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Video proof that Scientology makes you a stellar communicator

KevinSmithThere’s nothing quite like a Scientology testimonial, especially when it’s delivered by an organic date farmer from the banks of the Jordan river explaining how he’s going OT!

We have yet another Scientology internal video that’s been leaked to us by our great tipsters, as well as a couple of other short films the church might not be thrilled that you’re getting a chance to see. In this first one, we learn that Kevin, at Saint Hill, no longer feels the need to restrain himself. Can you tell?

Give it a look and let us know how well you think this outreach effort will work. Is the UK on its way to being cleared?



Up second, we have another fun video from Karen de la Carriere, this time talking about Scientology’s notorious prison detail, the Rehabilitation Project Force…


And finally, our special source came through again and we have another “quote video” that you normally can only see inside a Scientology org. It’s the set of lectures L. Ron Hubbard gave in 1957 that are known as the Ability Congress, and Bridge Publications is selling copies of the series for $125.

We kid you not, this is from Bridge’s description of this vaunted series…

“Here then is the Congress where L. Ron Hubbard moved Scientology, as a whole, three feet behind society’s head.”

Hey, we need to get some of that. Enjoy.


Did you get that? Dianeticists can erase karma. How handy.

Once again, we turned to Marc Headley for information on the production of this video.

This video has some Int Base staff in it. The video has a desert motif for the most part and we get to see most of our folks out in the desert driving around and building stuff. I think this one was shot near the Salton Sea because there is not really anything out there and they charge very little for location fees.

We start off with Ron Pratt, Stewart Williams and Mary Williams (no relation) driving in a 1950’s car. Mary Williams was in the Art department in the Cinematography division and then went over to CMU. Stewart Williams was in the Audio Division forever and then he was in the Film Lab and then ended up in Manufacturing as my junior when I was in the same division. After I escaped he ended up going back to Audio.

Ron Pratt was a Case Supervisor forever and he ended up being assigned the dishwasher post, probably after someone blew the base and it was determined that he had failed them technically.

We then get a bunch of random folks before we see Sandy (Oliver, Rahkonen) Wooderson and Mary Williams again doing some happy walking. Sandy was originally in RTC and married to Barrett Oliver from “Never Ending Story” & “D.A.R.Y.L” fame. Barrett and I went to Apple School together and he eventually would go on to work at Scientology’s Celebrity Center International and finally was the Talent Chief at Golden Era Productions. He did not last long before he ended up bucking the system and being sent to the RPF at Happy Valley and then later routed out. Sandy divorced him while he was at Happy Valley and then went on to marry Nik Rahkonen and after he was RPF’d and later routed out she divorced him as well. She was kicked out of RTC after trying to blow and ended up being an auditor in Golden Era. She was eventually taken off post as an auditor and went on to work in the Manufacturing Division and was working with Clarisse Barnett on the cassette copying line. (Yes, they were recently making new cassette tapes at Golden Era Productions!)

We then cover a fair bit of ground with random folks walking all over downtown LA before we see Michelle Alcock doing some very well-lit reading and then get audited by Amy Conley. Amy Conley was in the Senior C/S Int Office. She was married to Gary Conley. Gary Conley was famous for being busted out of RTC and then immediately staying up all night doing grunt work when he fell from a high ceiling in the “Garage” building at Golden Era and shattered both of his legs and ended up in a wheelchair for years. Amy was in RCOMPS (LRH Compilations) after being in the Senior C/S Int office and ended up in the Hole. She was one of the very few people to do enough of whatever to get out of the Hole and go back into the RCOMPS area.

Michelle (Mishi) Allcock was also in CMO Int but she was busted out of CMO Int and now works in the Camera Department in the Cine Division.

We then get a bunch more stock shots before we end up seeing our “united” group of Scientologists that look like they might have been dressed out of a Big Lots clearance sale before we turn into a plastic CD binder.

Thanks again for that window into Int Base, Marc!


This just in, your guide to the fine dining experience at Scientology’s mecca…


Fort Harrison August Newsletter



Posted by Tony Ortega on August 2, 2014 at 07:00

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