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French prosecutors investigating claims that a company forced Scientology on workers

Jonny Jacobsen

Jonny Jacobsen

Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, jumped into action after news broke this week of another possible Scientology prosecution in France. Here’s his report…

French prosecutors are investigating a complaint filed by 12 employees of a building firm who say their employer forced them to take part in Scientology courses.

The case is only in its early stages and may never make it to court. But one of France’s top lawyers, Olivier Morice — a veteran of court battles with the movement — is representing the workers who filed the complaint.

Prosecutors in Versailles, near Paris, have opened a preliminary investigation into allegations of workplace harassment and abuse of weakness.

The company at the center of the controversy is Arcadia, based about 20 miles outside Paris. But as well as naming managing director Frederic Langlois, the complaint also targets Scientology’s Paris Celebrity Center, l’Association spirituelle de l’Eglise de scientologie.

ASES-CC was one of the two Paris-based Scientology organizations convicted of organied fraud back in 2009, a verdict confirmed last October in France’s highest court.

The trouble this time started when staff were sent to do training courses based on Scientology principles.

Lawyer Morice told the Underground Bunker that the company’s sales reps had been singled out for the training. “The sales team very quickly rebelled, making it clear they weren’t happy with the course,” he added.

Participants were obliged to sit opposite each other for two hours without moving, Morice said. In other exercises, they had to submit to being insulted (bullbaiting) or had to repeat phrases from Alice in Wonderland for long periods.

In other words, they took the “training routines” that make up some of the steps on Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.” More than one former member has said the training amounts to a covert system of indoctrination designed to make subjects more susceptible to being controlled.

20minutes, the newspaper that broke the story on Wednesday, was quick to pick up on this aspect of the story: To accompany their web version of the scoop, they posted this striking demonstration of the Training Routines (TRs) by former members Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince…


One 27-year-old member of the sales team told the newspaper that she was unable to get through the bullbaiting sessions. In this exercise, subjects have to sit unflinching while being subjected to verbal abuse, before switching roles to become the abuser.

When she couldn’t manage the verbal abuse part of the exercise, one of the trainers took over — and to show how it should be done he demanded a blow job from one of her male colleagues, she told 20minutes.

Some of those filing the complaint were among more than 20 people fired by the company after it introduced Scientology principles to its training, Morice added. Others had left the company because of the Scientology management methods that were introduced, says the complaint.

Employees say there was no shortage of Scientology books and DVDs at the workplace and their boss Langlois never made any secret of his support for the movement. They say he had turned to the movement in the aftermath of the death of one his children.

Kristi Wachter’s database grouping the movement’s own publications shows that a Frederic Langlois made considerable investments in Scientology courses between 2009 and 2011 — including a stay on the Freewinds, cruise ship normally reserved for high rollers.

Langlois brought in Scientologists to help run the company, including Cyril Pincanon, who worked as a consultant there, said Morice.

Pincanon, who is also named in the complaint, told 20minutes that his consultancy there had been extremely successful. He denied that he had spread Scientology beliefs in the workplace but refused to discuss his methods.

Pincanon testified at the 2009 trial of Scientology for organised fraud as a character witness for one of the defendants (who was eventually convicted of fraud). He told the court how proud he was to be a Scientologist and how much it had done for him personally.

Underground Bunker veterans may also recall that earlier this year he was involved in a major land deal in central France, which fell through at the last moment after a local paper revealed the Scientology connection.

Olivier Morice is the lawyer who represented the counter-cult group UNADFI during the 2009 trial of Scientology — and at the 2011 appeal. A pugnacious lawyer, he will give as good as he gets should the case get to court.

This is only a preliminary investigation however, and prosecutors may yet decide that there is no case to answer. But it is one more headache that Scientology in France could have done without.

20minutes followed up on its scoop with an interview with company boss Frederic Langlois in Thursday’s edition.

Speaking to Vincent Vantighem, the journalist who broke the story, Langlois said he was surprised and saddened by the complaint filed against him. The first he had known about it was when he read his article, he added.

He confirmed he was a Scientologist, that he had introduced the movement’s management philosophy to his company, and that he had hired Scientologists to work for him.

He had also done the training routines at the heart of the complaint and found them very useful, he said. “But there has never been any question of putting that in place here,” he added.

He would not comment on the allegations concerning the more abusive aspects of the training, such as the bullbaiting, saying he needed time to study the complaint.

— Jonny Jacobsen


The Surviving Scientology Podcast with Mat Pesch, Part 2

Another great session with Jeffrey Augustine…



Scientology and sex abuse

Check out Mike Rinder’s blog today for a disturbing story about how Scientology kept an admitted child molester from being prosecuted. We know of several other cases of this inside the church. All too often, Scientology’s “internal justice” system is really a way of making sure no justice happens at all.


Posted by Tony Ortega on July 25, 2014 at 07:00

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  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ RED X +–+RED X +–+ RED X *** Friday the 25th of July
    Good morning US and Canada
    Yesterday was Statsday and we got a fair amount of new ads.
    You will find a list of individual ads and subsequent postings here:

    We need a couple of volunteers to post reminder during the evening from 6pm edt onward
    Please let us know if you like to help.

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    Ty THDNE

    • We at the Orgs will decide what is Illegal or not.


      • Pierrot

        what is true for you ….

      • Elar Aitch

        Are you blogging in from the Allen belt or are you a new meat suit Ron. Isn’t it time you reported back for duty?

        • I am Omnipotent


          • jeff

            Ron, I think you have an MU. From all accounts, you were often impotent.

      • i-Betty

        You most certainly will 🙂

        Members of the SO are so behind in terms of technology. I wonder whether U.T.R. lurkers here see your avvie and moniker and have a lil heart attack.

        • shasha40

          Bol ! Or shit their pants thinking Lcon’ s really back ,and theyre just too low level to have been told … Yet.

        • They have the most powerfull Tech to fall back on that I, l ron hubbard have discovered to help mankind and clear this prison planet of Entheta


      • That’s not working out so well in France, Ron. 🙂

  • Observer

    Scientogy: turning everyone into the very worst Ugly American stereotype regardless of nationality.

    • Bringing out the best in everyone since book 1 regardless of race, nationality or religion.


  • Scientology works and it helps people


    • Graham

      Scientology works and helps one person- the demented midget sitting atop the dung-heap.

    • RBE

      If you mean by “works”
      – empties your bank account
      – destroys families
      – kills critical thinking faculties
      – produces an air of superiority in the parishioner
      – etc, etc

      then yes it does!

      • You are a natural Clear I notice, Are you intrested in a few helfull courses for a nominal fee,


  • Dr_Orpheus

    Hubbard training techniques are completely nonreligious in cases like this when it is in Scientology’s best interest not to be religious.

  • Graham

    “a major land deal in central France, which fell through at the last moment after a local paper revealed the Scientology connection.”

    $cientology- the cult that dare not speak its name.

  • DodoTheLaser

    Speaking of the Bullbaiting drill, I viewed it as a special training that will enable me to withstand
    any and all kind of challenge in life. And it kind of did. I just wish it wasn’t a part of scientology indoctrination.

    • Proof of the workability of the Tech!

    • Elar Aitch

      Ability to withstand any challenge = bait
      Reduce critical thinking and increase susceptibility = switch

      • DodoTheLaser

        Yeah. But who do you think Hubbard “borrowed” that drill from?

        • Elar Aitch

          Any used car salesman?

        • DodoTheLaser

          P.S. It can also be adopted otherwise.

