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The richest Scientologists in the world get a new trophy for donating another pile of cash!


The new issue of Impact magazine is out, and the publication — from the international Association of Scientologists — includes this great photograph of Bob and Trish Duggan with their newest piece of hardware from Scientology leader David Miscavige, given to them at the October IAS gala in England. They’ve reached yet another new donation status (which had to be invented for them) — Patron Invictus! And look at that trophy shine!

For our newer readers, we’ll try to explain what’s going on in this picture. You see, Scientology has always been about money. Sure, in the old days, the amounts were more modest, but from the beginning L. Ron Hubbard held out the tantalizing prospect that if you followed his highly regimented and detailed counseling procedures, step by increasingly pricey step you’d get closer and closer to some kind of space opera godhood. In more recent years, the prices for those steps have become hugely expensive, and it can take half a million dollars just in course fees to reach the top of the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” But at least you were working toward that goal.

In the last ten years or so, current church leader David Miscavige has made a big shift when it comes to Scientology and money. He has asked members to give even more cash than ever — but rather than for their spiritual advancement, members are being asked to fork over this money simply for the sake of donating money itself.

And since Scientologists can’t do something without feeling that they’re gaining levels like in some kind of science fiction videogame RPG, the IAS has happy names for “status” levels that you unlock as you climb the donations ladder.

Bob and Trish Duggan, a super-wealthy couple we wrote about at some length in a rather bizarre story earlier, have given so much money, the IAS keeps having to come up with new status names to award them with! And what does Patron Invictus mean? Have they now reached something like $55 million in giving to the IAS? $60 million? We’ll keep working our sources to see if we can get the amount nailed down. (And this is just for donations to the IAS. The Duggans have also given to numerous Scientology building projects around the world.)

As we pointed out earlier, only the Duggans get the privilege of receiving their trophy with David Miscavige himself also in the frame of the picture. (Take that, you lesser whales!) And the occasion also called for some classic bluster from Miscavige’s speech writer, Dan Sherman…

The final presentation was another landmark moment in IAS history for not only was it the climax of the awards ceremony at the 30th IAS Anniversary Patrons Ball, it also marked the unveiling of a brand new IAS Honor Status, Patron Invictus.

Bob and Trish Duggan continue to lead the way as top contributors of the IAS, setting ever-greatest levels of support in their bid to further the purpose of the IAS and achieve the Aims of Scientology.

As Chairman of the Board RTC stated when presenting them with this award: “We come to the outer limits of this evening’s ceremony and an IAS accomplishment of entirely new dimensions.

“The status itself bears the title Invictus, which means ‘unconquerable.’ It is drawn from an LRH pronouncement that reads: ‘No man can stand entirely and completely alone — if he is still a man.’

“This status was specifically created for this night, and even more specifically, for an IAS Patron of legendary renown. And I don’t use that word ‘legendary’ lightly. As a matter of fact, this is the name that triggers a chain reaction like nothing else in our universe. Because this is who we are and what we represent — none other than Bob Duggan, Trish Duggan, and the family in totality — now and forever, the IAS!”

The photo also included three of the Duggan boys…


And the photo came with this caption…

Bob & Trish Duggan with their sons Daniel, Dylan and David, acknowledged by Chairman of the Board RTC with the highest Honor Status in the IAS.

(One of the boys we wrote about who was sent to South Africa is in this photo, the other is not.)

We’ve been asked, how does Scientology still have so much money if it’s losing members and is down to something like only 30 to 40 thousand members around the world? Well, if the Duggans have given $55 million just to the IAS, that’s the same as 11,000 less wealthy Scientologists becoming IAS lifetime members at $5,000 each. You begin to see how the whales like Duggan are propping up Miscavige as his organization lurches from one crisis to another.

But hey, there’s a new type of trophy for all those eager collectors out there! Excelsior!


Richie Acunto’s ‘Platinum Meritorious’ trophy taken off eBay


Speaking of IAS donation trophies, the saga of Richie Acunto’s trophies, sold at auction this past Sunday on eBay, just gets stranger and stranger.

