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Scientology’s secret plan to take over the world — here it is!

DissemScientology has a plan to take over the world — would you be surprised to learn that it involves you sending them a lot of money?

We have another video that Scientology only intended its own members to see. It’s the latest appeal to members to send in cash so books can be sent to libraries around the world. See, Scientologists believe that if enough L. Ron Hubbard books are on shelves in the world’s libraries, nothing will stop them from “clearing the planet” and taking over this small, precious world.

No doubt, some cranky old critic will tell you that this is just another David Miscavige money grab because members are asked to pay cover price for books that Scientology manufactures themselves (presumably at a much lower cost), and there’s never any real proof that your donations end up putting books on library shelves. (In fact, librarians tell us they’re in the habit of throwing away anything that comes from Bridge Publications, Scientology’s printing arm.) And of course, targeting libraries with physical books seems rather anachronistic in a digital age.

But never mind the cynics. Bathe in the optimism of this short film as it beseeches you to help with such a noble goal — total planetary takeover!




Legal updates

One of our legal experts notified us that there’s been a development in the giant National Association of Forensic Counselors lawsuit against Scientology leader David Miscavige and 81 other defendants…

“The court issued an order granting a joint motion for a unified response date. It is not a mandatory date for all defendants. The motion requested that the court allow defendants to file responses whether or not they had been served. The court ignored that request. Miscavige still has not been served.”


NAFC v. Scientology: Order Granting Joint Application

Another update, this time in one of the lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, filed by Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton…

In the Estrada case, the Court had ordered Narconon Fresh Start (Warner Springs, CA) to file a responsive pleading by June 23, 2014. Nothing has been filed, which is strange.”


Craigslist: Has the dragon been slain?

We heard yesterday from one of our best tipsters, the person who originally smuggled us Scientology’s “Craigslist manual,” which contained instructions for how to lure in the unsuspecting with generic-looking online ads.

The tipster says that a certain group of somebodies has been targeting Scientology Craigslist ads by flagging them, and increasingly the people who post those ads are giving up in frustration. How do we know that? Check out the following e-mail, which is from the person who wrote that Craigslist manual, and who is trying to get his fellow ad-posters not to give up…

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014
From: Tony
Subject: Get your Craigslist ads up

Dear Cyber Dissemination member,

I’ve noticed that some of you have not been posting Craigslist ads in your areas. It’s time to get your Craigslist ads up. Craigslist is working, and people do come in from it, and it is still a workable line for getting new people in and started on services.

Sorry for not emailing you more often, but I’m going to be more in comm from now on, and I’ll try to give you more tips to be more successful with it.

The first tip is that the most effective category for Craigslist ads is the CLASSES section, so if you don’t have many ads in that sections, you are losing prospects!

I’ll send you another tip soon. If you have ANY questions, give me a call or an email!

Tony Chen
PES River Park Mission
3825 Marconi Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 519-5287

Our tipster also tells us that the Ocala Mission is trying another strategy since Craigslist has been such a source of frustration: They’re trying Facebook ads.


Posted by Tony Ortega on June 28, 2014 at 07:00

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