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More proof that governments are aware of how Scientology abuses its own members

[Attila Péterfalvi, still on the case in Hungary]

In 2017 Chris Owen wrote a story for the Bunker about the efforts by Hungary’s government to investigate Scientology’s abuse of the information its members are required to hand []


A new book about escaping Scientology has already made waves overseas

[Diana Dudas]

Péter Bonyai is a name that should be familiar to readers of the Bunker. He’s been a correspondent for us in Hungary, and we’ve covered his own book about his experience in Scientology. For some time now he’s been telling us about a new book by a woman named Diana Dudas that has made []

Narconon whistleblower Lucas Catton puts out a new memoir about his Scientology nightmare

[Lucas Catton]

We have a new entry in our ‘Scientology Lit’ series, this time an excerpt from a new book by Lucas Catton, who at one time was president of Scientology’s flagship drug rehab clinic, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. Back in 2012 Luke became a major whistleblower which got him an appearance on NBC’s ‘Rock Center’ []

Scientology banned his book and trashed him as an apostate. Here’s his full-throated reply!

 Last Saturday, we had fun posting a 1995 Scientology bulletin that banned Scientologists from reading the 1989 ancient aliens book The Gods of Eden and warned against interacting with its author, former church member William Bramley. In our comments section, Bramley reached out to us and said he was interested in answering Scientology’s criticisms of []

The Scientology-‘Ancient Aliens’ tie-in we just know you were waiting for

[Bramley on Ancient Aliens]

We want to thank the reader who went deep into their personal Scientology documents collection to find the weird entry we have for you on this Saturday, which just happens to be the day of the week when we consider “Scientology []

Available today, a new thriller based on a former Scientologist’s experiences

 At HowdyCon in Los Angeles, one person we were happy to meet was Stefan Malmström, who had come all the way from Sweden. Today, Stefan’s book Kult is being published by Silvertail Books in London. (And full disclosure, Silvertail is also the publisher of our book about Paulette Cooper, The Unbreakable Miss []

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard on nuclear radiation: It’s a state of mind

[Hubbard, circa 1957]

We were really knocked out by HBO’s miniseries, ‘Chernobyl,’ and so we thought it might be appropriate for our ‘Scientology Lit’ series if we take a look at L. Ron Hubbard’s notorious 1957 book, ‘All About Radiation.’ Referring to himself as a ‘nuclear physicist’ (he actually failed a course in ‘molecular and atomic []

Scientology Lit: The verse stylings of L. Ron Hubbard, commodore of cool

 We mentioned on Thursday that we’d been sent the latest issue of Scientology’s ‘Freewinds’ magazine, and shared some of its highlights with you. But what we didn’t tell you was that we were holding back one special treat from that []

Behind enemy li(n)es: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s secret mission that never was

[The USS Edsall, sunk in 1942]

For our ‘Scientology Lit’ series this week, we’re posting another excerpt from Chris Owen’s monumental updated ‘Ron the War Hero,’ which was released a couple of weeks ago. We asked, and Chris generously agreed to give us another peek inside this very important []

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard on family and sex: As enlightened as you’d imagine

[Hubbard in 1950]

Earlier this week, Sunny Pereira mentioned that Brad Pitt took a Scientology course that would have involved reading part of L. Ron Hubbard’s 1951 follow up to Dianetics, the ponderous tome Science of Survival. So for our ‘Scientology Lit’ feature this week, we thought we’d introduce you to that delightful volume of Hubbard []