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A lawsuit over counseling credentials now aims at the essence of Scientology

DavidMiscavige2We have a few legal updates for you, and they involve the lawsuit filed by the National Association of Forensic Counselors against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, many of its employees, and Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige, as well.

A total of 82 defendants are scrambling to deal with the lawsuit, which alleges that they conspired to misuse the counseling certifications that the NAFC regulates. Masterminding the conspiracy, the NAFC alleged in its complaint, was Miscavige from his perch as the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center (RTC), Scientology’s nominally controlling entity.

RTC responded by filing a motion to dismiss which is drawn from Scientology’s usual playbook. RTC has nothing to do with Narconon, its attorneys argued in the motion, and it also has no connection to Oklahoma, where Narconon’s flagship facility is and where the lawsuit is set. Former Scientology executives tell us that when the church was restructured in the early 1980s, this was the goal they had in mind — a Byzantine corporate fiction that would enable the top executives to claim no involvement.

Now, the NAFC has fired back with a reply that takes on that corporate fiction, laying out the entire Scientology strategy, and with voluminous evidence to back it up. It’s one of the most detailed and deeply-researched legal assaults we’ve seen on the church’s essential nature in a long time.

We’ll just pull out some key quotes in the document, which we also have in full…

“This case is about Defendant Religious Technology Center spearheading the theft of Plaintiffs’ goodwill in order to bait vulnerable victims into the Scientology religion…This lawsuit involves the misappropriation and misuse of Plaintiffs’ logos, trademarks and certifications by Defendants for the purposes of marketing Narconon programs for profits and ultimately promoting the Church of Scientology.”

“As alleged in the Complaint, RTC holds the rights to L. Ron Hubbard’s name, writings and marks. Hubbard’s technology is used throughout Narconon Network to draw Narconon patients into the Scientology religion.”

“RTC and Miscavige maintain control over every aspect of the Church’s programs, which specifically includes Narconon. RTC, through Mr. Miscavige, maintains specific de facto control over all operations of Scientology.”

“Mr. Miscavige created a title as ‘Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center’ so that he could have full autocratic control while maintaining the farce of RTC as a legitimate corporation.”

“Mr. Miscavige created the Authorization, Verification and Correction (AVC) department in RTC and mandated that no strategy, project, program or order of any kind could leave the Church of Scientology without going through the AVC. Through the AVC unit within RTC, Mr. Miscavige directly oversees all strategies, projects, programs or orders of any kind associated with the Church of Scientology. Mr. Miscavige’s oversight and control within the AVC includes the requirement of RTC authorization and approval of all materials and promotional items prior to use by the Narconon Network. AVC control is exemplified through the directives circulated to the Narconon Network [Ex. 1 at paragraph 24, Exhibit 20, SOCO International Directive]. The SOCO International Directive describes the sole reason for Narconon is to sell L. Ron Hubbard’s technologies to society. Further, Mr. Miscavige touts the Narconon Network as ‘our’ program and he consistently refers to what ‘we’ are doing.”

“Mr. Miscavige personally visited Narconon Arrowhead…The Narconon Network maintains specific importance for RTC and Miscavige based on the celebrity involvement…Mr. Miscavige required the weekly report to be submitted to him from ABLE that detailed the statistics, accomplishments and any problems, with specific emphasis on Narconon Arrowhead.”

Here’s the document itself…


NAFC v. Scientology: Plaintiff's Response to RTC's Motion to Dismiss

Also, NAFC filed a huge amount of exhibits, which we’ll index here in their entirety, though they may take some time this morning to post fully…

Exhibit 1: Declaration of Karla Taylor, president and CEO of NAFC
Exhibit 2: Declaration of Mike Rinder, former Scientology spokesman…

Despite the purposeful window-dressing of the corporate structure of RTC and Scientology in general, in reality, RTC and Mr. Miscavige maintain control of every aspect of the Church’s programs, which specifically include Narconon. Miscavige makes regular public pronouncements touting the ‘successes’ and ‘statistics’ of Narconon as part of his continuous campaign to convince Scientologists and the world at large of the continued growth and efficacy of Scientology under his leadership…

In 2002, while still working with the Church of Scientology International, I was present in Clearwater, Florida with Mr. Miscavige managing the Lisa McPherson wrongful death litigation. Mr. Miscavige monitored the activities of Narconon on a weekly basis. He required a weekly report be submitted to him from WDC ABLE in Church of Scientology International that detailed the statistics, accomplishments and any problems in the Narconon network, but with specific emphasis on Narconon’s flagship facility….I met with Mr. Miscavige, Mr. [Gary] Smith, and Mr. [Marty] Rathbun when Mr. Miscavige made the decision that Arrowhead would be the new location for Narconon Chilocco….The three most prominent Scientology celebrities (Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley) all publicly spoke on behalf of Narconon and Mr. Miscavige felt he had a personal obligation to see that a facility existed that they could use for influential people they may want to send to Narconon…

Exhibit 3: Mike Rinder’s declaration from the Monique Rathbun lawsuit
Exhibit 4: Marty Rathbun’s declaration from the Monique Rathbun lawsuit
Exhibit 5: A page from RTC’s website, explaining its goals
Exhibit 6: A page from RTC’s website describing David Miscavige
Exhibit 7: A page from Scientology’s website about Miscavige and Narconon…

Mr. Miscavige tirelessly works to extend Mr. Hubbard’s social betterment technologies to all people of the world…As the standard-bearer for these broad-scale humanitarian movements, Mr. Miscavige has overseen Church sponsorship of international headquarters for these initiatives. These centers include Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, established in 2001 as the premier facility of the worldwide Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention network.

