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A reminder, this Halloween, that Scientology’s tricks tear families apart

KateCoverWe hope you enjoy this momentous date on the calendar with lots of parties and costumes and treats.

We wanted to take this time to remind you about a person we admire greatly. Her name is Kate Bornstein, and we wrote a cover story at the Village Voice about her in 2012 when she published her masterful memoir, A Queer and Pleasant Danger.

If you aren’t familiar with Kate, you owe it to yourself to read her book, and to see the new movie about her by filmmaker Sam Feder. It’s playing the festival circuit right now, and we found it to be a compelling and accurate portrait.

Kate is a well-known transsexual performance artist who challenged conventional ideas about gender with her important book Gender Outlaw, a staple in college courses around the country. But it was in her memoir that Kate told the full story of growing up as Al Bornstein, a Brown University drama major who then fell into Scientology and became L. Ron Hubbard’s first mate on the ship Apollo in the early 1970s.

As we said two years ago, A Queer and Pleasant Danger may be the best book written about what it’s like to get caught up in Scientology’s “Sea Org” and then later grow disillusioned with it. And Kate paid a dear price for leaving the organization.


As she explains in the book, the things she became known for later — her stage work, her frank descriptions of her sexual explorations — are not the reason why she hasn’t seen her daughter in decades and has never seen her two grandchildren.

The reason Kate Bornstein is cut off from her daughter and grandkids is solely because she turned away from Scientology.

She told us that to this day, she still looks for her daughter Jessica in the crowds she speaks to at universities around the country, hoping, some day, that she’ll be reunited with her. But she wasn’t even sure where Jessica was or what she was doing. She only knew that Jessica had been working in Clearwater, Florida, where many of Scientology’s dedicated employees work.

Kate told us that she hoped some day our extensive network of tipsters inside the church and among recent defectors could help her learn something about Jessica and her children.

Then, not long ago, Mike Rinder, Scientology’s former spokesman, reported on a new management team that had taken over a Scientology facility in Los Angeles. If you remember, Mike helped us understand why this was such a significant change, with many “Sea Org” members being shipped from Florida to LA to take over an ailing “org.”

Mike then posted a photograph showing the new crew of hard-asses who had been flown out to set things right in Los Angeles. And after that photo was posted, ESMB researcher Garry Scarff noticed that one of the Sea Org execs was identified as Jessica Baxter — and that was the name of Kate’s daughter.

We then sent the photo to her, asking if her daughter was in the photo. Kate said there was no mistaking it. She circled Jessica in red and then posted the photo to her Instagram account…


She gave it this caption:

“Oh gosh. Today found a week-old photo of my 40 yr old daughter Jessica, an officer in #Scientology’s Sea Organization. Haven’t seen her for 31 years now. I think she looks like me.”

We were stunned. (And imagine how Kate felt.)

Then, this week, we received a message from an anonymous tipster.

The tipster emailed us a link to a web page from one of Scientology’s front groups which claims to educate the public about drug abuse. The page was several years old and included a photograph. The photo shows some children, wearing anti-drug T-shirts and handing out the front group’s literature. The young boy in the photo, our tipster told us, was named Chris, and was one of Jessica Baxter’s two children.

We forwarded the information to Kate, asking her if she thought it was really her grandson, who she had never met.

She posted this image to her Instagram account…


And she included this caption…

“Just now got my first look at my grandson, Chris, here in a 2007 photo. Inset is me, around the same age. #happyandsad”

We were floored when we saw the side-by-side photos.

Again, imagine what Kate must be feeling.

We’ve been so relieved that Kate recently kicked cancer’s ass, but these photographs only remind us that she’s still suffering the consequences of dedicating several years of her life to an organization that splits families apart rather than let former members influence its current inmates.

We continue to hope that Kate can be reunited with her daughter and get to meet her grandkids. It’s a shame that something that calls itself a church is preventing that from happening.