As we detailed in our long story on Acunto, the former millionaire fell so low, he apparently couldn’t pay the rent on a storage unit, which went to auction. Among his things were many of the artifacts of his long time as a high-flying member of the Church of Scientology, including some of his IAS trophies. They went up for sale on eBay, and brought in between about $1,000 and $3,500 each. Three of the most valuable were all swept up by one bidder, who then immediately put one of the trophies — for “Platinum Meritorious” donations of $2.5 million — right back up for sale.

But now, that sale has ended, and with no bidders.

Former church member Karen de la Carriere assured us that Scientology itself would not pay money to end the embarrassment of these trophies being on sale in such a public way.

But now we have some evidence that suggests that’s exactly what happened, and to the tune of about $13,500 in total.

We’re taking a harder look at the evidence we have on that, and we’ll share it if we can get more confirmation. But for now, we suspect that David Miscavige has cut a sizable check to get Richie Acunto’s trophies off the market.


Karen de la Carriere on Scientology’s kangaroo courts

Another great video from Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine, this time about Scientology’s ‘non-enterbulation order’ and committees of evidence…



Posted by Tony Ortega on November 28, 2014 at 07:00

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  • God that monstrosity hurts my eyes, it looks like an incredibly tacky Thanksgiving centerpiece.

  • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

    I looked into Bob Duggan’s site, found an important point in the blog, and it’s something that reflects back on Bob himself, it is advice the world would wish Bob would take himself, and relevant to this thread summary of the money flow history in Scientology.

    This blog excerpt praises correct money spreading ethical behavior, which society would wish Bob himself to do with his wealth!

    “…..Y Combinator has begun to pour its resources into people who care less about making money than about spending it — on public health, microlending and education…..”


    Bob Duggan’s site self promotion:

    “Bob Duggan: The Man”

  • allioops

    wowwy wow wow! How can this be called a “spiritual” concept????? Why is it tax exempt?????? what cAN BE DONE to awaken the IRS to this horror?

    • MaxSpaceman

      it’s a “religion.” the iRs ruled on that 20+ years ago. scientology is as tax exempt as The Methodist Church.

      • allioops

        doesn’t make it a correct ruling….I know many evil and weird “religious” concepts are tax exempt. It is just a pity that my beloved USA has such weak political representatives.
        Doing the right thing, and being just means everything!

        • MaxSpaceman

          no one, virtually, on this comment board believes it is a ‘correct ruling.’

          • allioops

            I know, thanks for that

  • nottrue


  • Tory Christman

    Happy Holidays you delicious Bunkerettes and Bunkeroos, and of course, Mr Tony! May this be the beginning
    of one wonderful Holiday and soon new year, too. 🙂

    OMG—-“dave” You LOSE AGAIN! (You have ripped off Duggans once more at an appalling rate, and Duggans: Keep in mind the CHILDREN and FAMILIES you are supporting the break up of, as well as MANY ABUSES run out of your phony “church”, by giving this much $$$. This is not a “win” for anyone…..ever.

    If you’re still “in”: RE WORD CLEAR “HELP” (for real, as well as CON, SCAM, LIES) and Compassion and….START!

    • Sherbet

      And a Merry Christmas to you, too, Tory.

    • ScientologyDoesNotExist

      Happy Holidays to you too, Tory. I realized with today’s story that we should get in the holiday spirit of giving thanks and gifts. But what do you give a billionaire tyrant? It’s a shopping problem every year, but today I thought, “Hey, where’s Dave’s trophies?”. So I’ve been trophy shopping and I just can’t decide, but I’m seriously leaning toward “Perpetually running around the Toilet Paper Roll Pole man”. Open to suggestions. I’m here in bed all day. (click thumbnail for larger)

      • Vaquera


      • Vaquera

        Davey’s Trophy…Trophy Scotch.

        • ScientologyDoesNotExist

          What’s trophy scotch? It sounds right.

        • Vaquera


        • ScientologyDoesNotExist

          Perfect. I’ll just crazy glue the bottom to a stand and the cap.

      • Eileen

        I like the horse’s hindquarters.

      • Stacy

        First I thought the golden plunger. Then, the toilet paper. Then I thought, go with the squirrel; that’ll really get DM frothing at the mouth. But then I saw the winged monkey…

        They’re all so perfect. It’s impossible to choose.

