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Sunday Funnies: There’s a new contract for Scientology staff workers, and we have a copy

YoungbloodsOn Sundays we enjoy showing you the Scientology mailers and fliers that our tipsters have forwarded to us. And this week, we have a real treat.

Besides a nice collection of fundraising come-ons from around the world, we also received an e-mail from a tipster who tells us that he was a member of org staff. Not Sea Org, but staff, the folks who work at your local Scientology church.

Although Scientology staff aren’t required to sign billion-year contracts like Sea Org workers, they do make serious commitments and usually work long hours for modest pay.

And now, there’s a new pair of contracts to sign, our tipster tells us.

If you look around online, you can find past staff contracts. But we think this is the first leak online of a new set of documents that org staff are required to sign. Says our tipster…

The two staff contracts were released along with GAT II. First up is the new Staff Contract (not Sea Org). It’s quite different than the one they were using when I left. A whole lot of “I understand Scientology is the only road out for mankind” and “I promise to be a good little boy.” Some really interesting little bits here and there. I have included a high quality scan of this one.

But our tipsters says the real whammy is the second document.

It’s a dense and verbose contract that says you will never speak ill of Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard or the RTC or anybody. And if you do, you owe Scientology $25,000 for each instance of doing so. And this contract never expires, even if you leave staff in good standing. I only have low-quality images for this one but you can still read the insanity pretty clearly.

In my local org they started passing these out to the staff in December. I know there are two guys there who refused to sign them and are now getting security checks (“confessionals”) to find their crimes against Scientology.

To me, these show how paranoid David Miscavige has become about whistleblowers. The new staff contract by itself isn’t much, just your standard “Promise to dedicate your life to us” message. But this Non-Disclosure Covenant is pretty scary shit.

After looking at both, we have to agree. First up, the staff contract…



I, __________ (print name), am applying to serve as a member of the staff of the Church of Scientology of __________ (hereinafter “the Church”).


1. I am a Scientologist and want to dedicate the next five years __ two and one-half years __ (check one), to the service of the Scientology religion and to accomplishing its religious goals. I also have pledged myself to the highest levels of ethical conduct as set forth in The Creed of the Church of Scientology and The Code of a Scientologist, each of which I have read and understand.

2. I believe that the sacred goal of all Scientologists is to help each being regain his or her full spiritual potential. The path to this greater spiritual awareness was discovered by L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of the Scientology religion, and is set forth in his written and recorded words that comprise the Scientology Scripture. I also believe that these advanced spiritual states can be attained only through the practice of Scientology religious service.

3. I understand that the Church, like all Scientology churches, operates for the sole purpose of assisting individuals to attain their true spiritual potential through the practice of the Scientology religion.

4. I believe that serving on the Church’s staff would be the greatest thing I could do to forward my personal sacred goal, the betterment of Mankind, and for this reason I now declare the deepest personal, spiritual commitment to Scientology as my religion and to accomplishing its religious purposes, by pledging the next few years in dedicated religious service to the Church.


I unconditionally apply for active service in the Church’s religious program as a member of its staff on the following terms and conditions:

1. ACTIVE PARTICIPATION. I recognize and know to be true that the Church, like all other Churches of Scientology, is a spiritual center for its parishioners and the focal point of their religion in their community. The Church provides introductory lectures, workshops, seminars and other Scientology religious services to people new to the religion, and spiritual counseling and training in the Scientology Scripture to existing parishioners. The Church also provides other religious services for its parishioners such as marriages, funerals, naming ceremonies, ordinations of ministers and weekly Sunday Services. The Church also works to make Dianetics and Scientology broadly known in its community and disseminates not only the Scientology faith but also the many social betterment programs the Church supports. The Church provides a safe and stable place for all the Scientology activities in its area for assisting its parishioners to move up the Bridge to Total Freedom.

I understand that all Church staff are expected to make a total commitment to their religious service and must be on post and performing their religious responsibilities every weekday for staff serving on the Church’s Day Organization, or every evening and all weekend for staff serving on the Church’s Foundation Organization. I understand that I will be posted in the Church where I am most needed and that while my position may vary over time, my primary duties will be contributing to the delivery and dissemination of Scientology services and the overall accomplishment of the Church’s religious mission.