South Africa heats up

We gave you a glimpse of how bad things are in South Africa since many former longtime members of Scientology there were unceremoniously excommunicated (“declared” in Scientology lingo) over the last year. Now, a terrific report by the Mail & Guardian landed this morning, and it’s embeddable! So give it a read.


We can only hope they’ll follow up this nice backgrounder with the good stuff about a particular billionaire American couple.


Mike Rinder does another Surviving Scientology podcast

A great conversation between former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder and Jeffrey Augustine, ranging over several recent events in Scientology news. Really insightful stuff.



Posted by Tony Ortega on October 31, 2014 at 07:00

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  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    LA Org snatched 22 young “Trick or Treaters” for the Sea Org this evening.

    This should serve as a warning to all parents to not celebrate Wog-Pagan holidays.

    • Jimmy3

      So the Worst Houses To Trick Or Treat At List must be updated:

      5. Old lady’s house giving out pennies and nickels.
      4. The house giving out apples and dental brochures.
      3. The house with the “No Trick or Treating” sign, lights turned out, but you can see a TV flickering. Egg this house immediately.
      2. The creepy guy’s house where some of the candy looks like it may have been re-wrapped.
      1. Scientology org.

      • Captain Howdy

        6. Woman giving away pencils and erasers.

        • Jimmy3

          Ooh, a write-in candidate. Do people actually do that?

          • Captain Howdy

            Sherbert said she did

            • Sherbet

              What I said, above.

          • Sherbet

            They were Halloween pencils and erasers. Very festive. Shut up. 😛

            • Jimmy3

              Hey now, Howdy was the one making fun! I didn’t say anything.
              That guy always gets me into trouble here.

            • Sherbet

              Aw, I love ya both like brothers. Have an eraser.

            • Jimmy3

              Thank you. I will test if it works on captains.

            • Sherbet

              Don’t eat it.

            • Jimmy3

              It’s too late for that, Sherb. That eraser has sailed.

        • Sherbet

          You are SO mean to me, Howdy. This year it was Snickers and M&Ms. Am I forgiven?

      • Eclipse-girl

        Even though the r=orange boxes are a con, the kids do not know that and I will put change in the boxes.

        Halloween is a candy holiday. Recently we have switched from handfuls of smaller candy to one full size snickers (Mr E’s preferred candy bar)

        UNless we are out of town, and that has happened -people avoid our steps like the plague. Of the 5 children tonight, two were small and our neighbors.

      • Aslansown

        Decades ago when I was trick-or-treating (back when the kids would actually go by themselves in the dark) I went to one house where a very flamboyant, dramatic, creative woman lived. She made us come in and either sing a song or say a poem. That was the last time we ever went to her house. I recently thought maybe that was her way of making sure she wouldn’t have any trick-or-treaters the following year!

        • Todd Tomorrow

          Maybe she was poor and rather than hide decided to attempt to rocket your child career to, The Mickey Mouse club. Just think you could have been the next Justin or Britney.

          • Aslansown

            Ha! I don’t think that was it! She was very affuent and just loved creativity. I don’t think I would have made a good child star anyway!

        • Captain Howdy

          Larry Hagman use to make autograph seekers tell him a joke or a story before he’d give them an autograph.

          • Aslansown

            That’s really kind of neat. They make a connection instead of him just repeatedly signing his name for strangers.

          • Missionary Kid

            I’d do it for him, if for no other reason than to get his opinion of the joke. I’m not big on autograph seeking.

        • Jo

          Painting your porch a weird blue colour and having crazy but friendly dog work’s too.

      • Aslansown

        BEST houses to To Trick Or Treat at: anybody who gives out full-size candy bars! That was like winning the lottery!

    • Captain Howdy

      Ruh-roh, sounds like a job for Mystery Inc.

    • Charles Murdoch

      OMG! Aweful as that’s what we were subject to as kids…but finding joyful humor in this post right this moment.

      • Frodis73

        You have to laugh sometimes at the absurdity of it…either that or I’d be in a corner, under a blanket, crying & screaming to make it stop. Sci watching is very emotional-one day up the next day down.

