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Marty Rathbun on being ambushed at LAX by raving Scientologists: ‘It was insane’

Jenny DeVocht

Jenny DeVocht

On Sunday evening, Mark “Marty” Rathbun, formerly the second-highest ranking official in the Church of Scientology, posted a bizarre 2-minute video to his blog, a video he had taken earlier in the day while he was waiting at Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight back to his home in Texas.

Marty wouldn’t say why he was in LA, but he characterized the meeting with three church executives in the terminal as an “ambush.”

He filmed a couple of minutes of the encounter as Marc Yager, Jenny Linson DeVocht, and Dave Bloomberg took turns telling Rathbun that he was “pathetic” and an “embarrassment” while Bloomberg filmed the fracas.

Rathbun says he assumes the Scientologists will say, if they’re asked, that it was a random encounter in a busy airport. “But there was only one carry-on bag for the three of them,” Marty points out. And the way they moved — with Bloomberg filming them while Yager and DeVocht took turns telling Marty off, pointed to some coordination.

“It was pretty clear that they rehearsed this,” Marty says. Here, judge for yourself…


The result is simply surreal. We couldn’t help feeling we were watching some sort of deleted scene from a Terry Gilliam movie.

Rathbun tells us that what we can’t see is the terminal gate behind him, with about a hundred and fifty people waiting for a flight, and all of them gawking at what was unfolding in front of them.

“It’s totally the Squirrel Busters,” Rathbun says, and we have to agree it has the same bizarre quality as the intimidation squad of church members who called themselves Squirrel Busters and patrolled the Rathbun home, day after day, in the spring and summer of 2011.

“The setup was for me to shove or hit Yager, who was giving me this leering grin,” Marty points out. As with the Squirrel Busters in Texas, the point is to get the person being harassed upset enough to take a punch — and then call in cops or file a legal complaint. “The thinking is, we’re going to make you go off or make you cave into yourself. It was insane.”

Unlike the Squirrel Busters, who were made up of little-known church members, Rathbun was confronted Sunday morning by some of the highest-ranking, well known figures in the Church of Scientology.

Marc Yager is a Watchdog Committee member and the “highest ecclesiastical officer” of the Church of Scientology International, Rathbun points out. And Jenny DeVocht — known for an infamous appearance on Anderson Cooper in 2010 — is close to Scientology leader David Miscavige.

“Jenny is closer to Miscavige than anybody,” Rathbun says. “I’m willing to bet she doesn’t even have a post title because she’s literally his right arm.”

But here’s what really stuns us about this encounter — its timing. Right now, the Texas Third Court of Appeals is deliberating on whether to reverse the denial of the Church of Scientology’s anti-SLAPP motion in Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit for harassment — the same kind of harassment that her husband just experienced.

One of the key elements in the lawsuit so far is whether any of the surveillance of the Rathbuns was connected to Scientology’s leader. Miscavige denies having anything to do with the stalking and photographing of Monique and her husband in Texas, and a collection of low-level church members and private eyes has tried to convince the court they were acting on their own.

But here? Three top Scientology officials, one as close to Miscavige as it gets, somehow learn that Marty Rathbun is traveling (a trick the church has practiced for decades) and then show up to berate him in a bizarre scene clearly intended to intimidate him? It’s almost impossible to imagine that Miscavige had nothing to do with today’s incident.

Could the church have provided any better evidence that what they’re telling the courts in Texas is a pack of lies?

“They’re so sure they’re going to get away with this shit in court, they don’t care,” Rathbun tells us.

There’s so much packed into this two minutes of video, we haven’t even touched on the fact that all three of the executives in the video were prisoners in Scientology’s internal prison, “The Hole.”

Repeatedly, the three of them tell Marty how bad he looks — but the years in The Hole have clearly taken their toll on these middle-aged Scientology lifers.

And Jenny is infamous for her 2010 Anderson Cooper appearance for one line in particular: “I slept with Tom DeVocht for almost 20 years. I knew every inch of him,” she said as she and other wives of Scientology whistleblowers appeared on the fourth and final night of Cooper’s special about the alleged abuses of Miscavige. Jenny’s statement was meant to impeach the testimony of her former husband, Tom DeVocht, who said he was one of the church execs who was physically assaulted by Miscavige. Jenny denied that DeVocht had a mark on him by uttering her famous line. The women have been dubbed “the inch wives” ever since.

Anyway, we’re just stunned that this encounter happened. Once again Scientology is incapable of understanding what plays well for the public. But maybe they do believe they can get away with anything and this country’s courts will continue to turn a blind eye.


Posted by Tony Ortega on October 19, 2014 at 23:30

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  • Observer

    Holy crap! Marty was cornered by zombies!

    • Espiando

      I don’t think so. Zombies generally show more signs of life.

      • And I’m Cute, Too

        And have more intelligent things to say.

  • ze moo

    “Anyway, we’re just stunned that this encounter happened. Once again Scientology is incapable of understanding what plays well for the public. But maybe they do believe they can get away with anything and this country’s courts will continue to turn a blind eye.”

    The problem is that this harassment isn’t legally harassment in the eyes of the law. The clams know that and exploit it. The best cure for this behavior is just what he did, record it and publish it. The clams still don’t get the internet and how everything a person does can become public knowledge. The loyal minions will cheer the ‘inch minions’ for their ‘shatter and confront’ but the rest of society will put the clampire higher on their ‘nut job insane’ list of cults.

    The airline that Marty Rathbun flew on needs to check its policies on giving flight info out. As Tony’s VV article shows, it is too easy to ‘socially engineer’ info out of their system. The airline can easily look into their computer system and see who has been looking at Marty’s info and take steps to stop such things. It may take a well publicized crime connected to this behavior to get the airlines to stop info leaks.

    Yager and DeVocht must not be on COB ‘nice’ list, otherwise they’d have been in merry old England at the tent event. So this is what happens to the most loyal minions, years in the hole and then they get to hunt down an ex and repeat the words ‘pathetic’ and ‘useless’ over and over again. This is the result of institutional sociopathy, and the direct teachings of the Lroon.