    • ze moo

      When you’re worth 2 billion dollars, what is 50 million for Dave? At least in clam town, some one appreciates him. Like his reg and Dave and all the other minions. I doubt that the reg gets the usual 10%, that reg job is reserved for the most loyal minion or some poor Sea Ogre who gets the use of a car and an expense account.

      Finding the upper levels of regdom would be cool. Any ideas on who they are? Who takes care of Travolta and Cruise and the Duggans and the other ‘most able’.

    • Happy Holidays, World’s Cutest Lady!

  • Todd Tomorrow

    The drug
    produced by Bob Duggan’s company will be manufactured by Johnson &
    Johnson (J&J) – the same company that produces the psychiatric drug
    Risperidal – accused of using illegal marketing tactics and kickbacks to
    persuade physicians and pharmacists to prescribe Risperdal. The company
    paid $2.2 billion to settle the allegations in 2013.

    • aegerprimo

      Risperidal was the drug that was had the side effect of gynomastia in boys.

      • richelieu jr

        That’s where your ‘gyno’ stand up like a mast all the time, right?

        Cuz I think I had that in high school…

        • Means boy boobs, which, in High School, is definitely a do-not-want kind of thing.

  • Victoria A. Berry

    Kid #2 has that “there goes my inheritance” look written all over his face.

  • Panopea Abrupta

    Red-X Red-X Red-X

    These predatory ads about depression really irk me and do bad things to my peace of mind.
    Please give their owners a much-merited dose of the blues

    And then there are all the other lies:

    I thought this was a more flattering photo of all the Duggan clan reunited in South Africa:

  • Sid

    Most kids just worry about being sent to their room if they misbehave.

    • Science Doc

      Go to your room. Coach class. One way.

      • Sid

        C’mon Dad, not even first class?

        • Science Doc

          Your lap dog drowns on the beverage cart and you expect to be rewarded with a first class ticket?

          • Sid

            He didn’t drown Dad, he just drank himself to death with DM’s scotch.

            DM’s lap dog, that’d be you Dad, doesn’t even get to drink his scotch.

            • richelieu jr

              You better salute that dog, boy! Dead or barking, he out ranks you!

              You don’t have the rank to discuss that dog’s drinking problems!

              Now, drop and give me twenty……. thousand dollars!

            • Sid

              Yes Sir! You should have my credit card on file. Just run it as you see fit.

  • Jonathan Cummings

    “We come to the outer limits of this evening’s ceremony and an IAS accomplishment of entirely new dimensions.” What the F does that statement even mean? Too bad the trophy is on a podium. It would have been hilarious to see COB standing next to that trophy with the base on the ground because the trophy and him are almost the same height. It is so sad that so much evil can come from such a petite little man

  • Jefferson Hawkins

    Scientology has gotten to the point where money itself is the entire end game. Miscavige calls this regging of the Duggans “an IAS accomplishment of entirely new dimensions.” The money itself is now an accomplishment, and the IAS doesn’t even have to do anything with it. This is how Scientology manages to hang on despite declining membership, the worst possible public reputation, and a growing public awareness of their fraud and abuse: a few wealthy and fanatic whales prop up the entire corrupt system. I consider these few fat cat enablers to be responsible for the continuing abuse of Sea Org Members, the ruin of countless lives and the destruction of families.

    • Observer

      Even the ones who don’t send their unwanted children to South Africa.

      • MaxSpaceman

        I can give info on two of his adopted children.

        Diamon was born
        Vanyel Raphiel nathaniel Walker. He was my son, and the adoption was
        suppossed to come with pics, updates, and visits. None of which occured
        for very long, and I am still to this day trying to get what was agreed

        The second one is Dante, who was born Ian Tylendal Dante
        Hoffecker. He is Diamon’s half brother, as they share the same mother,
        Ada Marie Hoffecker (Born Ada Marie Walker). It was her leaving me to be
        a homeless (redacted since the kids might read this) in Santa Barbara
        that caused the problems which led to me signing the adoption papers to
        the Duggans. When they found out she was pregnant with another child
        during the adoption procedings, they offered to adopt that one too. Not
        meant as a bad thing mind you, I would hate to be misquoted.

        glad to get this off my chest, and the only reason I created an account
        here. If ya want to ask me more about it, message me on facebook.