2. CONDUCT. I understand that all members of the Church’s staff are expected to uphold the highest standards of personal ethical conduct at all times. I further understand that every Church staff member is expected to be totally familiar with and constantly observe the ecclesiastical, moral and ethical policies, rules, norms and practices of the Scientology religion and the administrative policies and procedures of the Church. These are all published in the form of Hubbard Communications Office policy letters and bulletins and various directives that are issued by Church of Scientology International, the Mother Church of the Scientology religion. I fully and gladly accept this strictest standard of ethical conduct.

3. POST. I know that all Scientology churches’ activities are intended to further a religious purpose. As a member of the Church, I am aware that each post or position within the Church is, without exception, in furtherance of a religious purpose. Accordingly, depending upon the needs and requirements of the Church, I know that I may be assigned or re-assigned to a wide range of ministerial duties ranging from managing portions of the Church’s functions and activities, executing religious programs and administering these activities, introducing public and neighbors to the Church’s services and programs, or providing religious services such as auditing, training, ethics counseling and cramming, to holding reception, routing communications and maintaining files, cooking food for parishioners and staff in the canteen, washing dishes or maintaining and cleaning the facilities. I know these posts, and all others within, are designed to fulfill and forward the Church’s religious purpose and mission.

I also know that as part of my post responsibilities and pursuant to Church policy, I am expected to study a minimum of 12.5 hours a week to better carry out my religious duties and to advance myself up the Bridge to Total Freedom—both in religious training and auditing, to the benefit of all Dynamics.

4. FINANCIAL SUPPORT. My desire, and my intention, is to serve my religion as a Church staff member pursuant to my personal religious commitment and conviction rather than for monetary gain or other financial benefits or incentives. I recognize and acknowledge that the Church is not required to pay minimum wage or overtime to me. I further understand that the Church does not provide a pension or other such benefits.

5. RESOLUTION OF PROBLEMS. Since my relationship with the Church and my fellow staff members is strictly religious and based solely on my deeply-held spiritual commitment to the Scientology religion, I believe that any problem that may arise out of this relationship is also strictly religious in nature. Therefore, I agree that any problem between me and the Church of Scientology (whether the Church or any other Scientology church or related organization) or any fellow staff member that may arise during or related to my service on staff, is to be handled in accordance with the doctrines of the Scientology religion, I understand that the first step in this procedure is to summarize the problem in writing and submit it to the Hubbard Communications Office, Department of Inspections and Reports, and I agree to follow this process.


I have read this Pledge of Religious Commitment and Application for Religious Service very carefully and have had every opportunity to get anything in this document that I may not have understood clarified. I can say without hesitation that I fully understand the terms and conditions on which my religious service will be based if my application is accepted. With this in mind, and with full knowledge of what I am doing, I ask to be accepted as an active participant on the Church’s staff and a member of its religious community. I make this pledge and application of my own free will, solely to help forward the religious goals and tenets of the Scientology religion and the Church itself. By signing this application I am making a formal religious vow to participate in the Church’s religious program on the basis of the specific terms and conditions stated above and no others.

Dated this _____ day of __________, 20__.

(Printed Full Name)
(Home Address)
(Printed Full Name)
(Printed Full Name)
(Home Address)

Church of Scientology _________, in reliance on the truthfulness and sincerity of your representations, and the legally and ecclesiastically binding nature of your promises, agrees to accept you as an active Church staff member and as a member of its religious community.


By its: ______________________________

Next up is the non-disparagement agreement…



Religious Covenant of Non-Disparagement

I, _________ (print name), have been offered a post on the staff of Church of Scientology of __________ (the “Church”). As a member of the Scientology religious community represented by the Church, I am committed to forwarding the religious goals and tenets of the Scientology religion and the Church itself. I made this religious commitment in order to help every being I can attain his or her full spiritual potential, the path to which was discovered by L. Ron Hubbard as set forth in the Scientology Scripture.

1. To be a staff member of the Church is an incomparable opportunity to serve my religion and carries with it the most serious and sacred obligations. The Church is the focal point of the Scientology religion and all Scientology activities in its community and the stable emanation point fort the spiritual growth for all Scientologists living in the area.

