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L. Ron Hubbard describes infiltrating a veterans’ hospital in a lecture only for Scientologists

LondonClearingOur source has really come through for us this week with one of the best “quote videos” that we’ve seen so far. This is another clip that you aren’t supposed to see until you’re actually a member of Scientology, and after viewing it we can certainly see why.

This is L. Ron Hubbard at his best, spinning a series of tall tales about how, while he was a patient at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in 1947 for his war “wounds” (an ulcer and conjunctivitis), he infiltrated the hospital’s medical library and then showed up the scientists there with his amazing discoveries about the thinkingness of thought on the way to publishing Dianetics three years later.

He told this version of the tale in 1958 at what is now known as the London Clearing Congress, and Scientologists are encouraged to buy copies of the lectures at $125. Here’s how Bridge Publications describes the package…

“The long search for truth, the tortuous journey from culture to culture, the perilous quest into realms few had ever glimpsed, much less ventured — L. Ron Hubbard’s most renowned lecture of all time, The Story of Dianetics and Scientology. And that’s only the first monumental lecture! Beyond is the epic view of Scientology — past, present and future. Beginning with the past, from his current vantage point of Clear, Mr. Hubbard looks back through each previous discovery all the way to the first Clears he made in 1947. What that revealed is the answer to the question: “What happened to the rest of the bank the moment they achieved Clear?” And if the question was startling enough, what the answer revealed was the solution for total stability. Here, then, is not only the discovery of what prevents a preclear from “erasing” his mental image pictures, but a revelation that quite literally answers what life was like at the moment of creation. All of which opened a new panorama of doingness, extending across every dynamic, and summed up in the phrase “Bring Order.” So, yes — while L. Ron Hubbard began with a monumental look to the past, by the time this Congress was over, it was the creation of a story that continues to unfold every day, The Future of Scientology and the Western Civilization.”

The future of Western Civilization!

Well, as you’ll see, Hubbard comes off less like Plato or Aristotle and more like that guy at the local bar who always features himself as the know-it-all star of his tall tales. Get a load of this whopper…



So what did we learn? That Hubbard used ‘psychoanalysis’ to heal veterans against the wishes of the medical establishment. And that science wastes its time studying the brain and its structures after Hubbard discovered that it was thought which affects matter.

It’s at times like this that we wonder how anyone took anything this man said seriously. Oh, for the Internet in 1958 — Hubbard wouldn’t have lasted a day.

Well, here’s what Hubbard didn’t tell his 1958 audience in London. In 1947, he was actually cracking up. Take a look at this letter that Lieutenant Hubbard sent the VA that year, begging for psychiatric help. It’s a neat trick how he later convinced people that while he was barely holding himself together, he was somehow unlocking the secrets of the universe…


Once again, we turned to Marc Headley to tell us what he remembers about the production of this video…

This video takes place on earth, so unlike many other “quote videos” put out by the Scientology organization, this one is devoid of shots of nebulae and suns rising over distant planets.

After a wide shot of Oak Knoll, we see a shot of the Hubbard body double as he tells us about how he impersonated a medical doctor. The body double used in all these shots was Aaron “Ronnie” Rathbun, whom I always mistakenly assumed was Marty Rathbun’s brother. Anyway, Ronnie had red hair and was tall, so he could pass from behind as Hubbard when lit correctly. Ronnie was posted in the galley and was generally making food for the crew.

Next up is Joy Moritz. When I arrived in 1990 Joy was posted as the Ethics Files I/C. Her sole job was to take care of the Ethics files of the Int Base Staff. Each time someone was late for post, or did not complete an assignment or target on time, there was a system of reports and chits that would be printed and filed accordingly. Then you had the reports that staff would write on each other. These reports served as a de facto intelligence database for all the out-ethics activities that were going on at the Int Base. Reports would also include any out-ethics activities that were divulged in security checks or auditing sessions. Several feet of filing was generated any given week and Joy would file these reports as her full time job.

Then we have a juicy cameo in this video: David Bogard. He appears as the man on crutches who calls Hubbard a doctor. David Bogard might be one of the most famous of misfits at the Int Base because of his legendary screw up at the 1993 “War is Over” IAS event at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Anyone who has not heard about this can read about it in my book Blown for Good. Bogard was running one of the stage prompters from beneath the stage and it was unreadable by David Miscavige for the entire event. Bogard went to the RPF for his mistake. Shelly Miscavige also plays a part in this story but it is too long to get into here. Back to the video.

Next up we have Matt Butler. Matt was security guard at the Int Base. He is one of the people who usually gets to go with someone (to watch) when they visit relatives or the one who escorts a person who has been offloaded to their new place of assigned living or employment where they can be watched by others.

The next patient is played by Jesper Jensen. He was a Translations Unit guy and he had two sisters who were in RTC and they were also blond. His sister Rikke was the RTC Rep at Flag who was relaying auditing instructions for Lisa McPherson from David Miscavige right before Lisa died. Last I heard Rikke was serving a lifetime sentence on the RPF in Australia.

Then we have a young man in a bed all wrapped up in bandages and that is Sean McShane. Sean is Warren McShane’s son and worked in the Visual Effects area. He was the guy who authored DVDs and generally was involved with the producing the media files for the film & video systems.

Next up we have a quick sequence of guys who include Jeff Mullins from the HU (LRH Household Unit), Dan Cohee (Cine Castle Cleaner) and Trevor Sergeant who used to work for me in the AV Systems area.

We end this video on one of those great “original Hubbard handwritten” documents that was created two seconds before the shot by a Props guy who could write exactly like Hubbard. Then we semi orbit a planet and turn into a plastic CD binder.

Thanks again, Marc!


Part 2 of the Marc Headley podcast

Speaking of Marc Headley, get ready for another dose of Int Base follies in his conversation with Jeffrey Augustine…



Carla Moxon, planetary savior

Back on January 25, we thanked Jeff Jacobsen for bringing to our attention this amazing video of Carla Moxon giving a Toastmaster’s speech about saving the Earth from alien attack. Carla is a longtime Scientologist who was a member of the Guardian Office, and was, along with her husband Kendrick Moxon, named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Snow White Program of government infiltration, for which 11 top Scientologists were convicted and sent to prison. And wow, she spins a helluva yarn.

A week after we posted that here, Angry Gay Pope reported that attempts were being made to pull down the YouTube version of Carla’s speech. But it’s still there, as is this off-shore version, which will probably exist forever.

We’re not sure why this has suddenly come back up again (it was a subject of a lot of talk in the comments yesterday), but for whatever reason, it’s always good for another look!



Posted by Tony Ortega on May 17, 2014 at 07:00

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