        • Charles Murdoch

          Yes. I have done that. Been very ANGRY as well

  • thetastic

    Trick or treating tonight and saw a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask. “Anonymous!”, I yelled gleefully and spontaneously. “I told you someone would know who I was!”, the guy said happily to his wife. It made my day. Happy Halloween, y’all!

    • Missionary Kid

      I wonder if anyone went to Big Blue in a Guy Fawkes mask.

      Next year, we should send a bunch of kids out with Guy Fawkes masks to trick or treat at different Co$ installations. We’d have to pay off the kids with candy. I doubt they’ll get any candy at Co$.

      • thetastic

        That is a kickass idea.

  • Verve

    Kate, all my good wishes go to you to reunite with your family. This is intolerable and obscene.
    I hope some day things will be better.
    If my Monkey Horde was real, well, I’d probably be in jail, but they would get results in spanking Little Boots and ripping the fraud “religion” apart brick by brick (ever hear of King Kong?).

  • AintMizBahavin

    waving hello and giving all bunkerites hugs hoping everyone is well , safe and happy enjoying love, peace, and happiness along with living by what i call the 4L’s ” Living, Loving ,Laughing , and Learning everyday and not necessarily in that order.. so i think i may have found where Slubbard got his ideas about the aliens among other things and some of it rings true for history and society but other parts well i leave it to us all to figure it out in our own way and time. start here

    a site i was reading had this link posted and the more i read the more i realized that Stuppard (stupid) got his ideas from here along with from his master lover and let me say some of it rings true especially since the site has been up since the 90’s and yet foretold of what is happening now… and yes it includes the aliens lulz

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Good to see you it has been awhile!

      • AintMizBahavin

        hey todd Thank You im always around i just dont always comment because im a never in and im here to learn and the bunkerites all of you were instrumental in helping me keep my god daughter from becoming a slave to cos most times i read and upvote and red x unless i have something to add that i think will help others see the truth of cos

    • Missionary Kid
    • MaxSpaceman

      The woo is wicked thick! ” Other planets and races involved with the starseeding of planet Earth include races such as the Alteans, whose specialty are the various mental aspects of existence. They are about as tall as an average human, with blue eyes in the shade of a clear blue sky. Their appearance, however, is translucent or iridescent, kind of like the aliens in the movie, Cocoon. Although it was the Hoovids who first settled Earth, the actual physical human seed came from Altea. The ‘human’ template is fairly widespread in our galaxy, and out into the many galaxies which surround us. Altea has no sun as we have a sun, they are in the zone of cold. That is why they could tolerate the cold ice ages going on here when they came.

      “The Ashans and Zeneels, on the other hand, do not have a humanoid form. Aragon is a race that works towards perfecting the health of humankind. Zeneel works with interplay or interchange—the creating of order in the color energies – they are the alchemist of the civilizations.”

      Is there a way to ask them if they could just mark on the star chart above your post the approximate location of the planets mentioned? Thanks!

      • AintMizBahavin

        thank you max laugh thought i was the only one who thought ” wtf?”

    • Captain Howdy

      “and some of it rings true for history and society”

      Say what?

      • AintMizBahavin

        Captain Howdy i meant that some of it rings true for history and society as told by stuppard meaning he took what is uh supposedly the beginning of Mankinds beginning and twisted it into his own twisted and wicked thoughts and words but there are certain parts of what is being said on the site that rings true for some of what is happening in todays society aka what the bankers bloodlines are trying to portray as the reason for them being the rulers of the world and NO i do not mean concerning the aliens. smh you would have to read it all to understand.

  • MaxSpaceman

    Alright, here’s ‘the planet’ you’all have been talking about clearing for 50 years. And ‘in this part of the guhLAXy’ there are 75 other planets making up the Marcab Confederation and homes of the beings making up the Fifth Invader Force and the Fourth Invader Force. On this template, mark the planets locations, where you may have destroyed civilizations, where you may have raced cars 368 billion years ago, where you may have … whatever. Please mark the locations of these planets on which you all have ‘whole track’ memories. Thanking you in advance.