    • Peter

      It has certainly changed since the 60s and 70s. Then, the intent of the drill had to do with getting one’s communication across. I, too, found it very effective. It seems it’s used in very different ways now. I know that course supervisors immediately jumped on and flunked any coach who would do the kind of abuse now being shown as “routine” bullbaiting. The purpose of the coach was to help get the pc/student through the drill with success, NOT to beat him/her down. And, back then, it never “reduced critical thinking.” Those were happier days.

  • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

    When my first wife, Ann Hallblom Beatty, was GIEI (Gross Income Exec Int, one of the Int Exec Strata members under ED Int), she had priorly had experience being in touch with Les Dane from her earlier position as CS-3 (Commodore’s Staff Aide for Division 3 back before the Exec Strata was formed), and then later as GIEI she arranged for some “reg” workshops in the EUS, out of NYC area, for Scientology org area “regs” to come do the Les Dane main drills. It was a one or two day “seminar” just for the EUS org regs, with Dane himself.

    I remember her being very on edge during this, she did this at two or 3 sepearate times, held these seminars and Dane was paid to do the seminar talks and overseeing the regs.

    He was a good reg of course, and one thing was he was more sane about regging, and less mad dog hard sell than the Scientology regs who as we know have in history gone way beyond the hard sellness of even Les Dane!

    Anyways, Dane did help out, he was used by official Scientology, and I recall when Ann went be his main top Scientology contact and so forth, when he was hired to do these few seminars, back in the 1980s, like 1984-85ish I seem to recall.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Woh. This is new information. Oh, hi IRS! Oh boy, the pecking order of scientology’s sales force. It was the First thing I learned when working and eventually running Tours. It was the Most Important part of anyone’s How To Survive Sea Org unwritten manual.

      That’s incredible Dane himself was reeled in, although not surprising for 1984, the year scientology Should have died off, and almost did.

      For those not familiar with his sales book, he fit right in with mysogenist 50’s.

      I am familiar with scientologists’ companies who use a Sales script and salesmen are not allowed to deviate one iota. They are designed using Hubbard’s Tone Scale and scientology Dissemination Drills to find the person’s emotional level And his or her Ruin. This is suppose to help the salesman go in for the kill, or what they call the close.

      Let me just repeat … the scripts all employ scientology’s Dissemination tech, or what I like to call Creepy Grooming Lure. Tks, Chuck. This is important stuff from the horse’s mouth.

      • Elar Aitch

        I think you meant tech THDNE, but ‘ech’ fits beautifully in this context.

    • flexible

      HI Chuck. My recollection of using Les Dane was back in 1972 I believe.. when his book was first introduced to us as mandatory reading. This was in the Toronto Org. It was very “hard sell” and I was most uncomfortable with it.. but it was Command Intention and what LRH ordered, so it must have been the “best, most workable” sales tech out there.. so we had to learn to use the methods. Tag teaming, good cop bad cop techniques etc… Bleh. Used everywhere of course, from car sales floors, to stock brokers, to retail shops. I’m actually surprised it is still considered the best sales training book for the Registrars. But that sort of falls in line with the fact they are very behind the times in a lot of things.

  • i-Betty

    Jonny and a new podcast with the dulcet-toned Mat. Toot, toot!

    • flexible

      The extreme bullying we have heard of is never how it used to be.(Not in my experience that is) So if it is now the norm, it is thanks to all the “improvements” in the tech by way of Madscab.

      • SP Wannabe

        “MadScab”. Hee. My new favorite nickname for he who doesn’t deserve to be named. Paging MK!

        • flexible


    • flexible

      Try 30 to 40 in a dorm on the old ship. Sharing 1 washstand.. 2 bare light bulbs.. and LOTS of cockroaches crawling along the pipes above one’s head… biggies….ahhhhhhhhh memories.

  • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

    On the side of having all the “front” group being allowed their “regs” at Flag, I lived through the ASI side of this.

    The problem priorly, I witnessed from the ASI side, this was 1992-1993, 1994, was that weekly, the top regs of the main other zones, Flag regs, IAS regs, were competing. There were unofficial rules about NOT interrupting the regging of people paying services at Flag. Flag had first dibs in the early 1990s.

    IAS at first, in the 1980s and very early 1990s, was the underdog, Charmaine forget her last name, was the top IAS reg. As the IAS Regs during Charmaine’s time and after her, oh yes, Debbie Masters Fraser was a maddog IAS reg back then also, but IAS trailed Flag regs for priority taking people’s money off them. I think it was Flag regs first dibs, then in the early to mid 1980s ASI regs were second dibs, and IAS initial not that top notch regs came third dibs.

    Then ASI lowered to 3rd dibs, and IAS regs with Charmaine and Debbie and I can’t recall who became best IAS regs moved to 2nd dibs.

    The other front groups tailed after.

    Services used to take a bit more of the allowed priority.

    Putting all the regs at Flag, in that hallway by the pool, was a “solution” to let the regs from the units have a bit more equality in hitting people up for money.

    It was formulated from on high, likely between Int, some WDC Members for the sectors might have worked out this idea, and they all sort of agree on it, got it approved by Miscavige, and then the hallway regs from the various groups, including ASI which I always thought dodgy since ASI is NOT church (!!!), came to be.

    That little history also was for giving the other regs a shot, at the clientele who came to Flag, who even making it to Flag to buy the high priced Flag auditing and Flag accomodations, and having any money left over, then these regs had somewhat equal competition to pounce.

    Prior to this Flag wall of front group regs, it was all competing and cutting across each other weekly. It still is, it’s all still happening anyways, and I’d like to hear from the WDC members how this Flag hallway of front group regs has turned out, compared to their expectations!

    • flexible

      Chuck- “Putting all the regs at Flag, in that hallway by the pool, was a “solution” to let the regs from the units have a bit more equality in hitting people up for money.” – Do you mean in the breezeway running alongside the cabanas? Or what used to be cabanas? (Been a long time – pre-total renovation). I can’t picture where you mean.

      • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

        Yes, there are Source Mag photos or Flag promo photos that show that hallway breezeway lineup of offices in those cabanas that the sectors do their regging from ! There are some great original shots I recall, from the 1990s onwards when it first was set up!

    • Ruby

      Chuck, at our org, we all used to refer to that hallway of registrars as “the gauntlet”. It was well known that one would have to “get thru the gauntlet” before being allowed to leave Flag. It is so funny to me now how we used to openly joke and say things like that and be oblivious and complacent about the truth to what we were saying, ya know?

      • chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03

        I wonder if any disaffected public, who are planning that visit as their last Flag visit, might just secretly video their last time through the gauntlet and then post it on YouTube!

  • Karen de la Carriere

    Listen to the Intelligence gathering done on a target to extort maximum money. This new video is Mat Pesch, the Treasury Secretary revealing more on what is done to the hapless arrival at the Flag Land Base.

    What are his buttons ? How much is his net worth ? Does he have a boat ? What investments ? Where ? What banks ? What credit cards ? What savings ? How much is his house worth ?

    The “FSMs” are the feeders that make 10% of money they extort on Scientology public. FSM means Field Staff Member.

    Just like Amway and Mary Kaye. Bring em in, you get a %.
    It’s so Ecclesiastical ! The staff study Les Dane and other high pressure sales books and they are slick and ready with predatory techniques.

    The Church with frenzied shark feeding at the smell of blood move for the $$$$$.

    The sales cycle is orchestrated with a combination of intelligence, research, case buttons from confessionals and the vultures circle around for the *Kill shot* to bring the prey down.

    Now if the Sea Org staff did not make their quota ~~ there are penalties for that. Woken up at 3am, they must RUN herded by black SUVs with security guards ~~ they must run 3 miles from the Hacienda (Sea org berthing) to the Fort Harrison, a 3 mile run in the middle of the night, while Clearwater sleeps (sleep deprivation) and this is not seen and visible by the general public.

