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BRAD HALSEY, 1957-2014

On Sunday, Brad Halsey took his own life. He was 56.

Many of you know him for the 11-minute video he posted last year to YouTube, calling out Tom Cruise for the way Scientology was declaring people “suppressive persons” — excommunicating them, sometimes for no reason at all.

Brad was also a critic of the Underground Bunker. He had left the Church of Scientology because of his unhappiness with its leader, David Miscavige, but he still believed strongly in L. Ron Hubbard and the ideas behind Scientology. So he would skewer us, usually at our Facebook page, about the way Hubbard’s ideas tend to be criticized here. We really got into it with him a few times, trading barbs and zingers — and he usually ended up calling us “bro” in a sarcastic manner.

We only wish we had the chance to spar with him again. Brad Halsey was a talented man and a colorful character.

Last night, we had a lengthy conversation with Brad’s brother, Eric Halsey, who had come down to Tampa from Gainesville after his brother’s body was discovered by neighbors on Tuesday.

“I was living with him when he got into Scientology. He seemed to be into it. But then he seemed to shift gears when the new guy came in,” Eric says, referring to Miscavige. “Brad got labeled an ‘SP’ two years ago, and I think that prompted the videos he was making.”

On June 6, Halsey would have turned 57 years old. But for the past seven years, he’d been living with acute pain.

“Brad had a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2006. His right leg, the knee was completely shattered, his pelvis was shattered. Through some excellent surgery, they were able to put him back together. But he was never whole to the extent that he could live his life pain-free,” Eric says. “And he didn’t believe in taking any medication for the pain. He was a drinker. He wasn’t really an abusive drinker, per se. He was always the life of the party. But he did confide in me that he was in constant pain.

“I lived with him for a period of time, where I was around him a lot. He had a lot of discomfort. The way he dealt with masking the pain was through medicating himself with Scotch,” Eric says.

And Brad found a way to exit that was pain-free.

“He did it with helium gas. He took his life with two helium tanks, with a bag over his head and a hose from the two tanks. It knocks you out in about 15 seconds. You die in like 15 minutes. He did it Sunday, and the body was found two days later. His neighbors heard loud music coming from his apartment, a video playing, so they looked into it and found him,” Eric says. “He died with his feet up on a chair, his legs crossed, his arms folded, his head back, and the police told me he looked very peaceful.”

Halsey had been methodical, leaving behind a four-page note with various instructions for his family.

“Reading the note, his life was just getting to the point that it was becoming too much to bear. From the pain, and the mental standpoint, from the alcohol,” Eric says. “Brad had beliefs that we are all immortal and that we all live lots of lives. So the idea of holding on to one inevitable end that was painful didn’t make a lot of sense to him.

“One of the first statements on the letter was, hallelujah, I’m finally out of this body,” he says. “I came down from up north, and my brother showed up, and my mother and father. And we’re here just picking up the pieces.

“I’ll miss him, man. What can I say? Not being able to talk to your brother who you’ve known all this time is hard. But I knew there were complexities in his life that he was dealing with.”

Brad Halsey didn’t have children, but he was married for 17 years. His ex-wife, Eric says, is still a member of the Church of Scientology.

“When he got declared a suppressive person two years ago, it took a toll on him when she told him she couldn’t have any more contact with him. I know that was one of the things that motivated his YouTube video to Tom Cruise. As if to say, how dare you call me a suppressive person — which should have been the name of that video, and leave Tom Cruise out of it.”

Brad worked for BMC Software out of its Tampa branch. But his passion, Eric says, was motorcycling.

“Before he had his accident he was a very accomplished motocross rider on local tracks here. He would go over triples, in the air for 85 feet. He rode a Yamaha 450. When he had his accident in 2006, it pretty much shattered his motocross career. Then he developed a fondness for street bikes. He loved to go down to the beach, let the wind blow through his hair, and be totally free. That’s when he was happiest,” Eric says. “And he taught himself to be a very accomplished musician. He’s got some pretty good recordings out there.”