        • Sherbet

          You, Max? Oh, dear. How heartbreaking.

          • Jimmy3

            Not Max, he pasted that from OCMB.

          • MaxSpaceman

            tweren’t me Sherb. Was hoping the quotes clearly showed was the person on oCmB

            • Sherbet

              Oh, jeez, I completely misunderstood. There were no quotes when I read it.

            • MaxSpaceman

              yeah, I messed up the post. me a culpa.

        • The Dude

          Dude. You are a good man. Everyone goes through tough times. I hope things look up in time.

          • MaxSpaceman

            sorry – hoped the quotes were clear twasn’t me

          • MaxSpaceman

            Dude- sorry I didn’t preface the quote with something. Tweren’t me but an amazzing story from oCmB

    • John Peeler a.k.a. BTs2Free

      “I consider these few fat cat enablers to be responsible for the
      continuing abuse of Sea Org Members, the ruin of countless lives and the
      destruction of families.”

      Hey Jeff, imagine how these fat cats are going to feel when they finally wake up and realize what their donations were really buying.

      Good to hear from you Jeff.

      • Guest

        I hope they feel like merde (doubtless because of how easily they can drop off any bothersome child in other countries and their own narcissism). I hope they will be reminded loudly and publicly by countless people of the tangible good that money could have accomplished, such as eliminating the rape test kit backlog in the U.S., building low-cost housing, funding educational scholarships, etc. For the famous and wealthier members, I have zero sympathy. They can easily have access to the info on the cult doings. Ignoring it is a choice.

        • Tracy Schmitz

          exactly! NO ONE especially the celebrites are THAT DUMB that they don’t know ANY OF THIS STUFF IS GOING ON! OR HAVE HEARD “RUMORS” BUT DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THEM!?!! no celebrity lives in that much of a “their own little world/bubble”!.. even if only 10% of these abuse stories (abuse in every way, emotional, financial, physical, etcetera) were true you would think any celebrity with half a brain would have run and left YEARS AGO!….

    • Jeff it was always and only about money for Elwrong – he just convinced a lot of us that it was about other things.

    • ScientologyDoesNotExist

      There is no scientology, other than a few faux store fronts, a network of shell corporations, and a maze of funneling channels for cash and credit. The day ethics officers and auditors could be bought, Case Supervisors accepted sales quotas, and OT’s signed up for more ashtray yelling, scientology was liquidated, vanished, disappeared. The name remains for legal and tax benefits only. Miscavige banished anyone who might notice long ago. He may be mad, but he’s no fool.

      And I share your opinion of those who have ignored the fact that 90% of their family and friends are gone as if they never mattered.

      • richelieu jr

        It does seem to me that Miscavige is simply running out the clock. He knows the ship is ging down and doesn’t care as long it doesn’t explode until he is either dead and buried or far away and too rich to care… Any attempt to maintain the scam, cultivate new rubes, erm, members, keep current ones moving up the ratwheel, etc have been abandoned like the refuse they were…

        • ScientologyDoesNotExist

          I think he’s cutting it close now that HBO is zooming in for his closeup.
          Working on any tasty projects next year?

          • richelieu jr

            Well, hopefully I’ll find something to do… :-/

    • richelieu jr

      What did Scientology EVER so with the money?

      All they ahad was their sham lie-detector memory quest, and then the rat wheel to total thetan hunting…

    • carwreck

      “This is how Scientology manages to hang on despite declining membership, the worst possible public reputation…”

      Give it a bit of time to get worse. They could have a (or another?) pedophile scandal or ‘lil Davey could get caught burying the bodies of SPs at Int.

  • Observer

    I did no shooping of this whatsoever other than copy/pasting the trophy and drawing a horizontal line along the bottom of Captain Miscavige’s shoe so I could line the trophy up correctly (it appears to be on an acrylic or plexiglass base approximately an inch thick–or else it’s levitating above the lectern). You can see it reaches well above his waist.

    And is it me, or do these trophies keep getting taller? Odd choice for such a diminutive egoist.


