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HBO and BBC battling to get full-length films about Scientology out first

Alex Gibney and Louis Theroux -- who will be first?

Alex Gibney and Louis Theroux — who will be first?

The Hollywood Reporter spilled the beans this morning, so now we can say what we’ve known about for more than a year — that Alex Gibney, perhaps the best documentary filmmaker in the business, is finishing up a movie for HBO about Scientology, and he’s hoping to get it into the Sundance film festival in January.

Your proprietor sat down for a two-hour on-camera interview with Gibney earlier this year, and we’ll be interested to see if any of it makes the final cut.

Gibney’s project started out as a documentary based on Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, & the Prison of Belief — Gibney had previously based an HBO film on another of Wright’s books, The Looming Tower, about al Qaeda.

But it was clear from our interview with Gibney and the many follow-up questions with his researchers that Gibney’s film will take in many of the more recent developments in Scientology which Wright’s book didn’t cover. We expect it to be a blockbuster film, and it should be a serious problem for the church.

HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins told the Hollywood Reporter she has about 160 lawyers working on the project, and she expects to be ready for a legal onslaught from the church’s legendarily pugnacious lawyers. We don’t see Scientology stopping this film, however.

But what HBO does have to pay attention to is some competition from the BBC. More than two years ago, we first heard from producer Simon Chinn, who told us he wanted to make a full-length feature film for theater release. He put the project on the shelf for a while (and won an Oscar in the meantime), but then got things going again this year by hiring a director — the excellent John Dower — and, to star in the film, BBC broadcaster Louis Theroux. In the months since, Karen de la Carriere has posted numerous photographs of Theroux as he has come over to interview her at her Los Feliz home (turns out he’s a neighbor).

We think both films will be going over some similar territory (the Marty Rathbun story, for example, which has already been given the documentary treatment in Scientologists at War) but using very different techniques.

Both are working quickly to get their projects wrapped up now, and it will be interesting to see which manages to reach the screen first.

Either way, 2015 is looking to be quite a disastrous year for the Church of Scientology.

Gibney’s portfolio of work is pretty staggering. A partial list of his films… Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005), Taxi to the Dark Side (2007), Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2008), Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer (2010), Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (2012) and The Armstrong Lie (2013).

John Dower was kind enough to take us to the Tribeca premiere of his film about Greg Lemond, “Slaying the Badger” (Lemond was there too). The storytelling in that film was top-notch, and we think Dower could put together a great story about Scientology.

We first became a fan of Louis Theroux’s work when he was a correspondent for Michael Moore’s mid-1990s television show TV Nation. He’s scored hits recently with films in which he spends time with extremist groups, including members of the Westboro Baptists. He has tweeted that he wants his film to be “non-judgmental” about Scientology, and has said he wants to interview church members on their terms.

And what about Mark Bunker? Wise Beard Man has been working on his own, independent documentary feature about Scientology, “Knowledge Report,” for several years. He announced earlier this year that he’s shooting for a May 2015 release.


Posted by Tony Ortega on November 24, 2014 at 12:00

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  • “We expect it to be a blockbuster film, and it should be a serious problem for the church.”

    Well, hopefully the crime syndicate will have been raided by Federal agents and its ringleaders carted off to prison before the documentary comes out, then David and the other henchmen won’t have to worry about the documentary one bit. 🙂

  • “…and she expects to be ready for a legal onslaught from the church’s legendarily pugnacious lawyers…”

    Oh please please please bring back Helena Kobrin! Ha ha ha! That would be sweet!

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Isn’t she still with Moxon? Don’t remember her droppin’ her meat body?

      • All I hear are rumors, nothing definitive. I don’t know if she’s still with Moxon, or what happened to Ava Parquett either.

        • Todd Tomorrow

          She is still sending out,” Ava grams”. Very much a thorn in the side of society. Like Moxon I wonder how these people sleep at night. Ava seems so timid but her threatening letter are virulent.


  • Todd Tomorrow

    We can all charter a DC-8 and go release Xemu!
    refresh turn up speakers.

    • Synthia Fagen

      We can only hope to disable the “eternal battery”. Good lord why do people believe that lame story? Eternal battery? That’s the best you could come up with Ron? LOL

      • Todd Tomorrow

        I must have missed that part. Just saw the cartoon version. What is the eternal battery and what does it do?

        • Remy

          It keeps Xenu locked up.