    • Espiando

      Honestly, Marty needs to fly Southwest out of LAX back to SanAn. You need a very strong mind and constitution, which Scilons generally don’t have, to stand being in Terminal 1 of LAX for more than twenty minutes.

      • Spackle Motion

        Terminal 1 is the worst. I never fly Southwest because I want to avoid it at all costs.

        • Espiando

          I detest Terminal 1 with a passion. The night that Southwest’s main traffic control computers went down last year, grounding every Southwest flight, I was flying back from LA to Chicago. If the flight had left on time, we would have been in the air before the computers went down (when it happened, we were all seated on the plane and ready to taxi). Instead, I was stuck in Terminal 1 for five hours.

          Death definitely came up as an option.

          • Spackle Motion

            The last time I flew Southwest was right after 9/11 and the security line went down to Air New Zealand, which is a good part into Terminal 2. Never again.

            • Espiando

              That’s why I got a hundred-foot boner when Southwest joined TSA Pre-Check last year. The annoyingly long security lines at Chicago Midway were my only disincentive to fly Southwest. With me as a TSA Pre-Check member (best c-note I ever spent), my average time to clear security at Midway dropped from thirty minutes to thirty seconds. Even LAX security only takes me two minutes or so.

        • Artoo45

          If Virgin America doesn’t fly there. I drive.

    • Bob

      Yes, those three clam Scieborg members are doing their liability formulas. L Ron Suzzbberd built in
      “Deliver an effective blow to the enemy of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger” to the formula. He did this so he could force people to do the dirty work of taking out his enemies. The step actually is bogus and does not work. It is a convenient way to get clams to commit low grade crimes against the perceived critics of the cherch.
      Absoluty bugsh-t, stark raving mad behavior. The product of Scuzzatology: public insanity.

  • Espiando

    Someone over at Das Rinderblog brought up the idea that Jenny Linson is one of the few people who have the rank and experience to succeed DM. After this, please, please, let this happen. DM flies the coop, Jenny Jenny takes over, and the cult dies within seconds. And let’s face it, this cult deserves this stank ho in charge.

    By the way, if you ever wanted proof of DM’s misogyny, consider the fact that when the topic veers to the succession, the only serious candidates are women (Lou Suckhiscock, Zombie Vag Linda Hamel, and Jenny Jenny being the most-mentioned candidates). He gets rid of the men he considers threats to his authority. He doesn’t do the same with the women. The women that landed up in the Hole did so for the sake of punishment moreso than being too close to the copper rods of power.

    • Vaquera

      Sounds like an FLDS profit.

      • beauty for ashes

        i just learned about that last week! great BBC doc on youtube about boys leaving FLDS.

  • “Nobody gives a fuck about you”. Uh dumb bitch, if that was true why are you even there.

  • Sejanus

    Further proof that if the Co$ were a living human it would be diagnosed as having a severe learning impairment and Tourettes. They are literally in court for this exact BS.
    She is a bit of work to be sure.
    If her eyes were sunk any further in to her skull she could play a great crack whore this halloween sans makeup.
    Funny though how she is a broken record and that other gimp just gives the smug grin begging to be smacked.

    To think they have the gall to ask what he has done to help anyone with his life.
    At least Marty doesn’t kneel at the heel of Inch High Private Pope.

    I will say if the three of them shut up long enough they could probably be cast in Walking Dead as walkers.
    Sad and creepy looking bunch.
    So what happens they are told by or inform COB they will do this and they all agree…oooo this plan will surely put an end to Marty. Then they giggle like demented school kids?
    What kid of an adult does this who isn’t on Jerry Springer?

    Finally..why would she say Goddammn when $cientologists are supposed to understand that the whole creation thing is an implanted myth? That would be like me telling someone “By Palpatines cloak I will get them.”

  • xenuYESxenu

    LAX ambush: now this is what you become after so many years of direct exposure to officially licensed scientology ? would be much cheaper and equally potent to wreck yourself so absolutely to expose yourself to a couple of years of meth abuse. same outcome. except: you can probably recover from meth.

  • Repeatedly, the three of them tell Marty how bad he looks — but the years in The Hole have clearly taken their toll on these middle-aged Scientology lifers.

    They look emaciated, like resurrected corpses. I would have just started pointing at them and saying, “Sorry folks this is what happens if you talk to Scientologists, they follow you around and shout at you in airports. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

  • rom661

    OK, I know this won’t go over well but it was my first thought before I even watched the video so bear with me while I play devil’s (literally) advocate. These are extremely high ranking people, unlike the Squirrel Busters. In view of that fact and the timing is it possible that they were returning from the IAS affair in the U.K.? I realize they had virtually no baggage but I don’t know where they were and if it’s possible they had checked baggage to retrieve. Regardless, their actions were both contemptible and pathetic but it’s remotely possible. I have trouble seeing evidence of it being orchestrated in terms of their actions, which remind me of an eight year old.

    • HappypantsDance

      I can see where you’re coming from, and you’re right that there’s an alternate explanation for why they’re in LAX when Marty is. I’m still in the ambush camp, though. They seem to have rehearsed what to say and do; nothing looks spontaneous to me.

      And think on this: you’re coming from a place of reasonableness and sanity. They’re not. For people who claim to be the only ones who are sane, they often demonstrate they’re not using the same definition of “sane” the rest of us use. And that they behave like 8-year-olds is fitting given that their leader, on whose orders they were likely acting, never really grew out of being an immature schoolyard bully. David Miscavige is an 8-year-old in an adult body.

      • Mother Teegeeack


        David Miscavige is an 8-year-old in a 12-year-old boy’s body.

        • Espiando

          And the eight-year-old just found out that his twelve-year-old wee-wee can do more than tinkle.

          • Mother Teegeeack

            Well, his dalliances with Lou ( and possibly Tom ) suggest a basic knowledge of the male plumbing.

            As for the remainder of his knowledge base – it must be a daily irritation to Miscavige that his predecessor’s academic achievements ( meager as they were ) exceeded his own.