  • Eclipse-girl

    To Kate B :
    I can not imagine the pain of losing a child.
    You have my empathy and my sympathy.
    I will do what can to bring down this corrupt criminal enterprise so that you and your daughter and grandchildren, so that Lori H and her her two children, so that all the the disconnected can be reunited without fear of losing their “eternity.”

    (((HUGS))) from one parent to another.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Hopefully, she’ll get wind of this article and decide life is too short.

  • Vaquera

    FishbowlNY gives Tony a shout out in this short article about Katie that questions the lack of tabloid coverage of the pic of TC with his big, shiny trinket.

  • it’s been quite awhile since she’s appeared on google news so I thought I’d check Krustie’s twitter…. never fails to disappoint (pic)

    • checking my twitter tab pages I forgot about how much fun it was to troll Trump…. it’s very easy and I always use the one photo that got him to eventually block me (and which he hates)… it’s very simple. you just do this (pic)…. a little trick for mac users: if you have a pic you want to insert a screen grab to then when you take that screengrab make sure to hold down the ctrl key when you do the grab (cmd shift 4) and it’s put into the clipboard… when you select the pic just paste (cmd V) and it appears in the pic with toggle bars to adjust the size… hopefully this pic shows what it does

      • I should add that I always make sure to tweet with a short comment {pic]

        • AintMizBahavin

          media lush you are the bestest

    • selection of recent tweets from er… ‘celeb’ clams and such (and yes, we see Grant Cordone’s halloween costume)


      interesting to see who’s following our Brit Monty Python fan clam

      I will make a point of tweeting Mr Fry tomorrow and point him to the truth about this guy

      (sorry for the double pic post… you know, disqus and all that)

    • Charles Murdoch

      Thanks for posting that Lush

      Wow. What a hate monger. The only reason she lost friends (including Leah Remini, who I’ve known since I was very young), was because those “friends” spoke out about Scns abuses. Pure and simple. They didn’t steal from Kirstie. They didn’t sleep with her many boyfriends. They didn’t hit her. Or fleece her for millions to build EMPTY buildings. Or abuse her….they LEFT Scn and spoke out!!

      To all those trolls, OSA members, those thinking about leaving who are are lurking as I did since the first month when this blog was started by the invaluable work of Mr. Ortega:

      Look at Scn and what it makes people do…just LOOK. Forget about the OT non nonsense and lies about the fact there is no such thing as a Clear, etc. Just stay off course for a few months. Interact with WOGs (in your words)…read stories on other blogs. The tears. The pain inflicted on others…you will leave. This is a big, wonderful world. There is beauty here. We need to take care of each other before we die. If you decide to stay and forward the diabolical, destructive way of Scn then you deserve what’s in store for you when that Karma kicks in.

      • Charles Murdoch

        By the way Lush. I don’t know Kirstie well personally. I’ve been around her countless times. Never bothered to get to know her because she’s a.. BITC-(no hate, no hate)…lol…ummm an over bearing, self absorbed twit. Everything about her all the time. Everyone kissing her ass. Loud, abrasive and arrogant. Trust.

        • one of our favourite posters here [Derk Bloch] has a truly awful first hand account experience with her.. he’s an xx as well; must admit that that comment she made is pretty freaky…. and if case you missed my edit to the original post:

          “edit: … a thought just struck me… it’s almost as if she just had a conversation with COB… I mean, no kidding…. just look at those words and it’s like 100% him!”

          • Charles Murdoch

            Ya…I would agree.

            • on a side note I have my personal curiosity of exes that I like to ask if (I get the chance… ) Chuck Norris… what the hell is that all about? … OT7, really?

            • Wait…what? Chuck Norris is a Scientologist? I was under the impression that he was a fundamental Christian (borderline evangelical).