          • Todd Tomorrow


            Helatrobus !

            • Remy

              Want to see a really exciting movie Hubbard wrote? It’s better than Star Wars!


            • Sherbet

              Sorry, I dozed off during the reading. Did I miss anything?

            • Remy

              It’s amazingly exciting, isn’t it Sherb?

              The funny thing is that this was really his offering to supersede Star Wars!

            • Sherbet

              The ego the man had!

            • Remy

              I’m lately wondering if he was a pure narcissist rather than a sociopath with narcissistic elements.

            • Sherbet

              He allegedly had charisma. In my opinion, he’s like that one guy you get stuck with at a party or a wedding, who won’t shut up makes no sense whatsoever.

            • Stacy

              Lol, I was thinking of the guy you get stuck with in the seat next to you on a four hour flight. Nothing you do will make him stop talking to you.

            • Eclipse-girl

              I don’t think you should spend too much time on that one.

              I think you will find yourself always second guessing the conclusion you came to.

            • Remy

              Only because it is relevant to my personal life

            • Eclipse-girl

              I am sorry that you have that BS involved in your personal life.
              It is quite a burden a deal with

            • Todd Tomorrow

              Sucks too many of us have had to deal with similar people inn our own lives. The only advantage is it gives us insight so we know what to avoid in developing relationships with sickos like, L looon.

            • Guest

              Oh, no worries, I take painstaking efforts to never make a conclusion.

            • Todd Tomorrow

              He was also a drug addicted alcoholic mess which I’m sure just exasperated the rest of his problems. But at least he was a great father!

            • Bleuler

              I feel both restimulated and upset. It’s really working.

    • Phil McKraken

      I was surprised to see a DC-8 in service with UPS, let me tell you. The last one rolled off the production line over 40 years ago. According to the YouTube video commentary, that’s in Greensboro 5 years ago. The Wikipedia page for DC-8 lists 17 of them in service today, not including for UPS. One of them is with NASA. The rest are for mostly African carriers, as you would imagine.

      This is the the lookalike of the Xenu Spacelines fleet workhorse that LRH said had rockets instead of propellers. Propellers. He couldn’t get even the most basic parts of his dumbass stories straight.

      • Missionary Kid

        DC-8s, re-engined, turned out to be very fuel efficient, and since they were available cheap, UPS bought a bunch of them. UPS didn’t need wide bodied aircraft, because they weren’t carrying passengers, but cargo, which usually is more dense. IIRC, the DC-8s finally just got too old and the maintenance costs were going up, so UPS retired theirs.

      • Didn’t he call the “fans”?

        • Guest

          Hubbard thought they had propellers.

        • Robert Eckert

          Yes, he said that the difference between the spaceplanes at the DC-8’s was that the spaceplane didn’t have “the fan things, the propellors or whatever”

  • “Either way, 2015 is looking to be quite a disastrous year for the Church of Scientology”

    Looming Grand Jury indictments in Oklahoma, got to hope that those are handed down to these filthy insane crooks some time in 2015. 🙂 And got to hope that they drag head ringleader David Miscavige in to the indictments since he’s the crook calling all the shots. 🙂

    That would be sweet!

  • Nightshade09

    If Count Miscavige and infernal Cult of Scientology falls in 2015. It will be primarily thanks to the tireless efforts and works of Doctor Tony Van Helsing. *Grin*

    Let us pray it happens for the sake of all those effected by this sick cult.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Rescue and get all of the people imprisoned in the RPF. Show them how to use a cell phone, computer and ATM(for their cash from the class action suits). Int will go the way of Jackson’s, Neverland and Baker’s, Heritage USA!

    • Missionary Kid

      Count Miscavige is now on the DM nicknames list, and Infernal Cult is now on the $cientology nicknames list, now banned by Disqus’ new policies. I’ll publish them elsewhere by Christmas.

  • The current state of Scientology reminds me of what Mrs. Schrodinger asked her husband: “Erwin, what the devil did you do to the cat? The poor thing looks half-dead!”

    I think that we are at the beginning of the end, and I don’t see how CoS survives into the next decade, unless it grows smaller and smaller, undergoing what the Theosophists call involution.

    • aegerprimo

      Half-dead. LOL. I never got that about the Schrodinger cat thing.

      • Elar Aitch

        I am not alone!!!

      • It’s more of a thought experiment, based on what is called the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics.