    Here’s the map of the run.

    • i-Betty

      Karen, I’d love it if Jeffrey could interview you for Surviving Scientology.

      • SP Wannabe

        Seconded! In a many-multi-part series. Whatever you’re willing to talk about, Karen, even repeats of what you’ve said or written before. That would be an incredibly compelling listen! (All of Jeffrey’s are, but wow, what an addition that would make!)

      • Verve

        Thirded. The two of them together would be excellent.

    • Barbara Angel

      It never fails to shock me when a *new* story of the Punitive consequences for not being able to manifest endless $$$$$$$$$$$$$ It’s a money sickness on a scale I’ve never seen or heard of before. The worst part is mustravage is still demanding moare moneeeeeeeeeeee…. When is enough, enough?

    • Anonymous

      The quest for dollars even extends to the auditing room at FLAG.

      There are situations where the PC would causally mention something about their finances in a session and that information would move from the auditor, to a page (errand runner) to a reg, within minutes of sessions end.

      The PC would then be escorted by a page (on some pretext) immediately from the examiner to a reg who would begin working to extract the money revealed in session. Sometimes the regging would occur less than 15 minutes after the session (in which the money was disclosed) ended.

      • joan nieman

        That is beyond deviance but then, we always say, scientology is always worse than you think.

      • Zana

        OMG. Truly ravaging.

    • If we could get video of that human rights abuse, that would be highly beneficial to forcing the crime syndicate to stop that horrific abuse.

    • Zana

      It’s hard to imagine this kind of torture happening anywhere. Thank you for sharing all your insights, Karen. You and Jeffrey are amazing. This and the terrible food, plus the human trafficking … plus, plus plus… “Scientology: it’s always worse than you think.” This is, to me, is literally unimaginable to treat other human beings this way. It’s sick. And then to blatantly lie about being “the most ethical people on the planet.” Thank you for continuing to expose this smelly corruption. To think — so many of us fell for it hook, line and sinker. Many blessings and much strength to you in your continued leadership in exposing the truth!

    • flyonthewall

      Have any local anons ever considered filming this 3am fun run? Seems like a hard thing to keep secret, someone’s bound to see them along the way at some point.

    • Eivol Ekdal

      Do you know what day of the week this happens usually or what day it is more likely to happen?
      I am guessing post stats, early Friday morning?

  • vistaril_LOL

    “contre nous de la tyrannie”

    This is especially dedicated to the gutless and clueless UK and US politicians who like to take pot shots at La France:-

    • i-Betty

      God, I love La Marseillaise. A proper national anthem 🙂

  • NOLAGirl

    $cientology: A shakedown wrapped in a scam, wrapped in a fraud, wrapped in extortion.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Very good … except you forgot the bacon wrap. There has to be that whole lure thing:)

      • NOLAGirl

        Now I’m hungry. 🙂 Who is making breakfast?

      • Verve

        Dang you, I’m hungry now, too! 🙂

  • Truthiwant

    I picked this off the internet from a forum and translated it from Italian.
    It’s about a well known company near to me where the family are Platinum Meritorious with Honors.

    It’s about working for his company.

    “…At some point when you enter the company, they will have a conversation with you explaining their relationship with Scientology…and in a nutshell… are you going to stay with us and follow our ideas? Well then, you pass the grade. Or are you not going to accept our ideas? Well then, you can leave, thankyou.”

    • vistaril_LOL

      Any Italian language links with more info?I can translate.

    • 1subgenius

      Why not name the company? And the people?

      • Truthiwant

        It’s called Siretessile

  • Yay for Maitre (lawyer) Morice (Yes, the title is used as a prefix when talking about his work). He knows a criminal organisation when he sees one. Corporate “training” is one of the areas in which the Co$ tries to make a load of money they don’t deserve. (Anonymous in France had “Operation Red Mail” some time ago to spread the information about the various Co$ related entities which were trying to keep their lights under a bushel…)

  • HillieOnTheBeach

    “They say he had turned to the movement in the aftermath of the death of one his children.”

    A presumably wealthy man with a devastating ruin. Such an opportunistic cult. Likely (figuratively) broke out the champagne when they snagged him.

    • 🙁 And the fact of his child’s death would have been the first thing out of his mouth, the first thing the crime syndicate latched on to as the means to get the man’s month. 🙁 Filthy!

    • Bavarian Rage

      Scientology member = where every perpetuator of evil starts out as a hapless victim.

  • John P.

    It is worth noting that Versailles is home of the legendary sprawling building that was for many years the seat of the French court. You know, that famous palace.

    And of course, it is a wonderful unintentional irony that this Scientology-driven firm is located here. After all, one of the signal attractions of the Palace of Versailles is its largest room, the Hall of Mirrors. Scientology is perhaps the only organization that can erect a mental hall of mirrors to trap the unwary that rivals the one in Versailles in complexity.

    But we can all take solace that the hall of mirrors in Scientology’s mindf**k is visited by fewer people every year than the number of people that visit the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles in a single day.

    • Innoculated

      Nice metaphor.

    • Elar Aitch

      The Hall of Mirrors is also somewhere Captain Dave would be reluctant to go – it might involve taking a really good look at himself – and somehow I doubt he’d really measure up (btw, I wasn’t going for a height joke but will leave it there because it works that way as well).

    • ze moo

      Vampires can’t generate an image on a mirror.

      • That’s what the vampire-controlled media want you to believe.

    • Anonymous

      Scientology has to be the most irony-free organization on earth.

      Insular beyond reason and hostile to outside education / knowledge, the church creates an atmosphere in which many adherents willingly adopt a ” I-do-not-know-and-I do-not-want-to-know attitude” regarding much of the non-Scientology information commonly available to the wog world.

      This of course also makes the organization the easy butt of all sorts of jokes, none of which are funny to Scientologists, until they leave.

      Then it is just sort of embarrassing.

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      The name Versailles leaped off the page for me, too. I wasn’t thinking so much of the Hall of Mirrors as I was thinking of the Hameau. That’s the adorable model village with the mill and dairy and porcelain implements where the Queen and her friends could “play” at being common people.

      I have no idea why that image came so readily to mind…

      • Zana

        Wow! I never heard of that. Interesting. I’ll google it.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist
    • Espiando

      There are two things that Idle Morgues and the Palace of Versailles have in common: 1) Conspicuous excess everywhere you look, and 2) Lack of toilet paper. That’s because Versailles was built without toilets. What’s Scientology’s excuse?

    • When I was there, tourists were not permitted inside but we got to walk the grounds. But it was the bread at the wheeled carts around the Palace that had the best treats. 🙂 Hot mustard and bread!

  • John Smith

    This is happening in the UK too. There’s a certain Hotel in Cornwall where the staff are forced to take part in Scientology training and given large amounts of Vitamins, yet nothing is done in the UK.

    • vistaril_LOL

      Yeah, perhaps if warnings were given in Polish on jobsboards etc……

    • i-Betty

      Camelot, Tintagel?

    • vistaril_LOL

      actually knew someone who was going down that part of the world.Intelligent woman, but not really a news buff,however she read tripadviser website heard of the cult connection and had seen a bit of “scientologists at war” on uk tv.Their well deserved rep precedes them!

    • Once_Born

      Would that be the Camelot Castle Hotel, closely scrutinised by this blog?

      This kind of situation is very frustrating – the problem is that the staff are predominantly Eastern European and don’t really know what to expect… I suspect the police would be only too happy to intervene – if an actual crime was reported and they could persuade witnesses to testify.