Exhibit 8: Miscavige’s speech at 2002 LRH Birthday event…

“As of tonight, no less than 22 Arrowhead staff have now been recognized as Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors. Moreover, training in L. Ron Hubbard technology at Narconon now officially replaces all college training requirements. And finally, Narconon executives have now been welcomed to the Board, with authority to verify completion of those requirements themselves. Now that’s L. Ron Hubbard technology leading the way, for the entire field of drug rehabilitation!”

Exhibit 9: Article in Int’l Scientology News that corroborates Rinder’s declaration
Exhibit 10: The 1992 Ted Koppel interview of David Miscavige
Exhibit 11: Miscavige 2003 speech at SF church opening
Exhibit 12: Miscavige 2004 speech at NYC church opening
Exhibit 13: Photo of Miscavige at Narconon Arrowhead with Gary Smith…


Exhibit 14: Church booklet, ‘The Corporations of Scientology’
Exhibit 15: From Scientology’s website, ‘What is Narconon?’
Exhibit 16: Church booklet ‘The Command Channels of Scientology’
Exhibit 17: The Command Chart of Scientology
Exhibit 18: The Scope of Scientology (1991)
Exhibit 19: RTC’s website, electronic report form
Exhibit 20: Social Coordination International Executive Directive (1987)…

The only reason LRH founded the network of SOCIAL COORDINATION was to directly get the technologies of Education, Drug Rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of prisoners into wide use in the society and arrest the decline of society, caused by a few people who introduced unworkable technology….In a time of great social unrest, where drug use is at its peak, where the crime rate is consistently increasing, where children and adults are frantic about faulty education, there is one STABLE DATUM in all this: LRH’S TECHNOLOGY…Any idea that a SOCO group is there for any other reason than getting LRH’s tech out to society and replacing the unworkable tech that has been introduced, must be cast aside.

Exhibit 21: Narconon of Oklahoma Executive Directive (2002)
Exhibit 22: Excerpt from ‘What Is Scientology?’
Exhibit 23: An Active Field (Expansion Committee Program)
Exhibit 24: The Bridge to Total Freedom
Exhibit 25: A New Breed of Organization
Exhibit 26: Ideal Org chart

Whew, that’s it.

In other NAFC lawsuit news, one of the 82 defendants, David Lee, filed a motion to dismiss, NAFC answered it (as we reported earlier) and now Lee has replied to that response. Once again, he’s saying that he’s objecting on jurisdictional grounds, saying that he had no real ties to Oklahoma. Lee’s situation is particularly interesting because in the last couple of years he had become a Narconon whistleblower and appealed to the NAFC’s lawyers in a letter that he was on their side.

And one more legal item this morning. A story in the French press reports that there’s a new prosecution in that country, and it regards some Scientologists forcing employees of a private company to become church members. We see similar accusations made in this country from time to time, and an Oregon dentist and a Miami chiropractor each recently faced government action in the form of civil lawsuits. But over in France, they tend to take this kind of thing more seriously. We’ve asked our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, to look into the matter, and we expect a report from him soon.


Posted by Tony Ortega on July 24, 2014 at 08:00

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  • Fred Oxaal

    In the Narconon Arrowhead photo of DM, the two ladies on his right are Laurie Zurn and Rena Weinberg, former executives of ABLE going back many years – even prior to DM’s management takeover. They are both residents of the North Korean style work/re-education camp known as the Hole. They’ve not been seen publicly for many years. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families – husbands Frank Zurn & Brian Weinberg and their respective children Zack and Cloie Zurn and the two Weinberg girls.

  • aquaclara

    If you have a moment, it’s a good time to flag. I went through the daily posting list, opened links and flagged.
    4 fell right off….it’s a great feeling seeing them come down! Took less than ten minutes, and I went through the list twice.
    There’s a link below from Mark, if your settings are on “newest”.

    • Mark

      Great minds think alike, Aqua!

      • aquaclara

        Funny! Thanks for posting them and giving us a great shot to laugh over!
        oh, happy day! It’s Fun With Lawyers Day, too. So much theta entheta in one day, it’s magical.

  • Mark

    RED-X REQUEST Fourth update list so far today – Tampa, LA and Honolulu have all been busy posting ads in the last couple of hours, the deluded saps. The quicker we nuke ’em with the new super-duper ‘Eezi-Flag’ (TM) method, the more likely they are to be removed!

    Latest update:

    Daily list:

    • Scream Nevermore

      Bet that’s not all he sucks!

    • Eivol Ekdal

      Did you see the one that said, “Do you do bad things for money?” ?
      Maybe it is an OSA recruitment drive.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        hahahahaha. For real? hahahahahahaha

        • Eivol Ekdal
        • Eivol Ekdal

          This one is not so funny somehow…(pic)

          • Jane

            Ouch! the real meaning of this is “We are getting so desperate for money that we need people with REALLY juicy pasts to blackmail. Hopefully we’ll also find some ‘bad’ people with transferable skills to put pressure on those who can’t be blackmailed. Win win!”

  • Sibs

    I just completed another small library op, but the internet here is so slow and awful that I think I’ll have to wait until I go to McDs or go home to post a picture. I have two off-topic questions that I’m gonna leave here and then come back and read answers later on:

    1. Is there an internet source that lists all of scientology’s buildings in Los Angeles and what they’re used for? And, ideally, more details on what happens in Big Blue? All of my books are now boxed up.

    2. A celeb question, so you’re allowed to just roll your eyes and scroll past. I was discussing After Earth with a friend and it led to a discussion about the Smith family. Did Will Smith’s oldest escape the scientology madness and influence and that’s why we never hear about him? I didn’t even realize he had a third kid.