        This states that the actual behavior of particles and waves, which is what matter and energy in quantum terms, can never be directly examined or known, just the results of their behavior.

        FWIW, Richard Feynman, who was a Nobel Laureate in Physics, stated that anyone who says they understands quantum mechanics is lying.

  • Nightshade09

    Not since the epic of Braveheart has the world seen such a battle! 😉

    • Baby

      OMG I hope John G is watching this..The wee lad Wha Hae

      • aegerprimo

        He won’t see this (his eyes barely open).

      • Mark

        I think it’s quite likely that the wee bampot will hae keeched hissel’… (the small idiot will have soiled himself) 😉

        • aegerprimo

          $H1T happens.

          • Baby

            We are getting so Foggin creative with our language aeger..hahahhaa

            • aegerprimo

              Diquesuk cannot stop peeps with creative frackin’ language skilz.

            • Baby

              hey.. they let COB sucker go by.. ha

          • Robert Eckert

            The proper term is “potty thetans”

            • Baby

              I will hand it to you Master! I am honored to be in your presents..oops presence.

  • beauty for ashes

    happy thanksgiving tory!

  • Baby
    • aegerprimo

      I see it, as an EX $cientologist ex sea org looking at all that crap today… the cray cray gets more cray every day day in the Co$. Tick tock….

      • Baby

        Amaze balls crazy..

      • Todd Tomorrow

        I’ve heard two things that I wonderd if you’d know about. Is it true that they have moved numerous people in the Rpf at INT base to Mexico out of sight of the FBI? Also, is true that they are treated somewhat more humanely? I heard these things and thought possibly you’d saw something on another sight that might confirm these rumors. Thanks

        • aegerprimo

          First I’ve heard of this Todd.

    • Remy

      Doesn’t that speak against the lack of value of the current meat body? Maybe those people in the RPF actually should be treated well!

    • Stacy

      Give it a month or two and they’ll just be “guards” to prevent the whales from blowing.

    • Eclipse-girl

      Let them have their woo.

      as long as they behave in a lawful manner, we do not care what they believe.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with you that it is unlikely that this or any other immediately foreseeable event will result in the “end” of Scientology. It can shrink a great deal and still exist as a thing. At some point it could even shrivel all the way down to just the FLAG building, but it will still exist, even if in greatly diminished form.

    Here are a couple of milestones that at least could signal additional retreat for the already diminished stature of the church:

    1) Some of the large, more reputable law firms that have defended the church for years may decide that despite the money the partners bring in from Scientology, the organization is just too toxic and they will stop accepting any new business from the church

    2) The cash crunch for the church could eventually become severe enough that they can no longer justify the tens of millions they are currently spending on an annual basis on legal fees and will greatly reduce that type of activity. This will be made easier if Miscavige either flees or is ousted…(I’m not holding my breath on either of those events, but one or the other are not completely impossible.)

    • John P.

      You and I agree on many things, but I’ll have to disagree with your points here.

      I think #1 is unlikely in the extreme, particularly in light of the current changes wracking the legal profession. Many large customers are no longer willing to pay for “the best” representation in all matters, having realized that a contract drafted by a “white shoe” Park Avenue firm is rarely measurably better than a contract drafted by a smaller firm in Nowhere, New Jersey. Partner compensation has shrunk dramatically, as have job openings and compensation for new associates. Look at law school employment stats; it’s dismal out there.

      The result is that any client who still believes in the fantasy that “the best” will make a difference (Miscavige continually using Monique Yingling, Eric Lieberman, and now Wallace Jefferson, recently former chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court, will always have a list of high end firms slobbering to represent him. The chances of a conflict-of-interest issue as in the Hill & Knowlton PR debacle are relatively minimal as long as the cult is involved in litigation with former members.

      Regarding #2, while there are signs of a cash crunch, I think legal will remain high on the priority list while Miscavige is at the helm, and the legal budget will remain where it is until after many Ideal Orgs have been abandoned entirely. It’s too much of a conduit for Miscavige’s mental illnesses to manifest themselves for him to walk away and declare peace. Declaring peace is too much like losing, and DM will never own up to failure.

      I think far more likely and more apparent indicators of an acceleration of the rate of decay will be the defection or deaths of a couple of the top whales (Duggan is 70, for instance) or the observable closings of any of the Ideal Orgs due to lack of staffers. It’s only a matter of time before desperation moves like replacing the entire LA ASHO and AOLA staff with Sea Org from FL will no longer be effective.

