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More proof of Kerri Kasem’s Scientology involvement, and Laura Prepon lies like a rug


We told you previously that we don’t envy the judges presiding over the sordid mess surrounding American Top 40 deejay Casey Kasem, 82, as he slips away into dementia.

Kasem’s wife of 34 years, Jean, and his daughter from a previous marriage, Kerri, are locked in a bitter fight over how to care for him in his final days. Kerri has convinced a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that the best thing for her father is to withhold food and drink as he slips away. There may be a very good medical reason for this, and we’d rather not second-guess a judge in a tough spot.

But we’re still learning more about Kerri’s involvement in Scientology, which Jean has raised as an issue in the matter. Last time, we told you that Kerri’s friendship with Scientology clown prince Grant Cardone and a report from one of our inside sources suggested that Kerri’s involvement was more extensive than she’s been letting on.

And now, we have an on-the-record account from one of our most trusted sources.

“I was friends with Kerri Kasem,” says Tiziano Lugli, who left Scientology in 2010 and has become one of the more visible ex-members of the church. A music producer in Los Angeles, he’s put out numerous videos about Scientology.

Tiziano says that when he decided to ditch Scientology, he talked to Kerri about his reasons for leaving.

“I briefed her all about David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, and what happens on the Bridge,” he says, referring to Scientology’s embattled leader (Miscavige), a top former official who had started speaking out about abuses in the church (Rathbun), and secrets of the upper levels of Scientology that newer members are prevented from knowing (the Bridge). “She listened to everything, and she agreed with everything I had to say.”

Even though she seemed to sympathize with him, Tiziano says, she explained that she really couldn’t leave Scientology herself because of the good deal she was getting.

“They were giving her some quick, free program to get Clear. It was kind of unheard of at the time,” Tiziano says. “She said, ‘I just want to finish the program and get to Clear. Then we’ll be friends again’.”

He laughs at that, saying it was obviously just a way to dismiss his concerns. She seemed determined to take enough courses to go “Clear” — Scientology’s major intermediate goal before members move on to the upper “Operating Thetan” levels, with ‘auditing’ that costs hundreds of dollars an hour.

“She was definitely in Scientology, and she was doing courses,” he says.

Jean Kasem has made the accusation that Kerri is trying to get control of her father’s money so she can give it to Scientology. We don’t know if that’s true. But what seems increasingly clear is that Kerri’s involvement in Scientology is much greater than she’s indicated in press statements.


Laura_PreponLaura Prepon lies like a rug on Fusion

Laura Prepon appeared on the nascent Fusion network and engaged in some of the most blatant dishonesty we’ve seen from a celebrity in a long time.

Prepon was dogged with questions when it was announced that she’d be largely absent from the second season of the wildly successful series Orange Is The New Black. Because she was portraying a lesbian on the show, the entertainment media wondered if Prepon was reducing her involvement because of Scientology’s well-known homophobia.

In the interview, it’s made clear that Prepon’s reduced involvement in the show was caused by a scheduling conflict. OK, fair enough. But then Prepon goes on to utter this canard…

“I’ve been a Scientologist since 1999 and I’ve never come across any piece of information that remotely is negative or derogatory in any way towards the LGBT community.”

It’s a shame her interviewer didn’t know even the most basic information about Scientology, because then she might have asked…

Ms. Prepon, how could you be a 15-year member of Scientology and not have read its most basic text — the Bible of Scientology, as it were — L. Ron Hubbard’s 1950 bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health? Here’s what Hubbard had to say about “perversion” in that book…

The sexual pervert (and by this term dianetics, to be brief, includes any and all forms of deviation in Dynamic II such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc. and all down the catalogue of Ellis and Krafft-Ebing) is actually quite ill physically. Perversion as an illness has so many manifestations that it must be spread through the entire gamut of classes from (1) to (5) above. Overdevelopment of sexual organs, underdevelopment, seminal inhibition or magnification, etc. are found in one pervert, some in another. And the sum of it is that the pervert is always a very ill person in one way or another, whether he is conscious of it or not.

Soon after publishing Dianetics, Hubbard then more fully developed something he called the “Tone Scale,” which measures the state of human emotions, with a score of 40 at the top (“Serenity of Beingness”) and -40 at the bottom (“Total Failure”).

