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Telepathic space-age exorcism — Let’s do Scientology’s New Operating Thetan Level Six!

TelepathyClaire Headley and Bruce Hines are taking us on our journey to train as Scientologists. Claire spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Bruce was in Scientology for 31 years and spent about half that time as a senior case supervisor. Go here to see the first part in this series.

Bruce is along with us again this week as we dive into New OT 6. Despite all of the work we’ve done on OT 3, 4, and 5, we’re still exorcising our space cooties on this level — or, in Scientology jargon, auditing our “body thetans” or “BTs.” All of the things we’ve been learning over so many levels is all coming together now, with our BTs hanging together in clusters, and our learning how to telepathically communicate with them and see if they’ve got leftover issues from “Incident 1” (of 4 quadrillion years ago) or “Incident 2” (the Xenu genocide of 75 million years ago).

The set of New OT 6 materials we have is incredibly long and contains all of the New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans (NOTs) stuff that Bruce first told us about on New OT 5. There’s so much material, we’ve just put together some titles and a few outtakes for samples…

1. NED for OTs Part B Checksheet

“The student drills the following steps on a doll. The coach, sitting off to the side of the student, supplies the doll’s answer…command to the doll: ‘Locate a BT or Cluster’ and acknowledges the doll when the doll says he has located a BT/Cluster…”

2. NED for OTs Series 1; NED FOR OTs RD Theory Of


“The reason Dianetic auditing messes up Clears and OTs is that when an auditor asks for an earlier similar which doesn’t exist, you’ll probably go over into a cluster or BT where it does exist. You see the Clear or OT doesn’t have pictures of his own so the Dianetic chain is being run on a BT or cluster and it really caves in somebody when asked for an earlier similar that doesn’t exist, on that BT or anywhere else. And it’ll jump the guy straight into another BT or cluster. And you get chaos…

“When you talk about telepathy, there is a proximity factor. When a thetan is pressed straight up against another thetan very tight, total tactile communication, you get this type of mental transmission. You can achieve it by reaching, when there is no tactile. You have to reach your attention a considerable distance. You can do it. An example of this is where two guys who are in relatively good shape start putting postulates at the same point on a wall that’s maybe twenty feet away in front of them when they’re sitting side by side. And they start putting postulates at a certain preconceived spot on the wall. Both of them will perceive a bzbzbzbzzzzz of sort of little energy explosions. Not small — maybe 3 or 4 feet wide and a couple of feet high. It’s when they both did it simultaneously. Two postulates will collide in the same exact place in the mest universe and go bzzzzzzt. It will happen; that’s at a distance. But apparently there’s such a thing as a tactile. After all you realize the amount of mass that is connected with a BT — he’s massed up. You put an impulse into that mass and the mass is up against the body — you put an impulse into the body it goes into that mass. The BT can respond. Unwittingly, unknowingly, totally at effect. Makes him hard to handle, by the way. That’s how you can make them run an Incident 1 and an Incident 2. They just run it willy nilly They can’t help themselves. And it as-ises in the bank and that normaly phenomena takes place and they go bzzzzzt, unless you yourself have put up a ridge with anger or emotion or something of the sort. I know some guys try to do it vocally or something stupid. What’s interesting is the number of BTs that have strings into the body. You think they blow and they still have a connection — beams.”

Attachment #2 Information for Pre-OTs — Auditing Attitude

“The best way to audit BTs and clusters is highly impersonal. Not impolite. Not rough, savage, no blame, shame, regret, nothing. Just dead calm. No unfriendliness, no friendliness. A zero attitude. The best way to handle it is just zero everything. If you engage in chatter or conversation with them it just stirs them up more. Getting rid of them angrily, they don’t get rid of. And of course you audit them telepathically, not verbal comm.”

7. NED for OTs Series 6 — Blowing BTs and Clusters

“BLACK BTs: Sometimes a BT will put other BTs in front of him as a sort of protection. You get a black area covered by a white area in front of it. A BT in the black area is holding some other BTs in place in front of it as a sort of protection or shield. The way to handle this is to blow the black BT who is holding the others in place, then the others come off easily. Otherwise if you try to blow the front ones first, nothing happens. If you encounter BTs not blowing, suspect and check for a BT or cluster holding the others, and handle it first, then the others blow easily.”

