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What Scientology doesn’t tell you about its ‘Bridge’ of courses until it’s far too late

 For some time now former Scientologist Doug Kramer has been making some very interesting videos about his experience in the church and posting them at his YouTube channel, “Dazed but not Confuzed.” []


Scientology is the bomb diggety, and here’s proof, starring Leah Remini’s husband!

[Angelo Pagan, entertainer, and fixture on his wife Leah Remini’s reality series]

We have found that readers, particularly our newer ones, love the wacky testimonials videos that the Church of Scientology puts out about once a year. Featuring dozens of Scientologists in rapid progression, they gush about whatever new lecture or book has been released while []

When David Miscavige was riding high with ‘The Basics’ — Scientology’s 2008 New Year’s event!

 Our video source came through for us again with another Scientology event that hasn’t previously been online. It’s the 2008 New Year’s Event, and has church leader David Miscavige got a lot to []

L. Ron Hubbard’s magic chalk, and other Scientology miracles at the ’07 Birthday Event

 Our video source has come through again, and we have something for you today that hasn’t previously been online. It’s the 2007 LRH Birthday Event, held in Clearwater, Florida, the holiest day on the Scientology calendar (March 13), when church leader David Miscavige throws a celebration of L. Ron Hubbard on the anniversary of his []

More leaked video: Watch Scientology welcome 2007, a year David Miscavige would regret

 Our video source is back to help us keep tripping through Scientology recent history. Last time, we showed you the first portion of the 2006 IAS gala in England. We would show you the rest of that celebration, but it melted our brains in boredom, so we’re going to spare []

Leaked Scientology video: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes front and center for ‘psych busting’!

 Our video source has come through for us once again. Cast your mind, Scientology watcher, back to October 2006. This was a year after Tom Cruise had made his weird splash as Scientology’s awkward ambassador on Today with Matt Lauer and as a human jumping bean on Oprah’s []

New videos leaked from Scientology, including a sobering call for help from Nashville

We love our tipsters, especially the ones who take great risk and smuggle out to us videos that are only meant for internal consumption in the Church of Scientology.

Most of the time, these videos are goofy, and we have a good time poking some fun at them. These are, after all, L. Ron Hubbard’s promised []

New leaked videos from the super beings at Scientology!

Sometimes it’s important to remember that Scientologists believe that not only had L. Ron Hubbard discovered, for the first time, the actual nature of the human mind — a breakthrough on par with the discovery of fire — but that he had found a way to improve human beings and make them ‘homo novi,’ an []

Finally! Scientology begins selling its mysterious ‘OT’ levels more openly with slick new videos!

We’ve said it before: Scientology is really missing out by not being more open about its space-opera beliefs. Thanks to the Internet the word is already out, and there’s just no hiding the fact that Scientology is all about time travel to your brutal experiences taming unruly planets 10 million years in the past, getting []

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest Scientology video in the history of Scientology videos

We’ve been leaked a video which could not be a more perfect distillation of Scientology as it exists in 2014.

This thing, well, it’s — it’s beautiful.

Before we show it to you, we want to help you put it in context. The few remaining Scientologists in Atlanta, like other cities in the U.S., are under intense []