            The High School Dwarf-Out’s sojourn through the South Philly schools ended with the tenth grade. The Bovine Bigamist squeaked through high school only to flame out in spectacular sub-2.0 GPA fashion as a freshman at George Washington University.

            • Artoo45

              As someone who was in a relationship with a Borderline Personality Sufferer, I can say that sex is way down the priority list for most borderlines and is usually conflated with power and punishment.

      • texasexpat

        The woman keeps walking away, then coming back as if she thought of something really important to say, but then she doesn’t say anything new. She acts drunk to me.

    • Science Doc

      Carrying a video camera?

      • rom661

        I travel with one sometimes but I understand your point.

    • Espiando

      Well, this would work if both Marty and the Terrible Trio were both flying Delta, which operates a number of LHR -> LAX flights. Except for one thing: the only matching arrivals from London and departures from LAX would happen after the video was posted.

      Also, think about this: LAX has eight geographically-separated terminals. It’s a big fucking airport. The chances of running into someone accidentally are remote. This had to have been planned.

      • rom661

        You’re obviously much more familiar with LAX than I am. I still maintain that if it was planned it was a pathetic performance.

      • Spackle Motion

        It was planned. No one wears heels and a suit on a long distance flight, then go get your bags, go through customs, walks your bags to the domestic terminal, check in again and then have your business suit look unwrinkled. She didn’t have any carry on bags herself, which is suspicious if one claims to be on a long distance flight.

        And YES….most folks coming in from long distance international flights have to claim their bags, go through customs then recheck them at the domestic terminal. This is one huge reason why LAX is the worst airport.

      • McLovin_1982

        Esp…. I agree this was all planned. Look at them…. they have been drilling this for days or weeks I bet…. no food, no sleep, just drill baby drill.

      • Lurkness

        As Mother noted above, if this was a direct London to LA flight, this meeting could not happen. They are in general gate boarding area in the video. If they arrived on an international flight the Sciloons would have been offloaded from the plane to the secure customs area and from there to baggage claim–true in all terminals of course for international flights.

    • Mother Teegeeack

      I don’t think the Three Stooges are returning from London. While the grainy video prevents an exact determination, it appears to be shot in one of LAX’s domestic terminals, not the Tom Bradley International Terminal, where U.S. Customs is located and where a nonstop flight from London would arrive.

      Of course, it’s possible that the trio flew back to the U.S. through a different gateway ( e.g. JFK or Chicago ) and then caught a connecting domestic flight to LAX, but the bright sun in the video appears to be midday, and it would be difficult to make it back to LAX before evening/night with connecting flights.

  • Spackle Motion

    Mr. Yager’s teeth appear to be in bad shape. I thought I saw gaps indicating lost teeth (bottom arch). Did anyone else see that?

    • HappypantsDance

      I did. My lower teeth are really crooked at the front and have pretty dramatic differences in height, so sometimes when I talk, my teeth look like they have gaps but actually don’t. I thought maybe the same thing was going on with him. But I’m a never-in and thus don’t really know what he used to look like, esp. not in person and talking.

  • flyonthewall

    Foaming at the mouth, rabid fanatics. Very scary stuff

  • Dean Fox

    Whether or not this was staged or just a “fortuitous” culmination of chance events surely they will have a good reason for being there; if it were a set up they would have thought to have a plausible reason for being there and if not they they would have a reason for being there. Either way David Miscavige would have plausible deniability in simply claiming they were there, notice Marty and acted on their own volition – just as my other parishioners did with Marty and Monique. I am too busy opening new churches all around the globe to micro-manage by parishioners…. blah blah largest square footage… new church every 30 seconds…

    Also, Marty is not suing the church, Monique is, because, from what I understand, she has a better case.

  • Anonymous

    Consider for a moment one other possibility for this latest event of Squirrel Busters psychological assault and ecclesiastical terrorism directed against Marty Rathbun by the Church of Scientology at LAX:

    The three assailants, who appear to be operating in concert along a scripted patter, are the ultimate Simon Bolivar policy fall guys for Miscavige in the Monique Rathbun case. The full text of the “Responsibilities of Leaders” HCO BULLETIN OF 12 FEBRUARY 1967 can be found at approximately page 40 of the documents at this PDF link:

    It is a religious imperative inside Scientology to protect one’s senior…as Miscavige is senior to everyone, he ultimately must be protected by everyone…and the Simon Boliver “Responsibility of Leaders” HCOB is the senior (public) policy in this arena.

    In this recent LAX incident, which is almost a verbatim continuation of the very harassment which the Texas trial is about, three very senior Scientology executives have possibly provided grounds for a Miscavige defense, which will later appear (assuming the SLAPP appeal fails) whereby these three claim they were behind the Texas Squirrel Busters all along and were operating without the direction or involvement of Scientology Sea Org Captain David Miscavige.

    Much as Mary Sue Hubbard and Jane Kember took the fall for L. Ron Hubbard in the Operation Snow White fiasco, these three deluded souls may be offering themselves up as the Simon Bolivar policy fall guys to protect David Miscavige from the civil legal consequences of the Monique Rathbun suit.

    This eventuality (of Devocht, Yager and Bloomberg taking the fall for the Squirrel Busters) serves several useful purposes in forwarding the “Command Intention” of Scientology Sea Org Captain David Miscavige:

    1) Sea Org Captain David Miscavige is protected from the legal consequences in the Rathbun civil suit

    2) DeVocht, Yager and Bloomberg take the fall as senior Scientology executives, who have virtually zero assets and therefore are unable to personally pay any awarded damages

    3) Devocht, Yager and Bloomberg are discredited to public Scientologists for the atrocities perpetrated by the Squirrel Busters, making any future complaints they might render against Miscavige unlikely to be credible to those same public still-in Scientologists

    4) Devocht, Yager and Bloomberg will similarly be descredited as reliable witnesses in future civil or criminal cases against Miscavige about violence he may have wrought on other Sea Org members that they may have personally witnessed

    I do realize the above might sound insane…but remember…we are discussing Scientology.