He assigned the score of 1.1 to “Covert Hostility,” which included “perversion.” Said Hubbard in his 1951 book Science of Survival, “A 1.1 is the most dangerously insane person in society, and is likely to cause the most damage.”

To this day, Scientologists refer to people who are gay or lesbian as “1.1,” and they are considered to be damaged people who need to “handle” their homosexuality if they want to remain in the church.

We have talked to many former Scientologists, some who were in the church’s highest positions, who confirm that Scientology teaching held that the goal of counseling — “auditing” — is to raise a person’s tone scale level, and so a homosexual could escape being “1.1” by paying for courses. It is, in other words, a purported “gay cure.”

Previously, we’ve written at length about recent examples of Scientology’s homophobia. We wrote about Keith Relkin, an active Scientologist in West Hollywood who tried to make the church more gay-friendly, but admitted to friends that he had failed miserably. And we wrote about Derek Bloch, a young man who was kicked out of Scientology’s “Sea Org” once he admitted that he was gay, and then was disowned by his family after he expressed doubts about the church.

Any 15-year member of Scientology would be thoroughly familiar with Dianetics, Science of Survival, the Tone Scale, and the notion of gay and lesbian members “handling” their homosexuality through auditing.

Laura Prepon is a liar.


The difficult life of a Scientology attorney

Another fun video from Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine…



Our alternate take

In regards to yesterday’s fun story from Joe Childs at the Tampa Bay Times about an attorney and his wife being banned from a wedding reception at Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel because the attorney, Denis deVlaming, had faced Scientology in litigation in the past…

Here’s our alternate take: What kind of jackasses rent the friggin’ Fort Harrison Hotel for a wedding reception?

Instead of bawling to the Tampa Bay Times about their friends not being able to attend, they should read about Lisa McPherson and shut the F up.

Just our two cents.


Posted by Tony Ortega on June 12, 2014 at 06:00

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    Future location of list #3

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    Future location of list #2

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    Future location of list #1

  • DeElizabethan

    Tid-bit! “Jean and Casey were staying with friends about 10 miles from my place until
    the daughter – Kerri, got involved.” This from my nephew in the Bremerton area.

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ RED X +–+RED X +–+ RED X ***
    They lurk in CL seeking and enticing their prey in their web of lies.
    they target the weak, the lonely, the depressed, the sick, the idealist
    In CL they peddle their false promises of cure, companionship, friendship,
    They tout the dream of an ideal world in peace, free of poverty and disease.

  • Tendernob

    Kerri Kasem is no longer denying she’s a Scientologist… here ya go:

    Here she is on video, interviewed by Mirit Strausman and Tama Leia (both very vocal Scientologists), proclaiming her love for Study Tech.

