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Jon Atack and Mike Rinder on Scientology’s wackiest book: ‘A History of Man’

 We’re very glad that Jon and Mike have taken on this awesome task, and you might also look at the fun we had when we read this most insane of Scientology textbooks with biologist PZ Myers in 2013. Now, here’s Jon’s introduction to today’s video, which is worth the price of admission all on its []


Danny Masterson’s odds? Juries really don’t like Scientology, Wise Beard Man reminds us

[On Cleveland Street yesterday]

So now it can be told. While we were preparing for our quick trip to LA to cover Danny Masterson’s criminal arraignment, we heard from a French television network that wondered if we might be able to help them with a segment on Scientology they were []

Mike Rinder on the myth of the ‘reactive mind’ and how Scientology still ropes in new people

 Jon Atack is back with another conversation with his old nemesis, former Scientology spokesman Mike []

Scientology goes after Mike Rinder with a document he gave only to Marty Rathbun

[Former pals, Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun]

On Saturday, in anticipation of the L. Ron Hubbard birthday walking tour in Clearwater, we posted a letter from Scientology secretary Glen Stilo to show that the church was really panicking about the []

VIDEO: Jon Atack talks to Mike Rinder about his first months aboard Scientology’s ‘Apollo’

[Mike Rinder at 18, in Madeira]

I’ve spoken with more than a thousand Scientologists over the years, but Mike Rinder’s interview is the most vivid and appalling account of daily life aboard the ship run directly by []

Jon Atack quizzes Mike Rinder: Scientology’s former spy chief on L. Ron Hubbard’s paranoia

 Hey, this is fun. Jon Atack, the legendary author of ‘A Piece of Blue Sky’ and a major presence here at the Underground Bunker, has a conversation with former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder about the formerly secret documents that underlie Scientology’s spying and dirty tricks []

New in court docs: Scientology bashes victims’ rights group, trashes Mike Rinder

[RTC lawyer Matthew Hinks, and Mike Rinder]

Last week, we reported that Valerie Haney had filed a petition with a California appellate court, asking for a writ so she could appeal the ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge who derailed her lawsuit in favor of Scientology’s internal “religious []

Leah Remini podcast: Scientology’s atrocious ‘Fair Game’ campaign against Mike Rinder

 What starts out as an episode about the general background of Scientology’s “Fair Game” retaliation operations soon settles down into the specific ways that Mike Rinder was targeted after he left the Sea Org in 2007, and it’s a harrowing []

Scientology takes aim at Mike Rinder and Hana Whitfield in the Valerie Haney lawsuit

 Last week we reported that Scientology’s attorneys are asking for $160,000 in sanctions because that’s how much they charged their clients to deal with Valerie Haney’s attempt at a do-over in her lawsuit against the church and its leader, David []

For Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday: A sworn declaration from Mike Rinder!

 Earlier this week, we reported on a very well written court brief that was submitted on behalf of Chrissie Bixler and the four other plaintiffs suing Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology. The document was in opposition to Scientology’s attempt to force four of those five plaintiffs — the four who are former Scientologists []