            • Charles Murdoch

              No way

            • yup,

              OT7 as well, apparently

              I’ve had this confirmed by 2 regular (long- term ins) here but hit a brick wall with others… I’ve always said this is a journalistic goldmine and have to surmise that things are going on behind scenes…. prove me wrong people!

            • LOL Lush. That is not how it works. The burden of proof falls upon the person making the claim, not those questioning/disputing it. 🙂

            • this was an extremely well known ex who has written books and had articles posted in the regular press… regulars here will know who he is…. I had a forum exchange (not here) where he mentioned people were assigned to ‘get him’ at one of those plush Hollywood parties the cult threw back in the 80’s

            • If this is true, it means Norris uses Christianity as a beard. He has not been shy when it comes to sharing his faith. His social media posts are littered with scriptures and various other references to the Christian faith. Below is a screenshot I just grabbed off his FB page a minute ago.

            • the guy had no sense of humour about the meme that was created about him… not so much that he didn’t find it funny or ironic but he didn’t have a clue what it was about (track down the video when it was first brought up)… remember this is a guy that genuinely believes that Jesus existed at the same time as dinosaurs (loads of proof on the net about this)… now, factor in that behind the scenes he’s being trained to go up the bridge as a clam you have to say to yourself something must have gone wrong and ‘neither side’ wants to claim his as their own [this is my theory].

              Either way no prominent scientology journalist/blogger/ex/Norris rep/scientologist has made a statement one way or the other …. well, to to be honest a prominent ex HAS actually told a story of how he was approached at an LA clam celeb party back in the day…

              the silence on this is amuses me

            • Oh, you don’t have to tell me 🙂 I am very familiar with Norris’ deep belief in the Christian doctrine. I mentioned earlier that he has always portrayed himself as a Christian fundamentalist. There was even a small amount of controversy surrounding him a few years back related to his involvement with The Expendables 2. Word was that Norris has an issue with the blood and violence in the film, and insisted it be cut down in order to achieve a PG rating. Stallone had to come out on Twitter and reassure fans that the film would maintain its R rating.

            • …. as tabloid stories go “I was a secret scientologist who reached the top levels” is always a money spinner… with him it’s worth [probably] millions if handled by a good agent…. I’ve enjoyed some fine wine and scotch tonight and … well… that’s all

              last note until tomorrow:

              Unblock Espi!

              What he does (did) here is soooooo much more than the reason for removing him.

            • Ok. Have a good night. Shame you are going to bed right at this moment. I just found an article that mentions a small effort to recruit Norris into Scientology in 1976.

            • shutting down the iMac and it beeped…. let the others enjoy or add to my name ,,,, either way I’ll probably continue this tomorrow.

              BTW – I have a stone called acca that has an Arsenal and Chelsea win today for it to come in…. if they both win this is a Vegas trip!

              ‘night all

            • Robert Eckert

              You may not have heard of Skip, but he’s well known here at the Bunker and has a wealth of inside information.

            • richelieu jr

              I’m pretty sure The Morton Report is Skip’s blog–Never even occurred to me to think it wasn’t, so may be I’m mistaken..?

              I’ma never-in, so I can’t really vouch for anything he says about those inside The Great c post pile-up, but I’m an old Hllywood ahnd,a nd I’ve yet to hear him say anything that didn’t ring true or seem plausible about that place…

            • Jon Hendry

              Plenty of celebs have been pursued, many have been recruited and dipped a toe in, few have stuck with it.

              That Skip was tasked with recruiting Norris in the 70s is certainly not evidence that, unlike so many others, Norris actually dove in and stayed in.

            • Charles Murdoch

              If he is thats news to me! Rinder or Rathbun may confirm or not?