      Incidentally, I strongly suspect that parachuting Sea Org into failing orgs will result in many Sea Org members blowing because they’ll be too hard to control the way they are in LA and FL. Can’t keep them away from reality as well as they can when they live in fenced-in apartment complexes and take buses to work.

      • Anonymous

        I think our views are actually closer than it may have appeared on first reading.

        No doubt the legal industry is seeing consolidation…which I might add has some benefits for heavy users (heh) because it keeps at least some pricing pressure on the table. But there are some client lines that some firms will not cross…and they may not even know they have crossed those lines with Scientology …yet.

        Partners at large firms are also frequent political candidates / appointees. Association of their firm with Scientology may become untenable at some point if any senior partners have ambitions beyond raking in huge fees from one of the most despised organizations on earth. A couple of mainstream movies adding fuel to the fire of ire at Scientology and all sorts of things become possible. If rumors of a pending RICO roundup get a bit louder than they already are…the time to bulk up the shredding department and disassociate with the church is well before the indictments are handed out…otherwise they may go from defending Miscavige to finding counsel to defend themselves.

        On the cash crunch side of things…my gross level estimate is that 60 – 70 percent of the church’s total annual legal expense is attributable to keeping Miscavige out of direct responsibility for the tsunami of trouble engulfing the church. He is probably responsible for closer to 80 percent of the actual ill-will, but let’s be conservative.

        Were Miscavige to exit (under any circumstances) legal costs would go down because the need to protect him would largely vanish. The organization itself would crumble further during the inevitable implosion and the furious “blame-Davey-WHO-finding” that would occur. In Scientology, assigning blame is far more important than solving real issues. Miscavige will be the ultimate internal voodoo-doll for several years. Afterwards, a much smaller, much less toxic shadow church would probably emerge. Regrouping and hanging onto members may then take precedent over fighting with people who have already left…for a while at least.

  • Observer

    OT: There is yet another annoying “who do you/what is your” thing going around Facebook. This time it’s “what celebrity do you look like?” Two of my nephews have done it.

    One got Will Smith.
    The other got Tom Cruise.

    Aside from the fact that they are both white as the driven snow, and that the one who got TC IS 6’4″, neither nephew looks anything like either clam.

    I know it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s weird.

    • aegerprimo

      Weird coincidence… but IMHO those Facebook test results seem random.

      • Observer

        Yep, and my stupid newsfeed is full of them.

  • Stacy

    O/T: No indictment of officer in Michael Brown shooting. Not sure what to think.

    I’m looking forward to the release of the grand jury evidence to look at myself.

    I hope Ferguson doesn’t explode.

    • Frodis73

      I know, I def want to see what they have.

    • Sibs

      I’m back in my conservative family bubble, and not in a position where I can express my rage when certain people go on about how this was a whole lot of hoopla for nothing that is unfairly smearing that cop. Whether the grand jury found the shooting legal or not, there were still too many things wrong with the situation of the shooting in the first place (and the handling of it), and those things deserve attention. Something needs to change. My heart goes out to Ferguson.

      Guess I needed a place to say that.

      • Vaquera

        I hear you, Sibs.

      • Eileen

        Glad you said it.

      • Missionary Kid

        Often times, things that happen in a community are not really about an incident, but about the attitudes and problems that have been building up over a long time.

        I was witness to some riots that were ostensibly about the Vietnam War, but they were also about long standing grievances in the community, which was overwhelmingly white and middle class college students.

        The bad thing is that a young man lost his life, the good thing is that a dipshit policeman has been exposed. The law in Missouri is such that in most other states the officer would have been charged.

        • Todd Tomorrow

          Happening now where I’m at although to what degree I’m not aware.

    • please, let’s not do this here

      • Sibs

        Sorry, Natalie! Heading out now anyway. Goodnight!

      • Stacy

        I won’t express any kind of statement on the decision until I see the evidence the grand jury saw. Which fortunately is being released.

        I’m just concerned for what may happen now in Ferguson.

        But because you make a good point, let’s not start a fight over this, please? I just needed a place to express my fears over Ferguson.

        Peace to everyone there.

        • <3

        • Missionary Kid

          As I posted elsewhere, the law in Missouri is such that the police officer would not be prosecuted, while in other states, he’d be charged.

          • Stacy

            We are a federation of 50 states. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad.

