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David Miscavige, you’ve been served: Leader of Scientology will need to respond to NAFC suit

DavidMiscavige2What’s it like to try and serve Scientology leader David Miscavige with a lawsuit? We now have a pretty good idea.

Back in May, the National Association of Forensic Counselors filed a lawsuit against 82 defendants, including Miscavige, as well as various entities and people associated with Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon.

The lawsuit accuses Scientology of conspiring to misuse the NAFC’s logo and trademarks in order to make Narconon appear more legitimate than it is, and ultimately to draw more people into Scientology itself.

In the months since, we’ve been watching as some defendants have tried to keep out of the suit by filing “special appearances,” and others have filed motions to dismiss. But we’ve been especially curious to see what was happening with Miscavige, who had not yet been served with the suit.

Apparently, just presenting him with papers can be quite a challenge. The high-flying, luxury-living leader of Scientology has plenty of places to hang out behind high walls and security guards, making it tough for a process server to get near him.

But over a three-day period earlier this month, the NAFC’s process server, Harold Karaka, made multiple attempts simply to walk in the front door of the HGB building carrying a sheaf of papers and met Scientology’s aggressive security detail.


The Hollywood Guaranty Building, at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, houses the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition on the ground floor. But upstairs there are offices, and the Church of Scientology International, and David Miscavige, use the address on documents as an official residence.

Three times, Karaka was rebuffed by security guards. On the second day, he got an earful…

As I was attempting to communicate the code authority, both of the uniformed and armed security guards, almost in unison, began to repeat themselves, over and over, for a period of not less than 7 minutes, stating that I should do my job by finding the agent for service and they were not accepting service. I attempted numerous times to again explain the purpose and authority for the process of service, whereas they then demanded that I leave the building.

Finally, on the third day, after he was stopped again, as instructed he lay the papers on the feet of a security guard. When he turned to leave, the guard caught up to him and shoved the packet under his arm. Karaka also managed to videotape a short portion of the encounter…


We’re told that the NAFC now considers this service accomplished, and will mail one final notice for good measure. But as far as the court is concerned, this should be sufficient to force Miscavige to respond in some way — either with a special appearance or with a filed answer.

Here’s Karaka’s official account…


NAFC v. Scientology: Affidavit Harold Karak A

Scientology has already presumably spent a lot of money on this lawsuit, with high-priced firms hired to represent various Narconon defendants and numerous motions filed.

We’re still waiting to see how the court reacts to any of the motions to dismiss or the special appearances.


Posted by Tony Ortega on September 23, 2014 at 15:20

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