2. I recognize that with this opportunity to serve the Scientology religion as a member of the Church’s staff comes an equally important responsibility to do all I can to ensure that the Church remains effective and accomplishes its religious mission. I understand that this is the most solemn of all the responsibilities that I will shoulder while on staff and is one responsibility I must continue to observe even if I leave the Church’s service. Scientology parishioners, Field Auditors, Field Ministries, City Offices and Missions in the surrounding community look to the Church to disseminate the Scientology religion in their area, hold counseling standards high and to further their quest for spiritual freedom. The inviolate strength and integrity of the Church and its staff therefore are critical to the spiritual life of Scientologists in the area. If the credibility or effectiveness of the Church or its senior staff, or executives of higher ecclesiastical Churches such as Religious Technology Center (“RTC”) and Church of Scientology International (“CSI”) is diminished or harmed in any way, Scientologists throughout the area will suffer incalculable spiritual harm.

3. I therefore agree that in exchange for the opportunity to serve on the Church’s staff and to receive the benefits available to all staff members, including the right to receive Scientology religious auditing and training to forward my own spiritual growth, I swear to forever use the full extent of my ability to uphold my obligations under this Religious Covenant of Non-Disparagement (“Non-Disparagement Covenant”). I will never do less. Accordingly, I PROMISE AND SWEAR NEVER TO SAY OR ENCOURAGE OR INDUCE OTHERS TO SAY OR WRITE ANYTHING NEGATIVE OR DISPARAGING ABOUT L. RON HUBBARD (“LRH”), THE CHURCH, CSI, RTC OR ANY OTHER CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OR THEIR STAFF, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS OR TRUSTEES, IN WHATEVER CAPACITY, OR ABOUT THE RELIGIOUS PRACTICES, MATERIALS, TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES OF THE SCIENTOLOGY RELIGION. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THIS NON-DISPARAGEMENT COVENANT APPLIES NOT JUST WHILE I AM SERVING ON THE CHURCH’S STAFF BUT ALSO IN PERPETUITY, SHOULD I EVER LEAVE STAFF.

4. The term DISPARAGE means:

A. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do negatively affect or cast the Church, LRH, CSI, RTC or any Church of Scientology, their staff, officers, directors, or trustees or the religious practices, materials, technology and services of the Scientology religion (“Staff and Religious Practices”) in a negative light.

B. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do harm the reputation of the Church, LRH or any Church of Scientology, CSI, RTC and Scientology Staff and Religious Practices including, but not limited to, negative or derogatory comments and statements about financial status, operations, and the character of any Church of Scientology or its senior staff ecclesiastical leadership.

C. Comments and statements (oral or written) that could or do harm the Church, CSI and/or RTC’s relationship with any Scientology parishioner(s) including, but not limited to, comments that could or do harm any Scientology parishioner’s confidence in or hinder their spiritual growth in the Scientology religion or progress up The Bridge.

5. I understand the gravity of the action I am taking in signing this Non-Disparagement Covenant, I know that I am accepting responsibility for some of the most sacred and important obligations that exist in my religion. I further understand that the spiritual well-being of my fellow Scientologists depends on my ability to keep the promises I make herein. I also know that I am giving up forever some very important personal rights under the United States Constitution. But I also understand that I would not be permitted to serve as a member of the Church staff unless I agreed in advance to the terms of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. I take this action because I believe my personal spiritual commitment to Scientology and the betterment of humankind take precedence over any rights of free speech I may have as to these specific matters.

6. I understand and agree that the promises I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant relate to special, unique and extraordinary matters and that a violation of any of my promises will cause irreparable injury not just to the Church but also to the Scientology religion as a whole and that there are no legal remedies available that could correct this injury. I further understand and agree that such harm is likely to be very substantial and that it will vary with the nature of the disparaging comment or statement, making it extremely difficult and impractical, if not impossible, to measure the full extent of the actual damages caused by a violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. For these reasons I therefore agree that if I breach or threaten to breach any of my promises in this Non-Disparagement Covenant that, among other things:

A. The Church may seek a court order to stop me from breaching or threatening to breach my promises. Because a public hearing to enforce any provision of this Non-Disparagement Covenant might cause disclosure of information deemed confidential information, I agree that if there is litigation concerning this Non-Disparagement Covenant, I shall cooperate with the Church to seek an appropriate order from the county court, or any other court of competent jurisdiction, to seal the file and issue a protective order prohibiting disclosure of confidential information and/or limiting the disclosure of any other information obtained through discovery, to the maximum extent allowed under law.

B. In addition to anything else a court may require me to do for violating this Non-Disparagement Covenant, that I shall pay the Church $25,000 as liquidated damages (and not as a penalty) for each individual violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant and/or for each individual instance of causing, participating in, cooperating with or encouraging the publication or broadcast of information that results in a violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. I understand that it is difficult to ascertain the exact extent of damage and harm a violation would cause the Church, but I acknowledge that $25,000 is fair and reasonable.

7. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, I understand and agree that the provisions of this Non-Disparagement Covenant shall not apply to the disclosure of information as compelled by law or pursuant to subpoena or order of any judicial, legislative, executive, regulatory or administrative body, provided such law, subpoena or order is valid and constitutional.

8. The promises and agreements I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state without reference to the laws of any other state or country. I agree that if legal action is necessary to enforce the promises I have made, that it may be brought in the court of the county in which the Church is located or any other court of competent jurisdiction, and I agree in advance to be subject to the personal jurisdiction of that court. This Non-Disparagement Covenant shall inure to the benefit of, and be binding upon the persons or organizations that received or are assigned the rights and duties of this Non-Disparagement Covenant (i.e. successors and assigns).

9. I understand that all the promises and other obligations I have made in this Non-Disparagement Covenant will be legally binding on me forever. However, if a court happens to rule that one or more of the promises I have made or obligations I have agreed to are not enforceable, then I agree that the rest of the promises and obligations I made shall remain in full force and effect and legally enforceable against me for all time.


Executed this ___ day of _______, 20__.

(Printed Full Name)
(Home Address)
(Printed Full Name)

By its: ______________________________

Fascinating stuff. We look forward to your thoughts on this.

And now, let’s get on to the rest of our Sunday Funnies. First up, a reminder that Los Angeles will see some big re-openings this week. On Friday, the Scientology Test Center is being redubbed the Scientology Life Improvement Center, and its opening ceremony will happen at 6:30 pm.

Then, on Saturday, the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO) and Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA) will get celebrations at Scientology’s main headquarters on Fountain Avenue. We’ve seen times of 11 am and 1 pm for this, and we’ll let you know if we hear anything else more definite…


Speaking of staff, how’s that new contract working for you, Jean?


Sacramento wants to make sure you don’t live another mediocre life!


Norman and Sue want to go Ideal, and they’ve been around a long time!


Yeah, something tells us a lot of Scientologists would like to go back to 1955.


Garry wants to share his superhuman powers with you.


Joshua gets so much satisfaction out of a dictionary.


Sydney has it seriously going on.


We try never to miss a newsletter from Scotland.


Sydney, you win this week. You win.


Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep those wacky mailers and fliers coming in!


Mark Fisher talks about being spied on by Scientology for years

Karen de la Carriere has another fascinating video, part two in her series on Mark Fisher…



Posted by Tony Ortega on February 23, 2014 at 07:00

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  • Frodis73

    Tried to reply below, but I’m new to discus & it didn’t work. Somebody mentioned getting Karen to respond to these contracts and nd’s. I think that is such a great idea & I’d love to hear them (try) to rationalize this.
    I seriously can’t see how somebody would sign this…I just, um, ah, hmm. Yea. No words.

  • My name is Larry Lester

    BACK TO THE FUTURE? Wow! We should contact

    Universal Pictures and ask them if they endorse Scientology….Maybe Universal Pictures are IAS members? They have probably moved up in status and are now Platinum encrusted diamond gold channel set ruby rolex private jet Rolls Royce buddas finger ark of the covenant special forces members…

  • Tony DePhillips

    I am so glad that I left the cult years ago.
    The “boy band” promo is hilarious!!

  • allioops

    This contract!!!! Wowwy kazowie! People that sign it = truly bent, mentally, emotionally,and probably physically.

    It explains how the “wasband” followed the “orders” somewhat.

  • No consideration = unenforceable contract. I’m not a lawyer (anymore) but I don’t think this piece of shit would be held up in any court. Just my (as always deeply humble) opinion. It’s totally unilateral and against public policy. I can sign a contract that agrees I will get an abortion if I am in the Sea Org and find myself knocked up, but they can’t enforce it.

    • Toni m

      I hope the ones who signed know that.

  • richelieu jr

    Just look at Michael J Fox’s expression of horror as he notices that Body Thetan on his arm!

    Time for an intensive!

    • aegerprimo

      Just imagine what Michael J Fox’s expression will be when he sees his mug on a Scientology promo piece!

      I am sure the Co$ did not pay for permission to use a copyrighted movie poster.

  • Great White Clam

    The clams are slipping in Sydney. Q. What is wrong with this picture?
    A. TWO of them appear to be smiling. Maybe they’ll be the first to blow.