      It seems that the best that can be done is to warn people off, and hope that they go broke…

  • valshifter

    “Ideal” scam

    • Peter

      Proper handling technique. Well done.

  • Guest

    wrong picture

  • i-Betty

    To a scientology reg, all single women look like this. Oh my, thank heavens for strong men!

    • i-Betty

      The sales demographics Mat lays out are fascinating and, like everything CoS, stuck in the 1960s.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Les Dane sez to ignore wimmen cause they don’t know nuthin’ and they don’t control finances. Get to the husband or brother or father. Yeah, that’s the ticket! No, really. YOu can see why Hub was a fan.

        • Anonymous

          Les Dane’s “Big League Sales Techniques” are the epitome of sleazy, person-to-person sales techniques. They are the sort of manipulative treachery employed by the lower end of the used car sales business. The techniques are also stuck in an early 1970’s U.S. cultural mindset, at least the early 70’s mindset of a white male who was already middle aged by the early 70’s.

          On a gradient scale of sleaze from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, I’d slide the techniques described in Dane’s book at around a 7. But when combined with the deliberate deceit built into Scientology’s fraudulent offering, the combined scored would be a 10+ and are an almost perfect example of how bad, bad can actually be.

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            Yeah, the two areas Hubbard left alone were sales and legal. That says all you really need to know, doesn’t it!

            By the way, I actually had a salesman on a used car lot not more than 10 years ago tell me I should have my father help me buy a car. I sat stunned for an entire minute. Then I laughed out loud as I stood up and snarked on my way out the door, “Thanks, Les. I’ll be sure to do that.”

            • Verve

              Oh hell, I let my wife do the talking/hagling whenever we buy a car. The poor guys never knew what hit them. And the whole time I’m just leaning back and laughing on the inside. I’d love to unleash her on a $ci regge, it would be beautiful to watch!

        • Zana

          Jeez. 50s mentality. Old, stuck-in-the-mud, wife-as-a-slave mentality. Women are returning to their true, amazing, powerful glory. Thank goodness for ALL of us.

    • Observer

      Married or single, I’ve always been more along these lines: *refresh*

      • Innoculated

        Xena and Xenu ready for battle.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Damn I need to laugh hard today. Thanks, Obs. Still laughing…

  • MaxSpaceman

    Mat – a second, compelling Webcast of Jeffrey Augustine’s Surviving Scientology Radio with an excellent Mat Pesch delivering the goods. The money-hunger, deep in Hubbard, manifested in the business he created, selling his books and processing in his cherch of Scientology Incorporated, is detailed exquisitely by Mat. It’s chilling. And repulsive- how reprehensible the Scilon is when acting on behalf of their cherch.

    • I’m always struck by how management (Davie Muffcabbage) is so willing to suck every penny from the operational income, almost literally starving the lower ranks and probably crippling the income-generating operations, to pay for legal battles, when they could easily pay for it out of the massive reserves which have supposedly been amassed for just those kind of situations.

      No doubt there’s some simpleton’s accounting method where this looks good on paper.

      • I was also surprised that there are regs and FSMs still making the Big Bucks ($500k-1M/year). No doubt there are ways to claw that back, but it must be awkward using Big League Sales Closing Techniques on the top people who use it on the publics.

        • Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack

          I don’t think this is a perfect analogy but it is worthy of reflection.

          As a Scientologist I was told vey early on to lie to people. It was called, “Gradient Truths”. I was set to go out on the street and hand out leaflets, to troll for suckers. I told my supervisor that I would tell the people on the street about perfect memory, 20/20 vision and eventual control over MEST. She told me very calmly that that was “off gradient”. I would tell them about becoming “happier and more able”. As foolish as I was, I wasn’t stupid. I knew she was asking me to lie. But I didn’t realize that while I was being told to lie to others, they were lying to me. Somehow, there was a disconnect.

          With this I can imagine a situation where a person uses emotional coercion to make sales but when the same tricks are used on him, he thinks only of the great needs of the Scientology and how lucky he has been to receive an inheritance/own a home/have a high paying job.

          And just to cap it, what Scientology did give to me was some understanding of how strange human behaviour can be.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Nope, unless you consider pure, unadulterated, insatiable greed as an accounting method. Hubbard’s system relies 100% on fast turnover of marks and free labor in mass quantities, like Walmart. 70-85% profits from gross income is not sustainable. This is why scientology is dead. All that’s $ propping up the shell is whale funds and the system now is overpopulated with commissioned salesmen. Nature and awesome lawyers have a way of dealing with overpopulation.

      • Missionary Kid
  • NOLAGirl

    Jeff’s right Amy, we’d love to hear from you too. Thanks again Mat and Jeff. Another great interview.

  • i-Betty

    There you have it, Sea Org members: the only way you are likely to receive any auditing is to be thrown into your organisation’s version of prison. Then, after hour upon hour of hard labour you might just get to see an e-meter at the end of the day. Chances are you’ll be sec checked rather than audited, but at least you’ll get to touch one of those cans. Remember how they promised you hours of high level auditing and scientology training when you signed up? I’m afraid they lied to you, about this and so much else.

    • Dr_Orpheus

      They might not be able to get auditing in this life, but undoubtedly in some future lifetime, when the planet is closer to being Cleared, COS will be able fulfill it’s promises to Sea Org drones.

      • joan nieman

        Will he be able to do that from the great inferno?

  • 0tessa

    The Scientology structure:
    one ruler (absolute power), an army of slaves as management, all the rest are producers of money.
    All the money flows in one direction: to the top. The command structure is top down.
    All information is on strictly need to know basis.
    Not following the rules is sanctioned by imprisonment, enforced abortion or forced labor.
    Putin would love this.

  • ze moo

    “Pincanon, who is also named in the complaint, told 20minutes that his consultancy there had been extremely successful.” Among the allegations against the clam ‘management’ scam is the claim that the ‘consultant’ was paid over 400k euros and someone called that embezzlement. An earlier article in English said perhaps 2 million euros were scammed from the company.

    • HillieOnTheBeach

      And in the bizarre interview with Frédéric Langlois, his answers unravel and barely make sense.

      He knows TRs, uses them himself and thinks it’s very funny.
      Has 80 employees, but if he hired scientologists, there would be millions of them.
      He acknowledges implementing scientology management tech, hiring scilon consultants but then also acknowledges his company is in difficulty. He realizes that losing over 20 employees within about a year is an indication that a problem exists but claims it’s too early to tell what the problem is and he needs to step back to evaluate it.
      Says some employees claimed he’d be out of business by June. He then implies that because it hasn’t happened [yet], the plaintiffs must have nefarious intentions.


  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    The ratio of Save the World Cheerleaders to Save My Ass and Assets Ringleaders in the scientology sales matrix has reversed as resources have drained and dwindled. When there’s nothing left to sing about, when the roar of the crowd is mandated, when the rah rah is extorted by ransom of family, the Cheerleaders are drowned out by the screeching of flying monkeys.

    No mystery who will be the last to pry their cold, greedy fingers off the throat of the last beached donor. I always envision the last scientology sales call with lights dimming inside the Apollo chain locker, the whimpers of that frightened child of long ago morphing into ominous laughter leaking from the Miscavige dolls, leering out the porthole one last time.

    What, you don’t have a Last Day scene picked out?

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Oh, I’ve had my Last Day scene in the back of my mind for some time. It’s not terribly dramatic.

      The setting is the front porch of a very large, neatly appointed building in Florida. There are a long row of mostly empty rocking cairs. Two very elderly people occupy two chairs, side by side. As they rock and doze, they occasionally rouse themselves to stare intently at an ashtray sitting on the porch rail.

