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Scientology has a new recruitment video to get you to sign up for a billion years!

SeaOrgRecruitWe have another video for you that wasn’t supposed to be seen outside the Church of Scientology. This one is a recruitment pitch for young Scientologists to join the Sea Organization — the church’s hardcore elite, who sign billion-year contracts and work 110-hour weeks for pennies an hour, with never a day off or a chance to spend time with their families. Sea Org members can’t have children, and live in dormitory settings with no privacy. Their existence is spartan and tough and, as we’re told in the video, it’s a lot of fun!

Well, if you say so. The pitch is delivered by David Hodkin, a lifer who grew up in Scientology and whose sister, Louisa, made news earlier this year with the first-ever religious Scientology wedding in England. (David himself had to go to Edinburgh to get an official Scientology wedding in 2007.)

What we find most remarkable about this video is how unguarded it is. Compare it to the slick spots made for public consumption — such as the most recent Super Bowl ad — which are intended to make Scientology seem cool and mysterious by telling you nothing specific about it. Here, Hodkin is much more plain — he thinks he’s talking only to other Scientologists, and expects them to agree with him when he says, “I came to the conclusion that the biggest problem that actually is on the planet is the tone level.”

For our newer readers, we expect that Hodkin’s pitch is going to sound pretty bizarre. Give it a look, and if you have any questions about his vocabulary, please ask our commenters, and as long as Captain Howdy and Espiando watch their damn manners, you might actually get a helpful reply…



Here’s what David says…

You got to ask yourself, what does the planet need? I came to the conclusion that the biggest problem that actually is on the planet is the tone level. If you look at what LRH says about the tone level, and how, when it’s below 2.0, it’s towards death and succumb, right? So, from what I can see, you get people up The Bridge, you get people through the OT levels — anything that you can do that is on that purpose line, you are directly handling the tone level of society. There’s nothing else that’s going to do that.

What is it then that it’s going to actually take? And I started looking at the fact of the Sea Org, and I thought, well, OK, it’s a very tough, dedicated organization. And it really is hard core, you know? It’s kind of ‘there till the very end’ type thing. And I thought, well, probably going to need something like that, in all honesty, to actually start changing this place.

Anyone who comes here, they will experience something you will not find anywhere else. The thing that’s special about Saint Hill is, well it’s LRH’s home. You know, it’s, in my opinion, the home of Scientology. And it’s a very special place. There is nowhere else like it, at all.

LRH obviously chose this place for a reason. If you compare this place to pretty much anywhere else, there’s something very, very special about it. And that fact is very much something that we as the staff embody. You know, LRH came here, he put Saint Hill here, everything that made it special and everything that made it why he would choose it, we embody those. And you see it. And you feel it when you come here.

It’s really that place that LRH is talking about when he says “off the crossroads of civilization and society.” It’s the perfect environment for de-aberring and moving up The Bridge, you know?

As beings go through life, they accumulate more entheta, you know? And what entheta does, is it sucks the being down. The way you basically handle that is by handling the entheta. Turning it into theta. As a result of doing the OT levels, you handle a sufficient amount of entheta that you start reversing the dwindling spiral.

OT levels were given to the Sea Org to deliver by LRH. Without the Sea Org, there’s no OT levels, there’s no cleared planet. If you get enough Sea Org members, you’ll make more OTs, you’ll clear the planet.

The Sea Org is the guys who are there, who are making sure it all happens. You know, at the end of the day, they’re the ones who are ultimately responsible for it. And, whether we handle it, whether we make it, etcetera, etcetera, it’s going to be down to the Sea Org, and it’s going to be down to how many people actually decided, you know what, I need to do this.

And, if you join at Saint Hill that’s what you’ll be doing. And you’ll be changing the whole of society and bringing it uptone. And you do that by getting people through the OT levels.

The Sea Org is an adventure. It’s, if you want, lots of energy, many challenges, lots of different things to accomplish, then you should join the Sea Org. It’s fast-moving, it’s tough, it’s dedicated. But it’s also a helluva lot of fun. And when you’re operating on a purpose level that you’re doing in the Sea Org, and at the same time operating in an extremely intense and adventurous way, I mean, that’s living.


What do Angry Gay Pope and Laura DeCrescenzo have in common?

Give up? It’s Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard E. Rico!

Regular readers will know that we’ve been following developments in the dramatic forced-abortion lawsuit of Laura DeCrescenzo, which is set for trial next year. Recently, the case has been bouncing around numerous courtrooms after the retirement of Judge Ronald Sohigian. And now, it’s landed in the bailiwick of Judge Rico.

That name is familiar if you were keeping track of the legal adventures of colorful and outspoken critic Angry Gay Pope, whose protesting antics were viewed dimly by the church.

Here’s an account by attorney Graham Berry about what it was like to appear before Judge Rico on Pope’s behalf.

Is it a good thing for DeCrescenzo that she drew this judge? Will she or Scientology object to Judge Rico getting the case? We look forward to your reactions.


Scientology infiltrating NYC’s schools — where have we heard this before?

City Limits, a public affairs magazine in New York, has an interesting story about a Scientology front group, Foundation for a Drug Free World, making a concerted effort to get into the city’s schools for presentations of L. Ron Hubbard’s wacky and unscientific ideas about drug addiction.

It’s a good piece, and reminds us of when we went over the same material more than a year ago.

We hope even more New York publications grab this story as well. Do it for the kids!


Mark your calendars

Just in: We’ve learned that Carnegie Mellon University professor Dave Touretzky will be appearing on a radio program next month to talk about Narconon and its repeated infiltration of California’s schools.

The good professor will be on the air Sunday, July 6 at 4:15 to 5:00 pm on the Mister Mom radio show on KSCO AM 1080 in Santa Cruz.

We’re told that Narconon has been invited to appear, and we’ll be interested to see if they have the fortitude to take on Touretzky.


Karen de la Carriere on Scientology’s expensive spying operations

Tax exempt since 1993, Scientology has amassed huge wealth, some of which it lavishes on costly spying operations. Karen de la Carriere reminds us of some of Scientology’s most elaborate covert ops…



Posted by Tony Ortega on June 26, 2014 at 07:00

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