We asked him if he had a favorite.

“‘Fallen’ is the song that I like a lot, because I think it explains a lot about where he was at,” Eric says. And here’s the video…


“Brad was was an unusual, eccentric guy, what can I say.”

We thanked Eric for giving us such a detailed look at his brother. He asked that we post his Twitter handle, (@EWHalsey) if people wanted to contact him.

And to Brad, thanks for keeping us on our toes. Bon voyage.


Posted by Tony Ortega on March 7, 2014 at 07:00

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  • Sandy

    Actually, I did not think that the Stephen King movie adaptation of his novel was anywhere near his book` Sure, it was a pretty good movie, but people who do not read the books behind the movies are missing out.

  • Narapoid

    Brad had faith. Brad

  • Sunny Sands

    Here is a pic of the scientology owned Coachman Building today in downtown Clearwater. The circle and arrow show there were several workers on the higher levels today. This is the same building that was tented for termites a few weeks back.

    • It is now being converted into a staff college for Sea Org members.

    • Great White Clam

      Does OSHA know those workers were unprotected at that height?

      • RMycroft

        What are the odds that some of them are underage?

        • Great White Clam

          Maybe the ones on the Crystal Palace conceit?

      • That’s a good question. If they don’t know, is it possible to send this pic to Osha if they don’t know?

    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      Given today’s sad topic, maybe they are installing anti-jumper nets like those Foxconn factories in China from a few years ago. I wonder about the suicide rate among the Sea Org folks. Especially nowadays with so many from other countries staffing Flag. I imagine this makes it easier to hide from the general public/media. I am scared to thing about Sea Org folks just disappearing without a trace.

  • Ibim Sarkozi

    I discovered the Underground Bunker last summer and have been mesmerized by it ever since. I’m a “never in”, and have never posted here, just lurked. But today’s post is heartbreaking. For anyone who is depressed and suicidal, or knows someone who is, please google the research from the National Institutes of Health, Yale, Mt. Sinai, Mayo Clinic, etc, about using ketamine in a clinical setting to treat depression. The research is producing astonishing results. A growing number of doctors are offering this treatment, and there is an embryonic advocacy group at Sorry for going off topic. My sympathies to Brad Halsey’s family and friends.

    • L. Wrong Hubturd


      • Baby

        Hey stranger.. I miss you .. xo baby

        • L. Wrong Hubturd

          Yo mamma!

    • jeff

      The party drug known as Special K? I guess K-holes aren’t a problem in a clinical setting, but the ones I’ve seen…..

      • Ibim Sarkozi

        The treatment does not involve a K-hole, which occurs when a recreational user/abuser takes a large dose of ketamine, usually snorted. The procedure involves a very small dose (about 1/10th of a recreational dose) delivered slowly via IV.

    • Baby

      Oh we love lurkers who finally come in to the Bunker.. As you know.. We are rag tag bunch who have a common goal.. To Bring this Evil Cult to it’s knees.. Welcome Ibim.. It is my pleasure to meet you..

      • Ibim Sarkozi

        Thanks. Never thought I’d find myself in a place like this! But I was websurfing aimlessly several months ago when a story caught my eye about a lawsuit where the judge was a guy I grew up with by the name of Dib Waldrip…

        • Baby

          Wow.. What a coincidence huh.. ? Judge W. has his hands full.. Wow.. So far he has done a great job..We are all hoping for the best.

          It is amazing what has led us all to the Bunker ibim..

          It also amazes me that everyone isn’t as obsessed as we are.. Just a combination of everything that fascinates, horrifies and educates all of us.

          And as it has been said hundreds of times.. Once you connect the dots and fall down that rabbit hole it is an unending unraveling of the TRUTH about this evil cult.

          The personalities that are vocal on the Bunker are enlightening, contentious at times and they are passionate! You will be a fabulous asset.

        • Eivol Ekdal

          We love Judge Dib.