    • Lurkness

      And I, David Miscavige, was clearly out of the country and very busy with ecclesiastical matters while they were on their frolic and detour to harass Marty. How could I have known and directed that.

    • xenuYESxenu

      very possible, indeed.

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      That is an amazing and possibly scarily prescient view, Anonymous. I don’t know whether to thank you or hang my head in sorrow.

      • Anonymous

        It is only speculation at this point…but would fit a pattern if proven out in time.

    • Drat

      It sounds brilliant, actually.

      • Anonymous

        I would be willing to bet large money that some form of misdirection is in play.

        There rarely are coincidences in Scientology…the deliberate manufacture of self-serving, malevolent illusion is at the foundation of the entire subject.

        • Drat

          Quite likely. Smoke and mirrors, always.

    • AnyOldName1

      The timing of this – while Miscavige is out of the country in a public forum with public (non-SO) witnesses can’t be a coincidence. It’s got deniability written all over it.
      Subpoena the phone, text and email records for all involved.

      • Anonymous

        The apparently serendipitous nature of the event timing is the very thing that makes serendipity unlikely, for the very reason that Scientology is involved.

        Weirdly, it reminds me of the absolute public dismantling on national TV of David Miscavige by the brilliant Ted Koppel in the early 1990’s. Koppel won an Emmy for the interview, then Miscavige in his perverted, warped sense of self-importance had his toadies find him an Emmy statuette that he could display as evidence that it was his own performance that justified Koppel’s award.

        This is like urinating on yourself in public, grinning knowingly, then writing a success story describing feeling all “warm and fuzzy” about your public meltdown / humiliation.

    • Exterrier

      Brilliant analysis.

  • Dean Fox

    Kudos to Marty for how he handled it too.

    • Phil McKraken

      For sure. Answering them with nothing but move-along-please is the fastest and safest way to make them slink away. If you give them nothing new to respond to, they run down their batteries very quickly by repeating the same 3 lines over and over.

  • They look very tired and weird.

  • Lurkness

    As to the physical appearance of the top Ecclesiastical Squirrel Busters Team, Mike Rinder had this to say:

    “I know the look. Just check back the BBC Panorama footage of me in 2007.

    What is really noticeable about these things is that they have NOTHING to say. A few rehearsed lines and that is all they can splutter out.

    Jenny is a deranged chihuahua. Bloomberg looks like an concentration camp victim (how I looked in 2007). Yager looks like a bad makeup job to try and make someone look like a doddering old man. Could only think of the Rob Lowe ads for Direct TV:

  • Jgg2012

    There are very few Scientologists here in LA, where Scientology has a dreadful reputation. If I went to LAX, the chances of randomly encountering a Scibot are slim and none. They are obviously stalking the Rathbuns, which is a felony.

    • Stanislav

      There a thousands Scientologists in LA and then taking a ride to Hemet, Int Base, etc.

      • L. Wrong Hubturd

        Let me correct that for you:

        There are thousands of former Scientologists in LA.

  • Stanislav

    I don’t get it. The Texas case is not about Mark Rathbun but Monique. Was posted here many times. But she was not with him in LA, was she? Suddenly the Texas case is about him? Why doesn’t he file his own case? Or is Monique’s case his case?

    • Espiando

      Scilon troll. Do not respond.

      • Stanislav

        I feel sorry for you.

      • Eileen

        Ignore tech enabled

    • McLovin_1982

      Over at ESMB, JBWriter notes that the TRO also includes family members:

      McLovin = 1, Troll = zero

      • Stanislav

        JBWriter can’t twist reality to his liking. Either it is his case or not. If you bring that argument, the legal C of S arguments that it is HIS case not just hers are all admissible.

    • Stanislav

      One carry-on bag? Can two people pick up a traveler? Happened a million times.

      • Lurkness

        You don’t pick up people at the gates, beyond security check points. Invest in a brain. Oh, that’s right, you spent all your money on scientology.

    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      Was is it with you? Well, that’s a stupid question. We get why you’re here and it’s not working, so buzz off. You will not confront, shatter or sway any opinions here, so it’s really just wasted time you could be doing something more productive like researching who LRH really was. That would be very beneficial to you, I promise.

  • Synthia Fagen

    Jenny, walk away. Just walk away. We know it’s hard but you CAN do it.

    Jenny, you may need to assert your affirmations with greater conviction. Let’s drill that, shall we?

    “Marty, you have had zero effect. You’re nothing. Nobody gives a fuck about you…..(and so on)”

    Repeat this as many times as necessary until Marty, and everyone else, close by, in the airport knows that you mean business and have been very seriously UNAFFECTED. Make sure that everyone knows that you have been so NOT affected that you simply cannot walk away. End of drill. End of reason. End of logic.

  • Ellen Fürst

    well, they did this to Ursula Caberta back in the days…actually it could mean that Marty is important or rather that the cult fears him and it proves John Sweeney (Church of Fear) right, too…Rathburns got no restraining order (telling cult members to stay away from them) which is for Califonia too?

    • Espiando

      Except that they didn’t go past security to get to Ursula. They waited until she was past any security to start harassing her. In order to do this to Marty, they had to buy plane tickets to enter the secured area. Just that fact makes it go far beyond what they did to Ursula.

      • Ellen Fürst

        yeah, but Motivation is probably the same…any differences (law, lawsuit, national or international law) between harrassing a passenger of an international flight and harrassing a passenger of a national flight? or maybe they just could afford a ticket Los Angeles to Texas but not Los Angeles to Hamburg (Germany)…;-) think positiv, only enough Money for national flights to spend…;-)

      • Lurkness

        Actually, Ursula incident was pre-911 and the scientology “welcoming” goons met her at the gate.

    • Stanislav

      Rathburn got no restraining order. One judge in Texas granted one to his wife but case is under review. Appeal court might kick it out.

      • Lurkness

        They violated the restraining order because it covers her “family members.”

        From the TRO which prohibits scientology and their agents/employees from –“Contacting or harassing Mrs. Rathbun’s employer, her co-workers, her family members, or her friends.”