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    Devious Master
    Devil’s Miscarriage
    Devil’s Douchebag
    Devil Masquerading
    Destiny’s Midget
    Despotic Madman
    Despotic Dwarf
    Despoiler of Childhood
    Despicable Misanthrope
    Despicable MiniMe
    Despicable Midget
    Despicable Me
    Derp Missmatchmidge
    Deranged Demented Degraded Dave Rabid Savage Miscavage
    der shrimpenheimer
    Der MiniFuehrer
    Der Midget
    Der Massengil
    Der Manchild
    Der Leader
    Der Kleinegrupenfuhreur (Der Kleine Gruppenführer)
    Der Kleine Hitler
    Der Dwarfenfuehrer
    Deposed Megalomaniac
    Dense Midget
    Denied Mandamus
    Demonstrable Moron
    Demonically Motivated
    Demonic Monster
    Demon Mortis
    Demon Midget
    Demon Micro-Manager
    demented protege
    Demented Midget
    demented maggot
    Delusional Miscreant
    Delusional Meglomaniac
    Delusional Madman
    Delusional Davey
    Deluded Mouse
    Deluded McSavage
    Delirious Megalomaniac
    Delirious Macrologist
    Delightful Mud-fucker
    Degraded Demented Deluded Deranged Dave Savage Miscavage
    Defendant Moron
    Defendant Midget
    Defendant Micropeen
    Decomposing Meat
    Deceitful Masturbator
    Death Midge
    dear misleader
    dear misleader
    Dear Leader (Likening him to the current leader of North Korea)
    Deadly Dwarf
    Dead Meat
    Davy Wavy Gravy
    Davy Peabrain
    Davy Moppet
    Davy MisSasquatch
    Davy Dwarfenführer
    Davy Dipshit
    Davy Dinkyfuhrer
    Davy Bones
    Davos Mustravage, the evil child-catcher
    Davie Muffcabbage
    Davie Miscabies
    David the Mousehearted
    David the Faux Goliath
    David The Dwarf
    David Slapabitch
    David Savage Miscavige
    David Napoleon Miscavige
    David MissDickswallow
    David Misscock
    David Misreallyisansob
    David Mismanagement
    David MisMaggot
    David Misfit
    david miselvis
    David Miscshit-rash
    David Miscrab-itch 
    David Miscmidget
    David Misclampage
    David Miscariage-of-Justice
    David Miscalculation
    DAvid Mis-Boondoggle
    David Minisculavige
    David Midget
    David Mi$cavige
    David MESTcabbage
    David MaskaBitch
    David Makemerich
    David Macsavage
    David De Fib
    David Abortion
    David “Two Tents” Miscavige
    David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige
    Davey, The Little Caterpillar That Couldn’t
    Davey Threeballs (extra testosterone for staff assault)
    Davey the Liquidator
    Davey the Douche
    Davey the Ball-less Wonder
    Davey Scurvey-Dick**
    Davey of the Fake Navy
    Davey Mystic Miscavage
    Davey Moron
    Davey Moppet
    Davey Misbitch
    Davey Minidick
    Davey Micromanage
    Davey McTard
    Davey McMansion
    Davey McCraycray
    Davey MasCara
    Davey Makemerich
    Davey Little Cockett
    Davey Little Caesar Miscavig
    Davey GatBoy II
    Davey Dimwit
    Davey Death Eater
    Davey Boy
    Dave, the whimp-ass-abuser, Miscavige
    Dave Savage Miscavige
    Dave Mismanagement Miscavige
    Dave Miskiewicz
    Dave Misbegotten
    Dave Cracksavige
    Dastardly Mindfucker
    Dastardly Malicious
    Dastardly Davey
    Dastardly Dave
    Das Midget
    Das Messiah
    Darth Munchkin
    Darth Midget 
    Darkly Mistaken
    Dark Muppet
    dark midget
    Dark Menace
    Dark Lord
    Dark Helmet
    Dank Muppet
    Dangly Mousdroppings
    Dangling Modifier
    Danger Midget
    dancing malignancy
    Damsel Miscavige
    Damp Merkin
    Damned Misconception Miscavige
    Damn Miscreant
    Damien MissRuntRage
    Damian Meanman
    Damaged Mistletoe
    Damage Mismanage
    Dainty Scabbybitch
    Dainty Mouse
    Dainty Monarch
    Dainty Miss
    Dainty MiniPope
    Dainty Maniac
    Dainty Maize
    Dainty Dave
    Dai Scwatbotwm*
    Daft Monk
    Daft Misfit
    Daft Midget
    Daft Massingill
    Daft Davy
    Daffy Misfit
    Daffy Davey Mustravage
    Daddy’s Mistake
    Curretted Own Bollocks
    Creepy Dave
    Coward of Brainwashville
    Court Ducker
    Corrupt Obtuse Blasphemer
    Corrector General of Tubby Hubby
    Corn on the COB Miscavage
    Corn in the COB
    Convict No. OTVIII
    Constipated Old Bollix
    Con Master
    Colonel Mustard
    clown pope
    Clam King
    Clam Calamity
    Chunky nuts
    Chunky Head
    chunk head
    Chuckles the Silly Piggy
    Chief Bug Squasher
    Chicken Of the Board
    Chef Miscavige
    Chastiser of Bivalves
    Chastiser of Bivalves
    Chairmonkey of the Board
    Chairmidget of the Bored
    ChairMao Of the Bored
    Chairman of the Whores
    Chairman of the Bored Miscavage
    Chairman Mousecavige
    Chairman Mousecage
    Chairman Miscavige
    Chairman Maocavige
    Chairman Mao Miscavige
    Chairman Chingadera (chairman motherfucker)
    Cardinal Sin
    Captain Underoos
    Captain Tiny
    Captain Sixty-One (height in inches)
    Captain Shortypants
    Captain Scary Shitface
    Captain Puppeteer
    Captain Pretentious
    Captain Pope
    Captain Pissgums**
    Captain Piece of Shit
    Captain Pain
    Captain One Five Five (Centimeters)
    Captain niblet (see niblet)
    Captain Misslappy
    Captain MissedtheBoat
    Captain Miss Scavenge
    Captain Miskiewicz
    Captain Mischiefitch
    Captain Mini-stabby
    Captain McCabbage
    Captain Lilliput
    captain fucktard
    Captain Five One (feet and inches)
    Captain Douchenozzle Mcsucknuts
    Captain Douchebag Dave
    Captain Dildo Dave
    Captain Dickwad
    CAPTAIN Decomposing Meat
    Captain Death March
    Captain David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige
    Captain Dastardly Motherf***er
    Captain Crook
    Captain Clamo
    Captain Clam
    Captain Brazen Lair Pants on Fire
    Captain Blackheart, SS Division
    Captain Blackheart McSlavich
    Captain Blackheart
    Captain Baby Blackheart
    Capt. Miscadick
    Capo di tutti capi of all of Scientology’s tentacles
    Cancerous gnome
    Cabbage head
    C5-1 (Captain + height in ft & inches)
    Bubba’s Ass Bitch
    Boss Miscarriage
    Bog Dave Miscavige
    blow chunks
    Blackheart Most Devious
    Blackheart Dildo
    Blackberry Pope
    Black-Hearted Squirrel Smasher
    Black Heart MFCS
    blab hearted midget
    bitty boots
    Bishop of bullshit…
    Bishop of Baloney
    Billion Year Asshole
    biggest thetan in the universe
    Biggest Squirrell in the Gal-UX-ah
    biggest little thetan
    Big Top Slappy
    Big Thetan
    Big lil One
    Big Flea
    Big Burrito
    Big Being
    Big Bean 2
    Big Bean
    Bally Llama
    Bag Of Crap Chairman Of the Board: BOCCOB
    Babycorn COB
    Asthmatic Dwarf
    Ass Captain
    Area 51 (height in ft.& inches)
    Apolocalyptic Dave
    Ankle Biter
    Angry Shrimp
    Angry Homunculus
    Angry Elf
    Admiral Assclown
    Abbot of Anger
    A person of dubious height
    A most Heinous & Hyddeous (withal Minute) Villain**
    (dic)tator tot
    (*) (it’s supposed to look like a poodle’s …ermm… “kibble exit”).