    • TheMirrorThetan

      The trophys aren’t getting taller, Davy of the fake Navy, is getting shorter as he ages.
      Turkey trophy is just at the right height to double as a urinal if your drunk or get caught short- its multipurpose.

    • Michael Leonard Tilse

      Wait until the Duggans find out FiveOne has been using it as a fleshlight.

      • Observer


    • Mark

      One thing I have noticed of late: the tiny turd’s John Lobbs or A. Testonis seem to be getting longer and longer. At this rate, he’ll turn into a psychopathic version of Little Tich before long (refresh):

      • Observer

        Maybe he’s getting his inspiration from south of the border? This is a real thing in Mexico.


        • Mark

          I bet it’s really to stop him falling flat on his face because of the lifts in his shoes. He does seem to walk a bit like Mrs.Thatcher used to—as if clenching a walnut between the buttocks…

        • I’m really starting to hate Mexico.

        • aegerprimo

          Those boots give a new meaning to Scheiße kickers.

        • They remind me of the Dufflepuds from Chronicles of Narnia –my least favorite characters

          • My least favourite are the dwarfs in The Last Battle. Although… they’re probably ham-handed allegories for atheists and written to be completely unlikable by the author. In the end, they were unable to see the larger world of Invisible Friends, and stayed in their stable, while everyone else rushed off inwards and upwards–until they were all arrested by London police.

        • Illinoisian

          [Isn’t there something odd about the placement of their feet?]

          • Robert Eckert

            They just don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.

          • Observer

            Yes, it is odd, but not as odd as what you get when you Google “Mexico pointy boots”. Humans are weird.

        • I wouldn’t want to be ahead on one of them in a line-up!

      • Simi Valley

        Prolly good for skiing.

        • Mark

          I’ve heard of delayed gratification, Simi, but this is well beyond the call of duty! 😉

    • Simi Valley

      Bigger trophies for bigger dono’s.

  • John Peeler a.k.a. BTs2Free

    Interesting thread covering Bob Duggan on OCMB:

    • aegerprimo

      Good compilation of info and links about the Duggans in one place. Thanx for posting the link BTs2Free !

      • John Peeler a.k.a. BTs2Free

        No problem.

    • richelieu jr

      Can you give us a brief summary?

      Other than too many dollars and not enough sense, that is…

  • FOTF2012

    Very sad. Can’t help but think of this song — she’s buying the stairway to heaven.

    • John Peeler a.k.a. BTs2Free

      A guy in RTC told me this a long time ago, and I have no idea if it’s true or not, but his name was Francis Mazerand. Anyway, he told me that Susie Watson Taylor from ASI was really good friends with Robert Plant and that she told him that Stairway was written about a girl Plant was dating at that time who was a Scientologist. I’d even heard that before Francis told me that, but when I heard it from him it kind of gave me more confirmation. If I ever have the chance to meet Robert, I’m just going to flat out ask him, “So who was the clam bro?”

      • Boy, does that change the meaning of the song for their fans!

      • Ella Raitch

        Was jiust relating this story during a conversation today. There is some connection to the Incredible string Band IIRC.

        • ScientologyDoesNotExist


  • aegerprimo

    It took me a while to find it… but I remembered a pic one of the Bunkerites posted of the interior or the Duggan house, and of course we commented on how tacky it was. The tacky trophies are appropriate for them. I continue to find it ironic that the biggest Co$ whale makes money from Big Pharma. What a bunch of frackin’ hypocrites. Just more proof that $cientology is all about making money, it’s founder L Ron Hubbard was only interested in making money, and DM the Tiny Usurper is only interested in making money.
    Eventually the Duggans will fall as hard as Richie Acunto.

    There is a video here of the Duggans receiving a trophy award and in the video is glimpse inside the Duggna home.

    The screen shot below was posted by Galactic Greg.

    • Vaquera

      IIRC, Galactic Greg = Max Spaceman

    • ScientologyDoesNotExist

      I doubt cancer patients will give a hoot about his wife’s sense of decor if he succeeds in bringing product to market. There are plenty of poor and haughty characters with assets who do good for many, even if profits are the only motivation.