            • I think what’s more telling is that certain people are NOT denying it…. anyway… here’s a pic for your Pitt/Lewis comment above I put on my bog 18 months ago

            • richelieu jr

              I worked on a film with Norris in the late ’80s and he was very vocal about his whole Jesus is Cooing business. He wasn’t nasty or aggressive in any way, but he said ‘Grace’ and stuff..
              I wold be very, VERY surprised to find out he is anytihing but a a Baptist or something…

            • this is a guy who is feeble-minded enough to actually go on record saying that Jesus existed the same time as dinosaurs…. believing clam bullshit would be a cakewalk by comparison… as I’ve said; I’ve had it confirmed by two exe’s … furthermore I’ve not had it refuted by any commentator here either. It’s on record that he went to the early celeb clam parties and that he was a target to recruit…. I’ve mentioned this numerous times here and normally I get a “bollocks, this is bollocks” response if it’s bollocks…. not with this one however

              [methinks I might mike a new avatar… Chuck Norris with throbbing testes on his head, lol]

            • Jon Hendry

              “It’s on record that he went to the early celeb clam parties and that he was a target to recruit”

              So what? Everyone in Hollywood is a target to recruit. Some try it out. Few stick around. “He was recruited” is an extraordinarily weak basis on which to confidently declare that Norris is a Scientologist.

            • Interesting that you chose to base my ‘extraordinarily weak basis’ on the fact he went to clam parties yet completely disregard:

              ” …as I’ve said; I’ve had it confirmed by two exe’s … furthermore I’ve not had it refuted by any commentator here either.”

              Pretty much a troll response …. Ergo I will not bother to reply to you anymore should you reply to this.

              Lulz FTR

            • way (lulz)

            • Charles Murdoch

              Chuck Norris is not. I’d know. Unless he did his auditing soooooo secretly none of us knew! Michael Pena is. Brad Pitt did a his Purif (my homie Julliette Lewis introduced me to him as they were comin out of the sauna). He did a lil auditing and a few courses. Left Juliette and left Scn. I’ll be OUTTING more people soon

      • I shared the pic on SP’s R Us and posted a comment there worth repeating here:

        I worked out about a year ago that she spends somewhere between $10k to $30k a year for her 1.23m twitter followers… the one that killed it for me was when she retweeted a ‘genuine’ fan’s tweet saying “retweet if you want ‘Kirstie’ (that awful series she did) to be renewed… now remember – because she ‘retweeted’ all her 1.3m followers would have seen it….. guess how many retweets she got?…. 38…. thirty eight!!!! How deluded to have to be to not realise something might be wrong with your life if something like this happens…”

        • Charles Murdoch

          Wow. Again great factual research. Like Tony we can’t just always call out the obvious with our opinions. Research, expose. You guys rock

          • I can’t remember who it was I was live commentating with back in the day but there was a genuine disturbance in her twitter universe we witnessed first hand back in Tony’s VV days…. we were discussing her twitter followers as it seemed like she was losing loads of them every few minutes or so… like 100 to 400 every refresh… we were laughing about it at the time… now, unless you’ve been recently discovered as a pedofile, wife beater, child killer there’s no other explanation that you’d start losing that many followers so continually quickly…. anyway, after about an hour or so the numbers stopped dropping and eventually came back up to what they were… this is what happens when you forget to “renew” your twitter followers… she probably wouldn’t have done anything but was warned by the OSA trolls who read every post that she was being caught out.

            • Charles Murdoch

              Holy S. Hope she wakes up. Not because I like her. Personally I don’t but everything e one of us does. More do as we are leaders. Others follow

      • Eivol Ekdal

        Why do scientologists like dolphins so much?

        • Golden Age of Blech

          Douglas Adams said that dolphins are aliens and the most intelligent beings on the planet. They fled the planet just as Earth was being demolished to make room for an interstellar highway. Last communication read “So long and thanks for the fish”.

      • Baby

        Powerful Words Charles..thank you.. ; 0

  • D.Y.G.

    Happy belated birthday, Captain!

    • Captain Howdy

      Thank You, DYG.
      And a Happy Halloween to you
      Hopefully the Shape Changers and Wendingo’s are behaving out your way

      • D.Y.G.

        They may have showed up for a visit but I was busy sleeping.

        • Jimmy3

          Hey hey hey. I know that doggie avatar. Good to see you.

