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Scientology gets the ‘America’s Book of Secrets’ treatment soon!

AmericasBookOfSecretsHey, we’re a little under the weather today, so we need to keep this short. But we wanted to let you know about something that we’ve been keeping secret for several months.

Now that some promos have begun running on History Channel 2, we can reveal that the new season of America’s Book of Secrets is going to include a show completely dedicated to Scientology. For now, the tentative date for the show is March 29.

We were interviewed at length for the show, and so were a lot of other people our readers are very familiar with. Judging by the questions we were asked, this show may cover a lot of ground.

When we were first approached about the project, we noticed that the series in the past had taken on some more fanciful subjects — like UFOs, for example — and we told a producer we weren’t interested in taking part if the show wasn’t going to take Scientology and its many controversies seriously. We were assured that the show would be factual and thoroughly researched. And then, when we were interviewed, the questions were great. So we have our hopes up about this project, even if we end up on the cutting room floor.

And speaking of UFOs, today is also going to be a little otherworldly for us. A week ago, we were contacted by Mel Fabregas, who runs something called Veritas Radio out of Arizona that takes on a lot of speculative subjects. He was in a bit of a panic — he’d scheduled and prepared for a radio interview with Jamie DeWolf, who was suddenly unavailable. Could we step in at the last minute? Knowing nothing about the program, we agreed. Then it turned out that Mel wanted us for a full two hours. Yowza!

We have to say, though, the interview was terrific. Mel was super-prepared and asked really knowledgeable questions, and the time flew by. He’s apparently making it available today at his website, which requires a subscription. We’ll see if we can’t persuade him to let Bunker readers listen in, perhaps after some time has gone by.

UPDATE: Mel just sent a message, saying that my interview would show up on his site in three weeks, on March 27. The first part, he says, will be free for people to download.


Posted by Tony Ortega on March 6, 2014 at 07:00

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  • DodoTheLaser

    Reminder for everyone to stay focused:

    – Leah Remini is having a reality show on TLC (this summer). And possibly a book.
    – Katie Holmes is full of good surprises.
    – Tony Ortega’s book is cooking hot.
    – Marc Headley is working on at least 1 book.
    – Mark Bunker’s “Knowledge Report” docu and other things are about to be out.
    – History Channel and others are working on exposes like never before.
    – Monique Rathbun’s case is just warming up.
    – Garcia and his message 2.0
    – Laura’s case – slowly but surely – for the win!
    – Narconon shenanigans under investigation.

    There is more, I am sure. This is what matters.

    • Espiando

      Dude, it’s still the night shift here in Americaland. It’s Not-Enough-Coffee-Yet Time. It’s free-association ramble until the break of dawn. The Nightfly is hosting. We can focus when he gets off the air.

      • DodoTheLaser

        True, Espiando. It will be read by every shift though.

    • hansje brinker

      And I have heard from someone that somebody in Holland is soon suing the church in his country!

  • media_lush

    Okay, it was quite hard but I think I managed to do it…… I managed to put scientology into the blockbuster ‘Noah’ article (from Raw Story which Tony is editor of)

    see pic/comment

  • Jimmy3

    Can anyone help me find more information about UNICEF?

    • aegerprimo

      You are funny!

  • Sandy

    Ah-h-h-h-h. Cat Daddy finally went too far. Well, it was bound to happen. Dear man – drugs are your friend. Seriously.

    • Miss Tia

      What I miss?