    • Frodis73

      Yes! The others look unfriendly & not happy at all.

    • grundoon

      Stephanie’s smile looks all withholdy. And Jesse is edging toward the door.

      Come out, the weather is fine!

    • Bob

      GWC, What’s wrong with this picture is: that children are being trained to wage war on dissidents of the cult. Just like in Africa and the Middle East. Instead of AK47s, they have the Emeter, the conditions formulas and the SP declare. The children are heartless and are trained not to know any better.

      • Great White Clam

        Of course. But that is from a human, non-clam viewpoint.

        On the other hand, the non-human, or perhaps rather “un-human,” Homo Novus clam-cult viewpoint would be to consider those two to be J&Ders, lacking the requisite “fixed, dedicated glare” prescribed in KSW.

        • Bob

          Clamatology is serious business but in day to day life they must put on smiles to keep up the “ARC”. 🙂

          • Great White Clam

            Itsa: illusion

            • Bob


  • J. Swift

    Non-Disparagement clauses are very routine in business, particularly at the executive level where stock prices can be harmed by disparaging remarks. I have signed many such agreements. However, these agreements were always reciprocal, or mutual, in nature. Both parties agreed to not disparage each other. There was also a valuable consideration (money and/or intellectual properties) involved in the signing.

    What makes the Cult’s non-disparagement contract disingenuous and in bad faith is that it is not a mutual. In other words, the Cult reserves the right to disparage any staff member who is stupid enough to sign this contract. However, if the staff member disparages the Cult he or she will be sued for $25,000 per occurrence. Again, the Cult is always a rigged game designed to have all of the power while not giving any of its employees or members any power. This is duplicitous, but then what do you expect from the Church of Scientology?

    The agreement is inherently written in bad faith, is nonreciprocal, and is malicious. This is what Church of Scientology lawyers do for a living and is yet another reason I detest all wog lawyers who screw people over on behalf of the Cult.

    • Sunny Sands

      What makes this so unusual is that the subject is religion, as opposed to a product or service.

      People leave and switch religions all the time, and also discuss the reasons for doing so. This makes it a civil offense to discuss it.

      Just the thought of getting sued for $25,000, of course, is enough to send a destitute ex-sea orger into full-blown panic. It’s so cruel.

      • J. Swift

        Well said Sunny.

        What this agreement really shows is the Cult of Scientology’s panicked reaction having it’s filthy, greedy, and violent deeds so publicly and thoroughly exposed online and in the media by former Sea Org and Staff.

        The Cult cannot stand a public airing of its internal culture of greed, lies, and violence. Rather than change any of its criminal ways, however, the Cult prefers to use contract language to attack and destroy anyone who leaves and then speaks out. This is yet another reason why Scientology is correctly understood as an Evil Cult and not as any sort of actual religion. Only the deluded people still in the Cult consider it a religion.

        Here is the Cult’s central problem: The Cult of Scientology needs slave labor that it can exploit, mistreat, and even brutalize in order to make money. However, such treatment only causes people to blow and write it all up online and go in front of cameras for journalists. Therefore, David Miscavige’s solution is a legal contract that seeks to overwhelm and cave in anyone who has any thought of speaking out.

        Based upon what I am seeing here and there, Miscavige decided to use GAT II as a push broom to make vast and sweeping changes. It looks like Miscavige has decided that there was not enough fascism in the Cult and that a lot more was needed.

        My prediction is that in 2014 things inside the Cult of Scientology will get much worse and that nothing will get better.

      • Toni m

        This is very scary and if you add the freeload charge for sea org staff it gets much worse, more evil. The people inside are trap in this cult.

    • aegerprimo

      Enthetan at ESMB mentioned that a civil contract cannot keep a person silent who has witnessed a crime. At least for that.

    • Ruby

      My thoughts exactly, J Swift. I mentioned earlier how anyone who leaves staff, whether they completed their contract or not, is always criticized upon leaving as somehow they have abandoned the group.
      If a mutual contract was enforced, as it should be, I’d be a millionaire by now.

      • Freethinker

        From the Code of Honor, found in the Cult’s book What Is Scientology:
        “Never withdraw allegiance once granted.”

        As an ethical guideline, this dangerously wrong. The cult-think starts right away, doesn’t it!

