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TIZIANO LUGLI: A new short film about Scientology and ‘slavery’

Jamie_SorrentiniFormer Scientologist and music producer Tiziano Lugli has given us the opportunity once again to debut one of his highly polished short films about the Scientology experience.

Previously, Lugli made us laugh with ‘Shit Scientologists Say,’ and hit us in the gut with ‘The Shrinking Cult of Scientology.’

Now he’s got a parody of a film made by Scientology itself, ‘No Slavery,’ which it uses as part of its cynical ‘human rights’ campaign aimed at teenagers.

But Tiziano’s piece is more than a response to Scientology’s film. It has a lot of impact of its own, and it features Tiziano’s lovely wife, actress Jamie Sorrentini. Give it a look.



Tiziano also cast his wife (and himself) in his latest music video.


Another Ryan Hamilton lawsuit against Narconon

Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton has filed yet another federal fraud lawsuit against Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon. One of our court watchers spotted this one, filed in California on behalf of Kenneth and Jered Mowery, who are residents of Oklahoma.

The facts of the case are very much like the other ones that Hamilton has filed: A family seeking treatment for a loved one is told a string of fabrications by Narconon, which talks about giving individualized drug counseling in a safe facility staffed with medical personnel. Instead, it turns out to be a program of Scientology training with no medical personnel at all.

In this case, Kenneth Mowery was convinced to send his son Jered to Narconon Redwood Cliffs in Watsonville, California, paying $35,500 plus another $3,000 for a “medical detox.”

Despite Narconon’s representations that Jered would receive extensive counseling, at no point did Narconon staff ever speak to Jered about the specifics of his life or his drug abuse and its causes. In fact, no one at Narconon ever spoke to Jered about his substance abuse at all. Jered received no education about substance abuse, its causes and effects, or methods to deal with his addiction. Instead, Jered received instruction only in Scientology. Jered became extremely scared by the “treatment” he was receiving and the fact that there appeared to be no qualified personnel at Narconon. To escape from Narconon, Jered pretended to have a family emergency.

Here’s the complaint…


Mowery v. Narconon: Complaint

By our count, that’s eight federal fraud lawsuits Hamilton has filed against Narconon in California, Nevada, and Colorado.

Angelo Amato (San Diego)
Christy Estrada and Branden Chavez (San Diego)
Cathy and Michael Tarr (Nevada)
Harry and Lauren Geanacopulos (Nevada)
David, Stacy, and Jack Welch (Nevada)
Bryan and Nikki Mott (Colorado)
Charles and Tyler Matthys, and Linda Phillips (Colorado)


Links of Note

XOJane published a well-written first-person account of what it was like to go through Scientology’s deceptive drug rehab program, Narconon. Although the (anonymous) writer is recalling experiences that happened in 2006, they’re highly relevant to what’s going on right now, with multiple lawsuits facing the rehab network around the country.

Also, over in the UK you folks do some things very differently. You treat television, for example, like it was a precious national resource that should have some basic community standards. (What are you, freaks?) Anyway, one of Scientology’s ‘science + technology’ ads, which are so ubiquitous here, showed up on the ITV network recently, and all holy hell broke loose. It turns out citizens across the pond believe the government should actively keep bogus claims from getting access to the nation’s airwaves. The very idea!


Posted by Tony Ortega on May 15, 2014 at 07:00

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