    • Scream Nevermore

      His oldest son is called Trey, he’s 21, and I’ve never seen a suggestion that he’s a Scientologist. He is also so gorgeous that I bet Jada spits at his shadow, given that her son is so…plain…

    • ze moo

      The Los Angles county tax department should have all of the clam buildings on the tax rolls. Not that they’re paying taxes……

      • Sibs

        Thanks, ze moo!

    • Frodis73

      Yes, it seems he did. I think he grew up mostly with his mom & had an almost normal childhood. Thankfully, it looks like he’s avoided the cult. He’s the only kid that ever looks happy in pix of all of them…he doesn’t have that “look” in the eye they all seem to get after awhile. Lol. The scientology look…they could trademark it like in Zoolander or something.

      • Missionary Kid

        ^^^^ for the reference to Zoolander.

      • Sibs

        Thanks! I shared yours and Nevermore’s responses with my friend; they answered our question.

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist
  • nottrue

    Scientology you can not stop the power of…………

  • Observer

    For some reason today’s story makes me think of the Matrix … *refresh*

  • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

    Alexa update for July 24: *refresh for images*

    Tony: US rank #17,877 – down 78 from yesterday. (Average rank last 3 months: 22,500)
    Scientology: US rank #58,273 – down 1,708 from yesterday. (Average rank last 3 months: 63,108)

    Difference: 40,396 – 1,630 more than yesterday. (Average difference last 3 months: 40,608)

    Clicks from India – 9,0% today.

    • Baby

      Johnny.. You are always so faithful to the cause.. We all appreciate you so much.. You won’t get many upvotes if any because I am posting at 4:15 am.. but I just love you..xoxo baby

  • screwsci

    Take that you childless SeaOrg know-it-alls!
    Decoding breast milk secret reveals clues to lasting health–read more here!

  • pronoia

    Yippee! It is beginning to look as though that with so many good attorneys working on behalf of scientology’s victims in various lawsuits around the country, the corporate shields set up by the cult will finally crack wide open!!!!

  • Jenstnick

    I’m travelling so I haven’t read through the comments today but just came across this article on Travolta.

    • Espiando

      Maybe you should have looked through the comments, because it’s already been posted.

      • Sejanus

        Come on, cut her a break.
        She literally said in her comment she was travelling and didn’t have time to go through comments.

        • honcho

          Well, at least he didn’t say “lick my asshole” like usual

          • Espiando

            No, I just said that to you. Now get down there and get busy with your tongue. And you’d have a lot more credibility if you didn’t name yourself after a gay leather mag.

            • honcho

              Why would sharing a name with a gay mag make me lose credibility? The gays are credible

            • aquaclara

              Oh, thank heavens. Fozzy Bear has gone back into hibernation until next year’s audit and we have our own Ted back.

              Glad you’re back to normal. Espiando. You were scaring me there for a while.

            • Espiando

              No, the audit isn’t for another week and a half. This is “get it out of my system now instead of in front of the stupid auditor” mode. I’m going to go through so many personality changes for the next ten days I’ll be making Sybil look stable.

            • aquaclara

              Aw, good luck. We love you here. You keep us laughing….
              Good luck.

              And knock em dead.

            • Baby

              Espi.. Should I be worried about you?

        • Espiando

          Well, I spent the day traveling (Chicago to Noo Joisey, to be exact), and I kept up on the comments. So no sympathy from me on that front.

          • Sejanus

            Well aren’t you just extra special.
            Were you riding on a special bus to go with it?
            Cuz I am thinking that would likely be fitting.
            Just go back under yer bridge and stick to scaring billy goats.

            • Espiando

              I’m more fucking special than you can imagine. Go back to your barnyard and stick to fucking your billy goats.

          • Gerard Plourde

            Maybe she didn’t have access to WiFi while traveling. I was just able to catch up in the past couple of hours because of various commitments I had today and haven’t gotten through all of the comments yet.

  • Rita Gregory

    The structure of the cherch starting to come apart at the seams. Tee Hee!

  • Jane

    Looks like Hubbard was frightened of ‘psychs’ for a good reason. The attacks on psychiatry and psychology, eg in Miscavige’s speeches at the mega events, are so obvious there MUST be people on that side of things who have been watching and waiting for an opportunity too.

    • Missionary Kid

      This is an opportunity for the ebbil psychs to apply some actual science to $cientology. I know that as far as psychologists and psychiatrists are concerned $cientology hardly exists, because it’s so small, but when faced with actual facts, its paranoia and lack of scientific methodology will lose the day for them.

      • Jane

        I’ve learnt the hard way to not underestimate them. Ever heard of the parable of yeast and salt?

        • Missionary Kid

          If you’re referring to the one about leavening of bread, yes. $cientology, though, won’t grow like that because society has moved on so far past it.

          A similar case is that of how society’s attitudes towards gays and gay marriage. In the 50s, when Hubbard got rolling with Dianutty, even though the Kinsey report told everyone that homosexual activity was far more common than society believed, gays were prosecuted, beaten, and sneered at. Gay marriage wasn’t even on the radar of society.

          Society, particularly after the revolution in psychiatric drugs now has a much different view on them. There also has been a slow evolution of counseling techniques for the better.

          Yes, there are those who still adhere to Hubbard’s views, but they’re more and more in the minority.

          Scientology will probably always exist because there will always be true believers, but it won’t flourish because society has changed and the knowledge of $cientology’s practices and beliefs are much more widespread.

