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Scientology graduation videos from the UK? Even better!

Hamish_BulgerWe will admit to a lifetime of Anglophilia. Though we’ve never been to Albion’s shores, we tend to put its residents on a pedestal. And so it always amuses us that Scientology has found so much success there (at least historically). L. Ron Hubbard? In the UK?

And yet, here is video proof that the few Scientologists left in Blighty are still moving up the Bridge. A few days ago we had graduation videos from Copenhagen. Now let’s take a look at what’s been happening at Saint Hill Manor, Scientology’s headquarters in England!

Hamish Bulger has completed the Survival Rundown…



Zohar Paz has completed her pro metering!


Darrel Schlereth has completed OT 5! That means that he’s spent several hundred dollars an hour to chase off invisible space alien souls that were attached to him. Doesn’t he sound happy?


We’re sending a big hip, hip, hooray to all of the recent graduates at Saint Hill.


L. Ron Hubbard — he did in 25 years what mankind coulnd’t in 10,000!

Our source came through again and we have another “quote video” that you can normally only see at a Scientology “org.” We’re working again from the Phoenix Lectures: Freeing the Human Spirit, which Scientology sells to church members for $350.

Here’s an excerpt from Bridge’s description of this great product:

“We have, in this year of 1954, processes which, even when worked upon groups, produce en masse a state of beingness which 2,500 years ago was being groped for by the select few. We have more command over the phenomena of life than any have ever had before.”

Command! It must have been something, in 1954, to be in the presence of Hubbard and hear him explain that in 25 years, he had figured out what mankind couldn’t in the previous 10,000 years, and that pretty much everything there was to know about the mind and the body had now been sussed out in Scientology. How’s that for certitude!


Once again, we’ve asked Marc Headley for his comments on film.

This video is a re-creation, so we have a lot of period scenes with the Hubbard body doubles. Ronnie Rathbun (no relation to Marty) is the first one we see after the Boy Scout double. He is with David Flood and what looks like Bob Shishido and they are dressed up how a Sea Org props person would dress up Asian folks.

David Flood was in the Film Lab and later assigned to the manufacturing area before it was moved to Los Angeles. Bob Shishido was the Purchaser for the galley, which means he unloaded a Sysco truck once a week and on occasion had to go pick something up in town.

Next we have Kerry Clark and Greg Hughes Jr. taking part in one of Hubbard’s experiments. Kerry Clark was in the CD/DVD stamping area and was the guy who printed the ink onto the CDs and DVDs. Greg Hughes was an IT guy before he escaped with his parents.

At 1:47 we have the Hubbard body double auditing Kevin Caetano. Right after this we see Jessica “Grace” Cohee Thompson lying on a couch.

Kevin Caetano was in Security most of the time I was there besides a brief stint in RTC as a trainee. Jessica was in the Qualifications Division and generally was an examiner who checked the few people who were being audited after their sessions.

At 2:33 we have Memo Salinas lying on a couch being audited by Becky Horne.
Memo was an MAA and an SSO (Staff Section Officer) in Qual before being busted and eventually escaping. Becky Horne was the Dentist’s assistant and the main thing I remember about her was when my wife broke her leg in a motorcycle accident, she was picked up at the hospital by Becky, and after Becky loaded her into the car she slammed the door on my wife’s hand.

Next up are Chris Maifeld and Kevin O’Hare. Chris was on the film team and also served as the lighting director for all the International Events before they were taken over by the Mad Hatter kids in LA. Kevin O’Hare was mainly an executive at Golden Era before being assigned to lowly administrative posts over the years. His wife Hara was in RTC as well as his son Brendan.

At 2:46 we have Marcy McShane and Erin Kitt. Marcy is Warren McShane’s wife and was posted in Costumes in Golden Era as a seamstress after being in the Sea Org for 25 years. Erin was in Qual as an auditor.

At 2:55 we see Phillip Doswell. Phillip was in Film Editing and was transitioned over to video editing when everything went digital at Golden Era (10 years after everybody else).
At 3:11 we have Gali Rodin and Marcy McShane. Gali was in CMO INT and has since escaped from the Int Base and now has twins!

At 3:23 we see my good buddy Trevor Sargent who has also escaped from the Int Base and now has children with his wife Sara.

This video ends as you would expect it to. We see a guy that looks as if he was dressed at the clothing store Chess King standing on top of a mountain and staring at the sunset so long he turns a plastic CD binder and a matching book to go with it.

Thanks again for your help, Marc!


Posted by Tony Ortega on August 22, 2014 at 07:00

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