        • grundoon

          The Creed of the Church of Scientology

          We of the Church believe:

          That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;

          And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

          According to the Chruch bylaws, anyone who does not heed the Creed cannot be a trustee or sit on the Board of Directors.

          • Captain Howdy

            So the non-disparagement clause is in direct violation of the most basic scientology tenets.

            Good to know.

    • Robert Eckert

      It is also non-reciprocal in the most basic sense: CoS not only has no obligation not to disparage the staffer, CoS has no obligation to the staffer whatsoever; any pay that CoS condescends to shell out is purely voluntary on their part. As a matter of contract law, this fails for “want of consideration”: of course a church can hire volunteers, but volunteers are free to walk out anytime and do whatever they like, since there are no obligations either way; that is the essence of being a volunteer.

  • Still_On_Your_Side

    Those staff contracts literally make me ill because they take advantage of the ignorance of those who sign them. What is the biggest thing missing from them? A final clause that states “I confirm that I have sought the advice of an attorney before executing this agreement.” That agreement is so one-sided I am amazed Miscavige can even stand up straight. Protective order and fines in a contract to work for a church? How many teenagers have signed this? How many minors? What about Miscavige’s duty “to uphold the highest standards of personal ethical conduct at all times.” He breached that duty by issuing these contracts, and he breaches that duty by virtually every action he takes. I hope that these contracts are challenged– soon.

  • truth will set u free

    It just proves that there must be such broken, desperate and deluded (and sadly, mostly young) individuals with such a uncanny need ,within the confines of such totalitarian mind-set , for the reward of “belonging” to this alternate society which purports to have a loftier purpose than the rest of the uninitiated world. I cannot help but to draw parallels between the Sea Org and the days of recruiting Hitler youth brigade, who went on to ruthlessly turn on parents, loved ones,teachers or any that spoke disparagingly of the Third Reich. Just chilling to see this playing out in in the 21st century ,yet even more heinious in this perversely so-called religious creed. When will they ever learn?

  • Troy MacGyver SP

    I didn’t see the IAS, on the aarrrggrement? Is it just me or is it just attached to the chwch?

  • Dolphin Bunnywolf

    What is with those creepy two-tone neckties? What’s next, white belts and matching shoes? Arggghh!

  • Great White Clam

    Another Slappy bobble-head doll.

    • MaxSpaceman

      There’s a classic animated Gif of the Asthmatic Dwarf, gw Clam.!

      • Great White Clam

        I thought the urine running down the inside of the left leg was too funny. But I like it.

    • Bob

      Slappy McSquirrel has the most Shoops of any being on the planet. It is his highest ever stat.

  • Freethinker

    I always get a chuckle when I see Fearless Leader’s mug. He looks completely stewed.

    Gotta love those two stat graphs. The abscissae have meaningless numbered units, and the ordinates have no units at all! Just a little more finessing, John G., and those graphs could have been straight up and vertical! Hmm, you seem to have some CI here. What are your crimes?

  • El_Jeffe

    OMG! Even if I was still a full-blown kool-aid drinking Scilon and someone put that Non-Disparagement contract under my nose I would have run out the door and never returned. There is no way I would have given up my constitutional rights to join staff and be abused on a daily basis. It is a blatant example of how desperate they are becoming to stem the leaks in the dam. You don’t have enough fingers to stop the leaks David Miscavige, no matter how many people you sucker in to this contract. A sad state of affairs indeed!

  • Toni m

    They are covering all the angles to make …….abuses legal. Shame on the lawyers that helped to put together this contracts.

  • Toni m

    Are they using a Steven Spielberg’s movie to advance scientology? It’s that legal?. He was executive producer of this movie. Sorry I just see the article I’m sure someone else asked this too.

    • Bob

      Robert Zemeckis movie, Speilberg was an executive producer. And it’s totally illegal but in Sydney they have never heard of copyright laws. Remember Australia is a penal colony for the Brits. So they are already all criminals.

      • Toni m

        Thank you for remind me that laws are different in every country. About “they are already all criminals” I don’t know, seems very generalized for me. Just my opinion. I tought of Mr Spielberg because the hard time that tc ans scios did to his family, specially his wife.

        • Bob

          My dry sense if humor on the Aussies. Mostly this group of clams seem to ignore copyright laws. Not all Aussies.

          • Toni m

            Ok. Noted. Have a good day.
            OHHHHHH I didn’t know the history of the Aussies. Now I get it. I’m slow in thinking.