    • aegerprimo


  • media_lush
  • media_lush

    Scientology threatening a David Love article in Vanity Fair about Narconon…. looks like we’re going to have another Streisand footbullet fiasco here


    the link is a pdf file

    • Jimmy3

      It’s from 2012.. was it leaked recently?

      • media_lush

        it was recently posted in SP’s R Us and the letter is dated March 5th 2014

        as is this

        • Jimmy3

          Sorry didn’t see the pic at first, I see what you’re talking about now. What I meant was is this the first time that 2012 letter has been shown? And now I’m guessing it’s not.

          • Mary_McConnell

            Not sure but it was reported that they, Vanity Fair, were threatened with lawsuit. That 2012 document link goes to the church’s news site. They be bragging? Nothing happened legally on that matter and nothing is going to happen to David on his because he’s got proof of what he wrote. Beverly Hills Bully Law Firm is fail.

    • Sarah James

      High doses of niacin kill, but first they do damage.

    • media_lush

      and just a little something for late night lulz

      • aegerprimo

        Is that a WIGLET?

      • valshifter

        he looks in pain

    • Artoo45

      I don’t think David’s story is in VF, but it’s the same law firm that threatened VF about the Maureen Orth article. Or is there a new article coming in next month’s VF?

  • aegerprimo
    • Panopea Abrupta

      New one in Houston – kill it while still fresh, folks.

      Also this:

      The weirdest $cilon ad thus far – it really is the Burbank mission address.
      Dresses for kids in Africa ?
      They wouldn’t give the steam of their piss to help the poor.
      New – kill it.

      • Jimmy3

        What the hell is this now? It’s a real Christian charity apparently.

        • Panopea Abrupta

          The charity is Jesus, the ad is $cilon.

          • Jimmy3

            Yes, I flagged it quickly before I read it. But they look legit. On the one hand, it’s obviously a ploy to get people to come to the mission. But if they are actually going to sew and send dresses to Africa I’m not cool with flagging an ad for that.

            • Panopea Abrupta

              Yeah, weird, isn’t it?
              Not a big deal to leave it, methinks.
              But I DO wonder what the deal is.

              For a “Church” that says the Jesus story was a movie shown 75 million yrs ago.

            • Jimmy3

              I really don’t know what to make of it. Are good-hearted people who love crafting going to show up for this and get the Scientology hard sell? Or will it be some pamphlets handed out to these people genuinely helping out a charity?

            • Great White Clam

              Or have the clams resorted to spoofing legitimate charities in the hope that the flaggers get sucked into a mess with the list?

            • aegerprimo

              UGH UGH! If so, we are going to have to get savvy at spotting/finding them on CL.
              So far, they have not been so creative. I cannot flag ads for making dresses for girls in Africa.

            • Jimmy3

              Agreed, and that seems like a legitimate charity to me. Unfortunately I can’t unflag the ad.

            • Jimmy3

              But I think a story could come of this — someone may want to show up there on Mar. 29 to see if it is really about sewing dresses for charity or if it is a sinister ploy to add unsuspecting people to their mailing lists or give them the hard sell or worse.

            • aegerprimo

              Jesus was “A wholetrack implant”


          • aegerprimo

            WTF? As weird as Naconon now having Bible readings as part of the program.

            Christians are going to be ticked-off, especially when they learn about LRH “tech” of the “Christ Implant”

      • aegerprimo

        The dresses ad.. that is a Scilon ad?

        • Panopea Abrupta

          See Jimmy3 below
          I googled the street address – it is the Burbank mission.

          • aegerprimo

            Just WOW.

  • aegerprimo

    RIP Brad.

  • aurora50

    As I said to my ‘pain specialist’ a couple of years ago: “So what you’re really saying, is that in 6000 years the human race has not gotten far beyond the poppy plant.”
    “Well, yes…” he replied.

    It so sucks that the choice is between pain and consciousness…

    RIP, Brad.

    ps and what I have learned in the meantime: Joy trumps Pain!