      • Charles Murdoch

        Happy birthday Cap’n!

      • Baby

        Oh Captain Howdy. You are very special to me my dear friend. Belated Happiness.

      • And I’m Cute, Too

        Many happy returns, Captain!

      • Jimmy3

        Howdy, do you ack my comm?

        • Captain Howdy

          About what?

          • Jimmy3

            The other day you said MKS is posting here. I won’t repeat it or hint about it on a live thread, I’d just like to know who.

            • Captain Howdy

              Various accounts, The ones that are reminiscent of let’s say Cars.

            • Jimmy3

              Reminiscent of Cars? Or Cars? You lost me there.

  • A question for those of you still up — how many kids did you have show up at your door for Halloween this year? We had none. Goose egg. Zip. Zilch. Nada. It was raining off and on where I live in California, so the wife and I expected the numbers to be down. But zero? Man when I was a kid a monsoon couldn’t have stopped me from going out on Halloween.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      see above. Kong

      • Got it. Well, 12 is better than zero I suppose. Still, that is a very low number. The streets were packed on Halloween night when I was a kid in the 80’s, and that was at the height of the kidnapping paranoia that spread throughout the country after the abduction of Adam Walsh.

        • Todd Tomorrow

          Yeah, someone else was talking about that on the blog today. We got home at 7p so I fear we missed the little tykes with their parents. They never did find out who did that crime for sure did they? I loved that show, AMW but I guess it is cancelled now. Sure helped catch a lot of bad guys.

        • Charles Murdoch

          Same here

  • Todd Tomorrow

    12, we have lots of sprogs in our neighborhood. Let my girlfriend deal with it.

  • DodoTheLaser

    I think Tony has at least two stories in the making about some remarkable disaffections.
    It’s never been a better time to be an Ex scientologist.

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ RED X +–+RED X +–+ RED X *** Saturday the 1st of November

    Good morning and good week end to all the Early Birds and Night Owls,
    Here is the score : 58 for yesterday bringing our Last 4 Days to 435
    RedX spreadsheet:
    The best is to flag every day the Last 4 Days (break it in smaller portion if it is too big to swallow in one go) then check the Daily Wip every 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon and evening.

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    Hi Hamtaro

  • Sydjazz

    I feel like crying. 🙁 must resd kate’s book

  • Sydjazz

    I know someone that has control over space matter and time, meet dr who. A guy that fights aliens and travels in space? Must be like a documentary to scions lol

    • At least Missy has dumped that rubbish beard.

      • Sydjazz

        Ugh clara is a pain in the a too

  • Sydjazz

    What is a biomedical scientology hospital?

    • Missionary Kid

      A fraud.

      • Sydjazz

        Just found out there is one in melbourne australia

  • River

    If any of the readers and posters here have a good relationship with Kate Bornstein, please pass her a message from me: “Thank you for teaching, nurturing, and mentoring Christine Beatty and for helping her blossom into the incredible, fabulous woman that she was always meant to be. With love from her ex-wife, River”

    Christine and I were young, in our mid-20s (which was regarded as very young to marry in the environment and at the time in which we grew up), and truly, neither one of us knew who we were yet. We were married a year and a half (1984-1985) including the six months of waiting for the divorce to be final, and are still family to each other and always will be. Kate Bornstein made an immense difference for the better in Christine’s life at a crucial time and they were activists together. Ms Bornstein’s very favorable review of Christine’s memoir, “Not Your Average American Girl”, is quoted on the cover (and I can certainly verifying that it’s a true story).

    It was via looking for an article on Kate Bornstein that I found this site, not via research on cults, which I was already doing when I first made my way here. Thank you to all of YOU, too, for enriching my life (certainly not in the way the CO$ demands for itself 😀 ).

  • Barbara Angel

    “It’s been 60 years and we still don’t have an operating thetan: somebody who totally controls space, time, matter and life itself.” Can anyone explain this quote to the Indies? It might wake them up a bit.