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Leah Remini podcast: Scientology’s atrocious ‘Fair Game’ campaign against Mike Rinder

 What starts out as an episode about the general background of Scientology’s “Fair Game” retaliation operations soon settles down into the specific ways that Mike Rinder was targeted after he left the Sea Org in 2007, and it’s a harrowing []


Scientology takes aim at Mike Rinder and Hana Whitfield in the Valerie Haney lawsuit

 Last week we reported that Scientology’s attorneys are asking for $160,000 in sanctions because that’s how much they charged their clients to deal with Valerie Haney’s attempt at a do-over in her lawsuit against the church and its leader, David []

For Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday: A sworn declaration from Mike Rinder!

 Earlier this week, we reported on a very well written court brief that was submitted on behalf of Chrissie Bixler and the four other plaintiffs suing Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology. The document was in opposition to Scientology’s attempt to force four of those five plaintiffs — the four who are former Scientologists []

Mike Rinder: What the Church of Scientology has coming in 2020

 [Don’t miss the announcement we made at midnight about this year’s HowdyCon!]

Like in previous years, we’re curious to hear from Scientology’s top former spokesman and Leah Remini’s ‘Aftermath’ co-star Mike Rinder about his thoughts on the state of Scientology as we enter a new []

Mike Rinder on Scientology’s smears, Miscavige’s fears, and waiting for ‘Aftermath’ news

 Here’s a timely treat for us today as Jeffrey Augustine talks with Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath costar Mike Rinder about several issues that we’ve been concerned with here at the Bunker []

Mike Rinder: Scientology is ‘disappearing at a consistent unchanging unwavering rate’

 After having a conversation with Leah Remini last week, Jeffrey Augustine has a new podcast of his discussion with her co-star, former Scientology spokesman Mike []