      Nothing moves, aside from the odd dragonfly flitting among the neatly tended flower beds.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Throw in a bluebird mobile home parked in front of that porch and you have a winner!

      • Or they stare at each other until they both fall asleep. The first one to wake up will wheeze “Flunk!” at the other, then the cycle repeats.

      • joan nieman


    • NOLAGirl

      I have various scenarios for the end, because everything in Co$ isn’t centrally located. I think many things will happen, but in my mind, almost all of them look like this: (F5)

      • Once_Born

        I do hope that seized documents are eventually made public (rather like the records of the East German Stazi were).

        Scanned documents could be distributed via the Internet to a distributed network of workers who could organise them and, finally, we would know what has actually been going on behind the scenes all for all those years.

        A post-mortem like this could teach us so much about how and why organisations like Scientology endure for so long, despite being completely out of touch with reality.

      • And I’m Cute, Too

        May I live to see the day…

    • If only we could get Federal prosecutors to move against these criminals in the United States, chop these crooks off at the roots.

    • joan nieman

      I’m loving your descriptive writing THDNE. You express the horrors very well and you know the inside of the cult and it’s corrupt belief and practices. I could read your blogs all day. Thank you for your interesting statements.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        tks. I tried writing once, but it came out all wrong. So now I just speak with a keyboard:)

    • Techie

      Well said, THDNE. Strangely I had a dream last night that Dave asked me what to do. Obviously dreaming, but I went along and said “Dave, shut it down.” With a bit of reflection I should have said shut it down, sell the assets, use the proceeds to compensate those with damages. Even the $billions may not be enough for that but at least lawsuits could proceed to provide some relief for those whose lives were truly ruined beyond repair. Dave Miscavige (I use his full name to ensure OSA finds this post) shut it down. You have already shut down actual training and processing to a pathetically miniscule level so there won’t be a huge change there. Free the slaves, reunite the families, scrap the Freewinds, cease the scams. You have the power Dave, I hope you have the courage. If you don’t it will be done by the Justice Department of the United States and the IRS. That will be a messy and wasteful process. Many people will be hurt when that happens. You will be severely hurt financially and may have to do jail time. You could make it easy and fair, if not completely painless. Please, do it for your own sake if you cannot have a drop of human mercy in your soul for anyone else. Dave, please, just shut it down!Dreaming, I know, but it cannot hurt to dream. Sometimes dreams come true.

  • PickAnotherID

    It’s all a big misunderstanding. When Cof$ puts cover ‘A’ on the book, it’s a $cientology training manual. But if they put cover ‘B’ on it, it’s a secular Management Training manual. See, simple. It’s a dessert and a floor wax.

    • Missionary Kid

      Well put.

  • NOLAGirl

    The Dimly Lit Dung Beetle is probably choking on his Scotch & Corn Flakes this morning. We already knew they covered up for child molesters, now more stories are coming out.

    I hope none of these criminals think Dave will be the only one going to jail.

  • Mark

    RED-X + RED-X + RED-X REMINDER! Now it’s simpler and quicker than ever to give those pesky $ciloon Craigslist spam-ads the bum’s rush with the all-new “Eezi-Flag” (not ©) technology!

    Today’s listings start here:

    • i-Betty

      The new way of listing the ads individually makes the job so easy 🙂

    • Pierrot

      Very little movement today.
      After yesterday’s big push, they might take it easy and start again this after this evening.
      Meantime you can RE-FLAG yesterday.
      Tomorrow we will make a Regional List to make sure that we have not been missing any!

  • Douglas D. Douglas

    Scientology for CATS! Yes, the Tech has been adapted!

    Here is the first leaked video of their most successful “Clear” cat, demonstrating their awesome, awesome “Confront and Shatter:”

    • 1subgenius

      Cutest cat statue ever.

    • rickiraccoon

      THAT is adorable!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      That is a Bullbait Pass!

  • 1subgenius

    I don’t recall hearing before this, that Alice in Wonderland is used in the brainwashing.
    Totally appropriate, but news to me.

  • flyonthewall

    SMUGGLED VIDEO FROM FLAG REGISTRAR MEETING! Reliable sources say the man leading the meeting has since been RPF’d and is currently shackled naked to a wall in the basement of PAC base. FBI, IRS, I hope you’re paying attention here –

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    I sincerely hope those who read Mike Rinder’s column regularly will realize that Any crimes they witnessed or have information about should be reported somewhere, somehow, but now. The mindset inside scientology, especially inside the staff bubble becomes solidly against reporting to the authorities.

    It is called obstruction of justice, but in scientology, it is called the greatest good. THAT is the harm that fanatical extremism causes first and foremost. The ends justifies the means and all that. Part of the manipulation is to convince you that criminals will just be tortured by psyches and drugged out, and that Hubbard’s tech will cure them – including pedophiles. No one ever admits that pedophiles aren’t cured and that they are known to be repeat offenders. To be honest, most scientologists would Not put up with having criminals around them. If any Did report it to authorities, you would not hear about it, so who knows how many did report.

    A crime in scientology is called entheta or out ethics to diminish the severity and the criminality of not reporting the crime. I think this is one of the shocks some have to deal with when they come out, and it may very well be one of the reasons some cannot remove themselves completely from the scientology hold. It’s a sort of mental self preservation, protective sort of reaction. Scientology has existed all these years because of enabling. It’s a hard fact to face, but there it is. One reason for the mass exodus in the early to mid 80’s was the onslaught of orders with penalty banning information streams from outside the bubble. I can’t imagine anyone today agreeing to no internetz. The Sea Org had their TV’s all confiscated. Many left just for that.

    • D.Y.G.

      Report, report, report.

      She says Steve Hall convinced her to go to police “some time ago”. The statute of limitations for criminal child molestation charges in California is 10 years, and it happened in 2001. However, the crime can also be prosecuted within one year of WHENEVER a victim reports to the police – even past the 10 year mark.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Thank you….this would be good to post over at Mike’s, place, no? tks

        • D.Y.G.

          I’ll go do that now. I know she says nothing happened when she did report, but that could change in a heartbeat if the victim ever comes forward.

    • ze moo
    • Espiando

      Sexually abusing a four-year-old girl? Oh, we can “handle” it. Masturbation, though? Crime Against Humanity.

      What kind of a warped philosophy produces conclusions like this?

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Not a warped philosophy, a warped mind.

      • Eivol Ekdal

        There is only one word that completely fits…

      • Zana

        Yes. Right on! How warped can this get?

    • Eivol Ekdal

      Grrr!! What it the statute of limitations on interfering with a child?

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        I think it is so important for scientologists, ex or whatever flavor, to know that Statues are different and change and not to assume anything. If they just report what they know about a crime to authorities, even if it can’t be used to prosecute, it gives them useful information that could be useful if the person is still committing crimes.

        Crimes against seniors and children are changing fast, as well as any sexual crimes. So just report what facts you know.

    • Zana

      They are trained to endure abuse in the TRs. They are trained to not look anywhere and to welcome not looking at anything outside their own little torment. It is similar to the priests who used to flog themselves and deny sex and pleasure as being of the devil. Their depravity of spiritual and emotional aliveness leaves them wide open for total manipulation. To the extent that they can “heroically” endure the self flagellation and torment is the extent to which they feel good about themselves. Actual feeling good and enjoying pleasure for it’s own sake is so far off their map that it provokes anxiety. Give ’em a cat-‘o-nine-tails… or give ’em DM and the RPF to make them feel like they are making some kind of spiritual progress.

      I can see from the video above how powerfully the TRs indoctrinate Scientologists into enduring anything. Then give them a common enemy to fight against that is destroying the world… then you have a recipe for madness.

