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Selling out, and other strange side-effects of Scientology watching

DynastyFightWe have a couple of really complex and lengthy stories working, but they take a lot of time to put together. In the meantime, we have some strange odds and ends that have been building up here in the Bunker and we thought we’d share some of them.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, we received this e-mail, recreated here in its entirety:

“You sell-out!!!!!!! You are not posting anything I wrote, but instead are posting what THEY want you to post. SELL-OUT!!”

We should explain. This young woman, who resides in one of America’s newer states of the union, had sent us a tale of woe along with what looked like a couple of legal documents.

She said she was a former Scientology Sea Org worker, and she was suing another woman because, our heroine claimed, the woman had been sent by Scientology to steal her man away as harassment for leaving the organization.

That sounded kind of original, and bonkers, but we were mainly concerned that the documents the woman had sent us looked like drafts, and had no court stamps or signatures or other tell-tale signs that they had actually been filed in a court of law. And we pay attention to stuff like that.


So we waited patiently while one of our legal helpers got into the docket of a lovely town in that newer state of the union and did confirm for us that, indeed, our heroine and her rival had filed a series of actions at each other, each requesting restraining orders against the other.

But the time we took for that journalistic verification was apparently too much for our heroine, who accused us of selling out and posting what THEY wanted us to post. We really had no idea what that was supposed to refer to, and when we asked for clarification, we got no response.

While we wait for our heroine to get back to us, we figure our regular Bunker readers deserve some diversion, so we’ll publish part of what she says she filed in court, for the fun of it if nothing else…

I worked for the Church of Scientology from age 19 to age 27. I was hired as part of the upper level management and hierarchy called the Sea Organization. We have to sign a billion year term contract, as it is their terms to becoming a Sea Org member. Since the time I was let go they have hired people to follow me around, stalk me, and “report” back to them on what I am doing. This includes friends, family, co-workers, and so on. They try to use my family, and friends, co-workers, and anyone around me to manipulate them into doing what they want, and in return offer them better pay, higher paying jobs, and so and so on. They have turned against me, anyone I have been intimately involved with, and manipulate them in the same manner, and in turn get them to do their bidding as well. They have hired girls to seduce away from me anyone I am involved with.

And they are continuing to humiliate me, by sharing very personal information about me to the general public, and anyone that they hire. This is causing me extreme stress, and has caused me to lose several jobs following this fiasco by the Church, interfering with potentially happy relationships, and so forth. I am now suing them, as a result of their actions, misbehavior, and violation of my civil rights.

I have attempted everything else to get these activities to stop, and they continue so am now taking legal actions against them.

As I stated before I am “not allowed” to see who I want to see. I am “not allowed” to have my own life, without interference. Some of the females they have hired to try to stop other men from pursuing me, and having a normal and happy relationship, are as follows.

[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]
[Name redacted]

And many more that I am not aware of their names yet, or do not know them personally….

Any of my attempts at a real relationship are sabotaged by the females they hire, i.e. [Name redacted], who seduce away those I care about to further their own gains that the Church promises.

I was with the man I wanted to start my life over with, and [Name], who was already in a committed relationship with her long-term boyfriend, went “in for the kill”, and started to seduce the man I cared about, sabotaging my happiness with him. I told her BF at the time, what she was doing, as I felt he had a right to know, and in retaliation, when he broke up with her, she slept with my man, and rubbed it in my face at the workplace. This of course made me upset, and I reported her actions to our mutual boss (as we all worked at the same place).

I disconnected from [Name], changing my phone number, and “unfriending” those that were “friends” with her, on FB, etc. However she continued to make random and weird attempts to be a part of my life. Trying to seduce my roommate (who is over 30 years old mind you), and use him against me, inviting him and my much older roommate to a “Sex on the Beach” drinking and get high party (where she was illegally drinking under age, and hanging out in the weed smoking circle), and where I found out she was asking where I was.

All the while, she’s still trying to control and keep under her seduction the man I most cared about, and “keep him away from me”.

One night I found out all that she had been doing, and out of frustration and upset, did some name-calling. As well, I decided to write to her ex-BF (whom she was starting to see again). As soon as I did this, and he found out for himself what she was doing, he broke it off with her for good, as she was really showing her true colors. In retaliation, she started calling, and having her family call, leaving harassing messages, texts, etc. her mother callingmy new job, spreading lies about me, alarming my boss and the HR dept, and causing trouble, trying to get me fired from my 2nd job. I put out TRO on all 3 of them (those in her family that were partaking in the harassment, and 3rd party harassment) and put an end to this.

However, I was contacted by someone who stated that the mother apologized for her actions, and that he would get them to all go their separate ways, and basically knock it off, if I dropped the case. I did drop it, as I understood that this was to stop, and [Name] was going to stay out of my life. As soon as I dropped the case, she filed a TRO on me, in retaliation. When reading the TRO I was shocked, but not all that surprised that [Name] was lying again, stating that she was “in fear for her life”, and all these horrible, terrible things I was “doing to her”. The only part that was true is I texted her some angry texts, calling her some names, and wrote a letter to her ex-BF about her gross misbehavior.

I had to hire a lawyer, to get this false TRO case dropped, spending over a grand (of money that I did not have, mind you) to get these lies taken care of.

[Name] has continued to stalk me, and harass the guy I have been involved with, and the Church of Scientology stands by and allows this, as one their own hires to do their bidding.

I am suing both parties, and making a formal complaint.

We wish our heroine all the best of luck in her pursuit.


Scientific mind-training

Sticking with our weird theme today, we want to thank one of our long-time readers for sending in this gem, an advertisement from the 1932 World Almanac


Here’s the relevant paragraph for our purposes…

Pelmanism awakens the unsuspected powers in you. It is a scientific system of mind-training; It takes the well-established principles of psychology, simplifies them so that they can be understood by everybody, and arranges them into a really remarkable system, which is designed to re-arouse and to train certain mental faculties, which in most of us lie absolutely dormant and atrophied.

Well, that certainly sounds familiar. It turns out that “Pelmanism” was actually somewhat popular in the UK in the early decades of the 20th century, but it apparently didn’t have a spiritual angle. While some of its exercises sound very similar to Scientology processes, it was touted as a way to strengthen the memory. A recent piece in the Guardian discusses it at some length.

We take away a couple of things from this. Yes, it’s entirely possible that Hubbard ripped off Pelmanism like he did a dozen other practices, but more importantly, we really wish some people would stop claiming that Hubbard “invented” the self-help field single-handedly with Dianetics in 1950. As if.


Jason Beghe’s on Twitter!

Hey, this is really weird. Jason Beghe finally just joined Twitter. Of course, it may have more to do with his leading role in the NBC weekly series, Chicago PD, and not with his raucous exit from Scientology in 2008.

But follow him just in case he says something like, “Let’s see a motherfucking Clear!”


Connecticut, we hardly knew ye

OK, this isn’t weird. It just sucks.

There will be no SP party in New London, Connecticut this summer.

We are disappoint.


Posted by Tony Ortega on April 26, 2014 at 10:10

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