      • aegerprimo

        I agree.

    • Guest

      We are all good people here. We can wish well for them.

    • Robert Eckert

      There will be no release of the grand jury evidence.

      • Frodis73

        Hey Robert, where did you hear that? Bummer, I swore they said it would be released & there is lots of it.

        • Robert Eckert

          I edited: my cynical take on it was mistaken.

      • Stacy

        The DA stood there at the press conference and said the evidence was going to be released to the public. I sure hope his idea of “public” isn’t “media.”

        • Robert Eckert

          I assumed he was lying and that there would only be a highly-censored dribble-out. Apparently they are indeed making the full proceedings publicly available.

          • Stacy

            Phew! I know what I’ll be doing on Friday, now.

  • LillyPond LuLu

    Happy dance-feet are tapping already!

  • aegerprimo

    Let’s keep things ON TOPIC and a very important topic today. (Thank you Tony, you rock).

    To put things in perspective… this documentary is by an Oscar winning director based on a book by a Pulitzer prize winning writer on a TV channel that has won several Emmy awards. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT NEWS!

    Here is a list of all the media about the release of the HBO documentary so far today…

    HBO Prepping Bombshell Scientology Film From Oscar Winner (Exclusive)

    Heads up, Tom Cruise: HBO finishing doc on Scientology

    HBO to air Scientology documentary based on book ‘Going Clear’

    HBO Hired 160 Lawyers for a Lawrence Wright Scientology Movie

    HBO Is Working On An In-Depth Documentary On Scientology And Its Celebrity Following

    “We have probably 160 lawyers”: HBO readies documentary on Church of Scientology

    Lawrence Wright’s Scientology book Going Clear is coming to HBO as a documentary

    • Frodis73

      That list makes me very happy!

    • Guest

      Most of those links are already dominated by people who know what a scam Scientology is… how refreshing!

    • Baby

      aeger.. Absoutely Vonderbar!

  • thetastic

    In one way, I kinda hope we don’t see a definitive end to the cult, because I fear the only definitive and watchable end to organizations like this is tragedies such as Jonestown or the branch Davidians.

    That said, I do hope the effect of these films is to see an end to new members joining. It’s time for the door to be one way only.

  • Baby

    Lurking and ran across this.. I had watched it..and thought you would get a kick out of it..
    Hollywood with WBM and JT

    • Baby

      WBM 75 Trillion.. Mr.

    • Guest

      7:20 is priceless

    • Frodis73

      That was hilarious. I wonder what those same autograph seekers would have to say about this now. JT–what a pu**y,

      • Baby

        Well go up and see the OJ video doggie.. He says he’s CLEAR/ GOD via Scn. hahaha

    • Unex Skcus

      Gosh, at 5:05, I thought I saw Tommy Davis! The ‘autograph hunter’ at around 5:39… “if you’re out here… we’re gonna have problems”… looked like he was about to gnaw at someone seriously. And 7:20 as guest pointed out. Kinda makes you want to have a sign like, “Xenu, we luvs ya forever, JT & TC”.

      Great vid.

      • Frodis73

        You are right, that does look a lot like TD. How old is TD? This video is pretty old.

        Also, you have to love security blaming Mark for it all. JT didn’t want to be on camera, etc. So much for that whole confront, shatter, etc BS.

  • aegerprimo

    Yeah WHEN!?!?!?!?

    Nobody can perfectly predict the future. If we could, life would be boring wouldn’t it?

    I think we all agree, among us peeps on the fringes of the Internet… the fall of the Co$ (and DM) is inevitable.

  • Jack99

    Well, clearly, HBO stands for Home Bigot Office and BBC British Bigot Corporation. The film makers should already get used to having the b-word thrown at them.

    • Qbird

      Pretty ugly over there, ain’t it?

    • aegerprimo
      • C.M.

        For image rights infringement you are hereby fined to pay the whole alphabet in edible letters. 🙂

    • Baby

      Excellent Jack..hahahha I always love your posts.

      • Jack99

        Oh, thanks, Baby! [blushing]

        • Baby

          Well it’s true.. I have told everyone 5 million times I do NOT exaggerate ..xo

  • Baby

    One Last 2 min video.. You gotta watch.. OJ Simpson is Clear ( Swear to Xenu) ( refresh)

    • FollowTheMoney

      OJ – another scientology success story.