  • TheSlider

    I dig Brad’s song. I hear Jandek and Leonard Cohen, but he also had his own thing going on. I like that.

  • valshifter

    I just went by the Big Blue the big bow is up and set now, they were testing the big screens on the street, and the marching band was rehearsing, they will play along with that new song (whatever the name is), and everybody was running in and out of the buildings in a hectic manner, they are getting ready for tomorrow night. The street is still open to traffic, so they had to rehearse with cars going thru in-between the band director and the band which was located close to the stage (standing on the street) since the stage took the whole sidewalk up to the curb. Cameras were being tested, but the space right in front of the stage seems really small just the wide with of the street (L Ron Hubbard way) not including the sidewalks since the stage is using one sidewalk and the cameras are using the other sidewalk right across the street, leaving just a small area to be right in front of COB. the rest of the public would have to extend along the street to watch sideways thru the big screens, and if your far away won’t be able to see nothing, I guess this is not a 10,000.00 people event now is it?

    • Baby

      Good God what a cluster f*ck.. Those people must be so stressed out, tired and hungry.. Just absolutely nuts..

      I can’t wait to see the real Numbers ( NOT the sciloooooneytunes numbers!)

      • valshifter

        “tired and hungry”
        yep saw many people walking around eating their little salads or fruit salads and snacks on their hands, but never stopping for any reason, just on the go eating and walking, am assuming many of them wont sleep tonight, or sleep very little just to continue with the hassle tomorrow morning.

        • Baby

          Awww… Those Poor brainwashed beings..

    • media_lush

      I’m sure Mike Rinder won’t be able to do a heli flyby but for $300 maybe someone might to have a go with one of these…..


      • valshifter

        yep, that’s the one, there is plenty of parking on the Burger King behind AOLA, anybody can park there and send the thing into the crowd from there, not too low OSA might swat at it or something. and is very convenient hardly any noise at all so COB can yap all he wants without interference.

      • GregGalaxy

        Damo OT C for this no doubt.

    • Missionary Kid

      Thanks for the report. I hope you can do the same today (This is being written Sat. am). Maybe you can send updates directly to Tony.

  • Pierrot
  • Exterrier

    What a great, spot on rant by Brad. Classicly concise! Glad he left us with this, and sorry to lose him.

  • valshifter

    It might seem strange but the one thing I learned from scientology was not to care about life, that is; to consider “one lifetime” as meaningless considering you will live lifetime after lifetime, just the thought of it makes me tired. supported by the Ideas from Hubbard stated on his tapes so many times ”you can do nothing but survive” (said with sarcasm), somehow that makes me mad and want to make life stop , once and for all.

    • Jimmy3

      Is this entire post sarcastic?

      • valshifter

        no, that’s how I really feel. and I got that Idea after being exposed to scientology for so long. I ended up being depressed which am still fighting. I mean LRH says it with sarcasm on the tapes.

        • Jimmy3

          Your post includes “(said with sarcasm)” but it’s unclear which part of it is sarcastic. If this is a real plea for help, I am very unqualified to help you, but I could find someone who can. If it is a joke, it is certainly not funny.

          • valshifter

            I will delete ” said with sarcasm” which was meant by Hubbard. and no is not a plea for help, am taking antidepressants, my psychiatrist knows I was a scientologist and he told me is your religion going to be ok, by you taking psych drugs, and I told him I don’t give a fuck if they are or ok or not.

            • Jimmy3

              What you wrote reads like a suicide threat. It can be difficult to determine if someone is serious when they write something like that online.

            • valshifter

              sorry about the misunderstanding, I just wanted to show how Hubbard promotes life as something disposable. Am depressed yes, do I want to commit suicide? no, not really I don’t dare. I will just ride the wave.

            • Qbird

              Hello valshifter. I hear you.
              A quote from Kurt Vonnegut in answer to his own question, “Why bother?”