          • Jane

            Not sure where you are but things look different where I am. In a nutshell the bizarre things that happened to us out of the blue led to me filing 6 complaints about the police over a period of about 2 years. Two included ‘mystery policemen’ who the force refused to identify and who I think were off-duty officers. Another complaint was linked to me being accused of harassing someone. This came after she rang me and said that I had to say that I THOUGHT her husband was NOT a scientologist. I told her that until her phone call I thought he wasn’t, but was worried that his sudden change in behaviour was because of having his head messed up by his life coach who was using scientology style tactics…… Anyway as with anything scientology it is all so very very convoluted I can’t do justice to it in a post….Also, don’t judge everything by what’s going on in the USA and a couple of other countries. ….And don’t assume that everything scientology is being done by people who are shouting from the rooftops that they are scientologists.

            • Missionary Kid

              $cientology is sneaky. Here in the U.S., if someone is using the authority of the police, they must identify themselves, unless it is and emergency situation.

              Otherwise, a camera on one’s phone is an excellent way to identify someone.

            • Jane

              Four policemen (ie no women) turn up at my 81 year old mother’s extremely isolated farmhouse where she lives alone at 11pm claiming to be looking for my brother (who wasn’t there and hadn’t been there for some time). No arrest warrant shown, and when he saw it later the address was a place about 40 miles away. (NB The police response to my complaint listed three separate locations as alleged addresses on the warrant so clearly there was considerable confusion about which address they did go to.) She asks for ID. One shows it. Two then force their way in, only one having shown ID.. They examine closely the paperwork on her table but make no attempt whatsoever to look for a person. When we make a complaint, the police repeatedly insist ‘we know he’s a policeman but we don’t know who it is’ and when asked to produce photos to ascertain ID ‘you can trust us to get the right person’ – even though they didn’t know names! Eventually I force them to bring photos to the interview. Three are clear and easily identified by my mother. The fourth is separate from the others, fuzzy, and dark but nevertheless she says it was definitely not like the one who entered who would not show ID when asked. Some weeks later we come across the name of an officer who is involved with the group who had been fairgaming my brother and discover (from someone who knows him) his description EXACTLY matches the description my mother gave of the mystery officer. However the police said he could not have been present because he was off duty……….We took the complaint all the way through the complaints process. My only consolation is that I now have names of people who covered up the corruption.

            • Missionary Kid

              It sure sounds like an all out fair game witch hunt on their part.

              How long ago did this occur, and in what country? (You don’t have to be exact or answer any of my questions).

              The whole reason that clams get involved with police in different projects is so that they have personal contacts. The police are sure that since they’ve been befriended by the clam that he’s a good guy, and they’re willing to help them out. It’s corruption by friendship co-option. After they’ve been told what an evil person the fair game target is, they’re willing to pull shit like that.

              Was your mother harassed after that?

              Police protect their own. Did the police ever arrest your brother?

              I hope that was all in the distant past.

            • Jane

              We’re in the UK. That’s exactly what our experience was – police clearly having been given such a clear idea that they are incapable of common sense. eg When the police came to inform me I was apparently harassing the person mentioned above (ie I was asking he and his wife to stop ringing police etc around where my mother lives and telling lies to stir up s**t) I said I could easily prove I hadn’t texted and phoned them because I had all the itemised phone bills for the number they told me I was using. When it showed that I had made NO CONTACTS during a particular time period in question the policeman told me my phone bill was wrong (ie that the phone company had not recorded or charged me for thousands of texts and calls I had allegedly made). Unfortunately it’s still going on although the police involvement tailed off after I made so many complaints. Brother was eventually arrested. Did you know that in the UK a secret civil court can sentence you (for I think) up to 2 weeks in prison without your knowledge or presence?

            • Missionary Kid

              That’s when you go to the top (highest administrator in the police dept., and have them contact the phone company themselves to verify your proof. Publicity helps, if you can get the ear of a reporter. The approach is, “I have a problem, and maybe you can help me. I will consent to have my records examined by you. The key is to sound them out about their knowledge of Co$ and to make sure that they have little or none friendship with Co$.

              Citing LRH’s policies about fair game is always a way of explaining your adversary.

            • Jane

              Thanks very much. Did go to the top. The IPCC is the national body responsible for pursuing complaints about the police. They prevaricated saying they couldn’t give me copies of records of my personal data (contra the Data Protection Act) so I went through my MP (like an American congressman) and he got the records…..which proved I was right and police were wrong. We have tried many reporters. In touch with John Sweeney. Also tried a fellow Cambridge alumnus who is an editor of a national newspaper. When I mentioned scientology he said ‘good or bad?’. When I said bad he couldn’t get away fast enough. The Press in the UK is far far far more restricted than in the USA. That is one reason why I say that scientology has a much tighter grip in the UK than anyone realises.

            • Missionary Kid

              Sounds like you’ve done just about everything you could.

              It might or might not be a good thing to send a letter to the IPCC with a copy of the records obtained through your MP, along with a copy of any correspondence with your MP. That way, they’d be, in essence, put on notice. If it’s one thing that bureaucracies hate is paper. I would also include your previous correspondence with them. The hypocrisy will be evident.

            • Jane

              Thanks, good idea. Yes I’ve got various other similar letters to write. Don’t know if you’re aware that there’s lots of seriously bad stuff that’s been buried a long long time coming to light in the UK. eg a disaster where a lot of people were crushed by crowds pushing forward at a football game. The police blamed it on them all being drunk and disorderly – now come to light the police ignored usual routines and were trying to get crowds outside in too quickly. Also various stuff about pedophiles in top levels of showbiz and the govt. I could lodge complaints about the writers of various reports whitewashing stuff, and also need to write to people spelling out i one syllable what they are sweeping under the carpet so they can’t say they didn’t realise how serious it is!!!

