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Sunday Funnies: More Scientology fliers than you can shake a stick at

ScotsThumbOn Sundays, we like to share with you the best of the Scientology mailers and fliers that get forwarded to us by our great tipsters. We call it Sunday Funnies, and once again we have a large collection of items which show Scientology doing its best to get its waning membership to come on down for a fleecing.

These themed parties and rah-rah events that put members under intense pressure to donate large amounts for new, unneeded buildings, have become pretty familiar to us as we’ve watched them over the last couple of years.

But for some reason, it really struck us this week: As you look at the phony enthusiasm and paltry crowds, remember that these people have bought into the notion that they’re better than the rest of us, that they alone understand how the universe and the human mind works, and that they are working towards becoming godlike superbeings who will be taking over the planet any day now.

Now, let’s see them at work.

First up, yet another project — to get everyone “on service,” which sounds to us like a big acknowledgement that it’s getting harder and harder to get Scientologists anywhere near an org.


8.10.14 fb

Well that was quick. If you remember, past book campaigns have dragged on for months and months. But somehow, the same operation got copies of Clear Body, Clear Mind in every place they wanted to in just a few weeks. (Sure, they did.)


Fearless Leader is back! It’s just not the same when we don’t hear from the sage of Scotland.


Inconceivable! These Scientologists have some nerve.


Oh my. Nostalgia for 2010. Now if that doesn’t say “Scientology is dying,” we don’t know what does.


Hey, now this sounds like a party…

autumn ball

“All orgs performing live” — say what?


Platinum Humanitarian: Hey, we spent three quarters of a million bucks, and our superpowers ought to kick in any time now!


They found Montana’s Scientologist!

john kapor newsletter

Hey, look at these massive crowds in Portland!

mv4 event night recap

Poor Pat Parodi, survived the Survival Rundown, only to be consumed by a wave of living corn silk.


We love party reports…

recap axiom 10

Missing money? Does COB know about this?

the pitmaston players

And finally, Super Theta Ideal Illusionists! Oh Valley, how we love you.

And note, we finally have a date: June 2015!


Thanks again to our great tipsters!


Posted by Tony Ortega on August 3, 2014 at 07:00

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