              “Many people need desperately to receive this message: ‘I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.’

              and a link to an interesting TED Talk that speaks to me:


              There is much sorrow felt on these threads.

            • Buttons72

              I ride the wave occasionally, too, valshifter. I hope you see more that makes you look up after each wave.

    • Free Minds, Free Hearts

      Val, I am glad you are being treated for your depression. Please know that every life is valuable. Your life is valuable right here, right now. Just look at your posts and how much you have contributed to a broader understanding of scientology. We are, each and all, a small part of a large universe, and together we make up a whole universe. You are part of it too. Take care of yourself.

      • valshifter

        Thank you FM/FH that was beautifully said, I love being part of this community on the web and contribute to it when I can. this is the only place where I can identify myself with every other ex-scilion out there.

        • Free Minds, Free Hearts

          I love that you are here, I love is Bunker community!

  • Mary_McConnell

    Thank you, Eric Halsey, for sharing this with us. I wish I had known about the scotch problem. I could have screened out and suggested some affordable rehab programs in Florida that would not conflict with his anti-drug and Scientology based convictions. Sad that he depended on alcohol for pain relief, just because Scientology allows the use of it while denouncing all other medical drugs including aspirin. RIP, Brad.

  • Intelligenceplus

    Such a sad story to hear. It Eric would like the lengthy, Recorded Skype interview I did with Brad a few months ago, I could send to him? My sincere condolences. EMAIL CONTACT: Me at: OR

    • Baby

      Oh Mr. David Love..

      I Curtsey to your speaking out.. One of the brave fighting and educating to bring this evil cult down..

      I so respect and admire you…

  • Cece

    “Brad was was
    an unusual, eccentric guy, what can I say.”

    You said
    nothing Tony. Perfect. Excellent reporting. Thanks Tony and all you other SPs out there.

    Don’t go like
    Brad. There are bunches of us that do
    house calls.

  • NoMoreVisitsPlease

    Too bad he, and sooooo many others, cannot see that David Miscavige is the perfect continuation of L. Ron Hubbard. He didn’t “ruin” Scientology, he keeps it going as it was intended from the beginning. It was always a Ponzi scheme. But I suppose I am preaching to the choir.

  • E. W. Halsey

    Thanks Tony for posting this in memory of my brother Brad. He was a good guy. He had many interests in his life other than Scientology; unfortunately, in my mind, he couldn’t just sever ties, without the accompanying brouhaha about the corruption in it.. why not just walk away? If its silence they use as their power, why not use silence back? Ranting and raving doesn’t really solve anything, except make you question your own discretion. Its clever the way they have that org set up; there is no WIN/WIN when you walk away, and if it was so good for you? It should be Win/Win. Think about it….

  • rachel

    This was difficult to read. It was written very well & it captures aspects of Brad point on.

    The aspects are very subtle, I gathered pieces of them through my multiple encounters & coversations with Brad over the years. But to see them here all put together in full light is very difficult.

    Knowing Brad, the immediate memories are of a man who always had a brilliant smile on his face. He was a free spirit with beauitiful, full hair as my boyfriend always joked to Brad that he had the best hair in St. Pete. He was 100% consistent, always dressed to be on his motorcycle & arriving on it.

    I met Brad a few years ago through a mutual friend who invited him to join for brunch on Christmas day on the beach. We were just five people brought together that day because we didn’t have family to celebrate with. At breakfast Brad mentioned his motor cylce accident, the shattered pelvis & blown out knee.

    He would mention things but I didn’t realize they had such a grip on his life or that he would end his life over them. He just seemed free & the magnitude wasn’t reflected at all in his tone.

    The last time I saw Brad was about two months ago. I went to a new bar and he happened to be right behind me when I turned around. My boyfriend bought him a shot of his choice, scotch. He had the one drink and we talked a minute before we took off.
    Looking back, he must have been in a lot of pain then. He was just having one drink “of medicine” to try to subdue the pain. I wish I would have known the magnitude of it all when I could have had the opportunity to be there for him.