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Scientology Sunday Funnies: The Sea Org full regalia edition!

Quinn_TauferOn Sundays, we enjoy sharing with you the best Scientology fundraising fliers that have been forwarded to us during the week by our excellent tipsters. We have another great collection of items for you this morning.

For some reason, this week we’re seeing more Sea Org people in their dress uniforms. We don’t know if that means they’re getting ready to go down with the ship or something, but it’s awful fun to see L. Ron Hubbard’s pretend navy looking so snappy.

One of our favorite things about Sunday Funnies is that we are always amazed at how much our commenters pull out of these items — many times, it’s stuff we didn’t notice at all. So please, have at it, and let’s all get another peek at the current state of Scientology’s fundraising madness…

First up, Miami really outdoes itself. As we pointed out last week, the eastern U.S. has really been trailing its west U.S. counterpart for the Ideal Org craziness, but now the east is trying to get some enthusiasm going. And the only org that really seems fired up is Miami. This is some seriously ambitious stuff. Driving at Sebring! That ought to bring out a whale or two. Take that, west U.S.!



If we’ve seen a flier for the Toronto Ideal Org in the past, it was so long ago we’ve forgotten all about it. That city has not been heard from in a long time. The Anonymous action in that town has been particularly effective, and the last time we checked the Toronto org was a boarded up shell, right? But the Ideal Org project must go on. Have they hit up Rob Ford for a cameo yet?


This is today! Hey, LA peeps, keep an eye out for the largest bookselling force in the world — that’s gotta be impressive! We want photos.


No Scotland newsletter this week, but here’s Fearless Leader to tide you over!

eve and dave-1

Quinn Taufer, you’ll remember, is the firebrand who was brought in to get the San Fernando Valley Ideal Org project into a higher gear. How’s that going, Quinn? Love the caps.

status upgrade - taufer-1

Jackpot. A flier with a quote from L. Ron Hubbard on the nature of love. It just doesn’t get much better than this.


Does someone seriously think this is going to get people to bring their checkbooks down to the org? Come on.


Wait a minute. TWO fliers for Toronto in one week? It’s like a Scientology renaissance up there.


Tampa org sure seems to have a lot of job openings.


Everyone in blue for a night of the blues. Well, if one Scientology org was going to put on a decent party, it had to be Austin, right?


Is that, uh, is that supposed to be a poem?

status testimonial - nunez-1

And finally, ever wonder what your 15-year-old would look like in the Sea Org?


Thanks again to our great tipsters!


It was the usual crowd at the CC Gala last night

John Travolta goes to the annual Hollywood Celebrity Centre gala, and Tom Cruise doesn’t. It’s been that way for years, and we’re not sure why some people this year were making a big deal about it. (Radar had an especially dumb and breathless piece saying that this was the Church of Scientology’s 45th anniversary celebration, and it was shocking Cruise wasn’t included in a flier for it. Well, it wasn’t the church’s anniversary, it was the Celebrity Centre’s anniversary, and Cruise wasn’t on the flier because it was made up of images from the previous year when Cruise didn’t attend. Because he doesn’t bother with it.)

Pretty much the same crowd that attended last year was there last night: John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Michael Peña, Erika Christensen, Nancy Cartwright, Marisol Nichols, and a few more — in other words, the more active celebrities in the LA area.

Here’s a watermarked photo from the wires, taken by CC staffer Kevin Winter. If they don’t like us showing it here, we’ll take it down…



Posted by Tony Ortega on August 10, 2014 at 07:00

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