            • Missionary Kid

              Mail that is received by them usually has to be time stamped and a record of it is made. It is something that can be pointed to in the future.

              Make a note of when you sent it, and to whom. Here in the U.S., we have registered mail, return receipt requested, where someone has to sign for it. That puts another piece of documentation of their receipt of such a letter. That way it makes it much harder for them to “lose” such a letter.

            • Jane

              Thanks. We have recorded delivery, and I have used that for most letters since it became apparent that some letters were being ignored. We battle on! Interestingly in the ‘harassment’ issue the police maintained when I put them under pressure that the letter they gave me saying ‘you have committed acts which you know or should know are harassing’ didn’t actually MEAN I had already done anything harassing – just that I shouldn’t in the future. By the end of the complaints process they gave two examples of harassment (the police guidelines say they need to give 2 specific examples of separate incidents – both the examples they gave came from the same letter. One was part of a sentence I wrote in a letter telling my contact that I believed someone was using scientology tech on them without their knowledge. The other was a photocopy of an advert I found in a scientology ‘hatting’ manual I got 2ndhand on ebay which gave credence to my suspicion that a lifecoach or similar was using scientology tech on my contact. The advert was for a course which claimed it was ‘the ultimate dissemination tool’ and would teach the student ‘how to make a person into a scientologist without mentioning scientology’. Now I wonder why the IPCC (but not local cops) reckoned that that was harassment?

            • Missionary Kid

              Often times, people don’t thoroughly read what they cite as evidence or put it into context.

  • And I don’t rent cars!

    We might be getting new visitors to the Bunker this evening. David Keesling, from the Keesling Law Group who represents the NAFC and AACFC in this law suit, posted a link to Tony’s post this afternoon on their FB page.

    Also, thank you to the Bunker commenter who brought Mark Fisher’s offer to help to their attention. I notice they acknowledged your post and thanked you in return. So who knows, we might be seeing Mark’s affidavit also posted in Tony’s Scrbd account one of these days. Looking forward to it.

    (refresh) FB post and photo of David Keesling for our Bunker “Wall of Heroes”

    • NOLAGirl

      Hey NAFC lawyers, let us know what you like to drink so we can properly stock the bar.

    • Captain Howdy

      Welcome Keesling Law Group and NAFC
      Enter freely and of your own will.

    • Frodis73

      Oh how awesome. I wish they could post (openly). It will be great to hear what went on behind the scenes when all is said & done.

    • Missionary Kid

      It was Derek Bloch who apparently brought mark Fisher and the attorneys together.

      • And I don’t rent cars!

        Perhaps, Mish Kid. All I know is it was a woman who posted a message and a link to Mark’s comment and to whom KLG responded to. I did see how Derek, as well as other Bunker commenters, gave Mark a lot of contact info but I don’t know if Derek initiated anything or if he left it up to Mark to make contact. Knowing how dedicated everyone is here, I wouldn’t be surprised if David Kessling and associates got the message by FB, email, twitter, fax, phone, morse code, foghorn, message in a bottle, etc. Ain’t it grand? It’s always a joy to see how this community pulls together to help each other out this way. And for strangers, too! [Oops. Gotta go, suddenly got something in the corners of my eyes…]

        • Missionary Kid

          You’re right. I just woke up from a nap, and I usually qualify statements like that with “I believe…” I really don’t know who did it.

          Derek got a reply and posted it here.

          I’m also joyful at all of the people who are willing to volunteer to bring about the fall of Co$.

          If it was Derek, I’m really happy because he suffered at the hands of $cientology at a young age, and I’ve watched him blossom as he’s become a stalwart Bunkaroo.

          • And I don’t rent cars!

            Yes, I agree, Derek is one of my heroes, too!

    • Narapoid

      The face of the man who will depose Little Nero. Filet the bastard.

  • 10oriocookies

    Seeing this lawsuit develop gives me great satisfaction. When I initially came forward with information on the certification fraud I had no idea it would unfold into something of this magnitude. I just wanted people to stop dying in their care. The attacks, the disconnection and the general shitty way in which they responded to me telling the truth only made them look more guilty. I have the utmost respect for the way in which Karla Taylor and the NAFC have handled this and want to thank them for having the courage to stand up to these organizations.

    • Missionary Kid

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, and all of the other brave people who are coming forward with information and documents to nail $cientology’s ass to the wall.

      They’ve been crowing about the connection between NarCONon and $cientology for far too long. I hope that they’re hoisted on their own petard on this one.

      • 10oriocookies

        Me too!!

    • NOLAGirl

      Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Good quote. And 10..brava!

        • NOLAGirl

          Thank you m’lady. πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a good evening.

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            Ive been floundering in learning Big New Tech stuff for Little Old Ladies. Love most of it, but Google gets creepier by the hour and I think I am a bit too synced up. I input one thing and there’s an orchestra coming from a bunch of devices in every room!

            • aquaclara

              Funny. Especially since you’re not at all old. And you produce magical shoops.

      • 10oriocookies

        Thank you NOLAGirl!!

        • NOLAGirl

          No thanks necessary Eric. THANK YOU for all you’re doing. Know that you’re not alone.

    • Robert Eckert

      Didn’t seem like firing a shot at such a big mountain could do very much…

      • Missionary Kid

        May that be an apt metaphor for the end of $cientology.

      • 10oriocookies

        I like it!

    • aquaclara

      Outstanding work. Thanks, Oreos.
      Speaking out has not been the most rewarding thing up til now. It has taken guts and stamina and a huge heart.
      Now, that’s all about to change.

      It is time.

