the things she said at the Scientology grand opening, is she really qualified to be on the state mental health commission?

“Will she try to prevent greater access to psychiatry in the state, given her full-throated support to Scientology’s anti-psychiatry agenda?” we asked.

We’ll let you know if we get a reply.


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“You find many a girl — various stresses in the war you notice this: Some girl who was very much in love with some young man, and he got knocked off, something like that, and right away she becomes a lawyer — begins to talk in a rather husky voice. If you watch her a while longer, the next thing you know, she’s liable to start smoking cigars. You know? And in order to exteriorize her, you’d have to exteriorize her out of the body of a young man before you could exteriorize her out of the body she’s in. Now she doesn’t want to be in the body she’s in, so she’s not really in the body she’s in, and you just don’t have a dog’s chance of exteriorizing her out of that body. You say, ‘Be three feet back of your head.’ She’s not in it. So the whole command misses. You see that?” — L. Ron Hubbard, January 19, 1956


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“Imagine that you are strong enough to instantly destroy in absolute agony anyone who offers you the slightest offence. Once you have destroyed them then it is done. You cannot reverse it. Might you postulate inability in yourself after destroying a loved one who admired another’s body when they thought you were not looking? We do not trust ourselves to become OT again until we have learnt to control our destructive impulses. The latest OT rundown is not a solution. The solution is spending thousands of hours studying LRH tech and fully understanding and applying it.”


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“OT 7 is just sitting in a room talking to yourself and seeing if the needle reacts. You’d think after a couple of years of doing that they would just say ‘fuck it!’ and tell the case supervisor ‘The belfry is bat-free’.”


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