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Chick Corea, Scientology celebrity


Current lifetime: Born June 12, 1941 in Boston
Most famous for: Decades of great jazz
Joined Scientology: In 1968, after reading books by L. Ron Hubbard
Fun Scientology completion: OT 8 for the second time, 2016
Chick shattering suppression: “I found L. Ron Hubbard’s books and lectures to be of great help to me in my effort to learn more about myself and how I could be more effective in helping my family and friends.”

Chick has been a very dedicated Scientologist for a long, long time — perhaps the most dedicated celebrity Scientologist of all time, regardless of what David Miscavige says about Tom Cruise. It’s Chick who often supplies the entertainment at special Scientology events, and seems glad to do it.

“He’s not leaving. He’s living in the past. He’s rehashing the past as an artist. He’s not progressing,” says our Celebrity Centre source. A Scientology publication in Italy, of all places, recently noted that Chick had completed OT 8, the highest level of advancement in Scientology. It turns out that it’s a redo — Chick also completed OT 8 a quarter century ago, in 1991. OT 8 is supposed to be the ultimate step to becoming an “operating thetan,” and having power over space and matter and the ability to leave your body at will. It’s also very expensive, in the tens of thousands of dollars just for that one level. So why need to do it twice?

“I think they convinced him that they had changed it slightly and so he needed to do it over again. It’s so insane,” says our source. And as for being stuck in the past, which is saying something in an organization that puts a premium on being “PT” or “present time,” our source says it’s actually very common in Scientology. “The irony of it is that in any addictive situation, you’re stuck at the age when you first got in.”


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