      Having said that, anytime I drive by his place along the beach I lift a finger, just one, and wave. That’s because I think at the very least he could speak up to his fellow sci members he claims to care so much about and dismantle all the Hubbard quackery and educate them on the medical facts about cancer and that chiropractors are not their first, second or any line of defense. I’m sure you have just as many friends as I do who died too young and too horribly for too long. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I’ll take you for a drive up Gulf Blvd.

      • just really shows how the ‘church’ worships money, as how many poor souls in scientology have suffered through auditing to try to cure them before being diagnosed with advanced cancer and then abandoned….because, you know, they pulled it in….just makes me sick even thinking about it! you could seriously rent out your finger for salutes!!

  • consigli3r3

    I was just watching “Taxi to the Dark Side.” If this is any indication how these guys address such controversial issues, Miscavage has quite a battle to fight with HBO’s Alex Gibney documentary coming out 2015. Few follower are aware of how close Miscavage is to walking away with all their IAS money and real state.

    • Juicer77

      Welcome! The HBO documentary promises to be quite interesting. Do you think Miscavage is on the way to skipping out of the country with the $?

    • ScientologyDoesNotExist

      I am reminded of the Wall Street fund managers’emails that were leaked revealing the arrogant disdain and opinions of the “fools” who invested in the real estate scam. Tory Christman mentioned just today that Jesse Prince told her how Miscavige laughed about these fool whales no matter what he throws at them. If he has a lick of sense left, he’ll be long gone before they blow out of harbor. Simple math – the whales have 47x more lawyers than he has.

  • MaxSpaceman

    Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright produced this, recently posted by a Bunkeroo, well worth posting again. If you have the time or can make it later, the power of the piece is evident and what’s coming up from Gibney is going to really rock the world house.

    • Stacy

      I watched it when it was posted the other day. Fascinating!

      • Eivol Ekdal

        I watched it and shared it with my son. He is in uni-studying islamic extremism.
        He said, “Thanks Pops”

    • Captain Howdy

      I watched it the other day..”The difference between you and us is, you love life, we love death”

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    If I was Duggan, I would totally hold out on the next status for certain favors, like making DM deliver the next IAS speech while sitting on my lap, dressed as an elf. For the next one, he could come over to my house and watch me get really, really drunk and then have to write down anything I might ramble about, then inscribe every word on steel plates before he gets to sleep. I’d make him walk into a Navy recruiter in full SeaArrrgh uniform and try to enlist. He’d have to do anything asked to keep the ship afloat. And every ‘with Honors’ costs a finger.

  • valshifter

    Scientology is the only religion that can say “we have more money than God” for two reasons one God to them does not exist and second they are Tax exempt; that allows them to accumulate it in copious quantities and nobody can touch it. NOBODY not even the IRS and sure enough not even God.

  • valshifter

    when and ad in craigslist reads:” this ad has expired” does that means the date expired and was never taken down in spite of us flagging it, or it has expired because it was taken down? does anybody knows?

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ RED X +–+RED X +–+ RED X *** Saturday the 29th of November

    Good Morning early birds and night owls ,
    Wishing everybody a happy weekend.
    Yesterday’s score is an average 65 new or refreshed ads bringing our Last 4 Days DOWN from 317 to 255 and the 7 days Regional List UP from 465 to 498.
    If you have not done so yet, read the write up :
    RedX spreadsheet:

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    Ty AP :

  • After the award presentation at the Patrons Ball, did Bob have the boys play Musical Chairs?

  • Pepper

    There was always a pretty little girl in these trophy photos with blonde hair and dark eyebrows. What happened to her? Now I’m worried.

  • coonellie

    You completely missed my point. I meant that if they had the moola to do the first bit, then they’d have the moola to buy off the rankings and hits to minimize search results

  • Natasha Johnson

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  • Guest

    Well, I am guilty of buying the metal plaque on Ebay. Pretty cool item.

  • Bob

    I am guilty of buying one of the Stainless steel plaques. It is actually pretty cool to hold a stainless steel item that someone paid a million dollars for. Not to mention the fact there are supposedly thousands in secret vaults. I wonder if the items will go up in price after the coming HBO documentaries.

  • Todd Tomorrow

    Those clams are nuts!

    • Simi Valley

      Tell us something we don’t know.