            • Bob

              Cool. The Australian history is quite interesting.

            • Toni m

              Sorry I did not ignore you. I went to sleep. And I just woke up. I’ll look into it.

  • Carisa Marion

    Most people will blindly sign that thing without thinking or realizing what they have done. The Church tried to add that $25,000 per incident clause to my repayment waiver at the last minute and I refused. I walked away from a lot of money after fighting for it for almost a year but then said, “Hey wait a minute, okay, I’ll agree to sign it under one condition, if you state that it applies to anything I say that I CAN’T DOCUMENT AS TRUE and it needs to apply to you guys equally. You have to pay me $25,000 everytime I have evidence you have said something about me you cannot prove is true.” I knew they were already telling lies about me to public friends of mine at Flag who had reported back to me. Their response was “Oh let’s just take that whole clause out, why would anyone ever want to talk about any of this anyway…..” They removed it, I signed and got my repayment. I’m wondering if the enrollment agreement for all public now has such a clause in it as well. People don’t even read those things when they initial them because they believe there could be nothing in it violating LRH policy. RTC could and would never violate LRH! Little do they know.

    • Sunny Sands

      It is so great to hear someone stood up to them and they backed down.

  • Nancy Law

    If these docs had existed in the early ’70’s when I was in, I’d like to think that I’d NEVER have been in in the first place … These are absolutely frightening … I still can’t believe I worked for $7.00/week except for the week before Christmas when our salaries went to pay for a motorcycle for him and we got nothing. I wonder how many $ were paid to the lawyers who drew these up. Signing the first one has a person declaring that they fully believe that $cientology is a religion … this would be interesting in Canada where at that time they were not a religion and were turned down endlessly when they applied to get their “ministers” permission to perform marriage services which they only kept applying for because it was felt that it was a road into the path to get tax free status. I guess their thinking is get enough people to sign these docs and you then have a concensus that yes, the people believe and attest that this is their “church” and their “religion”. Hence, any attempts to sue them using the law of the land and not the law of $cientology would constitute a breach of this contract (at least that must be their thinking). I got out sooner (after only 3 years)rather than later … I was so naive that I didn’t know it was dumb to do a KR on the ethics officer … LOL!

  • A scary sounding contract. Riiight. That worked really well against Debbie Cook, didn’t it?

    (Oh, no, it didn’t – evidence of the abuses meted out by Captain David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige was read into the court record and the lawsuit brought by the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology vanished without a trace – hmmm…)

  • The Dakini

    Oh great. Now everyday staff get to be assulted with the same crap abuse as SO recruits to sign documents that invadidate their rights as a human. I hope they can hold out and bust the bubble of insanity. Oh wait….

    I’m interested to see how far this goes, and it does reveal some interesting insights into COB’s mindset. Perhaps for the first time ever he’s realizing he’s not above the law after all. That second document smells like someone trying to shore up the battlements for future combat in Wog courts.

  • Pierrot

    The fifth post at 02:00am ETZ of the CL List for

    the 2014/02/23 A-Z from 2014/02/22 to 2014/02/23 from 10:00am to 09:00am ETZ

    Do not forget our Canadian friends

    Give us your suggestions for improving the performance of the flagging,
    Presentation, timing, notifications, anything else that you can think can help?

    • Toni m

      Done, I have a question. I return right away to some that I just flagged and they are not flagged. Am I doing something wrong are is expected for that to happen? Canada most of them are old. I just redo the ones that were from the 20th and forward.

      • Robert Eckert

        It takes a large number of flags before an ad actually goes down.

      • Pierrot

        If you flag an ad, close the window then go back to the ad it will not show the RED X any more and it allows you to flag again.
        The BIG question is are the extra flags valid or not. We do not know, one says it is OK, the other one says is not.
        If you have read about the frog & the dragonfly you will know that I am willing to take a chance and hope that the extra flags do count.
        So flag away, we might be wasting our time but for now I am willing to take the chance.

        TODAY’S list is at the bottom of page 54 at WWP

      • Pierrot

        DO NOT go back to the ad straight away to flag it again, wait a couple of hours.
        I hear that is you go crazy and flag again and again in a short period of time they will record your IP address and simply ignore any other flagging from you. Again we are not sure but do not overdo it.

        • Toni m

          OK. Thanks.