      • 10oriocookies

        It’s been hell to go through this. I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of the parents who lost their child at Arrowhead. That was very therapeutic for me. I got to look him in the eye and tell him I will not stop until justice is served and apologize for not coming forward sooner.

        • aquaclara

          No one knows the hell other than those of you going through it. From other inside knowledge, and of course from the testimony of our many friends here at the Bunker, I can try to imagine it, and even that’s too much to consider.

          But it’s why I am so appreciative and thankful of those like you who are speaking out and providing such valuable information to the lawyers and the families fighting to fix things.

          The families – how hard that is. And I think of each one of the families in Ryan Hamilton’s cases, too – how much they have suffered, and how much more could have happened.

          You have much to be proud of. Thank you so much. And now I hope you get to enjoy this beautiful day!

    • Chee Chalker

      Imagine what would happen if everyone who knew something told someone…..information and truth will be the death of the Co$.

      • 10oriocookies

        I agree 100%

    • Verve

      One step forward is all it takes to make all the dominoes come down.
      Your are a certified member of the Monkey Horde. Have a complimentary banana. πŸ™‚
      (And great job, good sir.)

      • 10oriocookies

        Thank you!!

    • Baby

      We love you 10.. You are a hero to many here. Thank you.

      • 10oriocookies

        Its the least I can do.

        • Baby

          but as the Bunker knows.. NOT many would step up. AND YOU DID. I so respect you!

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ REMINDER +–+RED X +–+ REMINDER ***

    It is time for me to retire, I have posted my last updates/additions
    The list start with the 23rd July and carries on with the subsequent additions
    We hope that you have enjoyed the new Ezy flag format
    and that it is making us more focused and efficient


    Thanks Mark for stepping in, we now need some one from *WUS continent*
    to take over the reminders and link the postings for the late shift!

    Ty Obs

    • Time to focus on the Los Angeles fraudulen ads.

      • Pierrot

        Take the baton and run with it.

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Pierrot thank you so much for all you have done and you have earned a well deserved rest. I always go to your links – it is so easy to do this 5-10 minutes a day and feels like really getting something useful accomplished.

  • Frodis73

    Anyone else having problems with watching last nights show?
    This is the link
    I keep getting warnings and/or it’s telling me my video player needs to be updated (it doesn’t) and wants me to download something from them. I really want to watch it…/me is sad I can’t watch.

    • Pierrot

      No problem with old window vista in South Africa

    • Sejanus

      Windows 7 running Google Chrome…same issue.

      • Aslansown

        I’m running Windows 7 and Google Chrome and it’s working for me.

      • Frodis73

        Glad it’s not just me…whew. I’m annoyed tho.

      • Eivol Ekdal
    • Captain Howdy

      It’s working for me and thanks, Fro.

    • Frodis73

      Hmmm. I’m running vista & using firefox. I hope they post it at the official site…maybe I’ll have better luck that way.

      • Jo

        You maybe need Ad Block installed?

        • Frodis73

          I was doing some experimenting & now (with Ad Block back on) I’m getting a wrong IP addy. Lol. I shall just have to postulate some patience and wait.

        • Observer

          OT, but they’ve opened the Destiny beta to everyone. You can download and play now, at least until the beta ends on Tuesday.

          Just posted an hour ago:

          • Jo

            I think that I might have to pre-order it for trail? Not sure but I’ve got the ps4 fired up.

            • Observer

              No, that was before today. They just announced it’s now open to everyone a couple of hours ago. You should be able to get it, barring servers crashing from all the traffic.

            • Jo

              It just appeared now for download, thanks Obs πŸ™‚

            • Observer


            • Jo

              A wee update, game is awesome. I thought that I was doing great until I played the crucible, I was rubbish, must need a headset. Keep getting errors tonight and having to restart. The tower is strange, folks were playing volleyball there last night, waving and dancing?

            • Observer

              Hahaha! Yep, there are a lot of dance parties at the Tower. And I sucked in the Crucible too. That’s one thing that will be different when it’s released; in multiplayer you’ll be matched with people who are more or less at your level.

              The beta ends today–I was mistaken about it ending Tuesday. As for the errors and such, that’s all part of playing a beta. They’re tracking all this info and should have it fixed when the game launches in Sept.

            • Jo

              I can’t sign in now, says error code: chicken. Will prob hire it on the xb360 or ps3, on borrowed time with the ps4.

            • Jo

              Edit, it’s working again πŸ™‚

    • Do NOT update your video player! The various sites it sends you to for that are trying to stick you with malware.

      Eventually I opened the page source, and downloaded it from the link in there. I’d post it, but I think it keeps changing.

      • Narapoid

        Yep, jacked my last confuser, um computer.

    • And I don’t rent cars!

      I don’t know if it’ll make a difference, but try it from within the original link given to us today. This is Once Born’s site, who uploaded it to vodlocker. BTW, I’m running Firefox with AdBlock Plus on a Windows machine and I was able to watch it both this afternoon and just now. Hope that helps.

      • Once_Born

        I just changed the link to another provider (thanks to Eivol Ekdal) below.

        I have used adblock for years, so I didn’t even see the ‘update your video player’ link in the vodlocker version. This sort of rubbish can and should be ignored, and I apologise for missing it.

        In future, I’ll switch adblock off before linking

    • Eivol Ekdal

      Here is another copy on-line…
      You can right click video window and choose to save file locally if you wish.

    • Jo
  • Frodis73


  • MaxSpaceman


    TruthIwant posted re scientology spiritual/religious beliefs, individual members:

    “What is one of the biggest paradoxes in Scientology auditing?