      • Baby

        Don’t you just love it $..hahahha

    • Elar Aitch

      Wow – they missed on opportunity here – no Scientology after Clear?

      And Ruby, Ruby, Ruby – she could do some marvellous stuff with Scientology.I guess she’s not a ‘thing’ anymore, but used to love Ruby Wax.

      • Jon Hendry

        Apparently she has a new career in psychotherapy, etc.

        From Wikipedia: “In September 2013, Wax graduated from Kellogg College at Oxford University with a master’s degree in mindfulness based cognitive therapy.[16] She previously earned a postgraduate certificate in psychotherapy and counselling from Regents College in London”

        • Ella Raitch

          Hey Jon! Thanks for that.

    • Sibs

      Oh God, him too?! Oy vey!

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ RED X +–+RED X +–+ RED X *** Tuesday the 25th of November
    Good Morning early birds and night owls,
    The technical problem seems to have resolved itself and we can now access CL again via our searches/queries.
    I am on the road and can not check the results on the various reports. Use the Daily Wip it should be the most accurate and flag as far down as you can!
    If you have not done so yet, read the write up :
    RedX spreadsheet:

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    Ty Dodo :

    • Graham

      Yep. The links are working, and are connecting fast. Got me some catching up to do!

    • Graham

      Sorry to be reporting trouble again. I’ve flagged all the blues (There weren’t many) but when I try to re-flag the purples I keep getting this, which I’ve never had before:

  • I think I can hear screams in Hemet from my house.
    What’s Davy’s next move is going to be? Hiring 666 lawyers?
    Such a flap! Can’t wait to see those HBO, BBC and WBM documentaries.

    • Baby

      Hi sweet Dodo

      • Hi, Baby! What a wonderful day/night in The Bunker, eh?!

        • Baby

          We Needed it Dodo..fabulous day.. / night.. Yep!

          • Elar Aitch

            It’s been like a dam bursting!

  • Baby

    Interesting Water Cooler Discussions s at Milestone2

    • Frodis73

      Hmmm. Those folks are always interesting at least.

    • Elar Aitch

      Do I really want to go there Baby? Really? OK I’m off. Hopefully I’ll be back for the usual article at the scheduled time.

      • noseinabk

        No can do. Seems like the more entrenched they are in LRH , the longer the ginormous walls of text. These people love the “hear” themselves talk.

  • CoS response to all these projects: You have one typo/misstatement in a full documentary, your argument is invalid!

    • Yep.

    • Observer

      Maybe we should correct the typos in their flyers with red ink and send them back with “Your superiority tech is fail. Your cherch is invalid!” in huge red letters.

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    So… how about all those Way to Happiness booklets that were distributed in Ferguson last August? LRH said it would be the oil that calms a roiling sea– oops!

    Only the CoS could bring us all to the same opinion about Ferguson. And that opinion is: The Tech still doesn’t work!

    • Artoo45

      They lit the oil on fire . . .

    • Unex Skcus

      Their stats say they were distributed… but given the lack of toilet paper… I wonder?

  • Frodis73

    There was a link to a podcast in the Jezebel story on the HBO movie. Never heard of the show, but I put the podcast on and they are discussing the Willow & Jaden interview & it’s pretty funny. It’s starts at about the 4 min mark.

  • valshifter

    “We expect it to be a blockbuster film” …holly cow!!!!!, is getting better and better each day, I can’t wait. And 160 lawyers working on the project” wow this is going to be Armageddon, bring it on Miscabitch, get your money ready to be speeded in law suits.

  • Sillygurl

    I’m LITERALLY ordering HBO tomorrow and keeping it until this airs. They have earned my respect and money. And I watch everything online mostly and only have the lowest cable level. Until tomorrow. That’s how effing impressed I am HBO!!!

  • Elar Aitch

    Off to THR to see if the comments section has settled down any

  • C.M.

    Re: HBO and BBC battle, by the might given to me by the cookie gods I pronounce them both winners if they get their films airing in 2015!

    What a great year its gonna be! Is it really happening now guys? Mainstream institutions/organizations/media going after the cult for FULL exposure? I would love to get John P’s thoughts about the impacts.

  • richelieu jr


    The problem with this sort of organization is that it is instantly
    self-metastisizing– It begins to reproduce itself from the moment there is one
    person who believes it (or pretends to). For the cynical, there is money to be
    made and power to be had; to the gullible, it is a clear, step by step plan to
    work and buy your way to immortality.