  • BosonStark

    Mat says some regs are pulling in up to a million dollars a year profit. Good grief, I hope they’re giving some of that back to one of Scientology’s social betterment programs, like David Miscavige’s clothing fund.

    • Bavarian Rage

      Who’s regging the reggers? There’s gotta be someone. Miscavige wouldn’t let them just pocket their profit.

      • Qbird

        The ultimate Scn. Inc ‘game’ — the cut-throat business… eating each other alive.

  • DeElizabethan

    The video with Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince is EXACTLY how the TR’s are done, tho of course for longer periods of time. This video is the best representation of how they practice the drills, that I have seen.

  • DeElizabethan

    Jonny Jacobsen, you rock! Thanks for informing us of the news in France. My best wishes for the 12 peple and do hope it does go to court.

    • joan nieman

      Indeed. Thank you Jonny, we always love to hear from you in the Bunker.

  • Versailles — I was thrown out of a cafe in Versailles. Let’s hope that the French throw these Scientology crooks out of their entire country.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      That sounds like a Hunter Thompson line:)

      • It was funny at the time, I was not insulted. I had struggled to learn enough French to get by when us engineers went to France for a business project, and when the waiter took our orders, I asked for French Onion Soup with cheese and did so in French.

        The other engineers pointed at the menus and grunted. The waiter did not like that, he gathered our menus and refused to serve us because only one of us had made an effort to learn the language. The French guy was snooty but I think he was right, everyone should have made an effort to learn some of the language.

        Versailles is a big tourist town, obviously, and the French there can expect to know English — and everyone did. Yet the waiter had had enough of lazy Americans that day and threw us out. 🙂

    • HillieOnTheBeach

      “I was thrown out of a cafe in Versailles.”

      The fact that you are posting today would prompt Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette to wish they had been so lucky.

      • Yes, “what happened to me in France could have been worse” is quite true, compared to others. Antoinette deserved it, though. 🙂 We’ll be doing the same in the U.S. some day, I hope. 🙂

        • HillieOnTheBeach

          “Antoinette deserved it, though.”

          OT: No, she didn’t. She may have been flighty, but she was relatively uninvolved and uninfluencial in politics.

          Her biggest mistake was to have grossly underestimated court intrigues that targeted her.

          • I tend to feel that all rich entitled elite tax-fattened parasites deserve Madam Guillotine just on general principles.

            • HillieOnTheBeach

              Should it ever become relevant, I’d like to state now on general principle that I am not a rich entitled elite tax-fattened parasite.

              Glad I got that squared away.

          • Graham

            But she did like caek. If she’d had her way everyone would have had some. Apparently.

            • HillieOnTheBeach

              She was Anon before her time 😉

              Btw, she never said it.

              A more tragic (though also disputable quote) is her apology to her executioner for accidentally stepping on his foot.

              “Pardon Monsieur, je n’ai pas fait exprès.”

  • If you look at what Hubbard did, staring at someone is a carnivore primate behavior, it’s an aggression behavior and because the target is not allowed to react, it’s aggression-stopping behavior which is highly debilitative.

    The next step “bull baiting” is verbal and physical abuse where once again the human primate response behavior is suppressed.

    What’s happening is the human will is being reprogrammed, this is literally brainwashing, over time forcing a target’s brain to overthrow its own primate programming in favor of being a weak-minded, obeying robot who is submissive as a beta animal to the will of the alpha — and Hubbard/Miscavige is the alpha, the leader of the pack one submits one’s will to and hands over all of one’s money to.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Jamie deWolfe uses this chilling allegory often in describing the Hubbard traits.

      • I think Jamie called it by the technical term “sublimation” of personality, as I recall, yeah.

        In “Deamon Haunted World” Carl Sagan noted that Hubbard had developed a written procedure for making people insane. These “TRs” are exactly that.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          At Flag Down he was all Alpha/Beta:)

          • Yeah, and his performances while “trodding the boards” you can see the audience is spellbound also. He never seems to stumble over his words, he must practice, practice, practice public speaking.

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              It’s almost as if he was an artist:)

    • Anonymous

      The programming that occurs via the Training Routines (TR’s) substitutes mechanical, ritualized patterns of human interaction to the exclusion of real understanding and persuasion-based communication techniques.

      The TR’s are deceptive in that the mechanical interaction patterns are so predominate inside Scientology, but seen as weird and repugnant in the larger world, that one often times “solves” the resulting dissonance by turning deeper and deeper into Scientology where one is “understood” better.

      It is a situation where the person is in fact their own best jailer…a true prison of belief.

      • HillieOnTheBeach

        You nailed it.

        Watching the video, it was discomforting (as a never-in) to see that spontaneous, honest reactions are treated as undesirable distractions.

    • Qbird


      • seriouslyWTF

        This picture makes me sad.. If you think $cientology is bad… try looking into the destruction of the rainforests by the palm oil companies.. This poor orangutan baby was probably sold into slavery after it’s mother was murdered, only because she was in the path of destruction.. all so we can have oreo cookies and nutella… as well as most things you find in the grocery stores.. They are ruthless.. There was another report, that broke my heart, of a group of 12 pygmy elephants that were poisoned for getting in their way.. When the heard was discovered there was only one survivor… a baby that was found weeping and trying to wake it’s mother.. There is a sanctuary, the Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary, that has apprx 600 babies who’s mothers were murdered that they are rehabilitating. It is so sad.. If you get Animal Planet… watch The Orangutan Diaries.. I personally read labels and do not purchase any products that contain palm oil or it’s derivatives.

        • Qbird

          I apologize seriouslyWTF. Sad subject matter all around. I googled ‘scared monkey’ because that’s what these TR’s make me feel, scared of COS / LRH indoctrination processes & DamO was talkin’ primate behavior.
          Thank you for telling me how you feel.

        • Verve

          As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of all things simian. Love the Orang Diaries show. Personally, my favorite is the proboscis monkey. I have 4 stuffed (toys, not real ones) probys. 😀
          And I’m totally with you on the rainforest destruction. Now that the industrialized nations have wrecked their own environment, they need somewhere else to wreck.

  • Anonymous

    Great interview by Jeffrey and Mat. Thanks for the inside info.

    It would appear that among the simple explanation for why the church does not change it’s operational basis to prevent the extremely high attrition rate among staff is this: The stated intention for the existence of the organization (a world without, war, crime and insanity) is different from the actual intention (accumulation of a wealth and power driven lifestyle for the top leadership.) Churning and burning staff does not keep the very few at the top from suffering lifestyle deterioration, thus turnover is not seen as a problem.

    Most staff and most public immerse themselves no deeper than Layer 2 of the Scientology Onion (

    Within Layers 0, 1 and 2 are endless opportunities for seemingly worthwhile activities and trivial advances towards temporal life-stress relief or even spirituality. When one is exposed (intentionally or unintentionally) to the materials / activities found in Layers 3 through 6, one cannot help but become aware that all is not right with Scientology. In these Layers are the largest failures as well as the reasons for the extreme abuses that are the signposts of public Scientology history.

    Layers 3 through 6 are (were) hidden for good reason. Now that they are no longer secret, public knowledge of the information in those Layers has overwhelmed the trivial benefits and scam Outer-Layer 0-2 come-on hyperbole that the church still broadcasts.

    Almost nobody new is fooled any longer.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      I mentioned somewhere down below that Hubbard’s scam model is high turnover, mass quantity. Makes me wonder if Sam Walton studied under him, because scientology biz IS a combo Amway/Walmart structure with an evil twist. What the IRS unleashed was unthinkable in any civilized country. Imagine if Walmart got the same free pass.