    *From a small Welsh tribe of idiots who sailed to Pagagonia in stone boats.
    i was just musing on variants of Shortarse… and Dai Squatbottom (wishful thinking for die, squatbottom!) and his stone boat sprang into horrid being.
    “Dai” is the short familiar version (like “Lew” for Llewellyn or “Glyn” for Glyndwr/Glendower).
    “Scwatbotwm” is probably how you’d spell Squatbottom in Welsh orthography

    **From a poster for a mythical pirate, Captain Blackheart posted by Mark

  • Timber56

    Emily Armstrong is an openly gay scientologist. And Laura Prepon has said:
    “It’s just so funny that, when people don’t know, they just make stuff up, [like] apparently I’m dating Tom Cruise right now. And apparently he doesn’t want me doing the show because I portray a lesbian and I’m a Scientologist. This is false; where are they even getting this stuff? It’s unbelievable to me.” “The thing that sucks is that there’s so much false data because people are in mystery as to what Scientology is, so they just kind of make up stuff.”
    ”I’m a supporter of the gay and lesbian community. I have friends who are lesbian, I have friends who are gay. It’s all about the character. Yes there are a lot of lesbians on this show. Besides the L Word there aren’t lesbians portrayed like this on television … There is a big gay and lesbian community out there and it’s good to have more relationships on television that they can relate to and I’m glad we could be a part of that.”