    For a very long time I feared that the loss of Miscavige would leave a power
    vacuum and the reigns clear to head the organization and ‘save’ it. For this
    Marty seemed to be positioning himself as the clear person to put it ‘back on
    track’ as he was decrying Miscaivge’s abuses and speaking about ‘Ron this’ and
    ‘Ron that’, and how they’d got off course from Ron’s intentions. The true
    believers were signing up, and even though Mrs Rathbun stated that she’d pushed
    him to start auditing again just so he’d stop feeling down (after the loss of
    his job of perhaps ‘pushing someone up against furniture’, I immediately saw
    that it brought out the old Marty, the one who would quote LRH policies whilst
    politely destroying lives and pushing young fiancées out on ledges by
    taking away their husbands-to-be because Miscavige said so. His positioning
    himself as the ‘Scientology Warrior’, playing up his connection to Hubbard (who
    in reality he had never met– he was outside his trailer once), to position
    himself as arbiter of what ‘Ron really’ said’ and meant, and his use of the
    ‘royal we’ (see his fishing video with Mike Rinder on YouTube), as in ‘We have
    a policy letter that addresses that..” etc, seemed to me, less vestiges of
    his former life, but a manner of polishing his bones fides as the new, true
    bearer of the torch.

    Since then, he has indeed, as many have noted, come down from the pedestal and
    begun not just questioning but renouncing key tenets of the ‘Church’. He seems
    (to me at least) to have gone too far to be welcomed back into the fold as the
    new messiah (though he is still selling books about how right Ron was on
    Amazon). I clearly, and happily, seem to have been mistaken, and told him so on
    his site (the source of some ridicule above, for a reason that escapes me.)

    So there is no clear heir apparent (though the heirs apparents when LRH passed
    weren’t the ones left standing when the dust settled, either, and no one saw
    the midget coming, so…

    The fact is, that KSW was a typically Hubbardian touch– Totally obvious
    pablum, served up with a toxic spin that if followed must result in even the
    very last follower standing immediately trying to route ‘raw meat’ (us) into somewhere
    where we can be ‘processed’ and as quickly as possible turned out into the
    street to pay for our processing by tricking others by ‘finding their ruin’ and
    then scaring them into paying for the chance to hypnotize themselves in to
    spending the rest of their lives on rat wheel grinding people’s lives, hopes,
    families and savings into money for Hubbard mark 3,& onwards..

    The proof that the system works is that it is designed to find the weakest,
    most troubled people and convince then they have the answer (ever seenthe big
    signa t Big Blue inHOllywood? “Lost, confused? COME IN!! Scared? Alone? COME
    IN!”. And the ‘Independent Scientology’ movement has done just that-
    Disaffected Scientologists, just sick with how they have wasted their lives
    making an evil midget rich and pushing away family and friends trying to save
    them. They all feel lost, scared, naked and bereft of purpose.

    Just like clockwork here come the Indies with their ‘safe landing pad’.
    Sure, most people continue to fall out of the trance, but what percentage took
    the bait in the first place? I’d be willing to bet the Indies are doing much
    better, percentage-wise (and at a discount! What humanitarians!!!). Their
    prescription? Well, if you read Jefferson’s books and site about how to rebuild
    yourself after Scientology and do the exact opposite, then you are on the right

    The problem with this is not that it is a silly, easily (and repeatedly)
    disproven belief system created by a sick, narcissist with psychopathic
    tendencies who stile anything that worked from his betters and used it a
    cash-cow. The problem is not Xenu (or was that Xemu?) and volcanoes in
    impossible places and celebrities who are impossibly stupid and vain.

    The problem is the lying and trickery are baked in, and if you follow any of
    Scientology’s precepts, you are obliged to lie, twist truth, and destroy lives.
    Without that, there is no KSW. There is no Scientology at all, just pathetic fat
    man listening to cassettes to convince himself he’s not impotent and ridiculous
    and that he will have slaves in the afterlife.

    Scientology must lie and steal. It is its raison d’être.

    Anyone saying otherwise is either deluded, misguided or evil.

  • George Hamar

    Yes yes yes! I read about this on Reddit – totally made my day – rock on!

  • Jean Boon

    300 votes up…

  • Jon Hendry

    Or “Congratulations on reaching OT III!” That’d show who knows something about it *and* get the disgusted reactions.