    “What once upon a time used to be a gleeful, ‘I just saw myself as a galactic space warrior 2 billion years ago,’ becomes a very subdued, ‘I don’t really believe in past lives anymore.’ ”

  • Narapoid

    Holy crap! This NAFC has lawyered up with some badass suits and a take no prisoners attitude. I feel for David Lee and hope he isn’t harmed.

    They have a truckload of exhibits with Mike Rinder’s and Marty Rathbun’s testimony at the top. The former number 2 and 3 of the cult who, back in their day protected it from the inside. They were the crushers, shitstorm-flap handlers. Now, as hardened and motivated enemies, they will reveal to any shark, er lawyer, what scares the crap out of Miscavige. The background research is laid out, and the obfuscation is being removed like the peels of a rotten banana.

    And the money. Lord, the great motivator that has the cult crushing it’s adherents will bring the sharks, er lawyers. 1.5 Billion in fixed assets, probably that much and more from the IAS warchest. Narconon is so tied in and bragged about they will try to deny, but how? Chum in the water. This used-to-be-scary leviathan is bleeding. The legal directors have to deal with Little Nero and real-world wog attorneys. They will start to slip, lose one or two and then the template for getting money out of the pig will be set.

    Hambo has 18 hot ones, Mosey is fighting 17 of the toughest lawyers in Texas, Laura is enduring yet thriving, Vance is bringing it to their heart with a strong case and a sense of humor, Luis and Rocio are working it even with the chickenshit way they were jerked around.

    Now the FBI is helping former Sea Org members (oh boy!) in the human trafficking division. When will the new IRS redeem themselves in the revocation of the 501C3 status? The IRS needs a good story about stopping a slave mongering cult of thieves.

    I used to hope Miscavige would be gone by Foctober, 14, 2014. Now I hope he is deposed in the first of 50 indefensible positions by then. This is frickin yummy!

    • Narapoid

      Dear Keesling Law Group, I mentioned a few things above about lawyers and sharks. I hope I didn’t offend. As I look at your photograph, from And I Don’t Rent Cars’ post down thread, I see a man who is ready to do some good in the world and can cut through the ugly lie of Scientology. It is a righteous cause and I commend your gumption to take them on.

      • And I don’t rent cars!

        I also that impression of him, based on the type of cases he took on at his previous law firm, and also the photo/message (I ignored the biblical reference) that he posted on his personal Twitter account and on his new firm’s FB page. He sounds like a good guy.


        • Missionary Kid

          That is exactly the opposite of DM. It’s no wonder he’s a foe.

          A case could be made by a fundamentalist Christian that DM is the antichrist.

  • NOLAGirl

    Rinder just posted “Thursday Funnies” The Sea Org “menu” is laughable.

    • Jgg2012

      any clams?

    • Anonymous

      From the comments under Mike’s post:

      Dave and Lou at dinner:

    • And I don’t rent cars!

      Oh-oh. Did you notice this? From his opening paragraph: “Tony Ortega has Sunday Funnies.Today, I have Thursday Funnies. Some Special Correspondents sent these in and I could not withhold them from bringing a smile to the faces of readers of this blog (especially as the posting coming up tomorrow is one of the least funny things ever to appear on this blog).”

      I wonder what “least funny thing ever to appear on this blog” means. It sounds ominous. I think we better stay tuned. I hope no one else has “accidentally” died or something dreadful like that.

    • Frodis73

      That is funny stuff. Did you see all the typos/spelling? Scrambled & Fries Eggs and Sour Doug bread. Too funny there is a whole book to convince ppl the SO is not as bad as they’ve heard. Gotta love the ease at the lies these folks tell.

      • aurora50

        hasn’t it been noted that many of the current SO are originally from over-seas…especially former Soviet bloc nations? I wonder if that heritage makes them more susceptible to the blandishments of the ‘ch*rch’?

      • Robert Eckert

        That was supposed to read “Scrambled Flies & Eggs”. As for Doug, you’d be sour too if you’d spent years in the Sea Org.

    • Sejanus

      Friday morning offers a “Pep-up Drink”
      Why does that sound like code for Puny Pope Piss in a glass if yer naughty.

      • Observer

        It sounds like something Ron would have invented.

        “Pep-Up Drink: a Jim Dandy Whizzer in a Can!”

        • Sejanus

          …and so forth and so on.

          Actually why would Scilons need a pep up anything?
          Shouldn’t they be able to harness Super Powerz and shake off the fuzzies?

      • D.Y.G.

        Sounds like generic Red Bull

  • Jgg2012

    I forgot another piece of info: several celebrities (Cruise, Travolta and Alley, among others), when talking about Scientology, have said “we have the best drug rehab program in the world”. Well, if its not part of Scientology, why do they say “we”?

  • Juicer77

    Does anyone else think that photo of MisManage looks like they “painted” on photoshop color (quite unevenly) to cover a sickly, pallid complexion? Compare to the hands.

  • anyone we know from the bunker? [see pic]

    … also new post up

    • Narapoid

      I’ll bet the wires were cut and they damaged the books themselves. Would that help stats? Something to break up the monotony of no one coming in..

      But, he could be someone who was hurt by the cult, they didn’t recognize him.

      • Jo

        I’m curious of the estimate of those two books, that they are probably going to use to scam the insurance.

    • 1subgenius

      Not me, but this is so sketchy.
      “It was LATER found that the man had APPARENTLY cut the wires….”
      and the severed wires were left behind…, yeah. Who the hell would cut wires and take them with them?
      Never seen before and the police couldn’t find him.
      Oh, by the way, anyone check their omnipresent video surveillance system?
      Or are they the only org in the world without one.
      Added: entered and began yelling. Yeah, great way to surreptitously do something.
      And with all that racket, no one was watching to see him do it.
      Even with their OT powers.

