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The axiomatic L. Ron Hubbard, and legal counterclaims from Scientology in Oklahoma!

AxiomOneOur video source came through again, bringing us a short film you normally have to be in a Scientology “org” to view. This one is a treat, because we get to hear L. Ron Hubbard in 1954 telling us to learn and understand Scientology’s “Axioms.”

The short “quote video” is meant to help sell a collection of Hubbard’s talks known as the Phoenix Lectures: Freeing the Human Spirit. Scientology’s Bridge Publications has the series for sale to church members for $350.

And here’s what Bridge says about the Phoenix Lectures…

“Here is the panoramic view of Scientology complete. Having codified the subject of Scientology in The Creation of Human Ability, L. Ron Hubbard then delivered a series of half-hour lectures to specifically accompany a full study of the book….Here then are the bedrock principles upon which everything in Scientology rests, including the embracive statement of the religion and its heritage — Scientology, Its General Background. Hence, this is the watershed lecture series on Scientology itself, and the axiomatic foundation for all future research.”

In the video, Hubbard touts his “Axioms,” saying that they’re like the axioms of geometry, only groovier. In geometry, an axiom is a self-evident premise. In Scientology, an Axiom is an adventure in science fiction fun.

Take Axiom One, for example: “Life is basically a static.”


We’ll forgive Hubbard the odd use of an adverb, “basically,” that has no place in an ironclad law of nature. (Either life is a static or it isn’t, Ron. “Basically” has nothing to do with it.)

A “life static,” Ron says, “has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.”

In other words, you’re just a dimensionless, perceiving, and postulating thetan that slips through time and space and just happens to be inhabiting your current meat-body in this current lifetime. Scientology will help you learn how to exteriorize from that body and travel wherever you want and manipulate space and matter as an “operating thetan.”

Hey, it’s a colorful and complex view of human existence, and we can understand why some people found it seductive.

But self-evident? Hardly. Anyway, here’s how Scientology’s film division tried to sell the idea…


Once again, we asked Marc Headley what he knows about the production of this video…

This video is about the Axioms. This is where Hubbard explains a bunch of rules of life that you will undoubtedly find holes in, and other parts of Scientology will contradict them, but that will be your own fault because of “your misunderstood words.”

We start off with a body-double writing in Hubbard’s handwriting (which several of the Props people could do flawlessly). We then see a mimeograph machine, which we still had at the Int Base in the 2000’s.

At 53 seconds in we have our first Int Base staff member and she is a star. Her name is Jenny Butler (Lenarcic) and she is the daughter of Andy Lenarcic and sister of Heather Lenarcic. Jenny was an MAA (Master At Arms) for the entire time I was at the base. If you blew, planned to blow, were recaptured or were a security risk in any way you knew Jenny Butler. She was often sent to watch people at night while they slept (to ensure they did not blow) or she would be the one who would assign you to floor or toilet scrubbing with a toothbrush. I have cleaned many a tile with a toothbrush with Jenny Butler standing above me.

Well, when my wife had our lawsuit against CSI & RTC, another woman did as well. A former Sea Org member by the name of Heather Lenarcic was one of the plaintiffs in a similar lawsuit. Heather was reportedly contacted and told that both her father and Jenny would be assigned to the RPF if her lawsuit was not dropped. The next day the lawsuit was dropped and Heather claimed that she was never consulted in the filing of the lawsuit…

As fate would have it, the man in the next scene is one Matt Butler, Jenny’s husband. Matt was a security guard the Int Base. Matt was the guy who worked with people who had blown or that were being offloaded and sent somewhere. Often times he would travel with the person to their new job or living arrangement that had been set up by CSI & RTC. Usually Ex-Int Base staff would be placed with other ex-staff who had “amends” to do or who were working on the “A-E” steps to get back in good standing with CSI. These people would report up to OSA & RTC on the person and let them know what they were up to and whom they were talking to.

