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Video Vault: The universe is yours to duplicate, Mr. Hubbard!

UniverseProcessesOur video source came through again this week with another “quote video,” and this one goes way back, enticing you to buy an L. Ron Hubbard lecture from 1953 — Universe Processes Congress!

For only $150 from Bridge Publications, the full lecture series can be yours. As with our previous videos in this series, you normally have to go into a Scientology ‘org’ to see these. Once you hear L. Ron Hubbard discuss his ideas, you’ll get some sense of why Scientology keeps this stuff under wraps. Does that famous charisma of his come through for you?

According to Bridge Publications, here’s what you get for your $150…

“The setting was Phoenix, Arizona, and yet another milestone. Specifically, Duplication, and its role both in the preclear’s ability to As-is and exteriorize and the auditor’s skill to achieve that result. Here is the Congress where L. Ron Hubbard unveiled Procedure 30, comprising three breakthrough processes: the soon-to-be legendary Opening Procedure by Duplication, Problems and Solutions and Granting of Beingness. Yet Congress attendees received far more than a mere description, with Mr. Hubbard delivering these processes to the group…”

And now, get ready to go back to the Eisenhower administration….



Once again, we turned to Marc Headley for some notes on the production of this video…

This one starts off with stock shots and then some guy I have never seen before. It looks as if they used a bunch of hired actors for this one for the main shots and used Int Base staff for the background shots. Finally, at 2:16 we see Ron Cook, who was a security guard forever. Next up is Herb Williams, who reportedly just celebrated his 90th birthday at the Int Base recently, one of the few elderly people who was not offloaded as “security risks” in the early 2000s. Back to a bunch of random folks and endless stock shots and damn this video is long … I remember most of these videos being about 3 to 5 minutes on average, and this one is a full seven minutes long. If this were played at a David Miscavige event you could squeeze in a kitten nap during this thing.

At 5:00 we have some of the over-the-shoulder of “Hubbard writing some stuff” shots that Dave Miscavige loves so much. And then we get a “76 trillion years ago” reference which is very specific in terms of a date, right?

At 5:55 we see Kerry Clark “supervising” a class of people in a very super sun-drenched course room. Kerry Clark is Shane Clark’s brother. (really he is, I know this for a fact as I was both of their bosses at different times). Then we see Chris Olander, Hans Hasselberger, Abigail Miller (blown), Portzia Tristano, Nicole Ciferalli all studying.

At 6:21 we get a demo kit being used and 6:40 we see two kids doing a touch assist in a grassy knoll, and at 6:47 we see someone doing book & bottle wrapping up the video before we shoot off into space and turn into a plastic CD binder.

Thanks again, Marc!


Scientology tax return of the day

On Wednesday, we brought you startling information that suggests Scientology’s flagship drug rehab facility, Narconon Arrowhead, is struggling financially, with only about 42 patients in a treatment center designed to house 230.

Today, however, we have the 2012 tax return for another Narconon center, one in Glendale, California, which that year, at least, was doing quite well. Well enough to pay its officers some pretty sweet salaries. Here’s the breakdown for the people who run Narconon Fresh Start in Glendale…

Lawrence Trahant (CEO/Director) $235,675
Christopher Bauge (VP/Dir. of intake) $388,492
Glenn Farnsworth (Dir. of Operations) $242,687
Linda Kloeffler (CFO) $91,078
Joshua Penn (Sr Intake Co) $176,106
Ian Confer (Dir. Administ.) $153,138
Daniel Carmichael (Sr. Intake Co.) $153,507
Shannon Farnsworth (Administrato.) $128,684
Jay Farrell (Internet) $114,259


2012 Narconon Fresh Start Glendale 990


Posted by Tony Ortega on April 25, 2014 at 07:30

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