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Friday’s Scientology internal video: L. Ron Hubbard’s special course in ‘Human Evaluation’!

HumanEvaluationOur video source has come through for us again, sharing with us a short film that normally doesn’t get shown outside a Scientology “org.”

Like the other “quote videos” that we’ve been leaked, this was a short film which was intended to help sell a particular L. Ron Hubbard lecture or book. In this case, it’s the “Special Course in Human Evaluation,” which you can purchase from Bridge Publications for only $170.00!

Here’s how Bridge Publications describes it: Who can you depend on? Who can you trust? Who will be a valued friend or a trusted associate? In the Special Course in Human Evaluation Lectures, L. Ron Hubbard shows you how to apply the technology of Science of Survival and the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation across your dynamics.

Hey, that sounds like fun. Take a look at the video itself…



Well, that was thrilling. Surely the rest of the course is just as scintillating.

Once again, we asked Marc Headley to look at the film and tell us what he remembers of its production. (Headley worked in technical matters at Scientology’s International Base until his escape in 2005.)

This one starts out with an Int Base staff walking shot. Just from the few seconds it was on screen I counted at least 15 employees that have left and have been declared Suppressive Persons or SPs. This is a perfect example why Int Base employees are not used for the current promotional
or training videos for Scientology. In this shot you can also see Muriel Dufresne, the woman who famously tipped off the cops that I was trying to
escape from the Int Base.

In the next close up walking shot we see Christian Leake (ex-stepson of Lori Hodgson) and then a slew of staff that have since blown or been declared.

The next girl we see up close is Sue Hall. Sue was married to Steve Hall, who has since left and has reported on many things Scientology from his own
. Pretty much the entire 15 years I was posted at the Int Base Sue Hall was posted in the HCO division and was an Master At Arms or MAA. She went around and made sure people were working and not up to no good. Sue was a regular favorite of the film crew as she was often assigned to us to watch us and report any “out ethics” she observed. I think at one point her actual post title was “Cine MAA” As long as she was going to be with us and not really doing anything but standing around, we would convince her to be in shots and we’d use her as talent.

In the shot with Sue is Todd Yamaguchi. His name would suggest he had some sort of Asian ancestry and looked the part. He was also in the Cine
division and someone who was posted in the Film Lab. Next we see Lars Bystrom and Kip Engen. Kip Engen. Last I heard, Kip would later go onto screwing up some film restoration project and be assigned to the RPF three times over. Lars was posted in the Estates Division as a carpenter.

The next guy smiling away was a busted employee from CST that ended up being in the OT print shop at the Int Base. The next smiling bald guy smiling is Bob Horne. He was the Int Base dentist. I found him generally nice and a good guy but he had hundreds of rotten mouths to tend to and not much money. Incidentally, I myself have had every bit of work he did on me over 15 years replaced since I left the Int base.

Then we have a bunch of assembly line shots that were shot in the Castle with no sets so you can see the pop carts and other on set items in the
background. Next we see Matt Butler. Matt Butler was an Int Base security guard that many staff know as he would do blown staff recoveries. Also when staff were being offloaded or kicked out, he would often travel with them to wherever they were being dropped off to ensure that they were securely placed with their new OSA controlled handler.

The rest of video are quick blown out shot of smiley people walking around and shaking hands. I did find it ironic that the big question that Hubbard is asking in this video is if “you can somehow tell if someone is telling truth?” while Scientology is in the climax of their Golden Age of Lying campaign.

Thanks for your great help, Marc!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 21, 2014 at 07:00

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