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Scientology Sunday Funnies: Smile while you write that check, pardner!

Michael_ChiaraOur tipsters have been busy sending us Scientology’s wacky fundraising fliers and emails this week. We have a ton of them. But we did our best to narrow it down just to the best. (And if we didn’t use something you sent in, our apologies, but we are so grateful that you sent us what you did.)

Last night, the Silicon Valley folks held their Gladiator-themed party, and we’re looking forward to seeing photos from it soon.

But for now, we have one more promotional item for the party — a video that must have got folks awfully pumped up to have their cash taken from them at sword-point! And how can you go wrong with comedian Jim Meskimen?



Hey, Aslan showed up last night on LRH Way! We’d love some eyewitness reports!


It’s a report from the Autumn Gala for the Valley Org! Woohoo — and Google is helping us raise money! Thanks, Google!

autumn gala recap

Keith Code is gung-ho after suffering some doubts, we hear. Wish we could go hear him speak!


We’ll just put this here for researchers who want a rundown on LA membership.

daily commend-41r

PAC base (in Los Angeles) is booming, say the Dales!


Michael Chiara is Clear — can you tell?


“With all the arbitraries and curves now removed from Ron’s tech, many are finding that speed-of-progress with full results in all Scientology services is faster and more effective than ever.” That Ron, what a fuck-up.

letter from snr cs sfod

No newsletter from Fearless Leader this week, but we have to ask — what the hell is the message of this Edinburgh flier? Seriously, what the — ?


The magician…

status upgrade - gerson

…and the “actress”…

status upgrade - norris

…and don’t get us started on these two…

status upgrade - quinn

…and Mr. and Mrs. Platinum moneybags — everyone’s clearing Los Angeles!

status upgrade - ron2

…And yet, there’s still more than $8 million to go to renovate that Valley white elephant? Oh, bugger.


Wear your western duds — and leave your soul duds at home…


And our last flier, another L. Ron Hubbard quote that just trips off the tongue…


Thanks again to our great tipsters!

As a bonus, we pulled out the bit about Scientology that John Oliver got into in a lengthy segment about for-profit colleges last week. He makes use of some footage from an earlier Frontline special that featured an interview with a nursing student who had been taken to Scientology’s CCHR museum, Psychology: An Industry of Death. Oliver’s reaction is classic.



A Public Service Announcement from your proprietor

We’re told that recently the Anons over at Chanology flushed out an OSA pawn who has been trolling various anonymous activists across multiple forums for months. In what may be a case of retaliation, on September 9 a document appeared at Pastebin which purported to be a list of Internet nicknames with their real identities and locations. Many of the nicknames are of current members who comment here at the Bunker.

Some immediately dismissed this “doxing” as old information, but we know that some of it was fresh information, including the exposing of at least one person who had never been “doxed” before.

The release initially showed up at WWP and was taken down immediately. A few days later, it reappeared on ESMB and a popular Facebook group where it was also quickly removed. However, at least one link at Facebook is still in place.

We talked to an expert, who sent us this: “If you are concerned about your online security, you should change passwords on all of your social networking and e-mail accounts. You should also enable two-factor authentication wherever possible and use different passwords for each of your online accounts. Additionally, it is also a good idea to use disposable e-mail addresses that you occasionally change on your most frequently used social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Disqus.”


Posted by Tony Ortega on September 14, 2014 at 07:00

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