In the scene with Matt is a guy by them name of Fransisco (Frenchie) Sener. For the longest time Frenchie was the payroll officer, and his stat was “staff paid.” If you did not pick up your $46 or lower amount of pay in the pay line, he would hunt you down and make sure you got your pay. Also if you were on cramming, study, exercise, or whatever other plethora of pay holds there were, sometimes Frenchie would do you a solid and slip you your pay anyway. If you did not get your money, he could not count you on his weekly statistic. Most weeks he was your best friend.

If there was no money and no payroll being handed out, Frenchie was invisible and somehow you would just never see the guy. He was eventually transferred to a video crew and was one of the guys who shot these silly videos and remote video shoots for events.

Next we have Lane Porter at 1:35. Lane was in the Art Department in the Cine Division. Lane’s father, Jeff “Cowboy” Porter, was the Security Chief at PAC, the HGB, and Freewinds all at different times. I recently saw Jeff at Scientology’s Los Angeles HQ on Hollywood & Ivar taking out the trash. After 30 years in the Sea Org and participating in numerous high security operations run by OSA & RTC, he has been promoted to the maintenance guy.

And in another odd twist of fate the other guys in the scene with Lane are Tony DeCrescenzo, Raphael Zingel, and Ryan Fear. Tony was Laura’s ex-husband’s brother. The other two who were both in CMO INT at the Int Base have long since escaped the Int Base.

At 2:21 we have Martin Habschied tending to his bees. He really did have honeybees and he harvested honey for the base from his post in the Int Base Grounds Department. At least that was the buzz around the base.

At 2:38 enters our favorite Int Base 5-star Italian pastry chef Pinucio “Nuchi” Tisi. Pinucio is how CSI claims to have 5-star chefs cooking the meals for the Sea Org crew. Well there is a difference between having a 5-star chef and serving 5-star meals. First of all, Pinucio was the pastry chef. He was not the guy who cooked the meals for the crew. He was the guy who made gourmet desserts for David Miscavige and Tom Cruise.

If there was money for it and the Int Base crew were super “up-stat,” Pinucio would go to town and make the crew chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday Night (for Thursday’s stats count).

After Pinucio and Judy Paransky share an exhilarated response to receiving a sheaf of letter-size papers, we get to catch up with our three favorite video extras, Winston Mellor, Kevin McEnery and Paul Sarkany, as they discuss the dilemma of having to be in all these videos shoots because they are on the video shoot crew.

Kevin McEnery is in the Cine Division as are Paul (Shark) Sarkany and Winston Mellor.

Then at 3:11 we get to see Charles Johnson, who was one of the awesome technical sea org members in RTC handing out these paper stacks. When I left in 2005, Charles was the Laminating Officer in the Manufacturing Division. So after 25 years in the Sea Org and getting trained and audited all the way up the Bridge to Total Freedom and being in RTC, the top organization in Scientology, he was charged with the high technical job of melting plastic onto paper.

And as a nod to Charles in the next scene we see a sunset turn into a plastic CD binder, which is filled with those papers Charles so expertly laminated.

Thanks again, Marc!


Things heating up again in Oklahoma

Scientology’s various entities are firing back now at the National Assocation of Forensic Counselors (NAFC), which filed a lawsuit against 82 defendants it claimed were misusing its logos and trademarks in order to make Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, appear more legitimate than it really is. We’ll let our legal types pore over these documents and let us know what they think about Scientology’s salvos…

Narconon International’s motion to dismiss
Narconon Oklahoma’s answer and counterclaim
Narconon South Texas, Eastern US, and Spring Hill motion to dismiss
Royalmark, Greatcircle, Premazon, and Jonathan Moretti motion to dismiss
Narconon Georgia motion to dismiss
Church of Scientology International motion to dismiss
Kent McGregor’s answer and counterclaim
Religious Technology Center’s reply in support of its motion to dismiss


Posted by Tony Ortega on August 8, 2014 at 07:00

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