  • ShoopZ

    I knew I’d seen that Scottish guy somewhere…


  • Snake Plissken

    I hereby agree that anything you do to victimize me can not me held against you because I acknowledge the fact that I am a total moron and expect to be treated as such.

    You’d figure heroin and meth dealers would starting forcing their customers start signing contracts like this too.

  • aquaclara

    If we threaten you with this, it will stop all the leaks for sure! Hmmm. Well, we get to see the document, don’t we?

    “In addition to anything else a court may require me to do for violating this Non-Disparagement Covenant, that I shall pay the Church $25,000 as liquidated damages (and not as a penalty) for each individual violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant and/or for each individual instance of causing, participating in, cooperating with or encouraging the publication or broadcast of information that results in a violation of this Non-Disparagement Covenant. I understand that it is difficult to ascertain the exact extent of damage and harm a violation would cause the Church, but I acknowledge that $25,000 is fair and reasonable.”

    And no, $25,000 is not fair and reasonable. Nor is giving up your constitutional rights.

  • Toni m

    On the news…”El Chapo Guzman” the world-most wanted drug lord is in the hands of the authorities. It was caught yesterday or Saturday. He had the status as the capo who grew to powerful to catch. He even made a slot on the Forbe’s list of billionaires. All his status and his money didn’t help him. We may see this happen to you know who pretty soon……I hope.

  • Cece

    Another what you guys are calling ‘foot bullet’. It won’t last long it is going down exponentially every day.
    Fun to watch ~ watch as the critics undress the evil false pope. I’ve never loved the internet more and all your sources and reporting are stellar for so many. Karen’s Videos are ‘kick ass’ 🙂 Thank you XXOO

    • Toni m

      Hello Cece.

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    New staff uniforms to be issued with new staff contracts:

  • HeatherGraceful

    Coincidentally, in Australia there is currently a Royal Commission (the most serious and powerful kind of public inquiry) into institutional responses to child sexual abuse. Various churches and other organisations have been grilled about their responses to allegations and reports of child sexual abuse.

    The Catholic Church, in particular, but not alone, has suffered great damage to its reputation during this Royal Commission (and the build-up to it), because of the church’s habit of sweeping these crimes and allegations under the carpet, often IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE REPUTATION OF THE CHURCH.

    ie. The church leaders’ priorities have been shown to be awry. Where they should have put at the highest the need to protect the children concerned, they put the reputation of the church first. (Not in every case, but often enough.)

    David Miscavige is formalising, for all the world to see, a similar mis-prioritisation of issues. Every time the church’s enforcement of this agreement comes to light, it’s crooked amorality will be judged by the world and found wanting. Of course, the agreement will have the effect of keeping many people quiet. But plenty of people will speak out in the public interest anyway. And a non-disparagement agreement won’t prevent people suing the church and giving evidence in those proceedings.

    So, it’s another short term “solution” that will cause many people to view the church with dismay, even disgust, in due course.

  • Mooser

    Seems to me there’s a movie studio or some kind of entertainment corporation who may still be jealous of images from the “Back to the Future” movie. Isn’t that a stolen image in that flyer?

  • CobGatYour$$

    No one can post these contracts on Facebook?

  • Scream Nevermore

    Jeez, and I was nervous signing the Official Secrects Act – that’s worse!

    And yes, Fearless Bleeder, come to Glasgow – we’re waiting on you, ya wee numpty!

  • InterestedObserver12

    I thought the cult could never surprise me again. Was I wrong. This is so f***ing suppressive, so ridiculous, so desperate.

  • edge

    This type of legal document does happen in the corporate world where departing CEOs and other high-ranking officials agree not to disparage the company. It also occurs in celebrity divorces; if I recall correctly Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have it in their divorce that they don’t slag one another in public. The difference in these instances is that these agreements have reciprocity, and are written and reviewed by teams of lawyers as well as the signatories. This Sci agreement is completely one-sided, and I’m certain they’re not allowing staff time to review it with someone else. Hell, it’s probably frowned upon if someone requests time to read it. “What, you don’t trust us?”

  • Bruce Decimus Meridius Martin

    What “church” has people who want to join sign ANY contract??? Businesses do this, not religions. And “Church is not required to pay minimum wage or overtime to me. I further understand that the Church does not provide a pension or other such benefits.” Not required to pay minimum wage???? I guess that is a “win” for the Church of Miscavige? And signing a “non-disparagement agreement”? That is something businesses do, not religions. Great will be the day the Church of Miscavige comes tumbling down.