      • Anonymous

        At least Walmart provides some value in the inexpensive flotsam they sell to their intended public.

        It is not an aesthetic activity but it does serve it’s stated purpose: “We save people money so they can live better.”

        Scientology sells promises they know that cannot keep, have never kept and are no longer even trying to keep. It has devolved into a deliberate fraud.

        • Qbird

          Mallwart: The store for cheap plastic crap.

          • Anonymous

            And lots of it.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Walmart does sell delusion and pretense though. Like garments that pretend to be clothes, but the plastic thread breaks when you wash it a couple times. Or the fake wood furniture, or the chickens plumped up with a ton of salt and water. It’s kind of opposite of scientology – it lures you in with the pricetag, then hits you with the illusion.

          • Anonymous

            “It’s kind of opposite of scientology – it lures you in with the pricetag, then hits you with the illusion.”

            Interesting and largely truthful!

        • Verve

          At least Walmart pays minimum wage. That’s basically the best thing I can say about it.

          • Anonymous

            It is sort of incredible that by paying minimum wage, Walmart provides an improvement over Scientology staff pay.

      • 1subgenius

        In my disagreement with your analogy, as far as Walmart is concerned, I’m tempted to say what my pappy told me: “Don’t try to put 5 pounds of shit in a 3 pound bag.”
        But I won’t.

        • Amway and Dianetics both got in trouble with the FDA for medical snake-oil around the same time. Amway turned right, and Dianetics took a left.

          • Jgg2012

            Amway makes $6 Billion a year, so its actually bigger than Scientology.

            • Missionary Kid

              I believe that’s gross revenue. What is their net profit?

            • Jgg2012

              It’s so overpriced that I think at least 10% is profit, 40-50%% is paid in commissions
              to distributors, a few of whom make over a million a year.

          • 1subgenius

            Amway bought its way out of prosecution.
            Nice to be big political contributors.
            They still own Grand Rapids and the Michigan Republican party.

        • Jgg2012

          Wal-Mart has actual products.

      • D.Y.G.

        The only thing WalMart is missing out on is Exxon-Mobile tax breaks. I’m sure they’re working on it.

  • Qbird

    “Her bones were good, her breeding impeccable and her choice of
    residence couldn’t have been more fitting: Clearwater, Florida,” began
    Mr. Miscavige as he addressed those assembled. “When she originally
    opened in 1926, they called her ‘the aristocrat of southern Florida
    hotels’ and described her as a ‘picturesque edifice’ known all up and
    down the coast, as the toast of this city and an ever-bustling hub of
    wedding receptions, fashion shows, bridge teas and Rotary
    Club functions.”

    Welcome good people! Welcome. Come one, come all… WELCOME TO FLORIDA!

    WELCOME TO SCIENTOLOGY’S MECCA – our spiritual headquarters – specifically dedicated – THE FLAG LAND BASE!!



  • Bavarian Rage

    Just finished listening to Mat Pesch and watching the Elli Perkins story.

    How many times as a longtime Scientology observer do I have to pick my jaw off the floor at the horror and misery this beast inflicts on its faithful? At some point you think you’ve looked into every one of its dark corners, and would no longer be surprised at any story filtering out.

    Yet each fresh org revelation or personal traumatic account leaves me stunned with a vicarious pain as though I’m hearing of its mental brutality for the first time.

    Were one able gather the collective pain and personal tragedy inflicted by this cult of evil, it would be no less significant than a war ravaged country under dictatorial regime.

    God bless its victims, each one.

  • The worst part about that post is that you know that fucking piece of shit has molested since. It’s adults like her in Scientology that caused kids like me to suffer so much in Scientology. There is no justification for not reporting that crime by anyone who knew about it. Who knows how many kids that man has molested since or of the original victim of his crime was molested again even after it was found out. Scientologists sit around and call everyone sub-human while condoning child slavery and sexual abuse.

    • And I’m Cute, Too

      My recent reading has shown me how big a problem sexual child abuse is, not just in the Co$, and not simply in the Catholic Church. Lately, I’ve learned that it’s a serious issue in Protestant Evangelical churches as well, along with the indefensible notion that such crimes should be “handled” without any reliance on law enforcement or secular courts.

      It’s as though their leaders have learned nothing from the RCC scandal. I don’t expect any Co$ leaders to learn much from any “wog” affair — their entire philosophy seems to be allergic to learning and critical thinking. But seeing my fellow Christians diffidently repeat the mistakes as others before them is tragic. And all the more so when children are both violated and denied justice.

      Down with the cult. And Down with the minimizing of child abuse.

      • Child abuse is a serious problem because there is a lack of legal ground that defines where the rights of a child as a person begin and the parents’ domain over the child ends.

        • HillieOnTheBeach

          Ironically, the same people who obfuscate children’s rights laws are the same who completely reverse course and arguments when the word changes to “fetus”.

          • Missionary Kid

            All too often, it’s true.

      • Scream Nevermore

        There have been similar problems reported in madrassas in the UK as well. All the more reason for not forcing children into any religion, as far as I can see.

        • Frodis73

          I so agree with you on this. I’m an atheist, so I know I am biased, but I think kids should be left alone when it comes to religion.

    • joan nieman

      Well said Derek. They are a sick bunch. Thank goodness you are free and away from the insanity.

  • CobGatYour$$

    I LOVE THE WAY JEFFREY AUGUSTINE CONDUCTS HIS INTERVIEWS! He makes it like kindergarten fun for us never-ins. Though I have plenty of fringe spectator experience, I still get mired in the sciony mucky sludge!

  • nottrue

    Fail….You laughed……..

  • CobGatYour$$


  • Mark

    I see the graffiti-artists have been at work outside Scientology HQ in Paris (refresh):

  • Mark

    RED-X RECRUITMENT Bunkerette i-Betty says: “The new way of listing the ads individually makes the job so easy!” (unsolicited testimonial). Yes! You too can try the brand-new “EEZI-FLAG” ® method right now for free!

    Today’s list starts here (the beginning of the end for JJ in Boston):

    Update #1 is here (Boulder & LA strays):

    • Pierrot

      A small dozen of new ads from Sacramento, SF Bay & Albuquerque have popped up.

  • these feckers are at the Glasgow Commonwealth games [pic]

  • Anonymous

    Some classic 60’s photos of the Rolling Stones at the Fort Harrison Hotel before it became assembly line gifting machine (FLAG):

  • Zana

    These TRs are training people to endure the kind of punishment DM doles out. Without flinching. It’s imbedded in the early training… that you don’t feel anything and don’t flinch. The more stoic you are (and absent from your life and your own body) then the “stronger” you are. I can see where it becomes a badge of honor to now endure all the hardship without flinching.

    “Keep your TRs in.” Holy crap! It’s bred in at the very beginning of this whole Co$ journey.. They train young, aspiring people who want to help the world that it is noble to endure this crap. The more crap they endure, the stronger Thetan they are. It’s like an abused person thinking, “Well, if I just endure more and more abuse, then somehow I will succeed.” Nope. That’s not the answer. These kind of TRs only lead to becoming less alive. You are training yourself to be a slave… completely out of touch with your own, inner Be-ingness. Wow. Amazing to see it from this perspective!

  • Michael Leonard Tilse

    Re: Mike Rinder’s blog today about the past and ongoing coverup of child sexual abuse by scientologists.

    I know of some of these incidents. Some were told to me by those involved. Some were told to me by others who knew about them.

    So, I have a question about this, that is hard for me to answer. What is the “ethics” for want of a better term, of just telling all and naming names?