      • 11pm is an hour after their closing time. (See above.)

        • 1subgenius


          • How did this unknown person enter the mission at 11pm if they were supposed to close at 10pm? Did they have a massive rush of customers that they had to reg and were running late?

      • Innoculated

        They have so many wired crossed already I doubt they’d be able to assess the situation sanely.

  • Captain Howdy

    Hey Davey, did you know lawyers sharks can smell a drop of blood in the ocean from a quarter mile away?

    Dance, COB-Frog, Dance!

  • The Mission of the Foothills is claiming that an unknown person entered the mission and vandalized their computer wires and a couple books.,0,2390083.story

    The Cool Story suffers on a few points. The main one being that this was supposed to happen Tuesday at 11pm. Their hours on their Google+ page:

    Non-Denominational Church
    Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Monday 3:00 – 10:00 pm
    Tuesday 3:00 – 10:00 pm
    Wednesday 3:00 – 10:00 pm
    Thursday 3:00 – 10:00 pm
    Friday Closed
    Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

    It’s not unlike the story of the e-meter stolen in St. Paul last October by an unknown person being given a tour by the security guard .. at 3:30am!

    • 1subgenius

      Yeah, there’s a pattern to these. It sounded familiar.
      But if they’re going to lie, why not say they saw the guy do it?

      • If it’s a trend, I wonder how many more never made it into the local paper?

    • Captain Howdy

      The type of person who would be attracted to scientology is usually out and about at three a.m.

      • Silly me! I always thought that the basic function of a security guard was to keep people out after closing time. Obviously Hubbard has redefined it to be something like “late night blind tour guide”.

  • Sibs

    There was only one book by LRH at the library I went to. The fiction section was very far away, but I found an even better new home for the book. (refresh)

    Also the name I used today was Elli Perkins.

    • MaxSpaceman

      Excellent covert (or would it be, overt) op, Sibs.
      Good show, old girl !

    • LHS

      At the library I go to, Dianetics and its related books are already in the same section as books like “Going Clear” and “Bare Faced Messiah”, so they don’t need a new home. Though I have been known to slip index cards into the LRH books with the address of the Underground Bunker or Operation Clambake written on them.

  • Verve

    Oh, fudge, $ci lawyers just met their match. Boom goes the dynamite!
    Monkey dancin’…

    • Baby

      Hahahahah OMG Hilarious..Lovin it.. Just walked in the door..

  • A legal filing saying “the farce of RTC as a legitimate corporation” is a filing after my own heart.

    Oh, and Vive la France!

  • Exterrier

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! The discovery on this is going to be wild! Just copies of DM’s pronouncements at events are enough to tie him definitely to the operation. Wild! This could be it!!!!

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ REMINDER +–+RED X +–+ REMINDER ***

    Good morning Europe and US/Canada Night Owls
    Yesterday was Statsday and we got a fair amount of new ads.
    You will find a list of individual ads and subsequent postings here:

    We need a couple of volunteers to post reminder during the
    evening from 6pm edt onward. Please let us know..

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    Ty Ap

    • Pierrot

      This morning update ~12 ads, is on the next page, page 105

  • Robert Eckert
    • Baby

      Hahahha.. Ain’t that the truth Robert!

  • valshifter

    This is trueβ€”

    4. We now know more about psychiatry than psychiatrists. We can brainwash faster than the Russians (20 secs to total amnesia against three years to slightly confused loyalty).

    21 7a Kensington High Street, London W.8

    • HillieOnTheBeach

      “We now know more about psychiatry than psychiatrists.”


      This doesn’t apply to scientology only, but all quacks claiming greater authoritative knowledge than medically trained professionals get people killed. Literally.

      The anti-psych scilons and anti-vaxxers are examples of misguided, stubborn ignorance disguised as discerning minds.

  • DodoTheLaser

    At least Al Capone could say he was busted by IRS, while in prison.
    It sounds almost as cool as being busted by FBI or even CIA.

    If DaveTheDouche will end up in jail, as a result of this, and his answer will be
    – I was busted by NAFC, I imagine it won’t give him much street credibility.

    No disrespect to NAFC. What a day.

    • NibsSaid

      Hey Dodo. Missed you Wednesday night at the live blogging session.

      • DodoTheLaser

        It’s a very, very sad story. Thank you though.

        • NibsSaid

          Hope all is well with you.

          • DodoTheLaser

            Doing well. Same for you. Ty, Nibs.

    • Verve

      “So what are you guys in for?”
      “Assault.” “Robbery.” “Attempted murder.” …
      “Trademark infringement.”
      lulz galore, my friends. πŸ˜€

  • Peter

    Wow! This one is much more than a “crack in the dike”. What utterly fabulous news. And the vast amount of the evidence so far is based on the words and actions of the defendant(s) which bragged about those actions and intentions. And, when the NAFC prevails, ALL those docs will then be available for the tidal wave of lawsuits likely to be filed.

  • Brian

    Exhibits 8 and 13 are damning. It’s funny that this set of lawsuits out of left field may be the thing that finally topples the Co$ house of cards. It’s always the one thing you never see coming…

  • And I’m Cute, Too

    To the NAFC: Give ’em hell!!! (They’ve got it coming.)

  • Dinnye01

    I think this might bite Miscabbage in the ass real hard. So far, there were individual lawsuits… but now a rather renowned and powerful entity steps up against him. The playfield is a bit more leveled this time. And obviously NAFC knows what it’s doing. And when the garden dwarf will stand on a few books to be visible when being deposed… well… anyone seen Scott Tenorman must die from South Park? πŸ˜€