        • Drat

          All the more important to make it appear like a chance encounter.

          • Lurkness


          • Robert Eckert

            That does not help: it bars contacting “or” harassing, so even if they did not intentionally contact Marty, they were certainly barred from harassing him once they saw him.

            • Drat


  • ThePanopticon

    Having never been a Scientologist I can honestly say these people are the height of creepy stalkers. I just don’t understand what they hope to accomplish with stunts like these. The bald guy looks half dead, the woman is a harpie and the cameraman is some creep documenting harassment? I mean really, it’s just so pathetic.

    • daytoncapri

      harpie – thanks for expanding my vocabulary.

  • Eugene K

    It looks like this woman Jenny doesn’t even “see” Marty as a person in front of her. She sees some “identity.” Does anyone else see that? It’s like she’s “blind,” mentally blind perhaps. I saw that “look” when I was asked to leave the premises the last time I visited the Church. It’s almost the same kind of look one could see on a stray dog with rabies, and I’m not even joking – the look of insanity.

    • Sydjazz

      The lights are on and nobody’s home look. Standard tech

      • McLovin_1982

        Cheese slid off the cracker…..

    • pluvo

      It is standard to see an ‘SP’ like an ‘identity’ and not like a person in the cult; and Marty is seen as the devil incarnated. An ‘SP’ is consider to dramatize his evil purposes and his ‘bank’ – like the person is possessed. The cognitive dissonance would never permit such members to see it otherwise. They would have to doubt their behavior and believes and that would be fatal for them in their current mental frame of mind.

      • Eugene K

        They can be “cured” if they realize that they are creating that “identity.” I could be as simple as: Mock-up an enemy. Unfortunately Creative Processing is not used at the Church. Lol There would probably be no Church if it was, at least not in the state that it has been since the 60’s.

  • Sydjazz

    Nice way to prove the harrasment guys. Wow she is a little b@tch isn’t she. She looks terrible and should get a life. What is she doing to help mankind? Getting millions for d.m is soo good for humanity lol. Pathetic attempt guys marty wins.

  • Jgg2012

    Has anyone figured out how much money Co$ spends flying people around the country to spy, stalk and harass ex-members? How many lives would be saved if, for example, that was spent fighting the Ebola virus?

    • pluvo

      You can’t compare that … The Co$ is saving ‘this sector of the universe’ (no joke – in case you are a never-in).

      They spend many, many millions. Only for these two private investigators between $10 and 12 million (Tony reported the story 2012/11/29):

      “But more than an employment dispute, the lawsuit was remarkable for
      several reasons. Scientology is known for using private investigators to
      keep tabs on former members and journalists. But this assignment was
      special — only a handful of church executives knew anything about
      Marrick and Arnold and their work, Rathbun said. The sums were stunning:
      between $10 and 12 million, much of it paid in cash, to watch only one

  • Deeana

    I wonder if Anderson Cooper of CNN would be interested in doing a follow up on the woman he interviewed in 2010? Wouldn’t hurt to direct this video his way.
    I’d love to see clips from this on the evening news.

  • Jennhatesyou

    in regards to what luggage these three had, what woman doesn’t carry a purse to the airport? That’s pretty f’ing weird to me.

  • Zana

    These people are raving lunatics. I find it incredulous that I ever thought of myself as a Scientologist. Totally embarrassing that the “higher ups” in this so-called “church” should enjoy so little love and grace. The fact that they have attacked him again in a public place at this particular moment in time shows that they are stupid as well.

    • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

      We in RTC feel that “raving” is too strong of a word.

      • Mark Foster

        Indeed. Resolutely…and Insouciantly…Insane! The old duplicate-and-´as-is´ trick!

      • vistaril_LOL

        a good rave with some E would do them the world of good.

  • Very churchy behavior! Not strange at all!

  • thetaesque

    When the award is given out for Creepiest Scientology Video Ever, Marty’s video clearly deserves to win. I say this knowing how crowded the field is, and how fierce the competition.

    It is very disturbing to watch these three interact with Marty. There’s what you can see – the weird eyes, the strange, unhealthy pallor, the zombie-like demeanor – and, even more horrifying, what you don’t see: what conditions at the Int Base must be like to produce these walking dead Scilons. The contrast between Jenny
    Linson, Marc Yager, and David Bloomberg and the shiny, happy people you see in the Sunday Funnies could not be more stark.

    I remember watching Jenny Linson and the other inch-wives on AC360 and thinking that no one could be more brainwashed than that. But I was wrong. I find Jenny Linson’s creepy behavior in Marty’s video easily 47X worse. She is one bad hair day away from morphing into Bellatrix LeStrange, with her eagerness to report back to Lord Voldemort/David Miscavige on the “success” of her mission, and her desperate desire to avoid the wrath of the dark lord.

    • NeverIn

      “She is one bad hair day away from morphing into Bellatrix LeStrange.”

      • Free Minds, Free Hearts

        Yeah, I knew she reminded me of someone. Bellatrix of course.

    • Phil McKraken

      “… Jenny Linson’s creepy behavior in Marty’s video easily 47X worse …”

      Let me just take a moment out to congratulate Mr. COB for the fine thing he did by creating the 47x meme, which provides mirth for so many. He is truly at cause with that one… acceptably true anyway.

    • Vaquera

  • NeverIn

    I think the CAMCORDER tells us everything we need to know. Who the hell casually carries a camcorder as a carry-on when they travel? People who need to record something in the airport and coincidentally aren’t allowed smart phones with internet access.

  • wannabeclear

    For a “religion” that prides itself on its members being so enlightened and self-aware and such fantastic communicators, it’s truly astonishing how much the opposite of all those things this video is. Angry, petty, raving lunatics who think ambushing and insulting someone they’ve sought out, all the while saying the person is pathetic and no one cares about anything he does. It’s laughable and truly pathetic.

  • grundoon

    Time for a contrary view.

    Rathbun didn’t say how the encounter began, but almost certainly it was a chance meeting. Marc Yager, Jenny Linson DeVocht and Dave Bloomberg must have been on their way to a departing flight… otherwise Marty would not have been able to get rid of them so easily.

