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Scientology’s plans for the KCET studios in Los Angeles finally taking shape?

KCETWe had a laugh when Scientology shocked many people in Los Angeles by purchasing the historic studios that had long housed the local public television station KCET. The thought of Scientology operating its own television network led us two years ago to speculate about the fabulous shows the wacky group could put together.

But since then, we’ve heard very little about what Scientology actually plans to do with the facility. We had heard that church leader David Miscavige was shifting some of the work that used to take place at the “Gold” studios on the International Base, which is near Hemet, to the KCET studios. It was part of Miscavige shifting a lot of activity from Int, we were told, which is causing the sprawling compound to become something of a ghost town.

Yesterday, former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder said at his blog that the draining away of activity at Gold continues, and he revealed new information about the KCET studios — Scientologists are now being told that it’s going to be reborn as the “Scientology Media Center.”

The center will produce radio and television programming to promote and market Scientology, according to a new internal e-mail that Rinder got his hands on. The e-mail also suggests that once again, a Scientology initiative’s ultimate aim is fundraising from already exhausted church members.

According to the e-mail, the Media Center will be used to produce material that will target only those areas where “Ideal Orgs” exist. Ideal Orgs are the new churches Miscavige has been pushing members to pay for in cities around the world, even though many are replacing less showy facilities that didn’t really need to be superseded. The Ideal Orgs were supposed to attract a wave of interest from the public, but there’s been no evidence that they have. So now, apparently, the new media center will be used to get people to come to the empty Ideal Orgs, and that prospect is being held over the heads of members who live in cities that haven’t yet raised the money for their own Ideal Orgs.

Specifically, this e-mail targets the Scientology members in the Kansas City area, who are being pressured to “up” their “status” as donators to the Ideal Org project there. If they can raise enough money for the new building, then they’ll benefit once the Scientology Media Center starts putting out new radio and television spots that will only air in cities where Ideal Orgs exist.


What a come-on.

Here’s the e-mail that Rinder posted. We’ve highlighted a line for emphasis…

Date: Sun, 4 May 2014
From: Kansas City Org
Subject: message from the Executive Director Maggie Kittinger

3 May 2014

Hello to the best Ideal Org Supporters in the world!

I just received a briefing from some very senior Scientologists regarding the future opening of the Scientology Media Center. This will be the Scientology Radio and TV station exclusively promoting and marketing Scientology and all of LRH’s planetary salvage technology. The Scientology Media Center will only promote and market in areas where there is an Ideal Org. I’m sure you can understand why. Only an Ideal Org will be able to handle the floods of people coming in for services. We will then be able to market and promote Scientology in the correct orders of magnitude. It is more important than ever with this Media Center Grand Opening right on the horizon and the speed in which our public are going up the Bridge with Golden Age of Tech 2 that we get our Ideal Org DONE. Planetary Clearing isn’t a dream. It is very much within our reach.

If you have not yet become an Alumni then I ask that you move up to that status. If you already are an Alumni thank you very much. Keep the torch burning and move up to your next status.

We also have a new status “Founding Ideal Org Member.” To become a “Founding Ideal Org Member” you need to make a donation of $5000 or become an Alumni. The Alumni Status is the foundation of an Ideal Org. All “Founding Ideal Org Members” will receive a special pin with the KC Ideal Org logo.

You are my heroes and the brightest stars shining the way for spiritual freedom here in the Midwest. You have all done so much to keep the momentum going.

Thank you for being there and your continued create, participation and generosity.

It is appreciated more than I could ever express.

With Affinity

Maggie Kittinger
Executive Director

What goes unacknowledged in an e-mail like this is that it’s essentially announcing the failure of the Ideal Org program itself. These fancy new buildings were supposed to create a flood of new public interest in Scientology, but that hasn’t happened. But the push for even more buildings, at the expense of a dwindling membership already pushed to the limit with constant appeals for donations, shows no signs of slowing.


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Posted by Tony Ortega on May 7, 2014 at 09:15

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