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Scientology’s ‘Hogwarts’ doesn’t want you to think it’s connected to Scientology

Delphian1Back in 2011, when Rupert Murdoch was still paying for his iPad adventure, The Daily, a journalist named Benjamin Carlson did a really fine two-part series on the ultimate Scientology school, “Delphian” in Oregon. We thought it was clever that he referred to the high school as Scientology’s version of “Hogwarts.”

Although The Daily no longer exists, Carlson salvaged his piece on his own website, which you can read here. One of the things he notes is that although everyone in Scientology knows that the school is for the kids of the church’s wealthier members, on paper the school and the church are separate:

Although the word “Scientology” appears nowhere on the Delphian website, and the school is technically independent, its connections to the group are intimate and pervasive. “A good majority, if not all the staff, are Scientologists,” said Elaine Ke, 18, who graduated from the school this year. Other alums back that estimate. Both the headmistress and the assistant headmaster are listed as having completed various levels of Scientology programs in the group’s publications.

According to several alumni who spoke with The Daily, half or more of the students — roughly three-quarters of graduates, according to Ke — are Scientologists. And the structure of the school, its ethical code and its language all reflect the influence and precepts of Scientology.

And perhaps most importantly, Carlson found, Delphian was a hotbed of Sea Org recruiting. With few new people joining Scientology, it’s the children of church members who are under intense pressure to fill up the ranks of Scientology’s ascetic inner corps.


We were reminded of Carlson’s piece this week when we received a Facebook screengrab from a tipster who pointed out how sensitive Delphian is about the Scientology connection. At its Facebook page, the school is advertising its summer newsletter…


Although it’s now been removed, someone asked the school about its connection to Scientology.


The person asks, “This is a Scientology school…correct?”

The school answers, “We are actually a non-denominational school,” and provides a link.

The school then came back with a response from its FAQ: “Delphian School is an independent nonprofit organization and does not receive funds from government, religious or other groups.”

We’re used to seeing Scientology front groups do their best to hide their connection to Scientology, but why is Delphian doing that? Delphian is very expensive — about $42,000 in room and board per year. Does it really expect that non-Scientologist parents will pay that without first looking into the school’s reputation? Give us your thoughts.

One more item for you this morning as we wait for several big stories to come together…

For you completists, we have posted a 215-page declaration filed by Scientology in Laura DeCrescenzo’s forced-abortion lawsuit. It’s supplemental material that Scientology is using to support its motion to compel Laura to turn over an unused computer she’s storing in her garage and that she happened to mention in a deposition. If you find anything interesting in this haystack, let us know.


Posted by Tony Ortega on April 29, 2014 at 09:30

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