10. NED for OTs Series 10 — OT 3 and Dormant BTs OT 3 attest

12. NED for OTs Series 12 — Repairing and Blowing BTs and Clusters from past auditing or misauditing

16. NED for OTs Series 16 — “Exterior” vision, BT perception

27. NED for OTs Series 28 — Stuck flows, the genus of a BT

41. NED for OTs Series 42 — Repair list for errors in OT 3

44. NED for OTs Series 45 — Partially blown BTs

45. NED for OTs Series 46 — BTs with misunderstood words

…and quite a few more. Whew, this was the biggest OT level of all, full told.

BRUCE: New OT 6 is just a course. It is where a person learns to audit NOTs on themselves. So the bulletins you have are the same ones that a NOTs auditor (a person who audits New OT 5 on another person) studies as part of their training. It consists of a lot of information about the supposed nature of body thetans and various techniques for getting them to blow (the main one being the Valence Technique). The only solo auditing is at the end when the person tries it out on themselves. Once the case supervisor is satisfied that they can do it, they graduate onto New OT 7.

It sounds like you have the version that existed prior to 1991. I did that version in 1983. Since I was already a NOTs Auditor by that time, it was easy and fast for me to do New OT 6. As a sea org member, I was an exception in getting onto Solo NOTs in a relatively short period of time. Most sea org members, in my experience, don’t even make it up to the level of Clear, unless they had already made it above that prior to joining the sea org. One has to be receiving NOTs auditing before one is allowed to deliver it. So I started receiving NOTs auditing within a year of joining the sea org. And then I was pushed onto Solo NOTs because at that time one had to be on Solo NOTs oneself in order to audit another person who was also on Solo NOTs. A lot of people from Germany, Austria, and the German-speaking part of Switzerland were coming to Flag at that time who could not speak English well. Flag promoted heavily that they had auditors who could audit in many different languages. I happened to have been fluent in German. There was only one other NOTs auditor who was on Solo NOTs who could speak German (a lady from Germany named Heidi Stahli). So, because one person was not enough to handle the demand, I was rushed through New OT 6.

In 1991, the bulletins for NOTs and Solo NOTs were all revised. Additionally, there were new courses (new checksheets and course packs) for training NOTs auditors and for New OT 6. I was sent on a mission with Stephanie Horwich (former wife of Jon Horwich who had earlier been married to Diana Hubbard) to deliver these new materials and courses to Flag, get them securely locked up with electronic alarms, and get the relevant delivery personnel trained on them. The course packs were ring binders. The rings were especially strong steel that could not be opened. The bulletins were printed on special paper (I’m forgetting what it was called) that was impossible to tear. So no one could remove any of the confidential writings. The binders had wires with plugs on the end that connected to a security system. Even if a person was already a NOTs auditor, they had to do the new course. As part of that, we had to destroy the old, but super-confidential, materials that had been at Flag since 1978. There were a lot of them, way too much to shred. We also could not trust a commercial shredding company to dispose of them. I had to take them all in a truck to this huge place in Clearwater where they burn trash to generate electric power. Since the powers-that-be in the Sea Org were so paranoid about even one piece of paper from those materials getting into unauthorized hands, I could not let this big pile of boxes that had everything in them out of my sight. I had to load them onto a conveyor belt, after getting special permission from the power company, and watch until all of the boxes had been conveyed into a huge furnace, where everything was incinerated. Just an example of many crazy things that one inevitably experiences as a Sea Org member.

Anyway, New OT 6 does not have any stuff that we didn’t already talk about for New OT 5. It is just the transition from being audited by another on NOTs to solo auditing. If nothing else, it gave them one more level to sell (i.e. making New OT 6 separate from New OT 7).

THE BUNKER: That’s a fascinating tale, Bruce. Just the thought of all those security measures protecting the OT levels has our body thetans a-tingling. We’re going to assume that New OT 6 will take us three intensives at 12.5 hours of auditing each, with a total price of $21,937.50 according to a 2007 price list. Bruce pointed out that New OT 6 is a course, not sold in intensives, so we looked up the cost for the course on the 2007 price list, and it comes to $13,600.00

COST THIS WEEK: $13,600.00

COST SO FAR: $329,005.50


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