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Here’s a reminder of Scientology’s Cold War origins — L. Ron Hubbard on radiation!

AntiRadiationWe have another video that you normally can only see inside a Scientology “org.” It’s another “quote video” that the church uses to convince members to purchase L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures.

In this case, we have quite a doozy. It’s a clip from Hubbard’s December 1956 “Washington Congress on Anti-Radiation & Confront,” a set of lectures which Bridge Publications sells for $150.

Here’s how Bridge Publications summarizes the Congress…

“The ‘Cold War’ between America and Russia was heating up. And with world leaders demonstrating their ‘power’ to each other, with ever increasing tests of nuclear bombs, they were also creating consequences they couldn’t conceive. For while a nuclear test in Russia may seem to have nothing to do with an auditing session in Florida, when L. Ron Hubbard discovered there was a link — he acted. That is, quite in addition to its obvious physical effects, radiation was slowing processing and clearing. Moreover, it wasn’t just in the geographic locale of nuclear tests, but virtually planetwide. What followed was the call for an ‘Emergency Congress,’ in a location that couldn’t have been more appropriate — the Hall of Nations in Washington, DC, overlooking the White House itself. Whereupon Mr. Hubbard first unveiled his research to find any means of addressing the effects of radiation on the body and his discovery of startling effects of nicotinic acid (niacin). Here’s the full story of what he described as the ‘educated’ vitamin, and the original breakthrough that underlies the technology of the Purification Rundown. Even more, here is the greater story of radiation as not just a present-day problem, but an aberrative factor in practically every incident on the whole track. From that revelation came a flood of breakthroughs applicable to virtually all of life — from the bottom-line solution to psychosis, to new technology for raising a being on the Sub-zero Tone Scale — capable of confronting anything. And that’s just a glimpse of what this Congress contains — bringing solutions to problems as old as time itself, and as current as today’s headlines.”

Well, that sounds like fun. Now, prepare yourself as Hubbard explains how radiation was a happy fun toy during the whole track (trillions of years ago), but today we have to protect ourselves from that primordial pep by taking boatloads of niacin. Take it away, Ron…



That Ron. Always thinking of us. The next year, 1957, he would release his book, All About Radiation, the first printings of which were attributed to “a nuclear physicist and a medical doctor.” Hubbard was neither.

Once again, we turned to former Scientology International Base employee Marc Headley to see what he knows about the production of this video…

You know when the video starts out with, “Practically every whole track incident was done with radioactive materials” we are in for a whopper of a video.

This video has mainly one guy that wee see throughout and a ton of stock and VFX shots. We get schooled on radiation, gamma, and the history of this universe, until about 3:45, where we finally get to see a few Int Base staff. Gary Hunter (blown), Jon Stumbke, Stewart Williams, Sophia Peterson, Hans Huber, Portzia Hofstadter, Bob Sukkestad, Peter Cseszarik (blown), are all having a conference in the middle of a high tech desert tower.

That computer-generated desert tower was created by a kid in VFX at Golden Era Productions who has since blown and then worked on about 20 blockbuster movie and TV shows.

We then get to see a bunch of people running out of buildings and our main guy again before we see a blown out sunset and turn into a plastic CD binder.

Thanks again for that help, Marc!


Woodward objects!

What is it about California? Apparently, it’s easier to reject a judge in a lawsuit there. After Scientology had filed a peremptory objection in the lawsuit brought against the church by attorney Vance Woodward, now Woodward has objected to the new judge, Malcolm Mackey, and has asked to have him removed.

Why? Woodward’s not talking, but we can’t help but wonder if Vance was swayed by how well Scientologist John Travolta has been doing in Mackey’s court. But that’s just a guess.

We’ll let you know when a judge has been selected in Woodward’s case that is going to stick around.


Posted by Tony Ortega on June 27, 2014 at 07:00

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