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Scientology graduation videos from the UK? Even better!

We will admit to a lifetime of Anglophilia. Though we’ve never been to Albion’s shores, we tend to put its residents on a pedestal. And so it always amuses us that Scientology has found so much success there (at least historically). L. Ron Hubbard? In the UK?

And yet, here is video proof that the []


Scientology graduation videos from Copenhagen? Yes, please!

Solid evidence presented here and at the blog of Scientology’s former spokesman, Mike Rinder, leave no doubt that Scientology is shrinking, and fast. Even loyal, longtime church members are becoming more reluctant to take part in David Miscavige’s desperate scheme to open new empty churches to give the impression that Scientology is expanding.

But you have []

The axiomatic L. Ron Hubbard, and legal counterclaims from Scientology in Oklahoma!

Our video source came through again, bringing us a short film you normally have to be in a Scientology “org” to view. This one is a treat, because we get to hear L. Ron Hubbard in 1954 telling us to learn and understand Scientology’s “Axioms.”

The short “quote video” is meant to help sell a collection []

Video proof that Scientology makes you a stellar communicator

There’s nothing quite like a Scientology testimonial, especially when it’s delivered by an organic date farmer from the banks of the Jordan river explaining how he’s going OT!

We have yet another Scientology internal video that’s been leaked to us by our great tipsters, as well as a couple of other short films the church might []

VIDEO: L. Ron Hubbard solves the Cold War and your bad marriage

Ah, Dianetics! Our video source came through again, and we have another “quote video” of an L. Ron Hubbard lecture. In this case, it was Hubbard giving a talk on Dianetics in November 1950, about six months after his best-selling book had come out and created a craze.

To this day, Dianetics: The Modern Science of []

Here’s a reminder of Scientology’s Cold War origins — L. Ron Hubbard on radiation!

We have another video that you normally can only see inside a Scientology “org.” It’s another “quote video” that the church uses to convince members to purchase L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures.

In this case, we have quite a doozy. It’s a clip from Hubbard’s December 1956 “Washington Congress on Anti-Radiation & Confront,” a set of lectures []

L. Ron Hubbard’s mesmerizing lore, and tales of Scientology’s secretive Int Base

Our video source came through again with another short film you normally can only see in a Scientology “org.” It’s another “quote video” that features a short segment of an L. Ron Hubbard lecture that’s meant to entice you to purchase the full set of lectures.

In this case, Bridge Publications is asking $175.00 for the []

60 years ago and today: Scientology in its heyday, and now not so much

Ah, 1954, the days of wine and word salad. Our source has come through with another “quote video” that you normally can only see inside a Scientology “org.” In this case, it’s a segment of an L. Ron Hubbard lecture from the “Phoenix Lectures” of 1954, and it’s meant to encourage members to pay $350 []

Three videos the Church of Scientology would rather you not watch

Our video sources came through again this Friday, and we have a collection of fun things to watch.

First up, we have another “quote video” that you normally can’t see outside of a Scientology ‘org.’ It dramatizes a segment from L. Ron Hubbard’s 1957 “Freedom Congress,” and the video’s intention is to get you to shell []

L. Ron Hubbard describes infiltrating a veterans’ hospital in a lecture only for Scientologists

Our source has really come through for us this week with one of the best “quote videos” that we’ve seen so far. This is another clip that you aren’t supposed to see until you’re actually a member of Scientology, and after viewing it we can certainly see why.

This is L. Ron Hubbard at his best, []