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Scientology Sunday Funnies: In valleys near and far, it’s time to stand and deliver!

IdealElvisWe sure do love Sunday Funnies. They give us an opportunity, each week, to check in on what Scientology is telling its members in the form of fundraising fliers. Over the years, our readers have picked out many significant clues about what’s ailing the church. it’s become a really substantial history of an organization in trouble.

We can’t wait to see what you make of today’s items, which we’ve sifted from many mailers and messages sent to us by our great tipsters.

Let’s start with a couple of after-party reports, which we always get a kick out of. You probably won’t be surprised to see that they come from the San Fernando and Silicon Valleys, where Scientology is working particularly hard to raise money for new “Ideal Orgs.”

Let’s start with LA, which had its Autumn gala, and had “Her Royal Governor” show up to speak. We just have to ask, Valley, why you insist on identifying her by her super-secret code name when there’s a photo of Nancy Cartwright in the flier.

october recaprr


Meanwhile, in Norcal, it’s Ideal Elvis.


Don’t forget your soul duds! And perhaps if the Harlem Org is looking for glowing coverage of the event, they can call this guy.


Ooh, actor Michael D. Roberts appeared at the San Diego Org last week! We want photos!


Clare gave a bunch of money to the Birmingham building project!

clare fairbrother

We just love that slogan: You have to Be OT to Go OT.


What better time to raise money for a St. Louis Ideal Org than right now! “Wake up and smell the tear gas” — and how!


Hey, let’s use pictures of little kids to convince parents to write huge checks and mortgage the futures of those little kids! That makes sense, right?


Malcolm and Sophia know that if they give enough money, they’ll be able to stop and start motion! Huh?


I just finished OT 5, and besides chasing away these everloving body thetans, I am in charge of raising insane amounts of money for a building we don’t need. Lovely!

rachel givargidze

And finally, we have a fun item that was brought to our attention by Peter Bonyai. We’ll let him describe it for us…

It is a video of a “betyár”-themed fundraising event for the Budapest Org. Betyárs were essentially highwaymen in 19th century Hungary. So, they essentially staged an event where people dressed as highwaymen are fleecing the public.


Ah, Peter, Peter. You seem surprised. But being a Scientologist means never having to look up the word “irony” in the dictionary.

Thanks again to our great tipsters!


Posted by Tony Ortega on October 12, 2014 at 07:00

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