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Another smuggled Scientology video to warm your inner thetan: ‘Success Congress’!

SuccessCongressOur video source has come through again, and we have another internal Scientology “quote video” for your enjoyment. As we’ve explained before, these short videos feature excerpts from L. Ron Hubbard lectures — this one took place in January 1959 — which is intended to sell the full package. Bridge Publications, Scientology’s printing arm, lists this item at $125.00, and it comes in a slew of foreign languages!

So what’s the significance of the lecture? Here’s part of the description from the Bridge Publications website…

“L. Ron Hubbard reveals the single reactive postulate at the core of planetary apathy, ‘there is nothing I can do about it.’ Yet that postulate doesn’t stand a chance — not with what he next discovered. Stemming from the pervasive datum, ‘the confusions aren’t and order is,’ came the discovery of the senior ability of a thetan. In fact, once a being reaches the top of the scale, it’s the only thing they can do. It’s a datum that provides the answer of how an individual can consecutively and continuously bring wider order that spreads like a wave over the world.”

Ah, those halcyon days of 1959. What it must have been like to take in LRH at his finest. But we do have this recording. So give it a listen…



Still awake? Once again, we turned to Marc Headley to see what he could tell us about the production of this video…

This video is a fest of downtown Los Angeles stock shots and guerilla crew. It looks like they raided the LA area for extras until we get to 1:11 where they used Aleah Callahan, Joy Moritz, Marg Horner, and Leanne Potter.

Then we have frequent video guy/sometime security guard/sports field lawn mower Kenny Seybold and Mette Jensen from RTC, now busted into CMO Int. Next we see Ron Sommerville and Clark Morton.

Then we take a break and go back to downtown LA. We have some Downtown shots and then we head over to the Bridge Warehouse for some shots and then we see the Hollywood Guaranty Building’s favorite security guard, who has recently vanished. In the video he is looking off into the sunset. Hopefully for him he rode off into the sunset in real life.

Then we see two guys reading one book while walking (which is apparently totally not awkward in Scientologyville). After a little kid shot and some more LA area staff, we get back to some Int Base staff and we see Paul Sarkany & Walter Wilkens from the film crew building some sort of structure next to the ocean. Then at the Long Beach freight docks we see Kate Markowitz with a bunch of guys with their backs to camera and some walking shots to wrap it up.

The Hubbard audio is very revealing on this video. According to Hubbard, those who are not Scientology clear cannot plan things. They must have had some non-clears working those LA grand openings recently. They are falling down on planning pretty big time these days.

Thanks again, Marc.


Narconon takes a beating Down Under

Australian’s A Current Affair has an excellent piece on Narconon’s expansion plans in that country…



Posted by Tony Ortega on March 14, 2014 at 07:00

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