    When Linson saw Marty, without a thought she went impulsively to confront and shatter him, because that’s how she rolls. The other two tagged along… probably she is I/C of their little expedition. Yager was smart enough to mostly keep quiet – maybe he has paid more attention to the legal situation. Bloomberg was just there to hold the camera.

    They had no need for any rehearsal because this was just a mild taste of what they do every day of the year to the miserable sods who have to obey them.

    The three may have just come from PAC where they were handing out SRAs to the new staff of the orgs there, with Bloomberg videoing each groveling flunky for David Miscavige’s viewing pleasure. They had little baggage because Linson and Yager are in the top layer of scum in the shrinking Scientology pond: they are among the elite few who have private apartments at PAC, Gold, etc… if they were going from PAC to Flag, they wouldn’t need to take much. Only top seekrit stuff like mission orders and confidential video recordings would be hand carried onto the plane.

    This was a colossal fuckup by Linson, Yager and Bloomberg. Miscavige’s lawyers are going to shit when they hear about this.

    • Robert Eckert

      To say it was “almost certainly” a chance meeting is absurd. The possibility that it was a chance meeting cannot be excluded, but the probability appears quite low.

      • vistaril_LOL

        these clowns can’t take a dump without Dwarfenfuerher’s say-so.This degree of idiocy reeks of Miscavige.

    • daytoncapri

      Your alternative paradigm works pretty well too. No matter what its origins – planned or chance – the astonishing display of “angry scinos in heat” is now recorded for the world to see today and for posterity. Your last sentence reads sweet.

  • lauraj

    Maybe someone posted this: How did they get past security to get to the gate? They would have had to had TICKETS. Wow, spending all that money just to verbally harass somebody. But then IAS is sitting on millions.

  • Cushty Juvil

    Oh if I ever see anything like this at a public place, I will call them out. And then call the authorities. Those ill-fitted outfits make then all look like they just got out of prison. And what is with the teeth? Who do they think airport security is going to believe? That is scary because they got into the terminal. I think they were real close to getting into some serious trouble. And they seem clueless. And THAT, folks, is what is going to undo them. SMH.

    • Artoo45

      They probably did just get out of prison. I bet they were in the hole and trotted out to confront Marty whilst Dinky Micromaster is in the UK. You know he though he was gonna be so fuckin’ clever . . . and ended up shooting himself in the foot. Again.

  • anonymous

    I haven’t seen a Scientology bitch look that stupid since the Mary De Moss Go Round.

  • richelieu jr

    ‘You look terrible!’ says the harpy with bags under her eyes…

  • richelieu jr

    “I slept with Tom DeVocht for almost 20 years. I knew every inch of him,” says Haggard Harpy.

    Something tells me she knows little Davie’s ‘inch’ as well.. after all we know that it’s not whistle she’s been blowing to get out of the ‘hole’…

    (See how catty I can be to show that my TRs are great? What a bunch of morons.)

  • WhamBham

    This Rathbun ambush is the top story on today with 2,100 comments so far (of course all negative). Good job Davey…you are such a fool.

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Excellent footbulleting on the part of David Miscavige!

      • WhamBham

        And that reddit page has had 19,000 “logged in” viewers in the past 15 minutes. Imagine how many more with regular viewers…and this video is on the top and has the most comments.

        • Tony Ortega

          Can someone please put a link to this story so some of them can actually understand what’s going on in the video?

          • WhamBham

            yes, I’ll sign up and post the link

            • Lurkness

              Is youtube linked too?

          • WhamBham


          • Done.

          • Lurkness

            I would metadata tag this article with “Scientology Top Managers In Action”

            • TheQueenofBulgravia

              …and LAX and the date so those who actually saw it can find it!

        • vistaril_LOL

          ..and reddit is huge practically mainstream compared to our nest of baby-eating marcabians.

          gawker next??

    • Tomato Thetan

      My favorite comment from the reddit post: “Are these people trained to sound like the voices in the head of a schizophrenic?”

      • WhamBham

        haha! yes, that one’s great. Love this one:

        “YOU ARE BAD, GO HOME!”
        Wow, really pulling out their top material here.

      • TheQueenofBulgravia

        A Friend with issues calls them “renters”…….(nothing insulting to those who have landlords in the reality world)

    • Robert Eckert


      hulxter 8 points 2 hours ago

      Calling these people scum is an insult to scum everywhere. I’m going to go sympathy hug my shower curtain now.

      • WhamBham

        HAHAHAHAHA!!!! omg…

  • Gus_Cox

    I don’t mean to be politically incorrect… but… Jenny seriously needs some cock, stat. She needs to get laid, and often. And by somebody who knows how.

    I know it’s rude and crude, but cripes, every time I see her I just can’t help thinking that.

    • Mark Foster

      or pussy-if she prefers…sometimes politically incorrect and the truth meet and have a shag… 🙂

    • vistaril_LOL

      be a brave man who oiled her up on that soopapowerz building oil; table..step forward galactic savior Mr Tom Cruise!!!

  • cdub

    Their actions and words are right out of the Scientology playbook for talking to ex-communicated members. Furthermore, three of the highest ranking Scientology officials meeting the former second-in-command anywhere in the world is no coincidence. Knowing how things work from the inside of the beast is critical in moments like this.

    Other knowledgeable writers in this posting have spelled it all out. But to those who are talking about a chance meeting or coincidence or playing devil’s advocate, you should back away from this one. I think everyone at this blog has heard about Scientology sending people out to harass non-believers. Well you’re seeing it first hand here in this video among the top-most layer of officials (and Marty, the ex-official). This is real and it’s the ugly insider view of Scientology that never-ins have heard about but have trouble really believing.

    • TheQueenofBulgravia

      Many never-ins at LAX are believing the ugly that they saw and are curious to understand the back-story. This video needs to be posted on Youtube under an identifying title including LAX, date, Scientology, etc with suitable links to here and other educational sites. ie:


      ANDERSON COOPER 360 2010 Jenny DeVocht

  • carpe canem

    I think these new and improved super beings with stain fighters and extra cheezy gooeyness missed the point a little bit when they watched the bullying documentary. It was not a “how to.”