    All of these that I know about are decades in the past. I don’t know if these folks are in or out of scientology now. I’m think that any legal or criminal prosecution time limits may long have expired.

    But without naming names and specific times and incidents, it becomes just more un-verifiable talk. With naming names there is the risk of revealing the victims without their consent. And in some cases, they might not see themselves as a victim, though legally they were.

    Yet, I wish I knew which agency or organization is the proper place to make such a specific report of what I heard. I don’t want to just put it on the net.

    The secrecy about this has persisted for years because of this mindset of coverup and not creating bad PR for scientology by reporting. But also, perhaps, just not knowing exactly who to report it to once the desire to protect scientology goes away.

    I do think that the victims should speak out, as themselves, and name the names of the perpetrators. My feeling is that it is a way to reclaim ones power when one has been so terribly wounded.

    • Tony Ortega

      Crimes should be reported to law enforcement. If enough evidence exists, then a prosecution will occur.

      “Naming names” on the Internet without police charges is irresponsible and can get you sued.

      • Michael Leonard Tilse

        I do agree it is irresponsible to just name someone.

        But which law enforcement? The Sheriff’s department where the Sheriff is a Scientology apologist? (or was.) The LAPD, who seems to have for years ignored reports of fraud and other crimes stemming from Scientology? Or the Police in Clearwater?

        If there was a law enforcement agency who could be trusted then perhaps all those people who have held onto their knowledge for years or decades would make their reports.

        I should have explicitly stated that I was also worried about which agencies might be trusted to actually do something with the reports.

        • Hyder Simpson


    • HillieOnTheBeach

      “But without naming names and specific times and incidents, it becomes just more un-verifiable talk.”

      This is nonetheless the second time I’m seeing Jeff Quiros’s name come up in a sexual assault cover-up.

    • Missionary Kid

      Given the litigious nature of Co$, I would imagine that, since the pervert is still in, they would start a civil suit alleging slander against anyone who named names. Even if one manages to win the suit, the legal financial and psychological cost could be excessive.

      I could see a fair game policy exercised against the whistleblower.

      • Zana

        Yes. This is what I see. Lawsuits against the whistle-blower accusing slander. And there is no insurance that the victim will step forward to support the whistle-blower. It might just end up like the cowed people in the RPF. Not unless there can be some agreement with the victim and the victim’s family to support it all. That’s what I see, anyway. This is a hard call. Just keep on telling the truth.

    • Frodis73

      I agree with Tony. Fuck this “let’s cover this shit” up attitude. It
      just makes it easier for this to continue. Also, ppl that target kids go
      where they have easy access to kids.

      Someone the other day stated there
      are two different types of scios out there right now…the few who
      really think they are saving the world & out right criminals that
      are taking advantage of things. I totally agree with that…child
      molesters would find the church easy hunting grounds for potential targets.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Scientology is fertile ground for all types of criminals.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      This might be of some help for anyone wondering about reporting child abuse.

      Child protective agencies in your state or police? Some tips on who to contact. I’d try the agencies first. Remember every state has different rules and polices.

      If in doubt, Report.

  • Missionary Kid

    Bullbaiting is somewhat similar to the harassment handed out by a DI when you enter the service. The purpose isn’t to get you to stop you from thinking, but to follow orders and enforce discipline.

    Standing at attention and not moving carries over to a survival skill if someone is trying to stalk you with a weapon. Lying still keeps you from attracting attention. You are not forced to change your underlying personality when you are not under orders in the military, only to act in a certain way.

    It is a form of mindfuck, but in the military, it has a very specific purpose: to build a cohesive unit that is able to act quickly as one. In $cientology, the purpose is to reduce one ot an automaton who has a flat affect and conforms psychologically to the mental illness of $cientology developed by LRH and refined by DM.

  • Bavarian Rage

    Never-ins raise a question: WHY???……on God’s green earth, would a public or a whale ever return to an anticipated regging event after being violatingly ambushed, for example, by 9 tiers of regging? No one can be that blind or brainwashed to think their wallets won’t be unconscionably ransacked a second time.

    Even if one low level imp were to TRY to pressure or guilt trip me into parting with any amount of Cash, serious red flags would be popping up everywhere…and I’d get the hell outta there, never to return. And avoid the reg prick forever more.

    As for those that reg money from those already blood-sucked-dry folk – getting higher balance approval on credit cards, applying for new cards or loans, or 2nd mortgages on houses – there is a special place in hell for you.

    WHY does anyone willing go back for more regging?!

    • Missionary Kid

      Because they’ve had a taste of some insight or a small revelation, and they’ve been told that the more they participate, the better things are. They are slowly seduced.

      It is an emotional happening. It is not intellectual. Once a person is immersed in a cult or a belief, there is a system of envelopment that surrounds them with “friends” who steer their activities and lives so that they are based around the cult.

      I have the same viewpoint towards megachurches, by the way.

    • nosce

      There have been quite a number of books written by reputable people trying to answer that very question. It is good question that is easily asnwered among Scios but nearly impossible to convey to never-ins. Rinder, Rathbun, Scobbee, Headley can easily answer the question among themselves. This may be a bad analogy but unless you have held a “moon rock” you can only compare it to what you already know but it will never be what it actually is. That is why they will not bother going in depth into this question.

    • Vance Woodward explained it well in “Addicted to $cientology.” Sadly, he retired the book, last I heard 🙁

  • nottrue

    The best way to get to your car when leaving Flag……….

  • aurora50

    A Gawker staffer goes into the NYC Celebrity Center and writes up her experiences:

    • Tony Ortega

      Reporter goes to org and takes personality test, story number 45,295.

  • Sunny Sands

    Usually, scientology buildings are pretty closed up, and they don’t want you seeing inside. In this picture of the Coachman Building in Clearwater from today, you can see they have purposely opened the blinds halfway on every window of the 2nd and 3rd floors. Office workers are working in there, and they seem to want people to see it. (refresh)

    • Ardent

      Are you sure those aren’t cardboard cut-outs?

      • Sunny Sands

        I did think one woman sitting right next to the open window was a mannequin. I kept looking and she didn’t appear to move.

  • Tony Ortega


  • Adrien Marcel Drea
    • Adrien Marcel Drea

      the guy was in the news in france in springtime this year

  • Adrien Marcel Drea
  • D.Y.G.

    I just found out my daughter’s school superintendent got arrested yesterday for 4 counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor. Kiddie porn. Someone turned him in to police.

  • richelieu jr

    No knock on Jonny’s always spot-on reporting, but it shlud e noited that hte source cited, ‘2O mins’ (20 MInutes’ is not some 60 Minutes-style magazine show but instead a newspaper given way for free in the metro that it said only to take 20 minutes to read, front-to-back.

    Nice to know the News is getting out to the man (or woman) on the street, but then again– This is July/August, when 90% of us Frenchies are on vacation…

    I’ll check in with a girl friend of mine who is a Greffier-en-chef to see if she’s heard anything (not really her dept, but sometimes she has really good insights to share) hen I get back to Paris from Monaco/the Vars/Le Côte d’Azur in a couple of weeks (yes, I know, life is hard… innit, John C?)

    • Granted, 20 minutes isn’t Le Monde or Médiapart, but they did break the story and their sources are solid. AFP news agency checked and confirmed the story the day it broke and I spoke briefly to the lawyers on the case too and had the details confirmed by another source. Vantighem deserves credit for the scoop and there’s a good chance that further breaks in the case will come from him. But as I said in my write-up, for the moment this is just a preliminary investigation which may never get to court.

      • richelieu jr

        You are right, of course, and any reporter breaking a story like this deserves great credit. Too many media outlets wouldn’t touch this story with a pole of any length…