  • Artoo45

    Jenny’s gonna have to check those bags under her eyes. They won’t fit in the overhead . . .

    • carpe canem

      Now now, don’t be mean. A few nights of the sleep of the just is all she needs.

      (OK, maybe more than just a few. And maybe she’ll have to settle for the sleep of the bitchy.)

      • Artoo45

        I’d have said nothing at all about her appearance had she not harped on Marty’s tanned, healthy visage. The Sleep of the Bitchy and Repetitive will be the name of my next album.

        • carpe canem

          just kidding about “being mean.”

          • Artoo45

            🙂 Not kidding about my next album . . .

            • carpe canem

              I’ll look for it on the charts. What’s your genre? I’m guessing poetic indie post-punk/busker-folk, like Billy Bragg and Frank Turner, with your own Arty spin of course.

    • JennyAtLAX

      Re: Jenny’s gonna have to check those bags under her eyes.

      “I think you’re being quite rude and quite insulting.”

  • Guest

    The Hole has not been good to Mark Yager

  • Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    The Hole has not been good to Yager

  • carpe canem

    Do we know who was saying “move along” in the video?

    • Lurkness


      • carpe canem


      • Cece

        When you post an answer some may believe you. I think that was an airport personnel just trying to keep the flow going. Jenny cashed in on it big time.

        • Lurkness

          Airport personnel mimicking Marty’s voice? Really?!

  • carpe canem

    I recently saw a YouTube video of a swing dance flash mob at the Denver airport. Cute. I’m sure airports are not especially uncommon locations for flash mobs. I hope Scientology squirrel busters don’t get any ideas… but then again it would be pretty funny if they did.

  • Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    How Corporate Scientology will improve your conditions and bring you to cause over life. From pretty teenager to howling bitch. From a dashing young exec to a snarling sneering old man.

    • carpe canem

      Holy sociopathy, Batman!

  • Duke305

    Hello all,
    after i watched this video, i think, it was a very stupid Idea of the cult, to do this at this time and to this person,
    i have no clue how that will work for the cult?

  • romanesco

    Bwahaha…somebody around here sure knows how to make things go viral. Almost 300,000 views, 2.5K likes and 1K comments in under 24 hours.

    • Mark Foster

      posted a link to this story in the comments of the Youtube video

      • daytoncapri

        wish I thought of that.

        • Mark Foster

          you still can do it, the more the merrier… 🙂

    • Bleuler

      How many views does the clams ad-videos usually get?

      • romanesco

        The most I could find was 55K over what appears to be a year based on the date of the earliest comment. Otherwise they vary widely with no way to determine the date posted.

    • Tony Ortega

      The video’s already in the story. Not sure what the point is of reposting it here.

      • romanesco

        The point was to display the URL so people could click on the link to see the statistics and comments.

  • vistaril_LOL

    excellent dissemination Mr DwarfAdmiral sir! letting the world see what co$ is all aboot!

  • I give a crap and I’m somebody. Enjoy.

  • elcgmail .

    I find it so interesting that the Co$ spends so much time and effort on someone who is ‘nothing, irrelevant, useless, etc, etc’. Again their behavior signals the exact opposite of what they are trying overly hard to make everyone believe. You see it time and time again with this cult rofl

  • Barb Snow

    Here is what I don’t understand. If someone came up to me in an airport and started harassing me, (and would not let me walk away), I would go to the desk and ask that Security be called. Why would Marty — or anyone– let them do this? I don’t have the right to get in a stranger’s face and harangue that person, do I? I know these people aren’t strangers, but they still can’t behave anyway they want to, can they?

  • Alice Graves

    Has anyone seen World War Z?
    One of the more terrifying scenes is on an apartment rooftop as a zombie
    tears after Brad Pitt as he makes a break for a getaway helicopter. The camera zooms in on the zombie’s face –
    all wild, empty eyes and brute intent to chow down on some Pitt. The resemblance of Jenny Devocht’s face in
    this clip to that movie scene makes my hair stand on end.

    Just minutes before himself getting turned, this zombie had
    been a warm, loving father trying to save his family and help Pitt’s family out. I can’t think of a better analogy about
    Scientology – once “bit” (once you buy into the cult) there is no telling what
    insanity and degradation will come to you.

    Although it wasn’t intended, this clip paints a vivid
    picture of how degraded people become in this cult.

    • daytoncapri

      Zombies from Xenu! Coming to a screen near you!

  • Stanislav

    Are you really looking better than these three at LAX? Prove it. Filmed footage and fingerprints, hehe.

    • grundoon

      You first.

  • Sydjazz

    Wow. They couldn’t get any worse publicity. Oh wait they have. Refresh for pic

  • I just wanted to say that 515.000 or more hits on Marty’s video as of this Thursday morning US time. Plenty of time to go for 2PM…

  • beef

    If no one gives a crap then why are they following him around and insulting him every chance they get? God, these glazed eyed morons are nothing but really bad broken records. Reminds me of good ole Mary DeMoss back in the day. Same awful tired ineffective script.

    • daytoncapri

      Yep, same script. Mark Bunker’s footage could follow this one, and the pattern would be evident to anyone.

  • EdwardWJones

    Religion attracts the mentally challenged people, those with weak and lazy minds, then it extracts money from them. They give the momsy because they have become blind followers.

  • xenu1979

    For those who have been following the court case in TX like Tony has, and looked at Tommy Davis’ deposition, David Miscaivge keeps claiming that while yeeessss the Church of Scientology was in fact harassing the shit out of Marty Rathbun and his wife that was the Church of Scientology and technically he’s not the head of the Church of Scientology, he’s the head of the “Religious Technology Center” so he doesn’t really have any authority in the “Church of Scientology”

    Now, before you spit whatever your drinking out at the screen consider this: according to Rathbun, one of the two ghoulish looking men on the tape is the “Marc Yager. Highest ecclesiastical officer of scientology’s ‘mother church’ (church of scientology international)”

    My theory:

    DM yanked Yager and crew out of the Hole, and sent them to ambush Marty so he could have plausible deniability. He could accuse Yager of being the one behind the harassment…

    • sookiesookie

      Thanks for posting this. I haven’t read today’s comments yet, but I sure hope you post this under the most current article so more people have a chance to read it and respond to it. This is a theory I hadn’t considered, and one that sounds very plausible to me. I’d like to hear what others, who know more than I, think about it.

  • What, no restraining order against these violently insane criminals?

  • Natural Philosopher

    This is the worst PR they could possibly pull off the Scientology and symptomatic of it’s kamakazi plunge into extinction. They are so like the fundamentalists we see rampaging in Syria/Iraq right now, it’s not funny. The last experience I had with Marc Yager involved him grabbing me by the throat and banging my head against the wall 3 times, very hard. Nice fellow. Yet they claim not to assault any staff member…. This video shows the thugs as they are in real life…not a pretty sight!

  • LisaIsRemembered

    Stupid cult pieces of shit.

  • gpmp

    Really, the best part is when Marty tells them to leave and they just . . . leave. Now that’s intention.

  • JennyAtLAX

    Re: The years in The Hole have clearly taken their toll on these middle-aged Scientology lifers.

    “You guys are embarrassing. Pathetic. It’s disgusting. You look terrible.”

  • JennyAtLAX

    Re: We couldn’t help feeling we were watching some sort of deleted scene from a Terry Gilliam movie.

    “It’s unbelievable.”

    Re: Rathbun was confronted Sunday morning by some of the highest-ranking, well known figures in the Church of Scientology… Jenny DeVocht — known for an infamous appearance on Anderson Cooper in 2010 — is close to Scientology leader David Miscavige… all three of the executives in the video were prisoners in Scientology’s internal prison, “The Hole”… the years in The Hole have clearly taken their toll on these middle-aged Scientology lifers.

    “It’s… embarrassing, humiliating… an absolute embarrassment.”

    Re: We’re just stunned that this encounter happened.

    “It’s a God damned joke.”

  • Tory Christman

    As I wrote here, 6 months ago: ”
    •6 months ago

    I **love** the “nobody gives a crap” line. Well, if nobody gave a crap….why the hell did these morons track down Marty, and keep hammering him? They …as always…prove what hypocritical liars they truly are. Thanks for this video …always great to see them in their suppressive actions. Tory/Magoo”

    This is the same for Tom DeVocht! $cientology continues to say “Nobody gives a damn about them, they are nothing”. Well? If these people who are featured in the latest Documentary, “Going Clear, Scientology & The Prison of Belief” are “nothing”, why would a supposed RELIGION put up endless *attack videos*, filled with obvious cookie-cutter lies about each one of them? You can still see it “On demand” with HBO…so IF you missed it, check it out. If you don’t have HBO, either see it at a friend’s home, OR get the book. You will be very happy you did.

    The truth is: THIS is something that $cientology has done to their “SPs”…many, many years ago, and they continue to use “Fair Game” (“You can Lie, cheat, Steal, DESTROY SOMEONE UTTERLY” written by L Ron Hubbard and No! It was not cancelled as ALL “in” Think. This IS Fair Game!) (Google Paulette Cooper or just type it in, here! Tony has done a great job of exposing what was done to her). However, she is one of an entire train of “Fair Game”

    If you missed it, Marty posted a 25 STEP Program to “Muzzel Tory”. Get her basically slimed on the Net, slimed with the media (So NO ONE will trust “her”) and fired from her job. ALL 3 an EPIC FAIL. Still, that is just one of TONS of “Programs” OSA and no doubt David Miscavige have run on various people who have left and are speaking out, or Critics (People never “in” who speak out exposing their abuses).

    What they’ve never gotten and they still do not TO THIS DAY is “Social Media”. I can speak about this as Bill Yaude got me to “Open up the phony accounts” they used which I was not aware of what they were doing, only he told me “We are handling the critics”. What was the *actual purpose”? To slime various people on the Net they don’t want listened to, and drive topics down the page they don’t want known. That was in the 90’s.

    Now they are using the Burbank Police Department, THINKING they can RUN these same, OLD programs on Tom DeVocht. Guess what “dave”? THE WORLD *IS* WATCHING YOU, we are ALL in touch. With ONE click of a button EACH PERSON CAN Share this story on their Facebook and Twitter….just as starters. Let’s hit up “Instagram”. It is time to spread this far and wide so NO ONE ever gets suckered into this sick organization. The more it spreads, the LESS chance there is that they will continue trying to hurt Tom DeVocht. (Granted, they are totally in the dark, so there is a good chance they may for some time, but “Sunshine Disinfects” as my friend Warrior used to always post).

    Thank you Tony! Thank you Tom for your courage to speak out and tell the truth.
    As I’ve said many times: Never forget: The truth WILL set you free. And that, “dave” you CANNOT Fair Game out of someone. Tick Tock, baby! Time IS on *our* side. I love you all …and despite this, may each of you who celebrate Easter or Passover or both, have great ones 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  • TractorEngineer

    I would’ve called the cops. There are laws against harrassment. I would also take a serious look at stalking laws.

  • TractorEngineer

    “What are you doing in LA anyway? What are you doing here?” First off, bitch, nobody has to explain shit to you. And what a person does with their life is nothing that needs to be explained to you, either. This guy’s got the patience of a saint.

  • Rebecca Howell

    Sure seems like you care quite a bit about Marty. Three of you have nothing better to do than stalk someone? What kind of life do you live Jenny? The thing that is really interesting about this is Mark Yaeger looks like a really meek person, who doesn’t seem at all comfortable with this harassment. Maybe there is hope for him.

  • deanna tow

    From the few times I have seen Jenny Linson, she has behaved like a rapid, out of control, Mel Gibsonite. She is just a real nasty piece of work. I think she gets off on being DM’s pitbull and hopes that will ingratiate him to her. Tim Devocht made our much better in the end! He traded Linson in for a MUCH better wife!!